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Let’s face it, we all have times when we feel weak and rundown due the the stressful lives we live. Now regaining your strength and feeling renewed was as easy as wearing the iRenew Bracelet. This new as seen on tv Bracelet uses natural frequencies to promote strength and wellness. iRenew instantly restores balance. Athletes, Celebrities, Professional Football Players wear it for balance and focus. Just put it on and you will notice the difference immediately.


iRenew Bracelet
iRenew makes use of the Biofield Therapy – The New Science of Healing. Every iRenew Bracelet is programmed with natural frequencies that your body positively responds to. You will sleep like a baby through night, feel stronger and more flexible, once you balance your body’ energy with iRenew you will balance your overall health.

iRenew Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the material used in making iRenew bracelet and does it last for long?
iRenew bracelet is made using Silicone and Stainless Steel, while the iRenew sport wristband has 100% silicone. Selective Frequency Resonance is at the heart of both, and it’s this technology that’s responsible for strength, endurance and support when you wear the bracelet. As the technology is an integral part of the bracelet, it stays effective for ever.

How long should one wear the bracelet?
Both, iRenew bracelet and iRenew sport wristband can be worn through the day and night. In fact, the longer you wear them, more effective they will be.

Can iRenew bracelet be worn in shower, ocean or pool?
iRenew bracelet and iRenew sport wristband will not get affected even if they get wet. You can wear them while you do practically any activity, including showering and swimming.

What’s the return policy for iRenew?
You get a 100% money back guarantee on all iRenew products. If you are not happy with the product for some reason or it appears to be faulty, you can follow the Returns Policy.

When you return the product within 30 days of delivery, you are entitled to a complete refund minus processing and handling fees. If you were sent the wrong product due to an error from our end or the product happens to be faulty, then you will be refunded the P & H too. Or if you wish to, you will be sent the correct product after the receipt of the faulty or incorrect item.

In all likelihood, you will get your refund within four weeks of returning the item, but in most cases your refund is delivered sooner than that. The time period constitutes the transit time necessary to receive the returned product from the shipper, which is about 5-10 business days, the time taken to process the return, usually 3-5 business days and the time taken by banks to process refund requests, which is around 5 to 10 business days.

To return any product, you need to simply login into your account and go through your order by clicking on the “Complete Orders” link. You will find this link under the My Account menu. You can then click on Return Item button. Once the item is received and processed, you will be notified regarding your refund via email.

What are the sizes these bands are available in?
Both iRenew bracelet and iRenew sport wristband are one size fits all because they have an adjustable wristband. You can also look at the sizing instructions for further sizing information.

Does iRenew have a secure website and does it keep personal information safe?
Your personal information will be kept very safe and our website is 128 bit SSL encrypted.

What are the different payment methods available?
You can make your payments through Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

How long does the shipping take, after the order has been placed?
Your order will be shipped within 24-48 hours.

Can I make changes to my online order regarding shipping address, size, color etc and if so, how?
You will need to contact the customer support department to help you with that.

What happens if I receive the wrong product or don’t receive one at all?
In case you don’t receive your order or get an incorrect one, you should contact Customer Service department at the earliest. iRenew strives to offer you prompt and efficient care when it comes to your orders. Thus any issue that crops up will be handled immediately.

What do you do if the iRenew bracelet breaks or shows a defect?
iRenew is guaranteed for any kind of defect for the initial 30 days. If you believe the band you have received is defective, you need to contact the customer support desk.

Which iRenew bracelet is the most popular one?
The original black iRenew bracelet has remained a perennial favorite but the iRenew sport is soon gaining in popularity. That’s because it’s been worn by professional sportspersons and celebrities all over.

iRenew deals with complaints at the earliest
iRenew is proud of its products and if you have any complaints regarding them, you can be rest assured that they will be taken seriously. Quality materials are used to make iRenew products, which are infused with the revolutionary Selective Frequency Resonance Technology. This technology may promote endurance, strength and support in users. If you are not happy with your genuine iRenew product for some reason, you will be given 100 % money back guarantee minus shipping and handling charges.

iRenew products are guaranteed for 30 days.
Any genuine iRenew bracelet purchased is guaranteed for the first 30 days and if it has any sort of defect, you will be given a replacement or refund. If wrong product was sent to you or it happens to be defective, you will be refunded shipping and handling fees as well. Before buying any iRenew product, you are advised to view iRenew hoax, scams and review page to ensure that you are buying a genuine iRenew product. Many of the complaints are often because of iRenew imitators, which you should guard against.

iRenew bracelets: Not A Hoax
Reviews for genuine iRenew bracelets have been hugely positive but sadly there are many imitators around. The negative reviews that one sees are because of iRenew scams and hoaxes where people have bought imitation or counterfeit products. Many retailers have taken to selling sports bands and wristbands as “just like” iRenew bracelets to cash in on the popularity of the genuine products. Some have stooped to creating duplicate products that have the look of iRenew bracelets. However these duplicates are made using cheap quality materials and are nothing more than a glamorized rubber band. Needless to say, these bands won’t work like genuine iRenew products. You also need to remember that iRenew offers 100 % money back guarantee while other hoax products don’t.



What do I get?
2 iRenew Bracelets

Buy iRenew® Bracelet at No shipping/handling scams, hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee.

Please Visit The Offficial Website


iRenew Bracelet Video

iRenew Bracelet Official Commercial Parody


790 thoughts on “iRenew Bracelet Review

  1. The add on television was really hokey. I had already purchased an iRenewi bracelet and it really helped my vertigo. In fact I was trying to find the iRenew bracelet on the Web to purchase another when I discovered all this negative feedback. I still want to purchase another one where can I purchase one?

    Thank You

  2. I saw the infomercial and thought this might help my balance due to hip problems.

    I purchased the special offer and got 4. I’m not stupid but had a really difficult time opening the clasp and making the adjustment to fit my wrist. I stuck with it and put it on. Not expecting much, I was pleasantly surprised that my feet felt glued to the floor.
    This is what I wanted…. The first night I again surprised because I had my first good night sleep since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

    I had removed it several times and the first time I put it on was the only time I experienced that glued to the floor feeling. I did continue to sleep well past the 5 hours I was getting from just taking valerian root capsules.

    No one else I gave the bracelets to had my success….too bad.
    I forget when I got these bracelets and I don’t know if my situation has just gotten worse, or the bracelets are slowly not working. Does anyone know how long they are supposed to last.???

  3. Please help me.

    I placed an order over 2 weeks ago and have not received anything yet. It was advertised on television, so I ordered right away. I did not get any email , but I did get 2 phone numbers to call. Please email me asap, because my husband and I would like to own one of these bracelets.

    Thank you
    Emilie Clarke
    PS. we got the 2 for one deal

  4. Having seen the Infomercial, we ordered the bracelet and received two as stated. My husband spent his life in metals and could not even get the clasp open so we could alter it to fit. He also stated that this is not magnetic metal. When I mailed it back, we, of course, lost all of our shipping money on both bracelets. Quite enough money to be worth the scam!

    • I bought mine shortly after learning about the bodies healing properties associated with different pressure points in the body, which I learned about in massage therapy school, I wasn’t sure if it would work but it does help increase my energy. The pressure point for energy is in the wrist, take a look at acupressure as well as shiatsu. I’m glad I bought this. I do feel better and I have alot more energy to perform my massages throughout the day.

  5. It’s a Sugar Bracelet. If you believe it will work then it will. It’s all in your head NOT the bracelet!

    • John Henry, I know it is not a sugar Bracelet. However the first one I had lost it powers because I had it cut to shorten it. It broke too many times and fit too tight on me. But I got a new one with the clip in the middle! And before using the iRenew Bracelet I was not sleeping good. Also I got a disc out of place which I found from a x-ray! But I do have more energy and I sleep like baby with it on!

    • I bought two bracelets, one me me and my daughter–sometime around September, 2011. Just realized that @ around the same time, I broke out in a terrible ugly rash on arms only. All derm doctors said I was allergic to something, but we couldn’t figure it out. I have spent hundreds of dollars on copays and meds for this, with no relief- until I REMOVED THE BRACELET. NOW ARMS ARE HEALING UP NICELY, AND I CAN FINALLY WEAR SHORT SLEEVES AGAIN. It has left a dark permanent thickness and scaring, from the constant rash for so long. So my advice it to find out what the bracelet is made of, before you buy it, and it never did make me feel much better either. So buyers beware.

  6. I am so disapointed in the irenw bracelet… Not that it doesn’t work because iI never got the opportunity to really find out… The bracelets were so poorly made… the claps never stayed shut… I bought it for my son who has a balance problem and whe he’d wear them to school during p.e. classes or just running they would come a loose. I am mad as hell… I spent too much money for that… Then I bought a different made one and the same thing happened… so I say money down the drain… NEVER AGAIN!!!

    • Sharon Criss… I am 56 and my first iRenew bracelet lost its power because it was cut short to fit and was too tight on my arm. I got a disc out of place. I know from an xray but I do have more energy with the aches and pains are not as bad, and I do sleep like a baby with it on. My new iRenew got the clip in the middle, I love mine and it does work.


  7. After a month of doing research I decided to buy one from walmart they claim it can make back pain go away along with other things I figured even if it helped just a little it would be a good investment nope I was wrong but I am not out anything cause I said to my wife before I got it hell if it doesn’t work I will just return it so either way it’s not a loss. So if you decide to try this product keep your receipt.

  8. I want to return the iRenew bracelet. The phone number given does not work. I need an RMA tuber which I cannot get .

  9. I have it, and I would call myself an athlete. First of all, don’t write a review on something you haven’t tried. It might not be magical, but if it is just psychological effect, it still will work. It might not be all that it says. But Reality is the biggest illusion of all, isn’t it? Well, try it and actually feel it make a difference. It is genius, one way or another.

  10. Dudes and Dudettes,
    With this braclet and a “fatty”…..nothing hurts and if it starts to…..I don’t care anymore…..give it a try!

    “free your mind and the rest will follow”

    oh, sorry I did this already….lol

  11. If they really didn’t work I don’t think so many athletes would be wearing would they? Well for me I’ve been wearing it for 3 days and I feel a difference in my body , my balance feels better than before and in the morning I don’t wake up tired even if I don’t sleep the 8 required hours…..suggestion: If your bracelet keeps falling I suggest you purchase the iRenew Sports much more comfortable and it stays on to your own fit I do recommend it

    • I purchased the bracelet a week ago, because of chronic back and leg pain due to lumbar stenosis. I also suffer from sleep apnea and depression. ANY relief is welcome. I read all the skeptics reviews, but I felt that this just might work. Why? Let’s see. My doctor wears one. My pharmacist swears by his and I noticed several others wearing either the iRenew, or something close to it. Ever since I put it on, I feel better and I’m able to work longer. The best part is, I take less pain meds than I have in over 2 years. As a matter of fact, I take half the meds. That in its self is worth it. Yeah, it might be in my mind, but I’m here to tell ya… it’s also in my back, my legs, my feet, I sleep better and I’m more relaxed. Thanks, iRenew. I recommend this product to everyone who lives in pain.

  12. I’m sure any person would get better results in their overall well-being, by paying their neighbor to come over every morning, and telling them how wonderful they are. Get REAL! All these scams use a bunch of vague terminology, no precise explanations, no reliable studies, and blow a bunch of hot air up our butt.

  13. Is the iRenew bracelet suppose to fit snug or can it be worn loosely? I’ve check all the videos and nothing is said about that??

  14. I found this bracelet for $4.00 on sale, so I figured what the heck I will try it. It was THE WORST $4 I have ever spent, I felt absolutely no different, the bracelet broke within a week of my purchase, and upon closer inspection, I found it is only a thin piece of metal wrapped around a rubber band. Useless and a Crock!!!

  15. My problem is they do not stay clipped everytime I bump it comes unhooked so I don’t know if it works or not.

  16. Seriously, I think its all in the persons mind. You all put this thing on your wrist and you feel better in whatever is ailing you! come on now… But whatever floats your boat. Buy one and get one ABSOLUTELY free, pay SEPARATE shipping and handling lol… there you go, just crying out I’M A PIECE OF CRAP, really now people:)

  17. iRenew bracelet does not stay fastened. I would like to know how to get my money back or get a new bracelet.

  18. First off, everyone needs a reality check; be pulled back “down to earth” if you would and out of your fantasy land.

    FACT: 63.1% of Americans are overweight and that percentage only keeps rising as reported by the American Heart Association.

    FACT: Obesity is the #1 cause of health related issues and does not have a direct link to genetics, therefore must be a result of non- genetic factors as stated by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
    So how does this relate to the IRenew bracelet, simple.

    If obesity causes all these health related problems, let alone its only common sense that overweight people have less energy, maybe thats what we need to be focusing on. Being that 2 out of 3 people are obese, maybe you should get up off your fat aspirations and put some effort into your health and exercise. Then tell me if that doesnt fix alot of your problems; ie. more energy because you are in shape and don’t have to carry around extra weight all day every day, better sleep due to removing your bodies energy because we all know after you exercise you get tired.

    Stop putting your health on some magical, “god-sent” bracelet that if you put it on it will make all your problems go away. To me, the people who believe this is true are just trying to justify their way of life, by wearing this I can SIT my a** on the couch because this bracelet is fixing my problems. Grow up, this is exactly whats wrong with the world; lack of judgement and self-worth/accountablility.

    We should be saying I, let me say that again, I can do something about my problems, not some stupid bracelet where you buy on and get one FREE. LMAO. And we wonder why the American Dream is no longer considered realistic is because we invest in people/products like this. I got an idea, how about instead of wasting $20 on this “god-sent” bracelet you donate it to the troops because back here on earth, thats who really needs treatment and a better life.

    • I don’t think that irenew implies that if you put the bracelet on that you can sit around and do nothing and your problems will be solved it says that it helps you perform more adequately with daily activities and exercise as well as some products like irenew also help with a better nights sleep my brother had something like it and he tested it on me I didn’t know why but after he demonstrated it he told me What it was and it was mind blowing this coming from a skeptic….ME! So as people say “don’t knock it till you try it!”

    • I appreciate your discourse on the dangers of obesity, but everyone who wants to try this bracelet is not obese. If you have been living with chronic back pain for many years as I have, you will be willing to try just about anything that might help. It has nothing to do with wanting to “sit on my a** on the couch” and do nothing to better my situation. Obviously you have never had any chronic pain issues in your life, because if you did, you would have a long history of grasping at straws for anything, and I mean ANYTHING, that will help calm the debilitating pain.

      But my judgment and self-worth/accountability are alive and well, though, thank you very much!

      • Actually I do have chronic pain. Ive had major reconstructive surgery on both knees, as a result of playing competitive sports my whole life, and have Arthritis in both. I deal with pain daily, but have found exercise(running) to be the best remedy there is. We all know that pain is weakness, you cant deny that, and what better way is there to strengthen/energize/reduce stress/increase wellness than exercise?… Physical exercise is the key remedy to EVERYTHING, even if that means long walks daily, if running is not an option.

        I’m just going to throw this out there as well, iRenew: sounds kind of fishy to me, maybe they should of named it “YouRenew”. All its doing is implying a motivation factor(placebo). Find the motivation within, you will be surprised at what us humans can do with a little effort and willingness.

        • And here I am thinking that these comments are supposed to be reviews from people on whether or not the product in question works or not and not opinions on whether they believe it’s validity. If u haven’t tried it before then you can’t write a proper review.

          • Sure you can. As far as I’m concerned, isn’t a review simply an opinion? What more do u need to write a review than common sense? Especially when it is an “as seen on tv” product where you get 2 for $20, and it magically reduces the effects of your problems. Considering its made of rubber/silicone, which is not conducive to anything(magnetic, electric, etc..).

        • One who hasn’t actually TRIED a product, regardless of what ‘it’ is really shouldn’t leave a “REVIEW” since you have NOT reviewed anything. You have, for reasons unknown to me, decided that everyone who tries this bracelet is a fat, lazy, ignorant couch potato. I don’t know where you got this idea because most of the ‘REVIEWS’ I read are from people who seem to be active and even athletic. It seems that you are one of those people with nothing better to do than get on message boards (which this is NOT) and argue, regardless of the topic and regardless of whether you agree or disagree, with everyone else. If you are NOT going to actually USE a product then you should NO leave reviews of that product. You CANNOT HONESTLY (while I realize you probably don’t care about being HONEST in this particular situation) REVIEW ANY product UNTIL & UNLESS YOU HAVE ACTUALLY USED IT!!!! Therefore…until you do…YOUR COMMENTS ARE WORTHLESS and you are wasting your time and that of others. Please, try to be respectful and if you want to review products, for good or for bad….PLEASE…USE THEM FIRST!!!!

  19. Did anyone ever bother to buy one and take it apart to see what exactly is in the bracelet to actually see what’s in it or actually try to run any kind of test on it?

    • I believe from what I have read on other sites, its a tin or aluminum clip and rubber or silicone bracelet. I haven’t tried to run any tests since I don’t plan on buying one.

      • @jay – it is exactly that – a piece of rubber with some tin clip and a tin piece acrossed it with the IRenew name. DO NOT BUY ONE – total waste of money. You know we have laws for everything else, why can’t Congress pass a law banning consumer rip-offs?!!

  20. This is just like anything else it’s not gonna work for everyone so why doubt the people who say they feel better just cause you got nothing from it.

  21. It makes me laugh, when I check out the comments and complaints on these pages, the budding english teachers, who have no students books to mark, and cant seem to realize that there are all kinds of people out there with problems who still have an opinion on products but have problems expressing it in writing! have a heart I too have an opinion but suffer from problems with writing due to a medical issue.

    please leave people alone and write about the subject, or get a job as an english teacher, you are the sad one…enough commers for you !

