Kyrobak Product Info | Does Kyrobak really work?

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What is Kyrobak:

It is a back pain treatment that claims to offer you relief by simply using it ten minutes in a day.

Kyrobak treatment system asserts that it can be that safe and efficient solution for your back. There are many of us who have made back pain a part of our lives because we don’t see a way out of it. There are several reasons that we could experience back pain, including strain and unwanted stress. Regular back pain treatments don’t cut it but you want to try and keep away from invasive, intense procedures as well. Kyrobak promises to offer you respite without any invasive methods and let you get on with your lives without being hampered by back pain.

Kyrobak and its true secret

To know why Kyrobak is truly effective, you need to understand its secret. It makes the most out of a clinically proven proprietary technology that is effective in treating back pain, according to its claims. It’s the combination of the Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) and Oscillation Therapy, which ensures that you get relief from back pain. And that’s how Kyrobak works out to be effective for you. The gentle motion that is used here releases pressure between the vertebrae to make the pain go away.

According to renowned Dr. Steven G. Geanopulos the continuous passive motion technology in Kyrobak reduces inflammation as it sends important signals to the central nervous system. As a result natural muscle tone, balance and blood supply is restored.


Kyrobak is quite easy to use and convenient

Kyrobak brings to fore the benefits of continuous passive motion therapy that has been safely used for over 30 years and hence you can be rest assured that it safe for use. Moreover you don’t have to contend with pills for back pain relief and side effects that can be caused because of them. Kyrobak asserts that it can be used anywhere in the house; on the floor, bed or couch. All you have to do is plug it in, lie down and switch it on. In ten minutes of use every day, it claims to offer you relief from back pain.

Kyrobak and the benefits you can get from it

Have you been suffering from back pain for long and haven’t been able to find the right treatment for it? In that case Kyrobak emphasizes that it is definitely worth the shot because it is easy, takes only 10 minutes of your time daily and doesn’t involve any side effects. Kyrobak also stresses that it is more effective than exercise and can ensure that you eliminate back pain from your life for good and without going through any drastic measures.


What to Expect from the Kyrobak

Kyrobak guarantees effective treatment of lower back pain via non-invasive means. It is a device that operates with Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) and Oscillation Therapy, the techniques which encourage mobility in your lower back when you lie down and rest your lower back on it. It generates controlled oscillation of the pelvis and spine along while releasing pressure between the vertebrae to reduce pain and stiffness.

Drug-free treatment without side effects

Kyrobak assures you that you can look forward to effectual relief from pain for hours without taking any drugs usually cause side effects.

The power of CPM) and Oscillation Therapy

The creators of Kyrobak state that it works with a proprietary Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) and Oscillation Therapy, which are known to induce a simple, relaxing treatment for relieving you of lower back pain. They allege that other treatment solutions go straight for providing relief from pain but Kyrobak works on the premise that immobilization is unhealthy for the joints. It functions by generating continuous passive movement in a specific plane, which it claims facilitates the joint to pass through a predetermined range of motion during treatment. These small passive repeated joint movements aim to boost mobility of the joints and reduce lower back pain.

Releases pressure and thereby pain

The makers of Kyrobak further state that it works by producing a sequence of controlled oscillation of the pelvis and spine. It directs more blood and oxygen flow to the area, which make tight back muscles to relax. They emphasize on the point that this movement also releases pressure between the vertebrae, which induces your spine to open up and release pain. What seems to aid relief from pain is release of pressure, which involves no painful stretches or exercises on part of the user.



Advantages Claimed by Kyroback

Treats lower back pain at the root

One of the highlights that give Kyrobak an edge over other solutions is its ability to address one of the focal causes of lower back pain- immobility in the lower back. Instead of simply providing relief from pain, Kyrobak goes to the root of the problem to inspire you to make the right choice by not suppressing pain momentarily but by eliminating it with mobility. Regular use of Kyrobak ensures relief from back pain and less instances o in future.

Save precious time and money

Using Kyrobak for relief from pain positively saves you time and money as it is to be used for just 10 minutes in a day. You can slip using it into your schedule easily as time permits as it’s designed to be used in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is use Kyrobak for just 10 minutes while you wind down to relax. It uses a proprietary Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) and Oscillation Therapy that add mobility to your lower back, thereby reducing the pain. It has advanced features like an automatic timer and more that make its use effective as well as convenient.

