Kerry Gaynor Method Review

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What is Kerry Gaynor Method

It is claimed to be the best and most effective way to help people quit smoking. It asserts to be a natural way to cease cigarette smoking and that it does not involve any alternative chemicals or nicotine substances. In fact, these are sessions by Kerry Gaynor that are proclaimed to be designed to help quit smoking in just a matter of 5 to 7 days with an effective study of 85% success rate.

An effective way to quit smoking

Kerry Gaynor Method promises to help cigarette smokers kick the harmful habit very effectively because of the approach it adopts. Many people try different methods like nicotine patches, gums and other harmful chemicals that claim to help in quitting cigarette smoking but actually can cause many adverse side effects, and the chances of a person getting back to smoking is a lot higher. Kerry Gaynor Method states that it changes all this completely by providing a much better and effective way of assisting people who are willing to quit smoking. The idea behind creating Kerry Gaynor Method is maintained to be simplicity, accessibility and the ease to follow. This way it is guarantees to be more approachable by people and to have a success rate of a whopping 85% something that is not found in any other method.

The groundbreaking method

Kerry Gaynor Method promises to provide an amazing amount of success to people who are willing to give up their habit of smoking cigarettes. This is declared to be achieved by using a new-age approach in the method developed by Kerry Gaynor himself. He is a world-renowned hypnotherapist who asserts to have developed this method over the last 33 years and helped over a thousand patient quit smoking. Kerry Gaynor Method assures that it is not a chemical-based system but, in fact, a list of 3 one-hour therapy sessions that helps in quitting smoking. The 3 one-hour therapy sessions consist of Kerry and a man who has been smoking since the last 30 years. The first 40 minutes of the method DVD puts the user within a therapy session that Kerry has with all the patients. The next DVDs have Kerry speaking in one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions that maintain to help them in quitting the habit further. Kerry Gaynor Method is declared to be such an effective at-home therapy that its success rate is measured at 85%.

Scientific approach

Kerry Gaynor Method assures to work great because of the science behind it. It is maintained that the Method practically uses the scientific Synaptic Pathway Hacking, Neuroplasticity, Cognitive Psychology and Meta Cognition. The basic functioning of the method alleges to take place in the precuneus which received cortex routed signals. This area basically involves in mental imagery and memory about oneself. This way the signal generated using Kerry Gaynor Method is declared to be so strong that there is no craving left to smoke a cigarette. Plus, hypnosis in the method is guaranteed to be very powerful. It guarantees to actually provide an enjoyable state of relaxation. Once guided into the hypnosis state, people have claimed to feel refreshed and energized.

An easy to follow system

Kerry Gaynor Method claims to be an effective 3-DVD pack that comes with one hour of session each. The working of Kerry Gaynor Method is also stated to be quite easy. One has to start the therapy by just watching the First Session and then for the next 5-7 days try to quit smoking. This is the transitional stage where the patient is mentally prepared to quit smoking from the next week on. The next DVD of Kerry Gaynor Method should be played after 5 to 7 days have passed. After this session the smoking should completely go away. After the next 5-7 days, the final DVD of Kerry Gaynor Method should be played, which will help to quit smoking effectively. In fact, one can strip down the Kerry Gaynor Method into 10-14 days time period, watching one DVD per week like a TV show.

Benefits of the method

There are a number of benefits of the Kerry Gaynor Method that convince to make it very effective. First and foremost is that it’s a natural, psychological way to help quit smoking. Unlike many other methods that are provided in patches or chewable form, Kerry Gaynor Method is asserted to be harmless. This means the use of Kerry Gaynor Method guarantees that there shall be no weight gain, no nausea, no dizziness or headaches. It is also noticed that on quitting smoking with Kerry Gaynor Method, one will not face issues of weight gain. Most importantly Kerry Gaynor Method declares that patients seize to have cravings again for smoking. With all these benefits that Kerry Gaynor Method guarantees to offer, it is stated to be amongst the top recommended methods by doctors worldwide. This permanent way of life using Kerry Gaynor Method assures to help in improving blood circulation of the body, regulate the blood pressure, help lose weight, reduce the risk of cancer, reduce the risk of heart attacks, make breathing easier, and reduce coughing.

Supporting App

Kerry Gaynor Method claims to offer further support to the people adopting this method via the Kerry Gaynor Method app. The app was designed to be the perfect “wingman” of sorts to the Kerry Gaynor Method DVDs. The idea of the app is to help people stay on track during the entire course and provide helpful reminders and updates directly attached to the phone’s calendar. Also there is a “Smoking Calculator” in the Kerry Gaynor Method app that alleges to help track how much money has been saved and how many cigarettes the user haven’t smoke. It also gives a measure of how much tar has the body been spared of. The app is freely available and is designed to work with all types of smart devices. The Kerry Gaynor Method app is available easily on iTunes or Google Play.

What do I get?

You get Kerry Gaynor Method for $99.95 plus $5.95 shipping.Official website

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