    This iRenew Bracelet is very poorly designed and as far as I am concerned does not work, for me it actually dropped to bits! and we all know the company uses its own employees to write good comments about the product so you really cant know who being honest or not, its all phony. But if it makes you feel good and you can afford to throw away $20 who cares.

    Have a good day all you budding english teachers? I personally hated mine.

  22. I had never heard about this iRenew Bracelet… a friend gave me one. She told me what it was supposed to do and we immediately cut it down to my size and put it on. After wearing it two weeks, and having forgotten what my friend had said about it, I looked online to see what it was supposed to be doing. More energy? … Nope. Better sleep? … Nope. My nervous system is still out of tilt and I still have pain/discomfort in all the same places. I would have to say, therefore, that this is just a plastic bracelet with a metal logo emblem on it. Nothing more, nothing less. And it certainly contains no special properties.

  23. Really people? If you think this works then you are grasping at straws for a fix that is not possible. If you actually think this works for you, then you are a person power of suggestion applies to. If this really worked doctors could not keep them in supply.

    • Ummm… You can feel that way but I am somewhat shocked as to what it has done for me seems impossible. Doctors will not keep anything in supply that does not have deadly side effects… I bet you think that’s a lie too huh? good luck!

      • Dayveon,
        You are either a shill for the snake oil salesmen who sell this junk and prey on the desperate, or you are the most gullible, placebo-susceptible person in the country!

        Other than your vociferous (look it up if needed) support, there are one or two semi-placebo victims who think it may be doing something for them (and that is why it appears to be doing so) and the rest of the posters here are fortunately more discerning, questioning, skeptical or just plain sane.

        A quick Google search on this item will show everyone who wants to know just how much of a scam this is.

        My only disappointment is that these people are allowed to make their claims on TV.

        If you believe this bracelet does anything at all, I have a piece of bridge I’d like to sell you…

        And you, Dayveon, either have no shame or you’re dumber than everyone else.
        Either way, it’s not good 🙂

        • Yet another person writing a “review” about a product they never tried how irritating. Why don’t u go troll somewhere else smart a$$.

        • Hey PVO, why are you trying to use logic & reason when discussing magical items …. that’s just wrong !

  24. Suffered from dizziness and lack of energy. Also very intense mood swings. Wore the iRenew, all of the above are gone. Placebo effect? Maybe, but who cares! I feel great.

    • I suffer from MS and am constantly lightheaded and off balance…I exercise some but have found my legs are not as weak when I used the bracelet. I think if you have a problem to begin with it will work. Otherwise, if you are healthy you may not need it so you won’t feel a difference…I also have more energy now.

      • I agree Mary!

        It didn’t do anything for my sleep, and in general I felt the same. However when I got out of my car, after wearing the iRenew for just a day, I found my knees and muscles were MUCH more up to the task.
        So I did some practice sitting from a chair maneuvers and was very happy to find that I don’t need a table or chair arms to get up.

        Its the little subtle things that get fixed with irenew. I don’t understand it but I’m giving it a try.

      • Mary… I got a disc out of place in my back and my pains and aches are less and sometimes gone. I do sleep like a baby with it on and I got more energy I love my iRenew.


    • I care! … because the placebo effect doesn’t work on me — I’m skeptical about everything until it’s proven instrument of matter over mind.

    • My back pain went away after I put it on but people, ITS NOT GONNA WORK FOR EVERYONE, I feel a lil move balanced and I’ve heard other magnetic bracelets work. I think I might work on the minerals in the body and blood which could help the circulation, but I would like to know what it is made of, if known for sure. so try it or not just be worn were you get it and price. they will try to get you to try and buy other things tho. but just tell em not other charges and they cant take anymore out of your account have nice day will try this thing out more.

      • John I got backaches too, I got an iRenew and my back-pain is gone. Also I sleep better, it gives me more energy too. I feel a little more balanced also with my iRenew on.


  25. This iRenew doesn’t work at all! I bought several for my family and none felt any difference!! I lost a lot of money :< well I learned my lesson. They demonstrate the balance trick on tv which I think the first time they test your balance you don’t know whats coming so you lose balance, then your brain comes into play reacts the second time knowing what happen previously so makes your body stern!! A SCAM

    • You have way too much negative energy. I spent money and literally witness miraculous events. Unbelievable as it may seem I did not waste my money. Sorry it did not work but that probably means one thing and I won’t say to avoid offending.

    • If you think consistently that it’s not working, then you’ll start to believe that! It will make you stressed and if your tense you feel off balance.

  26. I don’t know why so many are bitching about over this product for? probably why it don’t work for them is simply that ‘they’ didn’t need it to begin with!

    Myself am no perfectly normal goody-goody myself, I suffer from MS and have one hell of a time managing my own body! I’d be just thrilled to obtain my own to see if it could help me, even to lessen the severity of my balance, energy level, & just feel good (better than I am doing now!) I’m holding off ordering one until I can find one in the store so I don’t have to wait 8 weeks to get it by mail.

      • I was reluctant to try one. My husband insisted! Dizziness etc. have plagued me since brain surgery for a tumor and anyearism. It is amazing. First day had a bad headache, by the second I had better balance and energy. Woke up one morning dizzy again…realized it had fallen off. Will order next one through Amazon and get it the next day with out paying that ridiculous postage for each one!

        • You know my husband bought me one iRenew, because I thought it looked neat. I can’t say that I’ve really noticed that much of a difference I don’t feel as clumsy as I usually do so I figured it must be doing something, but then after reading your post I realized it was doing even more. I suffer from daily headaches and take medication for daily. But you know I’ve been wearing my bracelet for about a week and I can only remember one day that my head was bothering me. I believe in magnetic energy which is pretty much what it is. It’s well worth it I think.

  27. I bought one, wore it, and now I can fly…

    no, it actually doesn’t work. My friend let me have his after he got mad that it didn’t work and wanted to throw it away. I found that a waste of money so I asked if I can have it. I feel no change at all and its been a week. I’m actually wearing it right now only because its an accessory and it was free haha.

    • Oh my god….. I have never laughed so hard tears running down my face I tried to tell my adult son about your email but couldn’t stop laughing.

      Thank you to the person who wrote that email that was far better therapy than any bracelet thanks again I cant remember the last time Ive laughed that hard!!

      Reply to Irvine Jan 26 2011

    • Jodi,

      I just received my bracelet and I am noticing the same thing. Not really anything physically but definitely seems to be a deeper sleep and crazy dreams. I also feel like I have a slight headache more than usual

  28. I have used this product for a few days and it seems to give me a bit more energy but the balance BS is just that. I have used this type of item before and the only one I truly believe works is based on Teslas theories of Energy.

  29. Don’t waste your money on this or the Power Bracelet or any other product with a “magic hologram”/special frequency or even magic beans.
    The demonstrators trick you into thinking this bracelet gives you special powers.

    The trick is called “applied kinesiology” and it’s been used for decades.

    While it looks like the salesman is doing the same motion to the suspecting buyer, he is actually pulling in a different direction (causing the person to appear to be more stable).

    If you want to see how it works there’s a video on YouTube.

      • Well chiropractic industry is actually legit, don’t confuse that with bogus science. My chiropractor essentially massages and stretches my muscles, and helps me work on posture so I don’t strain my muscles and gives me exercises to strengthen them. It’s completely logical.

  30. It never ceases to amaze me how heated these debates get. This bracelet is an interesting concept, but I don’t think it works. The idea is based on what little we know about cell vibration. Every living thing, (trees, animals, people) has cells that move, vibrate really. Cells from a tree will vibrate on a different frequency than that of an animal. The same concept applies to humans. A healthy person’s cells will vibrate on a different frequency than that of an unhealthy person’s. The theory lies in the idea that matching an unhealthy person’s frequency with that of a healthy person, will promote better health. It’s all theoretical of course, but the theory itself is nothing new. NASA helped develop frequency enhanced water to do the same thing. That’s starting to find its way into the public market as well. The only difference is that it works from the inside, while this bracelet works from the outside. Nobody can really prove one way or another whether it works or not. I suppose I can be wrong, but I think a person’s cells will vibrate the way they do because of the person’s health, and not that the persons health has to do with their frequency of cell vibration. If it does work it certainly doesn’t work the same way for every person. What’s the worst that can happen? Buy one from a Wal-Mart, if it doesn’t work return it.

  31. LOL…I think its just an official bracelet, nothing more and people don’t have to freak out over it, its $20 is that really that big of a deal?

  32. I would feel better about this product if they did not use tricks to sell, if it works why pull the person away when its off and pull them straight down when on?

  33. Its a scam when you buy 2 why do they charge you shipping and handling when they can ship it in the same box,

    Its all BS.

  34. I got my bracelet on Christmas day. I’ve been wearing it nonstop since then, except for when I get in the shower. In this short while I have noticed an increase in energy when I wake up, at work, at the gym all day. Though, also within this time I have noticed my energy level feels a bit unhealthy, as in my heart rate increases too fast. This has happened a couple of times, I have never had this problem before, ever, nothing with in my daily routines has changed, I am very health conscious. I took the bracelet off and immediately noticed my heart rate slow down, and the panicky feeling subside. I believe this bracelet does work, just, watch out if you are too sensitive.

    • You’re kidding me right? That’s all in your mind. I hope you don’t really believe that piece of junk is causing your imaginary problems. You’re “too sensitve” to a scam.” Sheesh!

      • Lenny, your heart is full of electrical currents, and if this bracelet actually does tap into your electrical currents, it could therefor affect the rate of your heart. How do you think the AED brings cardiac arrest patients back to life? Electric currents. So before you go bashing someone for educate yourself.

  35. I take martial arts specifically Wing Chun Kung Fu. This thing claims that it can help improve balance and energy due to restoring bio-fields. Well I had been practicing my form all day without the i-Renew and trying to do the entire first form of the art while standing on just my right foot every now and then to prepare myself for my black sash when the time comes for me to take it. Almost all the time I make it a 3rd of the way through the form before I lose my balance.

    After putting it on I tried doing the form on the left foot. I very rarely even try that foot and I literally made it a little more than halfway going as slow as I possibly can. I have even done a couple leg drills that are normally used to improve balance and the stance in general and normally I wobble very early into the drills and I sometimes have to tap my foot on the ground to regain balance and with the bracelet on I have actually made it through them with no problems.

    Again I aint saying it works but that’s just what I did after putting it on and I felt like my stance and form have improved a bit compared to when I did it earlier in the day.

  36. Million’s swear they do work that use them, most of all that don’t believe they work never tried them, and of course I’m sure they want be 100% effective on everyone, one thing is for sure, your body produces electrical energy and has different frequencies that promote different health issues. You are also under attack at all times by unnatural frequencies through radio waves, cellphone towers, satellite waves etc… what are you gonna do about it, trust our government to protect you from them, through the FDA the same institute that is controlled by drug companies that speed up the death of the majority of cancer patients using radiation and chemo that only helps a small fraction of them, when in other countries they cured everyday with natural methods. A doctor can’t even tell you to eat certain healthy foods without a risk of loosing his license, because veggies and fruits are not FDA approved for health benefits, you think they can make claims of these bracelets having health benefits with out FDA(drug companies) on there butt. You fools need to learn to research yourself all things like the bracelets, rife machines, the healing power of simple garlic, if you need proof that your body is a producing electric field,scoot across your carpet in your socks and touch your tongue on a metal object or invest $20 in a bracelet and give it a chance, before you throw out your opinion if it works or not.

    • Not to be mean, but “millions” does not have an apostrophe in it. It’s “losing,” not “loosing,” “institution,” not “institute,” and “their,” not “there.” If you have good spelling and grammar, it gives you a little more credibility when you’re calling other people fools.

      Just saying.

      • I agree and quite honestly I believe if you believe it will help then it just might, Positive thinking or placebo, who cares? If it alleviates symptoms, do what you have to do. I did and am happy. BTW I am a medical professional with a degree.

      • oh, good lord. here to check out reviews, and find some idiot giving grammar lessons. you truly did not prove any point with your posting.

  37. Me and my friend also had purchased these iRenew Bracelets and they did not work for us either. A week later we returned the bracelets back to the company I-Renew. We used our visa card at the time we purchased the bracelets but my friend decided to change banks and close that account. We told the I-Renew representatives that this account has been closed and that we would like for them to mail our refund. Remind you these bracelets were order in the first week of September and was returned back to I-Renew company the second week of September 2010. The I-Renew representatives told me and my friend because we canceled our visa card it takes 45 days to process the refund in the mail. Remind you this order took place in September 2010. It is now December 20,2010 over 45 days and we still haven’t seen or gotten our refund in the mail. It’s going on 3 to 4 months almost into another year which will be 2011.

    I’ve been talking to different I-Renew representatives every since we’ve been trying to retrieve our refund and all we’ve been hearing is a bunch of lies and excuses just to tell the customers what they want to hear and to hurry up and get them off the phone. I don’t think I will never use my visa card on line again because you catch hell trying to get your money back from companies similar to this company here. Lesson learn for us and whoever might think about ordering on line. Be careful!

        • The BBB (Better Business Bureau) does not help you in any way AFTER you make a purchase.. they can ONLY assist you B4 you make the purchase.. they will check their records to see if there have been any complaints about the place of business… but, that’s all.

          • I contacted the BBB about a magazine subscription ripoff I encountered on the internet. They took my money and over six months later, no magazines. After fighting with them for nearly a year, the BBB got me my money back.

        • BBB is a bunch of bullpucky they only take complaints they have no official power its a waste of time unless you are reviewing some service you plan to use that’s it

  38. I bought 2 iRenew Bracelets at Walgreens at the same time each had different clips on the bracelets. They both keep opening to the point my husband ‘s fell of a couple of times and mine is starting to do the same thing. I put out $40 for both of these they need to make the clips better locking. This is money not well spent and am very upset. I don’t have my receipt because in good faith I didn’t save the receipt. And I only bought these 2 weeks ago

    Dissatisfied iRenew customer

  39. My mom bought one but we can’t say if it works or not because it fell apart when we tried to get it open to re-size it. I suppose we can use the paper clip the instructions mentioned to now hold it on her wrist. It seems to me like a poor design on it.

    I felt sorry for her because she really looked disappointed after paying the money for it and then it falls apart before she could ever even wear it. So if you buy one I wouldn’t follow the instructions on resizing it, instead just find some other way to make it fit because it won’t open and it will fall apart if you do get it open.

    Maybe we can use a safety pin to hold it on her wrist and she can keep it hid under her shirt sleeve so no one can see it. It seems kind of silly to have to hide something from people that you paid 20 bucks for to buy it.

    To be quite honest from my brief experience with it, I wouldn’t give 20 bucks for a box full of them.

    • I did not have the problem with mine. The paper clip worked just fine. I cut it down to fit my wrist and put it back into the clasp without any problems.

      • I just got mine last nigt, so as far as if it works or not, not sure yet, but I wanted to be able to change color of went to walmart n bought the cheap lil colored bracelets cut them and inserted two of them into the clips, now I can match whatever I am wearing…but I do hope this helps my balance n energy..we will see.

  40. If you observe the demos for these things you’ll be able to often inform an individual is faking. Both they are pulling on the individual or something. Fantastic submit! I cannot wait to hear much more.

  41. I have read a lot of the posts here and what I got out of it was someone complaining about fat ass people who have nothing else better to do than sit on their fat asses playing on the computer DUH are you not sitting on your fat ass complaining gggeesshhhh and for the person who talked about people who talk to the clouds (God) you believe what you want but don’t shove your beliefs down someone’s throat.This place is about a bracelet not a forum to bitch about people’s beliefs or extracurricular activities get a clue.I don’t own one of these bracelets but I am not going to judge the one’s who do.Bottom line?If I wanted one I would go to Walgreen’s or deal locally which would mean I would have to get off of my fat ass and look up to the clouds and pray to God I don’t get ripped off.

  42. Stumbled on to this website and it took me all of 3 seconds to see that 99% of you that posted obviously have NOTHING BETTER TO DO!!! Its quite ridiculous. the discussion goes from whether or not some bracelet works as it claims to the BIBLE. All of you think you’re ‘The EXPERT’…HA!

    • ALL of us think we are experts? I get tired of THAT kind of comment. If we were experts, would we be here? Jeeze Louise Cindy, kicked any children or elderly grandparents lately?

    • I have iRenew got it walgreens. I say this one don’t work but here is the trick, it does not look like the bracelet on tv.

      • I got mine at walmart and it is also not the same color as the one on tv. And it came without any instructions such as how tight to wear it or for how long,etc.

  43. I’ve been wearing mine for about a month now. It’s true what they say about the website, it does trick you into buying more than you need, and the shipping is as much as the bracelets themselves. But I emailed them right away, and they adjusted the charges and refunded the extra back to my account the next day. I received the package in about 3 days and my husband and I put them on. It says you feel the results immediately-but that isn’t true. It took a few hours, but it really did make a difference.

    My husband and I both had the same change; I feel focused and better balanced. I feel more centered, but not stronger, like it claims. My left shoulder (the side I wear the bracelet) has started hurting so I changed wrists and haven’t had any trouble with it at all.

    • Ok. I know a lot of folks won’t believe me. I didn’t believe it either, but since I have been suffering from back pain from poor posture and muscle spasms for years since I broke my back, I figured..what the heck. I drop $20 at a slot machine without a thought, so..what IF it DOES work?

      I don’t EVER wake up without out pain..EVER. A few days ago I bought one at Walgreens for $19.99 plus tax 6%. I took it home, got it out of the package, resized it so it wouldn’t be so big and wore it for 2 days without telling anyone about it.

