Krill Oil

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What is Krill Oil:

It is 100% pure cold pressed Antarctic Krill Oil that claims to be up to 54 times more powerful than fish oil.
Krill Oil asserts that it is found from krill, which is a crustacean like shrimps. It is found in the oceans and if you want to add Omega 3’s into your regular diet, then it can be a smart alternative for you, according to its claims. Krill Oil claims to be independently tested and reviewed and it delivers up to 54 times more powerful results than fish oil, thus establishing its advantages.

Krill Oil and why is it more effective than fish oil

Krill Oil involves a proprietary two step process that has been designed to make it more effective. Most other oil of this type is said to lose its potency because of the oxidation process, which happens in the first 2-3 hours. To avoid that, a unique extraction process is used in this case and as soon as krill is harvested, it is processed on a ship. Since there is no risk of decomposition in this process, your Krill Oil remains more effective and high on potency, according to its claims.
Krill Oil is then secured in airtight capsules, with the help of proprietary capliques technology. Firstly, it works by using the band-sealing technology that not only eliminates leakages but avoids odour as well. The sealing process is also natural and doesn’t need any binders or fillers. Krill Oil also stays effective because of the advanced delivery system facilitated by the capliques technology. There are less excipients, it limits oxidation and absorption rates are boosted as well. The time release capsules are meant to release the oil slowly so that there is a high absorption rate in your system.

Krill Oil and what it brings to the table

Krill Oil claims to be highly potent unlike any other brand in the market. And that’s how it assures to give you fantastic value for your money. You won’t have the problem of stinky taste when using these capsules because the sealing technology takes care of that. The capsules are guaranteed to not go rancid and their effectiveness is boosted because of the antioxidants they contain. Krill Oil claims to be 100% cold pressed oil that is also completely pure because it doesn’t have any fillers and binders. Thus the potency is high.
Krill Oil claims to be scientifically proven and over 50 studies show that it lets you feel younger while you are given more cardiovascular protection too. Those who are suffering from joint pains can also benefit from its use, according to its claims. Krill Oil claims to offer noticeable results within as little as 90 days. It also comes with a money back guarantee that asserts that it if you don’t think it’s your money’s worth in 90 days, you can get it back. But given its cost, which works out to around 66 cents a day, it claims to be good value for your money.


Krill Oil and the Pink Miracle

Krill Oil promises to be more powerful than fish oil because of antioxidant powerhouse called Astaxanthin, which is the strongest in the carotenoid family. It’s the reason behind the beautiful pink shades in salmon and shrimp. Studies have shown that it is several times more effective than Vitamin E, beta-carotene and lutein in various measures of antioxidant effectiveness. As a result, Krill Oil emphasizes on the fact that it’s more effective than fish oil when it comes to lowering bad cholesterol, reducing wrinkles, improving brain health and more.
Krill Oil promises to be safer than fish oil too because fish are notorious to contain high mercury and PCB levels. Since Krill is harvested in Antarctic ocean, it doesn’t get exposed to these toxins and there are practically no dangerous chemicals involved.

Krill Oil and the actual health benefits

A study done by Journal of American Medical Health Association has shown that taking Krill Oil 2-4 times a week can reduce heart diseases by 30%. It is also supposed to have its benefits when it comes to reducing liver triglycerides twice as fast as fish oil. Triglycerides can harden your arteries, which is another risk that can be avoided by the use of this oil, according to its claims. Independent studies have also shown that Krill Oil can add to the levels of good cholesterol in your body.
McGill University study showed that Krill Oil was capable of dissolving up to 35% of artery clogging cholesterol. It claims to boost your brain strength and mental agility, while you experience youth and vitality all over again. Those suffering from joint aches can use Krill Oil because it assures you joint health. Studies have shown that it soothes heart inflammation and smoothes your skin; thus making you look younger too.


What Do I Get?

  • You get 1 Bottle of Krill Oil for $29.95 + $4.95 S&H.
  • Official website:
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