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About Lipobelt

Have you come a long way to lose weight but it’s just those last few pounds that you can’t get rid of no matter how hard you have tried? Sweat no more. There is an effective, safe and scientific way to deal with those last few pounds with Lipobelt, the fat reduction system that takes just about an hour three times a week to say goodbye to that muffin top. No more driving yourself crazy gym exercising or dieting to get the fab body and waistline. You will see the results in just about a month for something you must have spent many a month – to see a well defined ab area.



How does Lipobelt CLAIM to Work?

Whether it is your love handles, stomach area, back, arms or the bra area, you are sure to reduce the inches with Lipobelt. Not just fat reduction, you can get smoother and tighter skin and do not have to deal with unsightly cellulite. Lipobelt features the cold targeting technology, that is, it has temperature controlled gel packs that deliver the right amount of coldness to the fat cells that in turn eliminate the stubborn localized fat deposits to give you perfectly toned and contoured areas.

Lipobelt is a body contouring system that has adjustable belts so you can wear it comfortably and safely and it adapts to your body no matter what size and shape. The slimming system is so effective that it will work even if you not change your exercise regimen or diet at all. Just an hour thrice a week for 10 weeks will give you the results you have always wanted.

The Lipobelt slimming method is non evasive so it is perfectly safe for you and you can use it even while watching television or working on your desk. The belt is so compact that you can even carry it to your travels and lose weight even on a vacation.

LipoBelt Review

Judy Norman complains in her LipoBelt review – “After using the Lipo Belt for several weeks it does not show any results. The Lipo Belt does nothing at all. The Lipo Belt does not get very cold and does not last.”

Elizabeth Colbert states in her review“Using the Lipo Belt religiously for months gave absolutely no results.”

Kevin Nelson mentions in his review“You could get a frost bite with using the Lipo Belt, even with just minimal use. You may even have to stop using the Lipo Belt because of the fear of permanent scarring.”

Paul Thomas reveals in his LipoBelt review“After researching the DIY body fat freeze sculpting online and checking Amazon to see what DIY products are available but after doing just a couple hours research on cryptanalysis online you will be extremely wary of the reviews of the Lipo Belt because it states that in just a few days users saw results and a few said that in a couple weeks they saw 4″ off their body but this cannot be true.”

Maurice Perkins says in his LipoBelt review“Even on websites that sell cryolipolysis services it state on the site that it takes “about” a month before any results are seen, because it is a long slow process for the body to remove the fat cell once it has been frozen. If you could take off 4″ off your stomach with the Lipo Belt, they would be as popular as smart phones!”

Lara Lee exposes LipoBelt in her review“The temperature for this fat removing technique is -1C on the body for about an hour. There is no way these icepacks will stay that cold for an hour, you could get better results from ex-large zip-locks filled with dish detergent or water/rubbing alcohol.”

Samuel Boyd says in his review“There are positive results from DIY cryolipolysis, but you have to read up on it look at the videos, how it works and how to get results.”

Linda Kager complains“Lipo Belt has long written reviews that seem like they were written by the same person- typical company written propaganda. The company should tweak their and not sell lies because it is not right.”

Lipo Belt Questions and Answers (what they don’t tell you)

Q. Lipo Belt directions states “do not eat anything while freezing, or drink anything”, why is that?
A. Energy and heat are needed to digest and breakdown food and liquids which in turn would lessen the effects of the Lipo Belt.

Q. What is the difference between the Lipo Belt and cold packs for icing injuries?
A. Lipo Belt and cold packs are designed to cool the skin quickly to allow ‘fat freezing’ while protecting the skin. Use caution while using Lipo Belt in the beginning to prevent a frostnip, after 5-6 times the skin will adjust to the cold temperatures.

Q. Can the Lipo Belt be used on both thighs the same time or do I have to use them separated?
A. Fat freezing works on the subcutaneous fat located directly under the skin. Lipo belt is not designed to affect the visceral fat located behind the muscle. The fat on your thighs is subcutaneous fat and Lipo Belt works great in this area. When treating the thigh with Lipo Belt, it is best to remain motionless.

Q. How long do the packs stay frozen?
A. It depends on how you use them. If you keep the area you are in cold and you have less body fat- 2 hours and with a warmer room and more body fat- 1hr. Sometimes you can turn them around to continue using it. The area away from the skin stays colder. When used as directed does the Lipo Belt permanently kill fat cells in trouble spots or are the results with Lipo Belt temporary and need to be maintained. Lipo Belt kills those fat cells but if you continue to eat and gain, you can get new fat cells in same area, so it all depends on you.

Q. Is it okay if the packs freeze longer than 4-6 hours?
A. Yes, that’s fine. The instruction on Lipo Belt is meant for the initial freezing time before the first use of Lipo Belt. The recommends – “Wait at least 24 hours before using them again.”

Q. Is the Lipo Belt effective on “bra” fat?
A. Lipo Belt should work on bra fat because you can use it on your butt thighs or arms. Be sure to drink plenty of water to help flush fat cells out of your body.


What do I get?
Lipobelt Abs Kit suited for Midsection/Flanks, Hips, Back

  • 1 Lipo Ab belt
  • 2 Small Lipo Packs
  • 2 Small sliding modules
  • 1 Large Lipo Pack

Lipobelt Just Abs Kit Price: $259.00 | Official website:


Lipobelt All Over Kit suited for Midsection/Flanks, Hips, Back, Upper Arms, Inner/Outer and Back of Thighs

  • Lipo Ab belt
  • 2 Lipo Arm belts
  • 2 large Lipo Packs
  • 2 small Lipo Packs
  • 2 Lipo Thigh belts
  • 1 large sliding module
  • 2 small sliding modules

Lipobelt Complete Kit Price: $379.00 | Official website:

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  1. My friend and I have used this for 2 years, it works, and it gets cold and uncomfortable for first 10 mins but it works, have to use it faithfully for 21 days, results show in 7.

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