      I wore it to bed. This morning I woke up feeling great, no pain, I can bend back more than I EVER could before and I’m feeling great.

      I don’t know how it works, I don’t CARE how it works, but it works. A whole bunch of people put a bar of soap under their bottom sheet to prevent restless leg syndrome and leg cramps.

      I don’t think anyone knows how it works (soap bars and iRenew)…but it DOES. Maybe not for ALL people, but it works for me.

      Some people swear by holding their breath and drinking water upside down to get rid of hiccups…it works for them.

      Whatever helps you, if it works and you’re happy….go for it says I. Just as long as you’re not hurting anyone else.

      • I was doubtful and never thought of getting an iRenew bracelet. That is until I went to a store this past weekend, asked the clerk about it, and he put me through a ‘test.’

        He asked me to stand on one leg, and he was able to push me off balance with two of his fingers. He had me hold his bracelet in one of my hands and this time he couldn’t budge me. I bought one immediately.

        I’ve had it on for two days and still can’t believe all that I’m feeling. I get up at night and can straighten up as I walk and for the first time in years I go up stairs and don’t hear my knees creak.

        I don’t know the ‘why’ or ‘how’ but don’t care – I’m 61 years old, work three jobs, walk about 3 to 5 miles daily, and am not overweight – but when I thought I was in better shape a few days ago, I feel in even better shape now.

      • Its a damn placebo its all in your little minds you fools the mind is very powerful if your convinced, it will work. The best way to find out if it works is to give it to someone that doesn’t know what it is then ask them a week later if they have noticed anything different. That is a controlled method of testing. I have some magic sugar pills for anyone one who is interested for $19.95 it will make your penis bigger your clitoris swelled and bring you great riches and help you meet that special someone and have the confidence you have always lacked.

        • So what if it is a placebo!? If a placebo can be just as effective as a drug why not? These people are feeling better without a drug, who cares if it’s the bracelet or a placebo effect.

        • Why do you have penis and vagina pills? you got some messed up physical problems you need to address that this product can’t fix!! Best of luck in you mucky trans- gender adventures! BTW try respecting your elders once you get their age you’ll be looking for help anywhere you can get it too! If it works for them regardless of how let it be!

        • When calling other people fools, be sure to check your spelling and punctuation. That will keep you from looking like a fool yourself. Or maybe not.

        • I agree with you . It is the words that make a mind believe it will work. I have one. I do not listen to what it will do. I wear it. I forget that it is on. Not thinking about what it will do to me, it does not work. If I do not wear the iRenew bracelet. Then all what it said it would do will have me a believer of balance and so forth. I am a diabetic I get up in the night to use the toilet. I do not sleep well every night. I wore the irenew band to see if I get a good night sleep. It does not work . I take aspirin for my tooth before bed. I slept like a baby. iRenew bracelet is nothing but material that does nothing to you or for you. It is all in your mind what they say it will do that you believe it is working.

        • Not knowing about the effects may prove something, but if you aren’t looking for something, you won’t always notice it. How many times have you looked for something in a grocery store, say turkey, and you find it, but a person you are with picks up something else, hamburger meat, for example, that was 2 feet away that you never even noticed, nor would have noticed if you’d been alone? How many times have you weighed yourself and found that you gained 5 lbs or lost some, but didn’t realize it because you weren’t constantly checking your weight? Think about it.

  44. Chiropractors have been using the same technique to display balance and strength for over 40 years. “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Or every 40 years, if you will.

  45. Why don’t you all just get off the damn computer and go invest into something that will naturally improve balance?

    ever heard of YOGA?
    that’s what is wrong with America. We want the quick fix instead of really taking care of business. and we sit around on our asses getting fat while dreaming of being fit. WTF, AMERICA?

    • Boy did you hit the nail on the head!! We are a world of lazy fatasses who would rather spend all our time (and $$) searching for a quick-fix rather than getting our (not mine fortunately) ever-expanding butts to the gym!!!

      IF there were a quick fix wouldn’t obesity be obsolete?? Why are people so deluded?

      • first of all, how do you know everyone on this website is fat and lazy, do you know them personally? Even if it is just a placebo effect, it is still working for that person so why should you care that somebody’s life is made better, even if they have only perceived that it is better. I don’t see people looking for a quick fix, I see people trying everything that they can and trying this because they have nothing else to try, so why not? I have no body fat, I take yoga and walk 3 miles a day, I go hiking, and am in very good shape, but I have fibromyalgia, something for which there is no cure, no little pill you can take to fix it. Do you know what it is like to have to live in pain everyday? To try everything you can possibly think of with no relief? If this is a gimmick, at least I tried, if it can give me even a small measure of relief, I will be extremely grateful, and if it doesn’t, I only spent $20 bucks on it. So who are ya’ll to sit around patronizing those who are looking for something when you don’t know them at all?

          • I agree with this post. I wanted to read some reviews of the product. It is distressing when people get insulted just because they want to find relief. Why would you insult someone you don’t know? I am not fat, or lazy, or uneducated. I have a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering (so I am a scientist) but I also have a strong faith in God. None of that matters, or should be judged here. I am going through treatments for breast cancer, and after a mastectomy have issues from the surgery that I want help from. One thing for sure, just because doctors don’t prescribe it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Anything new is ridiculed at first. Doctors tell you about drugs with horrible side effects, but they tell you what the pharmaceutical sales reps tell THEM about the drugs. Ask any pharmacy rep.

            Hey, we waste more than $20 on lots of stuff, why not try it if you want to. It doesn’t make you a fool to do so. Much that we spend money on we have nothing to show for.

            If it works for me, I will tell everyone in earshot about it. If it doesn’t, I will return it, but I will NOT insult anyone who still chooses to try it. I hope my grammar is OK!! lol I am sure that I will get insulted too, but I’m a big girl and can handle it, but the negative energy of the insults is worse than being ripped off for $20!! The one post says the world would be better if people got off their lazy a***. That may be true, but it would also be better if we treated people with compassion rather than contempt.

            I’m going to Walgreen’s for sure now!

      • Then why are you two here if you too were not searching this product for yourself.. Duh you perpetrating hypocrites!


    I have never worn this iRenew or the Q-Ray bracelet BUT this makes me think maybe it is a placebo because of all the comments I have read ( I read at least 100 ) I know for 1 I have no life but I ask you this, to those who say NOTHING ON T.V WORKS, how about Proactiv, Tempurpedic, or maybe even the Total Pillow? I do believe that it most likely doesn’t work but I am going to get more facts and see what I can find on it that makes actual sense or maybe gives a little explanation as to how it works and why it might not work for everyone. oh and to Steve don’t bitch when people don’t care. and Wolf in New Hampshire YOUR FUNNY, I love your sense of humor BUT maybe start your own blog or what ever on T.V adds and then you wont get people yelling at you or thinking your 100% serious. : D thank you to anyone who reads this.

    I hope you watch the above video
    thank you

    • Mimi,

      Like you I have NO life, being stuck at home with seizures watching tv is all that I do. If you get that bracelet, please let me know if it really works. Thank You.

    • And me too ,if this works for you Mimi, let me know too….Thanks and Good Luck. I hope it works for you.


  47. iRenew is a SCAM. How do I know? Just watch their commercials. In “without iRenew” segments, the “puller” pulls down AND OUT. In the “with iRenew” segments, the puller ONLY pulls down, and NOT OUT.

  48. This company it the biggest ripoff I’ve ever encountered. I thought I was good at making sure I didn’t play into these unbelievable scams, but I did. In the process of me placing my order they ask these generic questions about the color and size and by the time is processed there’s no option or whether your want to submit your order total or not the order is automatically placed and processed with no option of canceling your total amount. The only thing it shows is the total with a processed and confirmation number with information showing what you ordered which was 6 sets of bracelets (don’t know how) and 1 necklace that I never ever asked for with a total of $232.38 and my bank told me there wasn’t anything I could do because the company had gotten the proper authorization. After calling the company the very next morning they claimed the order had been processed and mailed. As of a week later no order in sight. Please believe me when I say DON’T DO IT! A very expensive lesson learned….

    • This happened to me also. Their order process is very deceptive and I would warn anyone to stay away from ordering on the website. I actually ended up placing two orders because of the failure to have a confirmation page, it just places the order too quickly. When I realized I didn’t want 4 bracelets and that’s what I was ordering I tried to go back and redo my order, not realizing the first one was confirmed. I emailed the company right away to refund the first (larger) order and included the CORRECT order number. They refunded the first order and were very polite and quick about it, but it was the wrong one to refund. >.<

      I am enjoying my bracelet, I got one because my grandmother has Ménière's Disease and after getting a bracelet has been able not only to walk straight (rather than drunkenly) but also has been able to quit her anti-nausea vertigo medication, which was absolutely necessary before. I would have assumed the bracelets were a hoax if not for seeing her drastic improvement. It may not work for all, but it certainly did for her.

      However again, I'd recommend getting one locally rather than dealing with the website!

      • Got the iRenew bracelet as a gift the weekend I too have Menerie’s put it on nothing for a while then the next morning I could tell my balance was great! I did not have the ringing in my ears has been 4 days still feeling great not sure if it is a mind over matter deal but I am still wearing it and still doing great lots of energy!

  49. I received my bracelets pretty quickly, contrary to reviews of long, long delivery time. I have been wearing the bracelet for several days, trying to be optimistic on its “healing” super-powers.

    No change for me…these rubber-band things are WORTHLESS and this is a huge scam… your Christmas $!!

  50. It’s too bad that the dream-stealers here, who seem to be about 95 percent of the “reviewers,” are so rude to anyone who gives the product a positive review. If you insist on staying ignorant and ill-informed, go ahead. But don’t trash others who have an open mind.

    It sounds to me like the company that sells the bracelet are a bunch of a-holes, but products like this do work for some people. Until there is proof one way or the other, it can’t be attributed to the “placebo effect,” any more than it not working for someone could always be attributed to the negative form of the placebo effect, where someone believes so ardently that something doesn’t work that he or she is able to render it ineffective.

    Anyway, you can continue to wiz in the pool, or you could actually do some research in energy technology. For products like this one, you could search “Lakhovsky Coil” and read about the work of Dr Georges Lakhovsky, which was done before many (probably most, judging from the quality of your writing) of you were born. Many attribute the success of copper bracelets to their similarity to one of his coils.

    Anyway, those of you who dismiss the product as a scam without any empirical evidence are much more “gullible” as those you criticize for having the unadulterated “nerve” to use the product and get good results. Like bad “detectives,” you start with your belief and then try to find “facts” to justify your pre-formed opinion.

    Anyone with an IQ remotely close to triple digits, or anyone who has even taken comp 101 or logic 101 knows that you are supposed to gather facts before drawing your conclusions, not after.

    In conclusion, to all you skeptics out there: go wiz in your own pool, but please leave mine alone.

    • Steve:

      If you read up on Georges Lakhovsky, you would’ve noticed that his work doesn’t even qualify for a passing glance by the ACS (American Cancer Society) or any other reputable medical institution.

      If some doctor from the 1940’s (because it seems that according to you, obviously, the older the work, the better) stated that in order to live a healthy life, a male individual would have to get kicked in the testicles at least once a day for four years would you let me have a go at your nuts, Steve?

      Radium was once hailed as the ultimate cure-all and water laced with the stuff was distributed en masse to anyone willing to buy it… that is… until their jaws started to fall off.

      Calling this stuff “energy technology” I think is giving way too much credit where credit is not due. Copper wire is not “energy technology”. That’s like saying the pennies in my pocket are the sole reason why I don’t have colon cancer at this very moment in time.

      You’re telling us not to “wiz in your pool,” but yet you’re here, posting in a review thread that has naturally become negatively biased due to the tremendous number of people that have sat down and taken the time to discredit this particular item. Did you read all (as of now) 533 reviews on this site or did you just kinda skim through the first few? How do you know that someone did not actually take the time to do a little bit of research on the topic and then post, reason after reason, why this stuff just does not work (that was not a rhetorical question, I really don’t feel like reading 500+ reviews and I’m curious).

      As an individual willing to listen to your logic, please, tell me why the Lakhovsky Coil is more effective of a treatment for things like cancer than say… chemotherapy. Would you be willing to take the chance and shrug off all medical research done into cancer for the past few decades and wear a piece of wire around your wrist if you were diagnosed with cancer?

      Have I offended you with my skepticism? I can go wiz into another pool if you want. Where are your facts supporting the effectiveness of this product?

  51. This may or may not work. If it makes you feel human again go for it. This idea is not new. There are several products of this nature on the market including stickers and other bands.

    However you can purchase this item without all the BS hassles on other sites such as those that sell things “at auction” (trying to not infringe on any rights etc) .

    I had no problems with shipping, handling, etc or buy one get one free BS when I purchased these from a secondary dealer.

  52. I ordered the irenew bracelet online. Unfortunately the website is setup so you must enter your credit card info first. I thought I wanted to order 4 bracelets, but when I saw the total with the outrageous shipping and handling charges, I wanted to change the order, but was unable to do so online. The website says wait 24-48 hours for processing before contacting customer service. Since I placed the order on Saturday night, I called on Tuesday morning and they claimed the order had already been shipped and my credit card charged. I was told to just return it when it arrives and I would get a refund. It arrived a week later . I did not open and returned it as instructed, but they would only refund the cost of the bracelets, not the outrageous $ 32.00 for shipping a very small envelope via the USPS. OUTRAGEOUS!

  53. My experience, by D Thompson. I ordered a bracelet and they screwed up the order and was going to send me 2 of the buy 1 get one free. I called and talked to some chick and she said she would changed the order and I would only get 1 order. I never received a new order confirmation and I never received the bracelet.

    Then about 7-8 weeks, I noticed there was a $40 out of my bank acct. I put in a fraud check because there was nothing to indicate what it was for. Then a week later, the bracelets show up. Now – the cost of the Buy One Get One Free was $19.99. HOWEVER, the additional “handling” charge was $24.00! Unbelievable!

    I sent back the bracelets because they didn’t work and I never got a refund. I emailed several times with no response. I finally found their mailing address and sent a letter a month ago – no response, no refund – totally bogus and inefficient. DON’T ORDER!!!

  54. Sent mine back soon as I opened the package. Both bracelets were incomplete. Release clasp wasn’t on either one of the bracelets. What a joke. Now I have to ship them back at my expense plus the $16.95 in shipping they charge, which is not refundable.

  55. Placebo effect people!! As most of what ills us is of the mind then a simple belief in a placebo working it will, if you do not believe it will work then it won’t. Example persons that claim motion sickness were given a simple sugar pill ( placebo) result the motion sickness went away, Conclusion the motion sickness was not real in affect, it was only believed to be real.

    • Placebo effect is exactly correct a proven scam tool in America since we obviously have people wanting to by something such as iRenew

  56. It’s all mind over matter, folks. Just like the Bible, you can delude yourselves into believing anything.

    • Only one thing, The BIBLE is the TRUE WORD OF GOD. He said believe and you will have what so ever you ask for from him. Believe in the unseen. HE IS THE CREATOR OF ALL THINGS! I believe what the BIBLE says for all mankind.

      • This is about a 20 dollar rubber bracelet you people, not religion. who cares if anyone buys it? you’re all just jealous you didn’t think of it first.

  57. iRenew is a complete ripoff. I received a call to night for a repeat order, I can”t believe that they expect a re-purchase of such a worthless piece of junk.

    • Maybe the one(s) you bought are past their expiration date and it’s time to buy new rubber-bands ? ;-O

  58. Even after having read these negative reviews and even after having searched this iRenew bracelet out on the internet, I still bought my girlfriend one at Wal-mart. My girlfriend is 47 years old, over weight, and has osteoarthritis in her hips. Reviews or no reviews, I believe what I see and for the last 3 days she has had no pain in her hips at all. After sitting a long time, she used to get ups and limp cause her ankles hurt so much. For the last 3 days she gets right up out of the chair with no pain at all. Before getting the iRenew bracelet, she could not even touch her knees while standing straight up. Last night I seen her touch the floor while standing up! Fake or not, I am a person who tells it like it is and I only believe what I see and if I had not SEEN this with my OWN TWO EYES, I would have NEVER believed it. There is definitely something to this iRenew bracelet. I believe what I SEE!

    • It is called the placebo effect. In double blind studies, as many as 2/3 of participants will experience what they feel to be true effects of the treatment. Your “seeing it with your own eyes” is nothing more than anecdotal observation.

  59. I was considering buying one but I looked at this blog for about 2 minutes and realized it was a scam. I’m not getting one but it cracks me up that 75% of you are the ‘wise’ smart-asses and you actually bought one! And then you rip on it for 5 paragraphs straight! Ironic huh?

  60. What a scam!
    And the TV commercial proves it. Next time you see the ad watch how they show how the bracelet works. In the first example (without bracelet) the person is being PULLED AWAY from their center of gravity. And next example (with bracelet) they are being PUSHED DOWNED on their center of gravity. Of course they’re not going to fall…hello! Only the weak of mind are going to fall for such a trick. Celebrities and athletes wear the bracelets? More like fools and idiots…give me a break.

  61. To all you non-believers out there – I was one of the people in the infomercial. I was the average looking man with the short hair. When the balance test was done on me I was knocked flat on my keester. But after I put on the bracelet … OMG, I actually tossed the guy across the room (accidentally of course), because my strength and balance was instantly that much improved. The only reason they didn’t show it on TV was because of all the blood when he split his head open on the camera lens.

    And when it comes to everyday life, I don’t fall down two flights of stairs 3 times every day anymore. Since wearing the bracelet, I actually fall UP the stairs. And not only 3 times, but now it’s 4 times every day. Well, not really every day. Some days I only fall up the stairs twice, but other days I might fall up the stairs 5 times, so you could say it ‘balances’ out.

