Joytech eCom

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What is Joytech eCom:

It is a starter kit that claims to offer a complete and exciting experience to e-cig users.
Joytech eCom maintains that it’s a new generation product from the brand that people have come to trust. VV and VW are the two modes it works on and you can simply switch by adjusting the voltage or wattage. It ensures that there is no leakage thanks to the upper air inlet and outlet it has. Besides that Joytech eCom promises to offer you large vapour as well because of its new atomizer C2 head.

Joytech eCom and its powerful atomizer

The atomizer is at the heart of the Joytech eCom. It has an innovative C2 head, which ensures that you get high voltage, high wattage and high vapour too. In addition to that it’s a transparent e-juice window and the upper air inlet and outlet means there’s no scope for leakage too.
The atomizer has the resistance of 2.4 ohm and it can work on high voltage. It is immersed in e-juice, which ensures that you get heavy vapour in a short span of time. It also means once e-juice has run out there won’t be any vaping, and the longevity of your device is enhanced.
The transparent e-juice window you find with Joytech eCom lets you see the amount of e-juice remaining. Hence you can refill it just at the right time for perfect vapour.
The atomizer used in this case also has an air inlet valve, which lets you adjust the air inflow with the help of a certain tool. As a result you can have a different vapour experience because of the different airflow, according to its claims.


Joytech eCom enables convenient e-juice filling

Joytech eCom promises to be convenient for your use and when you have to refill the e-juice you can unscrew the mouthpiece and locate the inlet on the atomizer tube opposite the air inlet valve. You can simply pour the e-juice into this inlet to get the job done.
In case you want to adjust the airflow with Joytech eCom, you can make the most out of the specially designed tool. The direction of the air inlet can be adjusted with the top side of the tool so that you can get different draws.

Joytech eCom is packed with powerful features

High-capacity and high-magnification lithium battery is used with Joytech eCom, which is why it can be used for a long time. The battery is connected to the atomizer in an innovative fashion because of the special thread. This battery is not compatible with other atomizers. It coolly holds a USB charging mode for your convenience.
Joytech eCom lets you work with double modes, and you can decide between the output voltage and wattage models by simply rotating the regulation ring at the bottom.
Joytech eCom emphasizes the fact that it’s made of brushed metal, which adds to its look and makes it good to touch.


What Do I Get?

  • Buy Joytech eCom for $69.90
  • Official website:
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