Safe and effective

Multiple studies have been carried out on Kyrobak, which have proven that it is effective and wholly safe to use. Unlike other solutions, it does not intensify pain, and there’s no painful stretching or dangerous inverting either. The treatment also involves no drugs or medication, which can pose hazard to your health. The Kyrobak treatment is comfortable, relaxing and pleasant as you just need to lie down for just 10 minutes.

Guarantees convenience and ease of use

Kyrobak guarantees total comfort and all the convenience you desire. It is light-weight, straightforward s and compact, so you can manage it very well. It can be stored anywhere convenient to you. It also requires no complicated assembling so you can begin using it without any glitches directly after taking it out of the box and connecting the power supply. It is a pain-free and comfortable solution that makes things easy for you.


Kyroback FAQs

How does Kyrobak work?
It is a clinically-proven revolutionary device that can treat non-specific lower back pain using Continuous Passive Motion (CPM). It is a simple, non-invasive device that gently relieves you of your pain and helps you relax by investing just 10 minutes a day for treatment.


Is Kyrobak safe for everyone?
Kyrobak is basically safe for adults who experience mild to moderate non-specific low back pain. Kyrobak can manage weight up to 320 lbs. Please consult your physician about using Kyrobak if you are under 18 years of age or pregnant.


How long do I use Kyrobak for treatment?
Kyrobak is used for only 10 minutes.


How often should Kyrobak be used?
Kyrobak is ideally used for 10 minutes a day, which counts as a single session. It can be used for up to 3 times a day, but make sure there’s a gap of several hours between sessions.


Is Kyrobak 100% safe to use?
Yes, Kyroback is completely safe to use.


Does one experience pain while using Kyrobac? Is there a possibility that back pain can worsen with use of kyrobak?
No, Kyrobak causes absolutely no pain and is safe. It is non-invasive and gentle, and does not result in painful pulling, inverting or stretching.


Are there any side effects to watch out for after Kyrobak treatment?
No. If the device is used as directed, there will be no side effects.


It is difficult for me to lie down on the floor. Can I use Kyrobak on a bed?
Yes, you can use Kyrobak on the bed as well as on a couch and get desired results.


Is use of Kyrobak recommended if I exercise or consult the chiropractor or physical therapist?
Definitely. Kyrobak treatments are very much compatible with professional back pain treatments.


Does Kyrobak need to be assembled?
No. Kyrobak is designed to be used directly after plugging it in the Power Supply.


Please tell me how much Kyrobak weighs.
Kyrobak weighs about 7 lbs. It is a compact and easy to store device that can be moved around easily and safely.


Can pregnant women use Kyrobak?
No. Please Kyrobak is not to be used during pregnancy


Is Kyrobak recommended for use if I have a pacemaker?
Yes, definitely. Kyrobak does not generate any electric current that can affect the body. It does not create any other Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) effects either. Several tests on Kyrobak have proven that it does not hamper with use of other devices, including pacemakers.


How is a Kyrobak treatment performed?
To use Kyrobak, lie on the device and turn it on. Relax for the next 10 minutes as its gentle, continuous movement gently treat your pelvis area.


Where can Kyrobak be used?
Kyrobak can be used virtually anytime anywhere. You just need to place Kyrobak on any smooth, flat surface like the floor, bed or couch.

What Do I Get?

  • You get Kyrobak for $299.95 plus $19.95 S&H.

Official website:


3 thoughts on “Kyrobak Product Info | Does Kyrobak really work?

  1. How much is this unit? I can’t find the price anywhere on the web that I could find. Please send me this information as soon s possible because I’m interested in purchasing one to see if it helps my lower back pain when I stand or walk.
    Joe S. Price
    Crosby, Texas

  2. I have tried your e-mail address on information you sent to me in the mail.But it didn’t work.So I am asking for more information.I don’t know why you would have it on the internet when it does not work.I could not get anything that would tell me the price of the product or anything else.I could not even see how it works.I would like information on it,if it works.If not,then just forget it.James R.Morton

  3. I would like to warn people as I recently purchased one of these machines & I was expecting great things but especially relief from the constant back pain that I have. I read the instructions & used it as instructed;what I did not expect was the horrendous painful back spasms I got in the middle of my back! I could not even use it for the full 10 minutes. I tried to carry on but this happened every time I tried to use it!so it actually made my back pain worse! needless to say I sent it back. Buyer beware! Debs

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