    I also love to fish. The only problem was that I never really had much luck. If I fished for two hours, I usually only caught 1, or 2, or 3, or 4, or 5 fish. But NOW, every time I go fishing I catch 2, or 3, or 4, or 5, or 6 (that’s right, 6) fish in the same time span ! That is, when I catch 6 fish, otherwise not (but that goes without saying). The crazy thing is that this happens only when I wear my bracelet ! What else could it be ?!? It’s reached the point where I have to either go fishing alone, or take off the bracelet and leave it in the car (making sure it’s parked far away). I really don’t want to embarrass my friends or hurt their feelings by catching so many more fish than them.

    And I know the manufacturer doesn’t advertise this (probably because a few people might find it hard to believe), but it also works on mechanical things. Listen to this – Several months back I wanted to give one of these to my daughter while she was giving me a ride to the parts store (the starter went bad one morning after I forgot to put my bracelet back on, because the day before I had to take my bracelet off to fix my car. It broke because I wasn’t wearing my bracelet. That’ll teach me(I hope)). Anyway, to make a long story short, I lost it before I could give it to her. The very next day her gas mileage went from 14 mpg to 16 mpg ! It eventually averaged out to 15 mpg, but WOW, overnight ?!? She called me about a week later to tell me she found the bracelet while cleaning her car. It was under the seat ! And, get this, not even under the drivers seat, but under the PASSENGER seat !! No wonder they don’t advertise this. I’m a first hand witness to this, and I still find it hard to believe !

    Now, I could go on, and on, and on, and on, and on (yes, on) about all the ways this tiny piece of plain old silicone rubber band has improved my life, my families’ life, and even my neighbors’ life, but I’m worried that there isn’t enough space allowed in this review window for everything I really want to say. I hate the thought of wasting time for nothing (I want to go fishing). Besides, my two index fingers are starting to hurt (I just realized I forgot to put my bracelet back on. I had to take it off to fix my car. It broke because…never mind).

    As far as all you moaning and complaining about paying $8 or $9 shipping for something that weighs as much as a stick of gum and fits into a very small envelope – WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU !? Haven’t you been listening ?? They’ll give you another one for FREE !! All you have to do is pay another $8 or $9 to ship the FREE one. So what if they are both shipped in the same package with a combined total of .42 cents ! Don’t forget, it’s not only the actual shipping that costs money, envelopes are NOT free ! And what about the little bald man that comes to you house to open that un-free (is that a word ?) envelope and personally puts the bracelet on your wrist to make sure you don’t screw it up ? Do you really think he does this out of the goodness of his heart ? Just kidding on that last part. That was totally un-called for, and almost mean. Sorry. But in any case, I would gladly pay 2, or 3, or 4, or 5, or 6 (yes, even 6) times as much as this to ship something that does what this little marvel of Biofield Therapeutic Science of Natural Programmed Frequencies Healing can do. Wouldn’t you ? I mean, it’s true I didn’t pay shipping for mine. Yes, I got mine for free (three of them, to be exact), for being one of the actual people in the infomercial (I was the average looking man with the short hair). So I guess it wasn’t exactly free, exactly. After all, I did make the manufacturer look good by me looking like an idiot on my keester. That is, until I put on “the bracelet”. After that, oh yea baby, no more idiot (just ask the guy with the scar on his head)!

    So what all this rambling boils down to is this : for this tiny piece of plain old silicone rubber band to change my life, my families’ life, and even my neighbors’ life the way it has, it must be something pretty special. I am thoroughly impressed, and I’m not easily impressed. I hope that I’ve enlightened some of you nay-sayers out there because every word of this has been the absolute truth, and if this isn’t the best thing to come along since sliced bread, I’ll eat 2 (that’s right, 2 (two)), bowls of ice cream (Mint Chocolate Chip, even), or maybe 1 (yes, 1 (one)), very large one. I’ll decide that when (and if) the time comes.

    Also, one last word(s) – as I said somewhere above about how I could go on, and on, and on, and on, and on (yes, on), anyone (and I mean anyone) that would like to read more of this totally truthful testimony, just email me at my email address and I will email you an email to your email address ALL (and I mean ALL) the ways this tiny piece of plain old silicone rubber band has improved my life, my families’ life, and even my neighbors’ life. But you might want to get some extra printer cartridges and a fresh ream of printer paper and print it out. If you try to read the whole thing in one sitting I think your eyes would start to bleed. I know mine would, but my eyes aren’t what they used to be (I’m just saying).

    I love you all. Peace.

    • I can’t get the iRenew Bracelet closed, I got the side opened and cut to fit but don’t know how the clasp closes. Please HELP!

    • First of all I fell asleep while reading Roberts review. I can’t remember what the issue was, and for Wolf, maybe they should advertise it in “Field and Stream” on how to catch more fish.

      • Jack,

        Don’t forget about ‘Car & Driver Magazine’.
        It did, after all, increase my daughters’ gas mileage from 14 to 16 by just being under the passenger seat.

        Also, what about ‘Prevention Magazine’ since now I fall UP the stairs instead of DOWN ?

        And don’t forget about ‘Science Illustrated Magazine’, because it IS a “marvel of Biofield Therapeutic Science of Natural Programmed Frequencies Healing”.

        Or should I say ‘Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine’ ? 😮

    • Wolf, I may be your “one person”. Your testimonial is very similar to my current situation. I am going to try it- Thank you very much for your time and explanations.

  62. Whenever I see a commercial for anything on TV, I laugh and then I want to call them and say they are lying when they say you can get the second one free, minus shipping and handling. I have known for years that all these ads are scams because where they make their money is in THE SHIPPING AND HANDLING. I hope you all read this and wise up. All these people want from you is THE SHIPPING AND HANDLING fees. They would sell you a stick if they thought you’d buy it so they could nail you for the SHIPPING AND HANDLING fees. Please don’t fall for anything being sold on TV because it’s a SCAM.

  63. What a ripoff. $39.98 for 2 black and 2 white bracelets. $9.99 for hologram what ever that is? and then $39.74 for shipping and handling. I am so angry for this junk to cost $90.00 that I will tell everyone I know about my foolishness and this company’s CON.

  64. English is second language so I am trying my best here. I haven’t tried iRenew Bracelet yet so I don’t know whether it works or not. However, I think something you should know before you buy them.

    1. Online order is hassle. The order screens are confusing and you need to be careful what you click as you navigate through all order screens. Irenew didn’t send confirmation to my email account so you have no idea what you had ordered and how much you had paid. I only ordered one bracelet with an additional free one but ending up with one bracelet and one necklace. Event worst, my personal information was passed to a third-party service provider. Right after I ordered products, a guy from 727-712-0152 kept on calling my cell several times per day. Finally I answered the call few days ago. He offered some sort of service package–one months is free and $29.99 per month after the first month. I asked how they knew me, and the guy said that I ordered irenew product and signed up their service. He even has my address and credit card number. I told him don’t send the package and cancelled the service. He said that he would cancel the service but I need to check my credit card to see if they charge me. Personally I don’t think that irenew should pass customer information especially the credit number to any third party service providers.
    2. Shipping rate is outrage. Package is a bubble enveloper. Products look new and are inside a typical Ziploc bag but you don’t know whether they are new or not. No product information. As I described, it is a wrong order. The shipping slip said $19.99 for one bracelet and $29.99 for one necklace but the ‘handling and shipping’ is about $21. I think the ‘handling and shipping’ is ridiculous. How much can cost you to ship for a bubble enveloper with a necklace inside a tiny Ziploc bag in US?
    3. Handling is messed up. The shipping slip said one bracelet and one necklace but the package only came with one necklace. I call their customer service immediately after I received the order. I told the Rep. that it is a wrong order, and it supposes to have one bracelet with an additional free one and asked for a RMA for the bracelet. The Rep. was able to give me RMA quickly and said that she would ship the bracelets to me within two weeks at no shipping charge.
    4. Trial and return. It says that you can return and get refund after 30 days but it is a different story in my case. I ordered on 8/3. The package ‘shipped’ on 9/3 as stated in the shipping slip. I haven’t received the package until 9/12. The 30 days starts right after 9/3. In my case, the order was messed up and they will ship the correct order to me within 2 weeks so you will pretty quickly figure out how many days I can try the product and I may not get refund depending on which shipping date (9/3 or 9/?) they considered. You NEED TO CHECK THE CONFIRMATION AND ASK ONE IF THEY DON’T SEND YOU ONE.

    I apologize for speaking broken English but truly hope this helps all potential buyers out there.

  65. I am a skeptic. I bought 2 of the bracelets and paid the outrageous shipping because my sister wanted one and her birthday was coming up. I got mine last week Friday. I had been having fairly severe hip pain for about 5 weeks. I went to a chiropractor with no relief and was going to try massage, pt, and finally, call the surgeon who did my back. Within hours of putting on this dumb bracelet my hip pain was notably improved. Today, a week later, the pain is gone. This is not even something I expected – as far as I know, they never claimed it would ease pain. But I’m sure not complaining!

    • I agree totally that this iRenew Bracelet took my back pain away! my husband said his neck pain was a-lot better! this is amazing! the first day though of wearing it I almost felt like it was to much it was an indescribable feeling, and I took it off. I started feeling normal again so of course my pain came back with that. what I am trying to say is “IS THIS BRACELET SAFE?

  66. Plus: Very fast shipping. Received my 2 bracelets in under a week.
    Minuses: Bracelet is basically a heavy rubber(neoprene?) band with a stainless steel catch. How can that do ANYTHING like the claims they make?

    Shipping in EXPENSIVE. There is no point in returning the bracelets for refund, since they pocket the “Shipping and Handling.” They charged more than $15.00 shipping for 2 bracelets (one “free”). Actual shipping cost was $1.86.

    • Simply call your credit card company and place a claim. Tell them that the item is a fraud, and they will put the money back in your account…you lose nothing.

    • I think that they must use the neoprene or I call it silicone to actually hold the magnets inside. It must be tiny whatever they are.

  67. You guys are really something, you know that? If you read almost all of the critical comments, what you are about to realize is that the vast majority of them are by people who have never physically come into contact with (as in WEARING) the bracelets themselves. What you are doing is exactly what you are accusing the company of doing. You are in effect ” Making big claims without having any credible evidence to back up your words”. Put the Dang Thing ON Yourself!!! If you expect to have a religious experience, your an idiot!! The company never promised enlightenment. If you expected to have your pains of old age vanish, You need to be institutionalized. The company never promised you’d lose 10 years of age !! If you expect anyone to believe the bracelets could possibly cause “Vertigo”, Come on!! It wouldn’t make any sense. You say they dont have any effect on you in any way, and then say they actually can cause Vertigo, You need to choose between working or not working before you write a review. Now lets talk science. I myself have an issue with the propaganda of the claims “Programed”. How do you program rubber and aluminum? The technical aspect is nonexistent. You cant program a banana peel. How would you do that? What we all do know is undeniable. This bracelet does work. There is no scientist on this planet that will say I’m wrong. You know why? The Placebo effect is real, documented, studied and confirmed. What you are all are saying is that your minds are so logical that this product could never work even if it did. Yet if scientists convinced their subjects “This Bracelet Will Definitely reduce the amount pain of your headache by half” how many people would say it helped. Statistics say more than half would thank the scientist for helping them deal with it. So stop complaining. Get one. Put the dang thing on. Don’t start off convinced its not going to work.Give it a real shot. Stop writing testimonials without any first hand testimony. Be Logical. You are doing a disservice to yourself when you ask people to disregard your own personal experience, for something somebody else said (whom we dont know) something about something you’ve never tried, but dont want anybody to believe really works, because you dont believe it logically could work. It just makes me wonder “Why would you write these long paragraphs when you know that we dont have any reason to trust anything you could say in the first place. Try it. I consider myself a very logical person. I didnt by this thing for any placebo effect. I didnt have any reason to trust any of the claims celebrities say. Look at their track record, but I can tell you this “I just bought it for how it looked. I dont have any problem with balance or energy and never believed any of the claims. I bought two,and gave the other to friend who just liked how it looked. I’m in the EDUCATED bracket for an accurate testimonial. What I can tell you is this. Although I didnt want any effects at all, I received some very marked effects and it caught me and my friend off guard. The next day my friend said” UUMM……..something is weird going on with me. Have you put that bracelet thing on? Its strange but I kind of think this thing is doing something. I feel better somehow”. You want to know the kicker? She “Never” saw any commercials for it. I never told her a thing about the claims the commercials advertised because I didnt want her to laugh at me for buying something from an infomercial. I have always balked at this kind of stuff. I was wrong. I was way wrong.

    • You are right with your last statement. You are wrong. They are bogus, a scam. We wore them for a week. All it did was make my wrist itch from the rubber. DO NOT waste your money. I don’t need to pay 19.95 + 17.99 shipping/handling + postage to send it back to get some placebo. They should advertise it as a placebo and anyone who is gullible can wear it and “think” they feel better. What a fraudulent company, they should be looked into by authorities.

  68. lol… I like the part of the placebo effect. I wanna punch the owner in the face and beat up all scammers. I was about to buy this.

  69. My father gave me this bracelet that I have been wanting for awhile. He said it takes time before you feel a difference. I have trouble walking up the stairs due to breaking my knee 5 years ago. I wasn’t even thinking about the bracelet when I walked up the stairs with no problems. I also have chronic fatigue syndrome and do not do much during the day because I am too tired. A few hours after putting on the bracelet I had the energy to do things around the house that needed to be done for months. I do not deny that nothing works for everyone but this worked for me. I thank my father for believing in the unbelievable. I look forward to going to work tomorrow with more energy.

  70. I ordered the IRenew bracelet on Jul 28, 2010. On Aug 10 or 12th I inquired as to the status of my order. On Aug 23, 2010 I received a response saying my order was complete and was provided a tracking number. Today, Aug 30th, I inquired on the USPS website as to where my package was… “the postal service was notified Aug 30, 2010 that the parcel was ready for pickup.”

    Okay, it’s over a month. I don’t have the bracelets IRenew promptly charged my credit card, but I still don’t have a bracelet. At $7.95 shipping and handling for something that can be slipped into an envelope who are we kidding here. Too late to call today, I’ve been on vacation, but I’m ready to do battle with their “friendly Customer Service” as stated on their website.

    • I ordered mine on July 26, and just got them today after repeated attempts to get a hold of a sales agent. We’re having fun playing around, but can’t figure out if it works for real! May be mental?

  71. My wife purchased two of the bracelets up at an Amish flea market, Shipshewana, Indiana. Exactly one day after she started wearing the bracelet, she had vertigo. She’s 63 years old. Never had any balance problems before and hasn’t had any problems since. Can I prove that the bracelet caused the vertigo, probably not but I can promise you she’ll never wear it again. She was going to give the second one to her mother. Will never happen now. The morning at the Emergency room trying to diagnose why she couldn’t stand up cost $3,412.75 including a $2,140.25 for a brain CAT Scan!! Sometimes there’s a much bigger price to pay for trying these crazy cons.

    • Hey Pat, I know what you mean. The only one on the market that really works is a bracelet called Tuning Element. They don’t advertise just are vendors at shows, christian owned and they have been used by NASA for years so there is scientific research to back it up. e-mail me and I’ll give you more info on one that is not a hoax!

      • Consumer Reports states that ALL such jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, and trinkets are WORTHLESS, whether or not they are copper, titanium, magnetic, ferrous, plastic or rubber. I searched the Internet, and enlisted my entire office to search with me, and there is *absolutely NO credible scientific research whatsoever that shows them to have any therapeutic value (emphasis supplied). At least, not by any REPUTABLE scientists that weren’t PAID to produce a positive review. They only have a placebo effect with very few people.

        I also know a few people who know people at NASA and JPL, and they are probably still guffawing at even the SUGGESTION that they would wear such a thing. I felt humiliated by even asking, but I wanted REAL answers, not heresay, conjecture, lies or theories.

        You are so full of it, I’ll bet your eyes are brown! Give me ONE verifiable name at NASA and I’ll concede on that point, but you won’t, because you can’t!

        What the hell is “christian owned” (sic) supposed to mean? Are you trying to imply that Christians aren’t dishonest? Yeah, okay… Good luck with THAT… One more “point” — how is anybody supposed to email you when you don’t provide an email address? We both know why already, don’t we? Wink, wink. It’ll be our dirty little secret, if you ever bother to return here.

        See here: ‘Nuff said.

        (Arizona State University Research Park, Macro Works, Tempe, AZ)

      • Yea they are christian alright, the throw the bible around like a Frisbee, I have heard a lot of complaints about them not wanting to return people money.

      • And as for the science of it you can get it off the internet anywhere. The science isn’t new science, it was founded years and years ago and the guy who came up with the machine that does all that stuff published it in popular mechanics years and years ago.

    • I didn’t get vertigo but I swear my balance was off. I was continually bumping into something, same with my husband..he also kept dropping things. We laughed about it, thinking it was a coincidence, but wondered if it was the bracelets. Creepy.

  72. Well, like an idiot I bought these before reading the iRenew Bracelet reviews. However, as a few people have stated, some things work for some people and not for others. My husband and I walk every evening and I am forced to walk behind him because he handles sidewalks on foot like drunk drivers on roads. He goes back and forth and has some real balance issues. It drives me nuts! Day by day we are both noticing that his balance has gotten a lot better. This evening, finally, I was able to walk side by side and not slowly get pushed into the grass. I am not sure if it is the bracelet helping but I would have to think it is. He has had these balance issues for years and medically they say nothing is wrong with him. I can only hope the bracelets are helping and continue to help.

