JML VolumeMAX Personal Sound Amplifier

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Do you end up missing out on important lectures because you are seated really far behind in the class and can’t hear too well? Or miss the dialogues of your favorite TV show since you can’t crank up the volume because it would disturb your partner or your kid sleeping in the same room? You may also miss out on the commentary of a match you waited for so long for the same reason or because you are sitting really far in the stadium. While you can’t really pump up the volume of your TV or radio or ask your lecturer to talk louder, you can get VolumeMAX Personal Sound Amplifier, your personal compact amplifier that will give you clarity of sound anywhere and anytime.

How does JML VolumeMAX Personal Sound Amplifier Work

VolumeMAX Personal Sound Amplifier is designed inconspicuously like a cellphone hands free earpiece and can increase the volume up to 35 decibels. And, you do not have to be seated near the source of the sound since it amplifies the sound over great distances – as much as a whopping 90 feet. VolumeMAX Personal Sound Amplifier is so compact and lightweight that you can carry it anywhere you like – to the lecture hall, the stadium or even a movie hall. And its ear mount is flexible to ensure it fits perfectly whether you want to wear it on your left ear or right and it will give you utmost comfort while you are wearing it too. It is easy to adjust the volume level since the volume control is located on the side of the earpiece.

You do not have to spend too much money on the batteries of VolumeMAX Personal Sound Amplifier since the earpiece is a rechargeable model. The personal amplifier also comes with small, medium and large ear tips to give you better fit and comfort. So forget about asking your friend to repeat what they just said because you couldn’t hear them and catch all the excitement in a movie, show or match with VolumeMAX Personal Sound Amplifier, which is really easy on the pocket too.



What do I get?
Buy JML VolumeMAX Personal Sound Amplifier for just £29.99. Official website



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