LifeStrength Ion Bracelet Review

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LifeStrength Ion Bracelet uses anions unlike other similar products. Anions help in increasing the flow of energy to your brain giving you better sleep at night. They also regenerate skin cells.


LifeStrength Ion Bracelet
LifeStrength Ion Bracelet uses 7 different natural minerals and gemstones that are charged in synthetic sunlight to produce anions.

With the LifeStrength Ion Bracelet you can improve your heath and maintain your balance and wellness.

You can now order the LifeStrength Ion Bracelet for only $29.99 plus P&H and you will also receive a second bracelet, just pay separate P&H.

Life Strength Ion Bracelet FAQs

How does the wristband work?
Using Ion Health Technology, seven specific minerals are infused into each LIFESTRENGTH band. These minerals produce more anions than other similar products in the market. Anions are naturally occurring molecules that scientists refer to anions as “vitamins of the air”. Preliminary research on anions has shown that anions may help benefit key cell functions within the body and improve overall health and wellbeing.

What size of band should one buy?
You will first need to measure your wrist circumference and then follow the chart below for the perfect fit.

The measurements of the bands are:
Size Inches cm.
XS 6.5 16.5
SM 7.25 18.4
MD 7.75 19.6
LG 8.25 20.9
XL 8.75 22.2

Why wear a band?
In today’s competitive world you will need every edge you can get to perform at your highest level. By producing ions, LIFESTRENGTH products are designed to give you that edge. These ions may improve your body’s ability to function more effectively.

Can I get my wristband wet?
Yes. The technology used in LIFESTRENGTH products allows it to be used in water and the products can be hand washed and air dried. Make sure not to machine wash or tumble dry.

How long does my wristband last?
LIFESTRENGTH products are made of excellent quality materials and are designed to withstand everyday use. The wristband is designed to hold its optimal effectiveness for approximately 3 years, after which you can replace it. Every LIFESTRENGTH wristband comes with a lifetime warranty for manufacturer defects.

Can I wear it when I go to bed?
Several people find that wearing LIFESTRENGTH products to bed at night make them feel refreshed and rejuvenated when they wake up in the morning. However LIFESTRENGTH does not state that their products will improve your sleep.

Can I wear it 24 hours a day?
You can. Although some people like to wear their wristbands 24 hours a day while others prefer to wear it only while participating in daily activities.

How should my wristband fit? Does it need to touch my skin?
The fit of the wristband is a personal choice. Ensure it sits comfortably and is not too tight. There is no need for the wristband to touch the skin; however, they need to be close. The ideal range is from one to three inches from the skin.

Can anyone wear the wristband?
Anyone can wear the wristband, including little children and the elderly. The anions produced by Ion Health Technology are found in abundance in natural environments making them safe for nearly everyone to use. If you feel you are very sensitive to anions, simply remove the wristband.

What if I have a known silicone or metal allergy?
Some of the minerals used in the wristband are metallic in nature so if you have a known metal allergy, do not wear the wristband. Also, many the LIFESTRENGTH products are made from silicone so if you have a known silicone allergy, do not wear the silicone products.

Why does my wristband have a Mylar hologram?
The Mylar hologram on the LIFESTRENGTH products is for official authentication and aesthetic purposes only. There is no technology incorporated in the Mylar piece and it is not charged in any way.



What do I get?
Your purchase also comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your LifeStrength product, you can return it within 30 days of your original purchase date for a 100% refund. The product must be in re-sellable condition. Official website



LifeStrength Ion Bracelet Video


6 thoughts on “LifeStrength Ion Bracelet Review

  1. I noticed an improvement With my attitude within a couple hours after I first bought it. Everyone has seen a change. I have a short temper and a lot of things get to me but not I feel at least 75% more relaxed. I recommend this LifeStrength Ion Bracelet to anyone and I am buying them as Christmas gifts.

  2. I react against metal (not gold) and the bracelet was a gift and I was thinking plastic – it can’t hurt. I broke out in terrible rashes (welts and sores) in my wrist within 3 days but just changed wrists thinking it was mosquito bites. Anyways I ended up with same rash on second wrist and then on my leg as well. Hopefully my skin will clear up soon now that I have removed the bracelet. I must say that I did sleep well the nights that I had the bracelet on……the drug store is going to take it back.

  3. I was instantly hooked to the commercial for Lifestrength Bracelet, but who knew searching for Lifestrength Bracelet reviews would be such a daunting challenge? I used Lifestrength Bracelet as a keyword in my search engine, and in came a barrage of websites that flatter to deceive. All I saw were glossy websites with animations that took forever to load and fake reviews of ‘satisfied users’. I did come across various blogs and websites with the product in their domain names, but clicking the BUY NOW button merely redirected me to the payments page. No helpful information, product ratings or reviews were given! I am almost fed up with these fake, phony manufacturer-promoted websites.

    • Webmasters often buy domains with their product names, and then use SEO techniques to pack in more keywords in their websites. Add to that fake reviews, glossy animations and keywords and these fake and phony websites get high Search Engine ranks and ratings. With these links being favored by search engines, the common public is easily misled by an otherwise mediocre (at best) product and they are easily lured into buying it.

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