  73. After reading all of the complaints and waiting for the bracelets, I am not sure whether that “the magnets will work!”

    I am very disappointed in trying to communicate with the office, they don’t seem to answer or would rather not answer.

    I have been waiting for the bracelets for over 8 weeks and to this day I have not received them.

    I will be contacting the BBB and see if they can shut them down.

  74. This iRenew Bracelet was shipped to me which I never ordered nor has anyone else in my family as I am the only card holder and never leaves my sight. Nevertheless, I received 4 of these bracelets for $39.98 plus p&h of $31.80 total $71.78. I send the product back and they say that p&h is non refundable. I complained to the bank and contested the product and told them that I never ordered it. The bank said that they couldn’t do anything about the p&h. I never heard of anyone charging some 95% for p&h in the first place. Just to go to show you that any company can charge your account if they ever get hold of your number and send you the product please p&h and when you return it they made almost 100% profit without selling you a thing. I hope the government get hold of this company and get the peoples money back. What a racket.


        • I have noticed a difference in one area in particular – a knee that I had surgery on in Feb this year. The bracelet removed the inflammation which had caused me excruciating pain on a daily basis. I have only had the bracelets about 2 weeks. Shipping ABSOLUTELY took way longer than expected and I paid additional for EXPRESS SHIPPING. I know that it has helped my blood flow & if nothing else I’m grateful for that & a stronger knee.


    • That just sounds weird, how did you get charged without ordering? might wanna check your credit report, maybe your personal info is out in the world without your knowledge.

  75. I’ve been wearing my iRenew Bracelets for two months now, and I can’t be happier with the results. Before receiving these I weighed in at 379 lbs., at 5’3″. My hair, and teeth were almost completely gone, and my skin was. I had no energy, whatsoever, and spent my days on the couch, watching t.v. But, at 78 years of age, I thought this is what life was supposed to be like.

    After only four months, I am now down to 187 lbs., but I’ve increased in height by a full 9 inches. Muscles are now popping out from everywhere, and my hair, and teeth are back, better than ever! My skin is now tan, and tighter than when I was 16. I’m now spending time with a pretty, young thing, who’s in the nursing profession. She says she’d love to stay with me for as long as I want. She’s arranged for me to go to a special medical facility, because they want to document the tremendous change that I’ve gone through. When I get out, I’m going to try one of those methods they sell, to beat the game of 21.

    Then I’m off to Vegas! Bye all.

          • LOL! I love a good dose of satire early in the morning! My husband slipped one of these on my wrist this morning after waking me up WAY too early. His is black. Mine is white. I’ve had it on for over an hour. I can say with great authority and accuracy that I don’t feel any different than I did when I was so rudely awakened on my ONE day to sleep in. I am STILL groggy, crabby, foggy bottomed and planning on returning to my cave in short order. As to increased balance & energy, we’ll see how I feel once I’ve gotten my nice-nice sleep! How many “things” will he buy before he accepts his back pain is caused by GOLF! But, I love him and he works hard. Let him enjoy his new bracelet. I’m using MINE to wrap around the door levers so he can’t wake me up again today!

            You guys made me laugh and THAT is PRICELESS! zzz…

    • Earls mindless comments along with the ever popular just pay additional shipping on the 2nd bracelet scam are nail in the coffin proof that this is a worthless .39 cent p.o.s.

      If you buy this product you are a moron.

      • Yeah, I was pretty pissed off about being forced to take another $7.95 s&h when I haven’t tried the first product yet. But…………..I was intrigued about the theory. I have an electronics degree, so I am well aware of frequency bombardment in the world we live in. It has a microchip? Or Magnets?……….I hope a microchip, magnetic fields are not healthy.

        SO I put mine on after learning how to unclasp it. It has a presence to it. The effect is extremely subtle….but it is there. It also has a psychological effect. What I believe it does is, sooth the nervous system. I put it on my left wrist and my left side seemed to benefit. But like I said, if you are not in touch with your body, you will not notice it. (If you stay drunk all the time or do extreme physical labor)

      • This is such horse crap if it was true not an old folks home in the country would be without it…48 lbs lost a month just by putting on a bracelet…. teeth grew back sounds like it it would be used after bar fights … and it gave him a tan, maybe its cancer….

    • Sounds to me like Earl is even a bigger liar than the people who sold him those bracelets. Says he lost 192 pounds in 4 months – that’s 48 pounds a month. IF you believe that then I’ve got several bridges for sale in the desert. Plus, now at 78 (?) he now looks 16 and is dating again. Better pull your high water(?) boots on folks. It’s gonna get deep in here.

      • Ichy…It was a joke. It was what is commonly known as sarcastic humor to demonstrate how ridiculous the product’s claims are.

        My aunt bought me some of those magnetic/crystal bracelets which are supposed to be for a myriad different things depending on which crystal is paired with the magnets, and to be honest, the magnets made me feel weird. If what others say about being able to feel the subtle change in their energy body in a good way, that’s cool, but there’s a better way than forking over loads of cash. 15 minutes of meditation a day will do wonders. Seriously. And it’s about as free as you can get.

      • Earls comment …..It’s a freaking JOKE OM Gosh.HELLO
        I am gullible but I know when to read between the lines, I do appreciate all the comments, I have a magnetic bracelet I wore religiously and for a few days I felt different, because I was hyped, but now it’s just a Crystal/ magnetic decoration with my other jewelery. So glad I read these comments.

      • FYI: teeth don’t EVER grow back, at 78 years of age, one doesn’t suddenly get another growth spurt, & a person cannot healthily lose more than 4 pounds a week & keep it off permanently!

        Find someone who knows what the truth is before junk is posted!

        • the number of folks who took Earl’s post at face value is truly staggering – jeez people – is the US education system that bad the people do not recognize satire or sarcasm when they see it……sheesh!

  76. We ordered these iRenew Bracelets, buy 1 get one free. It took 12 weeks to get them. I have had mine on, for almost 2 weeks now…NOTHING. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY! I was and still am very disappointed in these, its false advertisement, these have done nothing, I have depression, severe back, neck and leg pain etc… and these have done nothing..

    As far as sleep? I didnt take my medicines for a week after receiving these bracelets and I only wore the irenew…. geesh, I have lost more sleep again…NOTHING. I feel this advertisement they tell, is just to sell the product, and also I feel we hear what they will do for us and we want to believe these will help. Please dont waste your time waiting on this irenew bracelet or waste your money. These places always have a lot of people giving positive reviews, and I feel most of those people actually believe what the advertiser says.

    my opinion…its false advertisement!

  77. I have chronic low back problems, DDA in my neck and I have problem sleeping. I am on pain medication and sleeping medication. Will this help my problem?

    • It didnt help mine at all…and I didnt take my sleeping medicines at night believing this ad for these, please dont waste your time or money…these bracelets have done nothing for me…I have severe back, neck and leg pain, depression etc.. and my roommate has stage 4 cancer. After he wore his for a week..NOTHING! they did not give him or I any difference in pain, balance, less stress..anything. All it gives us is…. its false advertisement!

  78. Why not go with a reliable company like Rawlings? They make one for $30. Also, I can get you 4% Back on your order. Let me know if your interested.

    • I used a small screwdriver and it will flip up, the side which the hole is on will lift up to allow you to remove the silicone strap .. Hope that helps

      • I used an ice pick…..yeah, no one uses those anymore, but here we are 20yrs later and I found it in the junk drawer!

    • The clasp works like a web belt buckle. I used a regular small paperclip. Just put it in the hole on the bottom of the clasp, point towards the end of the clasp/band, and pry up, it should pop open, mine did.

  79. Nope, this iRenew Bracelet didn’t work for me. No more than positive thinking or suggestion. A friend of mine, several years ago, did an experiment with willing participants in the office. She had us face her and resist her pushes or pulls on our arms, etc. Such as, hold your arms out straight in front of you and prevent her from pushing your arms down. Initially, all can do this (she is a very tiny woman). But then she suggests to you (with arm gestures around you like she is breaking a force field of sorts … “suggestion”) that she is temporarily severing your force field or your chakras, or something along those lines. You repeat the experiment and suddenly you can hardly resist her pressure as she easily pushes your arms down; you cannot resist whatever physicality she asks of you with your arms, etc. She then brings your “force fields” back into alignment and once again, you can easily resist her counter pressure.

    For ME, this is all in the mind. Power of suggestion or positive thinking (or vulnerable thinking as in the experiment I just explained). I feel the bracelet has worked the same way for me. It’s in my mind, for when I concentrate hard enough on it, and “trick” myself into believing the desired result WILL occur, it does, with or without the bracelet. So for me, the bracelet holds no merit.

    However, for those that feel it works for them, then that’s good! If it works for some people and they are pleased with an item they’ve purchased, that is never a bad thing. This particular item is obviously subject to individuals and not prone to across the board subjection or review or results. For some it works and will make their lives better and for others (such as myself) it doesn’t work and was a lesson learned in some way. No big whoop.

    Everyone deserves to share his/her point of view. Opinion is part of what makes the world go ’round. Respect of each others opinions however, is what makes it richer.

  80. I ordered the two-bracelet package yesterday, and after it was confirmed, it showed that the S&H was $15.90. That’s too much, so I e-mailed them to cancel the order. Then I started calling their customer service number this morning at 9:00 a.m. ET. There was no answer until 10:17 a.m. ET. Then I was put on hold for several minutes. I hung up after 6 minutes on hold. I called a few more times and got put on hold. I called at 4:05 p.m. ET, and a recording said that the number has been disconnected. I called my bank to stop payment on the order, but they said I have to cancel with the company. This is a scam!

      • The company ignored my emailed request to cancel.

        Then, 12 weeks later, the finally put my order through. I was watching my account, and had my bank put a stop on it.

        I DID have to have my debit card replaced, as they still had my account info.

        After I did ALL this– they finally sent the package. I marked it “refused,” and filed complaints with the FTC, the BBB, and the FBI’s internet scam complaint center.

  81. My mom-in-law bought 2 irenew bracelets and gave them to my husband and me. I can say for a fact that these do improve balance and energy. Have only worn them today and can see a difference. I was a major skeptic about these bracelets, but now I believe they work. This product is not a pain reliever…so don’t expect it to relieve your chronic back pain or other pains. I have back problems too, but I am not wearing it for pain relief (I have physical therapy exercises for that). I am now able to balance on 1 foot, whereas before I could not. Now, I can go ice skating without worry in the winter time and do all the things I used to do on the ice before my balance went out of whack.

  82. Just got my iRenew Bracelet today.. I’ll get back to you on how good it does or doesn’t in 30 days..iRenew needs to back off the overselling. I to almost called it quits during that. I’m an artist. I never oversell my bronzes, I let them sell themselves. I hate aggressive sales people and companies. Stop that. You probably loose more sales than you gain by those tactics.

  83. If you can’t buy it in stores or from some reliable service online like eBay or amazon I say don’t buy it. If its a good working product you will see it in stores and if it doesn’t work and you buy it in a store you can always take it back for a real refund.

    I saw those HD glasses one time in the dollar store so I bought it for $10. It did kind of make vision a little sharper but it looked so ridiculous and it didn’t have any glare reduction or color saturation enhancement as seen on tv so I took it back and got a full refund and moved on with my life.

    • Some way needs to be available to keep this crap off of the internet and guaranteed ways to get a refund. They jacked the price up to $39.03

  84. Please send me the return info!! I paid too much for this to let it lay in my drawer! First of all, the leaflet that instructed me about how to put it on wasn’t the right one. It had a picture of a totally different apparatus! So, after about an hour fiddling with it, I just gave up. I am so frustrated!! Make sure you send the return info ASAP.

    • “the placebo effect” – means that the person healed their own body without drugs, devices, etc. It is a documented phenomena that the human mind, when it wants something and believes it can achieve the result, gets the desired outcome – healing. Why not teach all people how to get their mind and body into that kind of alignment? Oh wait – NO MONEY IN IT!

      There are no drugs, surgeries, medical procedures or devices that work for all. Don’t knock the placebo effect – it is your own body at work.

      • No, the placebo effect includes using placebo drugs or devices. That’s how homeopathic medicine “works”.

  85. My girlfriend ordered one and got another free, so she gave it to me.

    I’ve had bad upper back pains from five years of heavy lifting at work and also have sciatica in my left leg. After wearing the iRenew bracelet for more than a month, I’m in the same amount of pain that I was in prior to wearing the piece of junk. My girlfriend and I gave the pair of rubber bands to a couple of friends who wanted to try them. Our friends wore them for a while, then threw them away.

    Don’t fall for this scam!

  86. I don’t know what the heck is in this irenew bracelet, but I never felt better. Just received the bracelet in the mail today and I feel great!

    I must admit I felt extremely skeptical but my motto is nothing ventured nothing gained. I am an extremely active person as I was today, and I usually feel run down and tired at the end of the evening. I don’t remember when I felt this energize and focused, maybe in high school?

    I’m not big on promoting products ESPECIALLY from infomercials but this irenew bracelet is the B.O.M.B…. I highly suggest you try it. If I feel this good just from one days worth of wear, it has to be on the up.

    I promise you won’t be disappointed…. BTW for all you skeptics, I assure you I don’t work for the company. If you don’t play you can’t win so please try it!

  87. For the last 6 months or so I have had increasing difficulty signing my name. A friend let me put on his iRenew bracelet that I had teased him about. I was stunned, I could easily sign my name again. I’m ordering one.

  88. My boss ordered one for her and her husband. She just received them yesterday. I was in a car wreck 9 months ago. I have nerve damage, seizures that has damaged the left side of my body (stroke like symptoms), back and neck problems with nerve issues. She has let me try her iRenew Bracelet to see if it would help me. I noticed a change in my body immediately. I have a very sensitive nervous system since the car wreck. Maybe that made all the difference in the world.

    All you nay sayers, I am sorry it doesn’t work for you. I am a believer. The placebo crap is just that crap. This thing works. It doesn’t take care of all the aches and pains, but it definitely helps with balance and energy. I can attest to that. I haven’t spent one red cent on this product either. I am still debating on whether or not to purchase it. I believe I have made up my mind.

  89. Wow, what a piece of junk, will be the last time I buy anything as seen on TV. Made in China, overpriced junk.

  90. This thing is so insulting. My ears hurt every time it comes on TV. My natural balance goes out of whack. Maybe that’s why it works. It offsets the ads’ negative impact on your natural balance. And why the heck would you need strong fingers anyways?

  91. The scientific method works like this…

    Ask a Question: Does the iRenew bracelet work?

    Do Background Research: Read up on comments (like the ones below) and reviews and consult experts.

    Construct a Hypothesis: An “educated” guess “Based on my research I don’t think the iRenew bracelet will or will not work.”

    Test Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment: Actually do the demos with the iRenew bracelet and give it a fair test.

    Analyze Your Data and Draw a Conclusion: This is where you make your decision on whether your hypothesis was correct or not. “The iRenew bracelet did or did not work.”

    Communicate Your Results: Post an “educated”, “tested” result on this or any other review website or to your friends.

    It seems like most of the people posting their “opinions” have not even tried the iRenew bracelet but are slamming the ads, concepts, and putting words into the company’s mouth. Nowhere in the ads does the company claim to CURE anything but there are people on here stating that the company is claiming to cure cancer and other illnesses. The company claims to HELP with balance, strength, energy etc…

    Most of the people on her are writing “reviews” on a product they have not tried and the people on here who are unsatisfied with the product, the company also offers a full 30-day refund (minus shipping & handling) if you are not satisfied. Stop complaining and send the bracelet back and get your money back.

    • John, you seem to have forgotten the final and most important stage of the scientific method; PEER REVIEW. Simply sending the bracelet back and neglecting to share their experience with the public gives the impression that this bracelet has worked for everyone when it clearly has not.

      The reason you are so passionately defending a bracelet eludes my logic, but don’t introduce the “scientific method” into your argument unless you’re willing to use the entire method rather than just the parts that work for you. Otherwise that’s the work of pseudo scientists, not unlike those who probably invented this device that prays on the guaranteed ignorance of the general public in the first place.

      • Kyle,

        Did you not read ALL of John’s remarks? Here is one you may have missed?

        Communicate Your Results: Post an “educated”, “tested” result on this or any other review website or to your friends.

        Seems to cover your gripe. And I’m not sure he is defending it or not. All he is saying is to try it and post your results, good or bad.

        • Thanks Jeff,

          I thought I covered the “peer review” part and Kyle the scientific method steps I posted covers the entire method, Communicating your results is the last step in the method so got it covered. Thanks for trying though…it is amazing what people will read when they go in with a negative attitude in the first place. My post didn’t matter to you once you read that I was not slamming the product. You read what you wanted to read and in turn replied telling me to do include “PEER REVIEW”…which for the life of me I can’t find as a step in ANY description of the scientific method. (Ask a question, do background research, construct hypothesis, test with experiment, analyze results and draw conclusions and communicate/report results) NOPE still no “PEER REVIEW” which in my line of work (Accounting/Auditing) means that other experts in your field (your peers) review your work and give you feedback.

          Oh, and I would defend the bracelet (since I own one and I have had nothing but positive results) which of course makes me an idiot…but then again I can read another post and actually understand it…The bracelet might help with that Kyle.

    • First of all, you can’t just get your money back as you suggest. You will lose almost $20 with the loss of your shipping and handling IF you can get a hold of the company. Secondly, and next time, don’t be so gullible. I bit one time and that was for a pair of sunglasses that was suppose to improve your color and vision. They were orange and cost me $25 each – I bought two pairs. Was I ever DUMB ! No they did not work and NO I could not get my money back. My advice: “First time shame on you, the second time: Shame on me.” “There’s a sucker born every minute” as P.T. Barnum once said. Step up, who wants to be next ???

  92. If you are as deceptive as the commercial it might work. Imagine some young woman believes the commercial, the horny young man sees opportunity and buys two. HEY! MAYBE this will increase climax, orgasm, lets try it! If he forgets to increase his performance, it will work once. However, if he improves and makes himself better, he can claim it is caused by the IRenew bracelet and hope she puts it on tomorrow.

    The Placebo Effect works wonders. I am just angry that the advertisements say that this product will cure diseases like MS and cancer. Some poor fool will try it in place of his medication and die. Our world is mean. If you really wonder if their claims work, note that all of those medical terms they use, like Biofield, are their trademarks. There is no such thing as a bio-field, just don’t tell it to your lover in the deceptive attempt to achieve sex.

  93. Instead of wasting your money on this crap you are better off giving it to someone in need. I ordered one set of iRenew bracelets and never got them gave them a call I was told they were on back-order after a month I got them in the mail and I was charged $20 for the bracelets and $20 for S&H when I opened the package I new this was garbage its just a piece of metal bent over a rubber band and the lock is flimsy do not buy this crap, don’t make the error of buying this bracelet.

  94. Do Not Spend Your Money!!

    I received my Cheap iRenew Bracelet this week and I was very disappointed. Looks like something a little kid made while watching TV. I have sent a couple of E-mails and have had no responds from your so called company. I was over charged for the bracelet in stead of being charged $35.89 I was charge $39.95 You all should be a shamed of yourself ripping people off you need to be reported and put out of business.

      • You have to be an idiot to think a bracelet can do anything for your health without any sort of real evidence to prove it. I can wrap a paper clip around a rubber band and ship it to you for only twenty dollars! Why go through this company that charges you forty dollars for it?

  95. I have taught martial arts (Hapkido / TaeKwon Do) for 17 years. The pitch you see in the ad and in-person is a hoax. You have to really slow it down in order to see the technique for what it’s worth. The pitchman (or woman) is (obviously) trained to simply pull the subject of the “test” off balance.

    For the exhibit where the subject is pulled from the side, the pitchman first hooks the wrist and locks the elbow, then simply sidesteps. After attaching the “magic bracelet” he hooks the wrist again – only this time pulls straight down the subjects’ leg. The subject is supported by the pitchman’s shoulder and cannot fall backward.

    For the hands-behind-the-back exhibit, the same technique is used, only drawing the subject backward, thereby pulling him off-balance. … And so on, and so on. If you ever get the opportunity to perform the techniques on the pitchman (I did), have fun. They have no explanation why the band doesn’t work on them when you pull them in the pre-band technique they exhibited first.

    Maybe the rocket scientists who invented this “magic band” will invent one that will make me more handsome or instantly rich. Since the existing one is pitched from an obvious fraud – I guess I won’t be arriving for my modeling shoot in a Ferrari anytime soon.

    Save your money and eat healthy. That’s free.

    • That’s what I thought when I saw the commercial. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there wanting a simple solution to their problems. There are also a lot of people waiting to separate these people from their money.

    • I taught TeaKwon Do for several years as well and I do agree that there are ways to pull people off balance no matter what they are wearing. However, I did purchase 2 iRenew Bracelets (one for me and one for my wife) to see how they would work. I did experience a longer than normal wait time but the company did not charge my card until the items were shipped so it was not like they took my money without giving me the merchandise. Anyways, back to the point…I have tried the demonstrations on friends and family alike and so has my wife and every person has experienced what is shown on the demos. EVERY PERSON has had better balance, flexibility, and strength with the iRenew Bracelet on. Also I would like to add that most of the people we did the demos on DID NOT KNOW WHAT THE BRACELET WAS FOR. We never told them what we were doing; we just told them that we wanted to try something so the mind over matter or placebo effect theory goes right out the window. I also tried the demos on my best friend who is the biggest skeptic of them all. He saw the commercials and told his wife he didn’t believe that it would work and this past Sunday he was at our house and I told him I was wearing one of the bracelets and he jumped at the chance to prove me wrong. I did the balance, strength and flexibility demos with him and he couldn’t believe it. He has a bad back from 2 car accidents and out of curiosity he wanted to do his own flexibility test so without the bracelet on he tried touching his toes, he actually could touch the tops of his shoes where is toes are but after he put the bracelet on even I was shocked…HE BENT OVER AND TOUCHED HIS NUCKLES TO THE FLOOR (Two fists resting past his shoes on the floor). Now this was a person hell bent on proving it wrong so again no wanting to believe, mind over matter stuff going on here.
      Also, with you teaching martial arts for 17 years you of all people should agree that there is an energy surrounding everyone and for those people who don’t teach martial arts…why do we shock ourselves when we touch metal, we are made of energy and conduct energy from our bodies but I guess it is ridiculous to believe that there is energy around us even though it is inside us.
      Try this demo (has nothing to do with a bracelet), have someone put there arm straight out to their side, try pushing the arm down while they try to keep you from pushing it down, only try to push it down for a second so you don’t tire them out. Tell them to leave their arm out straight and don’t move, then take your hands in an open positions (one on top and one on bottom of their arm) an inch from their arm (do not touch their arm) and start at the armpit and move both hands in a sweeping motion from their arm pit to their hands as if you were wiping something off their arm (BUT DO NOT TOUCH THEM). Then while their arm is still out straight try to push their arm down again and have them try to keep you from doing it…I will bet you that it will almost be effortless to push their arm to their side or it will at least be a lot easier. Has to do with some ridiculous notion that you can actually disrupt the energy field around a person to weaken them but for some reason anyone, no matter how big and strong, has a hard time keeping me from pushing their arm down the second time (by the way, I am 5’7” 165lbs). No Bracelet tricks, this has nothing to do with it…I actually learned this 20 years ago when I was learning martial arts.

      • Lets think about this for two seconds. If I walked up to someone and hit them in the face they would probably barely flinch. If I then put a hat on their head and hit them again they would most likely flinch because they are now expecting me to hit them. Of course you would probably believe the hat I gave them gives them heightened awareness or some other B.S.

  96. A friend who got 2 bracelets insisted I try one, as I struggle with fatigue/ pain/ low energy.

    Just from how poorly & cheaply it’s made, I couldn’t imagine why someone would wear it or how anyone could think it had positive value, but I figured — why not give it a try, it’s not costing you any $$ and you can share your experience with others.

    It is, in fact, a ridiculous waste of money and I’m appalled that my friend fell for this. She “thinks” it’s helping her with balance & energy, and I see that she posted a positive review on a different site. I KNOW it does absolutely nothing. I forced myself to wear it for 10 days, trying to keep an open mind; however it did not make one ounce of difference in any of my physical issues. It’s no different from wearing a rubber band or dog collar. I also see NO change or difference in my friend in terms of the issues she claims are better. She’s just as wobbly (balance/weakness problems), just as slow & plodding & fatigued. Her voice brightens when you ask her about it, but I think she’s trying to convince herself that she wasn’t stupid to buy it, and I noticed last week she isn’t wearing it any more. Foolish choices… makes me wonder whatever happened to common sense.

    I understand from struggling with arthritis & fibromyalgia that sometimes you will try almost anything; but I feel regret and outrage that scams like this are allowed to prosper as they prey on people’s weakness and desperation.

    Common sense should tell us that there are no $19.95 miracle cures out there.

  97. I did buy the irenew bracelet, and although the clasp is made cheap and you actually have to do some work and cut the strap.

    I did notice a difference in balance and equilibrium. Yes s&h is way too high and I can sit here and complain like the rest of you, but I won’t.

    The real question is does the dam thing work? So far so good

    • I just put the irenew bracelet on for the first time today, and I walked around the block. I did see a definite difference in my balance. I have a curvature of the spine, which makes me walk a little awkward, however, this time I was able to keep my head up high and keep my balance a lot better.

      I do agree, however, that the shipping and handling is a bit too steep. I would probably not have ordered it if I had thought about it a little longer. So far, though, I’m glad I did.

      • Hahaha….. Nice try whoever invented this iRenew Bracelet, but they do not even bother showing us how it works!

    • I’m not complaining. I wasn’t stupid enough to buy one (or worse, two). If you believe it is helping you, great. Mind over matter is a powerful phenomenon. But other than that, it’s a scam.

  98. If you want a bracelet that really works try the cprime bracelet. Check them out on you tube. Yes they are more expensive, but it works.

    • Interesting how a guy with the name “Primedup” is touting cprime. Salesman? The bracelet is a scam…as is any other bracelet with a different name. I find it funny how there are posters on here who say “irenew is a scam, but try this one, it REALLY works!” Haha, no, that’s another scam, they’re all scams. But, they are rich and you are now just another sucker…

      • Cant say if it is a scam or not. I ordered two and months later no bracelets. I contacted the site to find out where they were and they never would respond. Finally called them and they stated the bracelets were on back order and they have no idea when they will get them in. So they are selling items they don’t even have in their possession. These bracelets are a JOKE. I am so glad I got a refund. How can a piece of rubber seriously help? This trick has been around for many years starting within shoe insoles. I did my research after the fact and found a lot of information that discredits the site. Don’t waste your money on a rubber-band. You wont get it anyways. I tell you what, I will sell you a rubber-band for half price as many as you want and get it to you next day delivery.

  99. This really is a miracle device! It cured my Alzheimer, my grey hair turned brown, and just this morning, I was reaching for something on a shelf and found that I was levitating 6 inches off the ground!! Come on folks, 20-30% of you will think this thing makes you feel better. That’s called the placebo effect. In other words, if you’re stupid enough to buy this kind of crap, you’re probably going to convince yourself that it’s doing something to make you feel better. I know I feel better whenever I open a box that comes in the mail, but it usually doesn’t contain fifty cents worth of crap that I paid over $25 for.

      • Because he doesn’t like to see people getting scammed into buying a rubber band for $25. Do I really have to buy the $25 rubber band to tell you its a scam?

  100. Just a quick follow up on my previous comment. Question every time you see these products on TV. Why are they all priced at 10 or 20 dollars? Because average American gambles that much on a product they don’t need. At the end of the day, the worst they could do is post an angry message into a board like this.

  101. Please don’t buy this stuff. It is waste of money. You are better off giving your money away to someone who needs it. The reason why it takes so long for customers to receive the items is logistics. All of the infomercial products are made in China. The products are not inventoried but ordered as you buy them here. Then they ship to the customers. Average lead time for a container is 1 month(that is if the product is already manufactured and ready for shipping). So the people who are handling these infomercials don’t even buy the goods and store them. This industry is very dirty. In-spite of all the obvious alarm bells, they are still able to sell these things. DON’T BUY ANYTHING ON TV. Unfortunately they prey on people who needs money the most.

  102. Scam! Scam! Scam! The shipping and handling is a rip off. The bracelet must cost about 50 cents to make. The clasp and band are really cheap. Shame on me for falling for it. These guys need to be shut down.

    • What makes this iRenew Bracelet a scam is the first thing they do is get your credit card information, then you say order it and they start throwing up one offer after another. I did order it then I get to the end of the line and find I spent almost 3 times what I thought because even though I was saying no somehow I ended up ordering 3 sets of bracelets. The charge will be stopped first thing Monday morning while I do believe it could have worked there is science behind the claim the company is crooked

  103. Ordered and never received, the only thing this company does efficiently is charge your credit card. The technology is real but this company is a scam. Beware.

    • If you think the technology is real get ready to have a much lighter wallet. There is no technology to this bracelet. It’s not even a very good bracelet.

  104. Just one comment: Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla ,also known as the father of the radio, if you want to be really scientific about this. He understood natural frequencies and the capabilities of harnessing those frequencies.

    • Scientifically speaking, Tesla didn’t ‘harness’ anything, and he had absolutely nothing to do with irenew products…

      • Technically speaking, Tesla DID in fact “harness” much technology for the science community, much of what was confiscated and somehow managed to just “disappear”. Know your facts…

        • You can’t harness technology. What the hell does that even mean? Technology is created not harnessed.

          “Nikola Tesla, also known as the father of the radio, if you want to be really scientific about this. He understood natural frequencies and the capabilities of harnessing those frequencies.”

          Ok? And what does that have to do with wearing a rubber band on your wrist?

  105. The tv commercial doesn’t really explain how iRenew Bracelet works, neither does the website. So I tried to research it but majority reviews are bad but While there have been no scientific studies done on the iRenew bracelet, magnetic energy therapy has been shown to improve in the brain’s ability to process information in MS patients and could be used for a wide variety of problems. So should I waste me money on it if it’s a bunch of bs or is it a secret nobody wants to tell you it works. Hmmm for $20 plus s&h sounds too good to be true. I think I’ll pass until someone I know or a doctor recommends it.

    • One thing I have noticed in reading the iRenew Bracelet reviews is those who actually HAVE one are not saying it’s bad. The negative reviews are actually almost all about the shipping cost, and how long it takes to get them, and people that say it cant work because its hocus pocus, Of the ones that actually have it though I’ve seen one person say they see no difference, but when you read through the people voicing their opinions based on ignorance you actually do find people saying they really do see an improvement. Just because people don’t understand something they scream scam, not sure about the company but the bracelet could actually be real.

  106. I love how the video shows the bracelet going on in a snap! You have to use a bent paperclip to pry it open. (It’s specified in t e directions). If it doesn’t fit, you have to cut the silicone and squish it back into the cheap clasp. Half the time the bracelet falls apart because it comes undone on its own. It is exactly as the person who stated it looks like it’s made out of the stuff LIVESTRONG bracelets are made of. To make matters worst my Mom (82 yrs old) bought 2 and got 2 FREE. So four bracelets total. Cost? $76.00 Why? Each bracelet carries a $7.95 sh/handling charge so it was 31.80 to mail 4 bracelets in a little manila pouch that weighs about 6 ounces total. Probably cost them 1.00 to mail it! You cant return it cause you don’t get your 31.80 back. NO REFUNDS on Shipping. Then they charged her 11.2% tax. The state where we live is 6.25 % so go figure. People can complain that we are all suckers for falling for this SCAM! But…..I think that iRenew is preying on consumers who are uninformed about the true hidden costs. So basically your FREE bracelet is not FREE and they are a piece of silicone garbage. Everyone should report them to the BBB.

    • BBB? How about the IRS. There is no sales tax on interstate commerce. This is why when you buy something online there is no sales tax, unless you happen to be unlucky enough to live in the state the product is sold from.

      How about the FDA? they are making medical claims. This is supposedly a medical device.

      These people are making money hand over fist before they get shut down. This is a quick hustle. Wow. I’m sorry to hear they take advantage of the elderly, but I’m also in awe of how brazen they are.

      If anyone cares, the idea of regulating body energy to promote health is a very old one. Acupuncture, chi gung, and martial-arts are traditions which study this. All of them agree that synthetic materials are bad for bodily energy. I don’t ask that anyone believe in such things, but if you do there are already rules in place. This bracelet defies those rules.

    • you are a LIAR about the cost I got tricked into buying 3 sets of two and the total cost was $75.81 why do you gotta lie and make it look like you paid more then you did the company is a rip off but Christ no need to make stuff up.

      • Lori G. If Donna’s 82-yr-old mother got ripped off, it doesn’t matter by how much. Name-calling and accusations…really? It isn’t helpful, and frankly, makes you sound ignorant.

        • OMG she said she was charged $80 for her fake crap but it was actually less! Who cares? It’s a rip off. I wouldn’t care if they charged her $1 or $1000 its still a rip off.

  107. Works for me, could be psychological but who cares if it makes you feel better. I think some of you “nay sayers” just like to hear yourselves talk. Just remember the quote by Abraham Lincoln:

    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

      • Perhaps LEClinton should have remained silent about the quote then. Now, he just looks like an idiot for trying to appear an intellectual.

        • Actually, that quote has been attributed to both Twain and Lincoln. But mostly Lincoln; however, it most likely came from the bible. See Proverbs 17:28: “Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.”

          Does verbally bashing people while hiding behind your monitor make you feel smarter, Dave?

    • “Works for me, could be psychological but who cares if it makes you feel better.”

      Who cares? People who are scammed out of their money by the ridiculous product claims.

      Actually, discrediting scams makes people feel better physically by bringing their eco-environ in tune with nature… You might want to try that…

      • I think what LEClinton was saying is that even if it is a placebo, why does it make a difference as long as the effects match what is supposed to happen. It is not a scam if it does what they say, no matter if it is actually your brain doing the work or not.

        • It makes a difference because only a small number of people are effected by a placebo. The rest are out a big chunk of money. Chances are good also that even those who initially feel the product is helping them will begin to lose the effect they once had.

          • Sorry Amused, but I am a firm believer that if even one person gets ripped off it’s wrong and if you or your loved one were the one being ripped off you’d feel the same way.

      • I agree with Cowboy!

        Most likely, it is psychological but who cares? If it works that way then great! If you believe the testimonials and all the videos on this product… your mind will create that same result when you receive it.

        Remember, “As a mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. If you have doubts, it won’t work for you and that is a fact.

        Good Luck!

        • Why not just have a better mind set and not waste your money? If its all in your mind then put a rubber band or a piece of string on your wrist and tell yourself it will help you.

  108. Here’s how it works, people:

    The FTC fines them $2 mil, they still make $20 mil.

    The FTC is a “cost of doing business”, and their business is giving YOU the business.

  109. Saxy says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    July 24, 2010 at 1:18 pm
    One smart fellow, and he felt smart…………..Two smart fellows, and they both felt smart………………Three smart fellows, and they all felt smart………..?

    Try that while wearing the irenew, see if it really works!

  110. Amazing, it goes from the BS of a product to talking about Chairman Obama. Wow!!!! Stick to the topic already. There is no such thing as a truly honest and wonderful politician. You will see that after the interim is out of office.

  111. Having seen a commercial for this iRenew Bracelet, I decided to do a bit of research and ended up here. I had to read all the way to the end because I was so very amused at all the name-calling and off-topic silliness. So many folks reduced to using religion and politics in an attempt to sound more intelligent than the next guy. Thanks, folks, it was fun. Oh, by the way, the commercial didn’t convince me iRenew would work. I do try to keep an open mind, but not so open that my brains fall out. Being an RN, I was hoping to find some medically plausible explanation of how it works, and I haven’t found any at all. BTW, the magnetic treatments can be successful, in some cases, since iron is a component of our blood cells. My opinion so far is, the company is certainly a scam, so the product probably is too.

    • This product is a joke. first it took over a month to receive with shipping etc over $20.00. I have worked with and on computers for years and to put this thing together is almost impossible. I will bet anyone that this product is made in china. so do the metal parts contain lead or cadmium like the many recalls of other products? do not waste your time nor money. you can find much the same at a local sporting goods store such as scheels in the baseball section.

  112. It was either watch fox news or read this. Obviously I chose the latter, at least this was entertaining, in a pathetic sort-of-way.

  113. Umm, quick question…when did a simple review on a product become a political debate and nothing but insults to people who feel like trying the product? People like you with you’re biased opinions on just about everything are the reason why some people buy these products. They feel like they didn’t get a real review on the product which, let’s be honest, only about 2% of the comments were actual reviews so they want to try it. Let’s grow up a little bit here people, please. I came to this site to see if anyone had an intelligent comment but was unfortunately let down. It’s a good thing I’m stuck at the dealership for 3 hours waiting for my air filter and brake pads to be replaced or I would have felt like this site and reading the 98% of worthless comments on here was even more of a waste of time.

  114. Protip: the iRenew bracelet also functions as a cock ring…

    Actually that’s all it’s really good for. GG idiots.

  115. If you never tried this bracelet how can you cast an educated opinion without testing it? I noticed that most of the negative comments come from 80% of the ones that did not try it. I was always taught in my science classes that a theory is only as good as the proof is. I guess all those plans to send a rocket up into space should have been avoided? Let’s also keep believing that England was the only country we all would live in? There is no water on Mars?

    Research your opinion before applying it. I go with creditable proof not assumptions. I guess that is why I managed to maintain a 4.0 average in college.

    • Maybe you should’ve taken some real college classes such as marketing, psychology, or physics.

      These people should be ashamed for this ridiculous scam. They make claims that cannot be proven such as the bio-field bull so that people like you make statements like you just did. But then if you think a little harder you realize, if the theories behind this product are not yet proven, then how did the “scientists” who made it get it on the market without releasing any literature on such theories? Probably because they’re not scientists with any kind of background. Just scammers and maybe a handful of people that got 4.0’s in business school.

    • I did buy it! I bought 2, as a matter of fact. My husband and I both agree, they are a Total Rip Off! They do Not work and they are very cheaply made! Do Not Buy!

    • If the technology and results were real, the whole thing would have been written up in peer-reviewed scientific or medical journals. Since I can find no such articles, I can only assume that the whole thing is a scam.
      Looking back, I seem to remember other such “miracle cures” on TV in the past including magnetic bracelets and aft burning pills. Of course, I only got a 3.7 GPA, so I could be wrong.

    • Fine, spend your money. I arrive at my opinion from past experience and that you can’t cure cancer (in a manner of speaking) for 20 dollars.

    • Yeah I agree, so where is the proof of this product other than some guy pushing people to “prove” their balance is better. Why can’t I find ANY scientific evidence of the proof of their product on their own website? You don’t have to fall for a scam to realize that it is in fact a scam. You just have to go to the scams website and there is all the proof you need to show it doesn’t work. By your logic I should jump off a building to prove that gravity really exists.

  116. After finally receiving the irenew bracelets, I was completely disappointed in the product. The clasps was weak and not sturdy at all. I agree with some other irenew bracelet reviews that the buy one get one free but charge me $15.90 for shipping…really?? I could tell no difference while wearing the bracelets so I will be returning them both and just count my loss of the shipping. Please don’t be scammed by this “miracle” bracelet.

  117. I find it hard to believe people still fall for the “2nd one free just pay shipping and handling scam”. Just the shipping and handling charges for the two bracelets is twice what they should cost including shipping and handling. Not only are these people scammers, selling an item that cannot possibly work (use your head, I would be more likely to believe them if they said it was infused with the spirit of mother nature), but also any TV network that is also profiting off this scam is even more guilty. I certainly hope people will form, and pursue class action law suits against each station that participated in the scam.

    Of course I would also like to see class action law suits against the TV networks that aired the gold buyer ads which ripped off so many people paying on average one tenth the lowest estimate of gold values by even pawn shops that notoriously underpay. (This was verified by a national news agency that took broken gold jewelry to various jewelers for offers, then sent them in to gold buyers. The story aired once then was squelched. Too much money being generated by the ads)

  118. To Fromo, actually I think kryptonite, Superman, et al. is more credible than this silly irenew bracelet. I wonder if Henry Paulson help set up China production for this “great” product during one of his 70 (USA sellout) trips to China when he was Secretary of Treasury under George W.

  119. Has anyone ever heard of the brand Phiten it is the exact same thing a product for everyone that says it relives stress and makes blood flow improve using aqua-titanium. The one difference is that Phiten actually looks cooler but the truth is neither of them actually work

  120. I was really skeptical but my mom bought one bracelet and got one free so she gave the other one to me. Since I didn’t spend anything on it I figured “why not”? And gave it a try. I’ll be honest, I am one of the biggest skeptics to walk the face of the earth…I believe nothing that I hear and only half of what I see…but this iRenew Bracelet really works! I put it through the ringer and noticed that I did have better balance, I felt a big more energetic (I didn’t want to run a marathon or anything) and I just generally felt “good”. Of course, one day wasn’t enough “proof” for me…I could have just got a really good nights sleep or maybe it was that third cup of coffee that put me over the edge…so I woke up and did it again and sure enough, same results. I’m not saying to run out and buy one because as we all know the mind is a powerful thing, but I was skeptical going in…I didn’t expect it to work at all…and it did. But if your friend buys one and gets one free…I would take him/her up on it and give it a try for yourself. 🙂

      • Saying you felt a “big more energetic” might not reflect proper sentence structure but… I dunno… I think it really drives home your point!

    • “I’ll be honest, I am one of the biggest skeptics to walk the face of the earth”…….This is definitely stretching the truth because YOU are NOT one of the biggest skeptics to walk the face of the earth.

    • lol you’re a skeptic that believes a rubber band makes them stronger more balanced and energetic? Hmmm right…

  121. All I wish to share about this irenew bracelet to you fine readers is this. If this product is “Made in the USA (United States of America not China)” I will buy one. Let us face it my friends, we buy more compost like this, or worse, from our sleepy looking debt owners.

    Will it work? If we need something, anything, that will convince us to get up and become active and this piece of accessory will make a difference then by all means lay the cash down. All I is to get America back to producing, even if its rubbish. We do not have to buy it, but perhaps China will.

    Of course if this is another product of China then please disregard the above statements.


    • I’m sure the Made in the USA part was referring to the commercial not the product. We don’t make anything in the US anymore but debt, thanks to our leaders. Perhaps our leaders need to buy this iRenew Bracelet and stretch it around their brain. The bracelet is too big. Maybe the could wrap it around 4 or 5 times.

    • My husband and I purchased 2 bracelets on 05/23/10 and did not receive it until yesterday, 07/13/10. I had sent many emails to their customer service department and received 1 reply for every 3 emails sent, on average. My experience has been that this is a poorly managed company (located in Connecticut) with shady operations. Our package arrived with a big “MADE IN CHINA” sticker upon it. The bracelets are flimsy and poor quality. You will need to “resize” your bracelet by opening the clasp with a bent paperclip and cutting with a pair of scissors! Within the package, they advise you to view their demo to resize the bracelet, but it’s a bogus link…just another commercial for their product:

      BTW, the buy one get one free offer is a scam as well. Buy one irenew bracelet for $19.99, pay $15.90 for shipping & handling, totaling $35.89 for your two bracelets.

      I reported this company to the Better Business Bureau and the Department of Consumer Protection for the state of Connecticut when I assumed that I would never receive my purchase due to their lack of customer service and poor communication.

      • I can’t believe you were STUPID enough to buy the damn thing. What morons. There’s a sucker born every day. Now go give some more money to Jim Bakker and shut up.

      • Domino – My wife and I had exactly the same happen to us. We purchased this iRenew Bracelet on 5/31 and received it today 7/15. I telephoned them 4 times and was told it is in the mail with a false tracking number. The item is flimsy and from CHINA. When I opened the catch, the small piece fell off and had a heck of a time trying to put it together. Still can’t figure out how it opens, if it does. Anyway I now belong to the club of ‘fools’. We will try it for a while and wait for a miracle.

    • Go to my site and see what I designed, built and is now going to market. (Don’t worry this is not an ad, the product is too expensive and complicated for most of you, except maybe for the guy that mentioned Tesla). No it is not made in China but right here in IL by companies and vendors who are mostly good old boys. This product is so good that we have orders coming from Europe and Asia. I did not sit on my a!s while this country goes down the toilet. I did something about instead of blaming everyone but yourselves.

      One quick call out for all you folks, DO YOU STILL SHOP AT WALMART?
      Then you are still the problem, take responsibility for yoursevles.

      As for the Irenew. What most people don’t know is that Eastern medicine and philosophy works without being able to be explained by Western physics. Nikola Tesla was the father of electricity but he got in contact with an Indian guru who taught him about Eastern philosophy and science. Tesla claimed he treated himself with great results using electrical frequencies, he did not use a bracelet. The only way I can see that working is if it was used as a single turn secondary winding of a transformer and he was sending RF frequencies from a fairly large resononant RF modulator.

      This bracelet is a scam, as some of you educated folks may know, rat poison is 98% good food, and a little poison. Unfortunately our society is just the same.

  122. I wear my bracelet around my neck. I find the lack of oxygen to my brain, and the resulting loss of consciousness makes me feel less stupid for spending the money on this junk.

  123. America would buy crap if they put it in a cool shape and said it did something on an infomercial.

    • How true! I just saw the iRenew Bracelet spot on TV, and when I was finally able to stop laughing I said to my girlfriend, “Let’s put a rubber band around a dog turd and say it makes people feel better. We’ll make millions!”

  124. They were selling these iRenew Bracelets at “Big Hat Days” in Clovis, CA. I went through the whole balance things and having my arms pushed down etc. To my surprise, there actually was a difference before and after trying the bracelet. It didn’t however, do anything for my flexibility. I couldn’t stretch any further with or without the bracelet. I actually wanted to buy one but after walking around for a while completely forgot to go back. Also, I couldn’t understand how something like that could work, so as a result, I was dubious. Maybe this is like “bark off”. There’s too much controversy in the irenew reviews and nothing definitive showing that it actually works.

  125. If krptonite can weaken Superman, presumably from “natural” frequencies, then why can’t this irenew bracelet strengthen people. It is all so logical.

      • Why would anyone be sarcastic about this company and the iRenew marketing campaign? They should start selling bracelets with the Spiderman icon and show people swinging from spiderwebs along NYC skyscrapers!

  126. So if I’m stupid the irenew bracelet is going to work? What if I’m stupid but think I’m intelligent, will that cancel its ability to work? What if I’m really intelligent but pretend I’m stupid, will that make it work? By reading the comments I learned about kinesiology, EMPs, and the mentality of people who vote, so now I’m pretty smart. I’m not going to buy the irenew bracelet.

  127. YOU PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS ! You’d buy a lacquered rhinestone studded pile of dog crap if they promised you millions if you just rubbed it every day.

    Wait exactly one year, and you’ll find that the FDA and FTC have sued these guys for unsupported medical claims and false advertising, that every “real person” was a paid actor, that they used friends and employees to make fake internet postings, and the people behind this scam are the same ones who’ve been behind dozens of other scams.

    With all that said, I’m ordering mine now !

    • Actually, while there have been no scientific studies done on the iRenew bracelet, magnetic energy therapy has been shown to improve in the brain’s ability to process information in MS patients and could be used for a wide variety of problems.

      • So then we should all feel stronger, better balanced and more mentally capable when the moon with its magnetic field is overhead…

        Actually, while there have been no scientific studies done on that, I am selling step-ladders to get you closer to the moon when it is overhead…

  128. I was given one of these Irenew bracelets by an ex-girlfriend who buys a lot of those TV things. I used it for a week and did not notice any difference in balance or anything else.

  129. I have an Irish Setter who was getting on in years. He saw the commercial and bought an iRenew and is now feeling much better however now when we go hunting the setter only points north.

  130. Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light
    What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?
    Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight,
    O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
    And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
    Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
    Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

  131. I have problems with people stealing my energy(which I keep high in order to do my work). The first day I used 2(one on each wrist) iRenew bracelets was a positive experience. I was able to stay in the presence of a known someone who lacks energy and usually drains me. Usually, I avoid this person. Another person who purposely drains me was able to break through, but I was able to counteract this fairly easily. He later broke one of the bracelets when he grabbed it from me to supposedly try it on. I have tried many things to prevent people from draining my energy, and I believe iRenew is worth trying for this purpose. But use 2 bracelets.

    • Michael, your comment cracked me up! Now I’ll need an iRenew bracelet to put the pieces of my body back together.

      I’ve been looking for “Biofield Therapy – The New Science of Healing” for a long time. Probably since before they thought it up. Sounds important. Wonder what it means? Nobody seems to know.

      The claim of “sleep like a baby through night” means I’ll awaken every 4 hours. I can hardly wait!

      I read at another website that the iRenew bracelet also cures cancer, ADHD, acne, athlete’s foot, the mange and Shrove Tuesday disorder.

      One guy said he was glad he accidentally bought 6 of them, so he wears them all, and his IQ shot up 1100 points. Get yours today! Quantities are limited. This offer may be withdrawn at any time. When they’re gone, we won’t make any more. Gotta go, there’s cops at the door.

    • I used these in the 70’s when I was Wonder Woman, and the only thing they did was deflect bullets and get caught in my hair while having sex with Aquaman.(Didn’t matter if I was wet, he was)

  132. What a useless review. Only Jason Rendina says:
    June 15, 2010 at 12:36 am brought anything to the table of value. One medical person offered a medical observation that we know so little about the human body, however 99% of the comments on this page obviously know more than the medical profession. I suppose all of the people who have been helped by magnetic bracelet are delusional. On average, the comments state that if you buy one of these irenew bracelets you are stupid. I wonder if these are the same people that voted for Obama?

      • Bush wore one of these bracelets for 8 years and nothing bad happened. Economy blazing away, unemployment at record lows, no terrorist attacks, no unnecessary wars and no problems on Wall Street.

        Also, it raised his IQ 10 points to 87.

        • Yeah Bob the problem is Bush gave the bracelet to Obama. Same results except Obama’s IQ is -68 and his unemployment rating is even lower. Him and the demis are going to get a good ass whooping in 2010 and 2012, so Obama needs to hang on to the bracelet until then because Irenew promises balance and there is nothing balanced Obama and his cronies have done since they took office but to Unbalance our country and our stability in the world. Good Riddance. Looking forward to you explaining to your kids and grand-kids why their taxes are so high and why they can’t enjoy the same America that you did. By the way by then, you will probably be censored as it’s already beginning, so if you protest, the leftist and the progressives will probably drag you out of your house and kill you.

          • ^5!!!! I suspect the same people that bought this irenew bracelet voted for nobama! People will buy and vote for anything!! Only in America! I have some land in the Atlantic Ocean for a very very good deal and I will even pay the closing cost and taxes.

      • When did this become a political debate? Actually, name-calling festival is more like it, since debate implies an intelligent discussion. I’m disgusted when Democrats call Republicans stupid, and Republicans respond in kind. Each side, then, proves the other correct. I’m sure people on both sides of the political spectrum are dumb enough to buy this junk.

  133. Hmmm let’s watch that video again. The first time the “test subject” i.e. “actor” doesn’t even try one bit to resist the guy pushing. After he put’s on the “irenew bracelet” he tries with all his might (you can see him flexing his muscles) to withstand the pushing. Now given that the “actor” is obviously quite physically fit…. it doesn’t take much to produce this FAKE test. So the video is definitely a FAKE.

    • I am so glad I out grew this hype! If it sounds too good to be true, IT IS!! It reminds me of these TV healing preachers. If this irenew bracelet is so damn good, why do we still have hospitals??? Now when they invent a real life like female blow up doll I might get some cool aid. As far as people making this as a political debate, November is on the way baby!

    • I didn’t think any president could pass laws. That’s congress’ job. The last two years of the Bush administration was covered by a congress that was more Dem than Rep. Now the Democrats own both houses and they still can’t get anything done correctly. The only thing a president can do without any checks and balances is pardon people. Carter pardoned Robert E. Lee for instance, whatever that was supposed to accomplish!

  134. c’mon people, get it together and stop being naive sheep! It’s snake oil, a con job..Is this what we’ve come to in the 21st century? How about a little voodoo with your cereal?

  135. People selling this JUNK should be in prison! WHY are they allowed to do these ads and cheat people? This hunk of metal cost maybe 10 cents to manufacture in a slave-factory in China: sure they have a ‘money-back’ policy since their $7.95 shipping change gives them at least $5.00 profit!

    People buying into any of these ‘magic’ items need to be locked in a padded cell!

    • Worse than that. If you go to the website they offer you an extra “free” bracelet with the purchase of one and all you have to do is pay ANOTHER $7.95 for shipping of the second item lol. I buy stuff from Newegg, Overstock and Tigerdirect all the time and have never paid over $6 for shipping of whole monitors. Who are they kidding with these “shipping charges”?

  136. i personally did one of the demos of irenew bracelet at a local fair. the balance tests were very believable and did SEEM work, however I still did not buy it due to the weirdness of it.

    • You idiot. Everyone involved was probably an actor in on the scam. Either that or your a confederate for this sham company. Either way go kill yourself.

    • I got one now. I do got an out of place disc in my back and my pain are gone. I feel more energy and sleep better, I will not say if it does everything you see in the tv ad. I got out movements sometimes and I am smacking a little. With iRenew I don’t smack with it on so it does help in balance.


  137. Stick it on TV, and it will sell. People have been falling for this exact scam since the 1700’s, thanks to the infamous Franz Mesmer. Debunked in 1784 by a commission of scholars which included Benjamin Franklin, it was concluded that any benefit derived was attributed to “imagination.”

  138. iRenew is a scam. The magnetic bracelets didn’t work and this doesn’t either. I have a bridge to sell you.

  139. Be VERY CAREFUL when ordering these irenew bracelets online! I just ended up with six bracelets for a total of $119.94 (Where’s the BOGO in that?) And my shipping was an additional $100.35!!! I was ordering one irenew set – they asked if I wanted to take advantage of the great deal and order any additional sets, I then chose to order another set – I also selected to pay extra shipping ($4.95) for 7-10 day shipping. You DO NOT GET A CHANCE TO VERIFY YOUR ORDER – I called and they cannot help with correcting the order for 24-48 hrs – they also told me they are on back-order – so the extra shipping is a waste.

    • I am sorry to here of your ordeal. I don’t know if there is much you can do, but one thing I would suggest is put a complaint into the better business bureau. They sometimes can help, but not always. Even if they can’t help, you will still be giving the company a bad rating and helping other people not get taken. I hope everything works out in the end.

    • Let this be a lesson… If they’re trying to sell you on two… you probably don’t need even ONE! 🙂

    • I also didn’t complete the order, as I had second thought and was confused about the “free” shipping, but it was processed anyway. I’ve called the 203 number and no one answers.

    • sorry for your ordeal. if you really wanted the bracelet you can go to ebay or the local CVS that has an aisle and you wont have to pay for shipping.

      call your credit card and cancel through them

  140. What people want to read here is actual reviews–not your opinions of the product without trying. I would be skeptical about this; however, I am in the medical field and know that one of the upcoming areas of interest for medical professionals in the next decade is going to be exploring Far Eastern medical techniques–including the energy waves or whatever that goes through the body. I’ve heard both Dr. Oz and Dr. Gupta from CNN mention that this is something that we may be missing in Western medicine. I’m not saying that they will find out that it works, but it is something to explore because we know so little about the human body. Don’t laugh at what you don’t know about. And, no–I do not work for this company. I would like to read some legitimate reviews by consumers who have tried the product though.

    • Apparently you never will read legitimate reviews by consumers who have tried the product because even after paying for faster shipping they never receive anything, and no feedback from the company. What does that tell ya? huh

    • “i’m in the medical field!” probably sells the latest teflon bedpans. fools and their money are soon parted……

      • “Do you think ORMEs supplements might work symbiotically with this Irenew?”

        They will probably make the Irenew 4 times as effective as they are without…

  141. I am skeptical about this product–like a lot of other people who posted. If I had to take my chances on anything, I would do so on magnetic jewelry and/or mala beads (both which have been around for a good while).

    Of course, as with anything, make sure to do your research and look up terminology, so you know what is what.

    • Anyone who actually buys one of these should be immediately disqualified from voting, driving, or doing anything in public without supervision. Believing in this nonsense disqualifies you from any of these activities. And no, I did not try this as seen on tv iRenew Bracelet. Some things don’t need to be tried for intelligent people to know they are scams.

        • Hey Stephen, Don’t be stupid and and argue that it won’t work if you haven’t tried it! Great logic moron.

          • What are you talking about TR? He clearly said “If you didn’t try it then why post a stupid argument?” He said nothing about trying it.” Read before you post stupid replies, moron.

        • Stephen, I know that anyone claiming they have a perpetual motion machine is lying without ever seeing or testing the machine. So dismissing this scam without trying it isn’t really difficult.

          • actually has perpetual machines, which you can look up on youtube (there’s a few ‘over-unity’ devices, among them my favorite, the ‘Bedini Motor’ has countless ‘idiots’ all doing exactly what you just said is impossible). Thanks for being an educated adult.

        • Personally, I never tried chewing rocks to improve my dental hygiene either… So I guess the effectiveness of that can’t be ruled out…

      • Ok. Yes, most everyone can probably tell this is a scam, but going so far as to say that whoever buys this bracelet should be “disqualifed from voting, driving, or doing anything in public without supervision” is a little much. Please have a little decency. It’s a bit easy to be almost taken in by stuff like this if you are watching the tv at 4:00 am and haven’t slept in two days (I have a sleep disorder), like I was when I first saw the commecial. However, I rarely buy products I see on infomercials, and didn’t give in to this one either. When I saw the advertisement for iRenew a few nights later, I was coherent enough to realize that it is most likely a scam. There are always circumstances in which even intellegent people can be taken in by scams. So don’t be harsh.

        • I agree, don’t laugh. I had severe tendenitis it both elbows that my personal physician could do nothing with except prescribe NSAIDS and braces. I put a bunch of little magnets (Magnadots) from Homedics and stuck them around my elbows. Bingo! In two hours, I had no pain. When I took them off, the pain returned, but something happened! So I left them on for three days straight, and the tendenitis went away and never returned. The theory is that the magnets draw blood to the area (possibly by attracting iron), and improved circulation heals an area faster.

          • People who buy this iRenew Bracelet are not stupid. I can’t believe some one has such an attitude. You know some people are in so much pain they are will to try anything to relieve it. Maybe if you have been in pain and looking for an answer when nothing else worked, you too might give in to the “it can’t hurt group.”

          • I find it so strange the same tv set people hear these scams also shows that they are scams. Energy,magnetism works with metals not flesh and blood. If you feel different when you put a magnet near you it’s called the placebo effect. Your mind is a powerful thing. Use it to learn the truth!

          • “I agree, don’t laugh. I had severe tendinitis it both elbows that my personal physician could do nothing with except prescribe NSAIDS and braces. I put a bunch of little magnets (Magnadots) from Homedics and stuck them around my elbows. Bingo! In two hours, I had no pain. When I took them off, the pain returned, but something happened! So I left them on for three days straight, and the tendinitis went away and never returned. The theory is that the magnets draw blood to the area (possibly by attracting iron), and improved circulation heals an area faster.”

            Read the difference between your explanation and the ‘science’ behind Irenew…

          • Okay, do a little research. When you say that magnets don’t work on flesh and blood, do you know all of the components in blood, say something like anions and cations that have positive and negative charges? You are far too upset and harsh over something that you haven’t bought or tried but rather want to call anyone who would have an interest in it an idiot. Is this how you like to waste your time? Perhaps you should find a more constructive hobby.

        • “Ok. Yes, most everyone can probably tell this is a scam, but going so far as to say that whoever buys this bracelet should be “disqualifed from voting, driving, or doing anything in public without supervision” is a little much. ”

          But only “a little”…

  142. I ate there and it sucked! Glad I had irenew 🙂 Now I can get them back and melt their place with my laser vision!

  143. All of the balance, flexibility, and strength tests can be duplicated without the magic bracelet. The balance tests are simply a matter of knowing what’s coming and countering it more effectively. The flexibility test is a no-brainer, you stretch as far as you can… pause, then stretch again. You’ll always be able to stretch further the second time.

    The finger strength test is heavily influenced by the fact that physical exertion will increase blood flow to the muscles being stressed. This increase will also improve the strength and endurance. This is one reason why athletes “warm up” prior to their routine.

    In short, all of the tests shown were probably 100% real. But the results would have been the same without the bracelet. Try any of these tests on someone who doesn’t know what’s coming and you’ll see for yourself.

    • This is by far the most educated statement I have ever read. How many times do you get hit in the face before you learn to move out of the way. Same basic principle here. Take a person and push them, then tell that same person,”ok now I’m going to push you again and bracelet or no bracelet they will have better balance because they will fully expect it. Thank who or whatever you believe in that there are still smart people in this world.

      • Good for you Troy! I have Ph.D. in Exercise Science and we used to do those types of “experiments” in Kinesiology with new students to gauge their critical thinking back in the 80’s. Maybe one of my old students is a rich scammer now!

        • I understand this bracelet is a scam, but reading your thoughts in THIS post has me curious as to what a magnetic bracelet would do to a person with hemochromatosis. Phlebotomy seems to draw the iron from the bones first, resulting in joint discomfort. Would magnets draw it out more quickly?

  144. For those who don’t know who is behind this product or is responsible for bringing this fraud to market please look no further. This fraud has been brought to by Gustav Zurak Renny and company. Unfortunately Gus Renny is known for his cons from New York to Palm Beach. He is being sued left and right by victims all which are public record. Please look in the clerk of courts in New Jersey and Florida and you will find all you need to know about Gus Renny. I wouldn’t trust this guy with 50 cents. We all know that we as people can make mistakes form time to time. However this gentlemen is a habitual perpetrator of fraud and will take anyone along for the ride. Please boycott this product. Please don’t allow criminals like this to continue to benefit from robbing innocent people that are just looking to get ahead or looking for hope in something. Take a look ( Type in Zurak, Renny) You will see judgments in excess of a million dollars. He is a fraud and this product is a fraud. This should be reported to authorities immediately.

    • MY wife is a total invalid with Parkinson, we are both in our 80s which makes us fall for these scams. We are going to report this to the Better Business Bureau.They took us for$78.73, after I confronted them , we were told they would credit our account with $35.89 after we sent two iRenew Bracelets back. We were totally taken in with this junk!

    • But…. But…. Just because he has scammed before doesn’t mean this is a scam.

      And just because that whole healthcare thing and tax promise thing and transparency thing and stimulus bill thing were scams doesn’t mean that energy policy will be a scam…

  145. Has anybody actually tried the bracelet? All of your comments so far are just slamming the product with no physical evidence and comparing it to fairy tales. You are all just too scared to buy it and be proved wrong.

    These iRenew reviews do nothing to help people like me who are thinking about trying the bracelet. We want facts.

    • No, were afraid of buying it and being proved stupid. If you want facts, try reading a high school physics book. If you still think this ridiculous thing can work after that, you deserve to get ripped off.

      • No, were afraid that it WILL work and it will make us get superpowers like in my case. You don’t want this responsibility man! IT RUINED MY LIFE!

    • Jioge said:

      >>>All of your comments so far are just slamming the product with no physical evidence<<<

      Scientifically speaking, you have it backwards. It is up to the person making the claims that this works to provide the proof that it does work. My advice: don't hold your breath waiting for that proof.

      • The basic laws of logic say that one cannot prove a negative hypothesis. It is logically impossible to prove that the product will never work under any conditions.

        However, one can logically say that there is no realistic basis to conclude that the product will work, leaving it up to the seller to prove otherwise.

    • You don’t have to try something so obviously absurd to know it’s bullcrap. You should buy several Jioge! You will only be out shipping and handling (which by the way is more than the bracelet). I have a bag of crap that cures cancer. Send me $19.95 and you’ll see! Are you too scared to buy my bag of crap and be proved wrong? I suspect you work for the owner of the company who has already been convicted of fraud. Anyone stupid enough to sincerely make the comment you made is probably unable to use a computer anyway.

    • “Has anybody actually tried the bracelet? All of your comments so far are just slamming the product with no physical evidence and comparing it to fairy tales. You are all just too scared to buy it and be proved wrong.”

      No. I haven’t tried chewing rocks to improve my oral hygiene, either.

      When you try that, let me know the results, ok?

  146. The IRenew bracelet is just another variation on the old Q-Ray bracelet scam that got the Q-Ray folks something like 80 million in fines and restitution after the FTC and a federal court got through with them back in 2006. The new scam seems not to make claims beyond “wellness and balance,” unlike Q-Ray, who claimed pain relief for about any medical condition imaginable. Perhaps the IRenew folks think that will keep them from getting sued, but I doubt it.

    • Did you notice that the logo on the bracelet looks like a Q with an R overlapping it—is that for Q-Ray do you think?! I think it is and it is a very bold way to thumb their nose at the FTC!

  147. Good God, are are there still people out there dumb enough to fall for this scam? I suspect the people behind iRenew Bracelet are going to hit the media and sell like crazy till the FTC and FDA catch up with them, then pay some chump-change fine and walk away laughing all the way to the bank. ” The stupid and their money are soon parted.”

    • “Good God, are are there still people out there dumb enough to fall for this scam?”

      How many fell for “Hope & Change” ???

  148. As others have said this iRenew Bracelet is a scam. Even if they do refund your money (which is questionable), they still get a profit from:

    1) Those too lazy to ask for a refund, or miss the deadline. Or otherwise blame themselves for it not working so they want to constantly give it another attempt.
    2) The high shipping and handling cost. These bracelets can be shipped for less than $2. They can then make $5+ in profit since s/h is non-refundable. In fact, the USPS’s flat rate for a small box is only $4.95 for up to 75 lbs. That means that they can ship many bracelets for only $4.95 yet they still charge $7.95 per bracelet. That “Free” iRenew Bracelet is then not free at all since you have to pay $7.95 for s/h! I bet they can buy them from China for less than $1 each.

    In summary, even if the company refunds money to dissatisfied customers, they can still make a ton in profits. This is true even if the bracelets are clearly bogus. Think about it: Simply try the same scam with a piece of aluminum foil instead of these bracelets. Clearly, the foil has no effect on health, but if you charge $7.95 for shipping, you’ll get a profit from s/h, period. And of course, you’ll get to keep the payments from those who are too lazy to ship the foil back. And yes, the placebo effect will mean that there will even be those who swear that the foil works. Idiots.

  149. My background is Medical Physics and there is no SCIENCE as “Biofield Therapy.” In fact, all attempts at showing that we have an aura or specific frequency have failed (see Emily Rosa’s famous study on Therapeutic Touch; and Kirlian aura photography is caused by moisture, not auras). Human beings are not tuned to any specific frequency. Depending on how one defines frequency, different parts of the human body exhibit different physical properties. Bones, for example, have different characteristics than soft tissue. That’s why X-rays, MRIs and ultrasound work. Parts of our body reflect energies of a various frequencies while others absorb it. In other words, there is no one frequency that these bracelets can allegedly emit to benefit the entire body.

    These bracelets are as effective as “crystal healing” (also based on alleged frequencies) and magnetic bracelets, pillows and insoles — which is to say, Zilch. The balance demos are bogus since much of it depends on psychology. Let’s say that they filmed 100 subjects, and only 7 showed any imbalance and improvement, the other 93 showed no benefit. Guess which ones they’ll show? A REAL demo would use PLACEBO-CONTROL. Simply give half of the subjects real bracelets that allegedly emit frequencies, and give the other half identical-looking bracelets that don’t have emitters inside. Is there a difference between the two groups in the balance test? Why doesn’t the ad show this simple test?

    • Good News !!!!

      Apparently people are tuned to the same natural frequency as their pets, and all pets that can wear a pendant must all be tuned to that same frequency!

      “Our pets deserve an expanded level of vitality and restored health too! As an active member of iRescue®, not only do we give back to nature and the environment, we also want to assist in the wellness of your pet’s subtle energy field by introducing the iRenew® Energy Balance System Pet Pendant!

      Simply attach to an existing collar and treat your pet with the same energy balancing frequencies infused in all our iRenew® BioField Technology products.”

      No doubt your pet will thank you.

      Just $9.95 plus $2.99 S&H

  150. I can’t say iRenew is a scam but I doubt it could do anything, however, $ 7.95 for shipping ? Now that’s a scam. All they have to do is put it in an envelope with a couple of stamps on it and throw it in the mailbox. No way in hell it cost that much to send. That is where they make the money and even if you don’t like it, most people wont bother to send it back for a refund because that’s the “American way”. We just chalk it up to experience and forget about a refund and don’t bother. That’s how they make the money, they depend on people not bothering to send an item back if they don’t like it.

  151. As with ANY product offering a miraculous cure, one should try to find a review by a reputable individual (scientist, doctor, etc.) or website. Personal testimonials can be faked, outrageous claims by a manufacturer or ‘paid spokesperson’ should be dismissed immediately. Be suspicious, do your research, save your money.

  152. What I think is funny, is I saw this commercial, knew it was crap, looked for proof, found a chat box room like this, got opinions and no real “I bought this and it is cheap and turns you green” facts, and some how, we are still talking about who’s right about religion! It’s crazy! What I think is funnier than that, is when some one talks about each others religions, they talk about their money, like a ranch changes perspective. I own an XBox 360 and am married, does that put me in a category? What about I listen to rap music and work in a restaurant…..does that put me on the IRenew top list? Does it put me above the guy who believes in heaven or hell? Does the fact that I jog daily and make my own vegetable juices or home made ice cream affect your perception about what I know about a balance stabilizing bracelet? My parents were military, does it make me anything? I’m white, where does that put me? People are so stupid. I looked for IRenew and all I found here was Irony. Typical.

  153. Yeah these so called cure bracelets come out in updated versions. Even if these so called bracelets worked you would have many many many people selling them. There is always a website selling miracle wands that you put into your water to energize it. when I saw the commercial for these bracelets its clearly rushed to make you think something – but what?
    They can’t be serious to think people think these work. Remember the magnetic bracelets?? where are these now. Then you have the copper and magnetic bracelets that people claim to work. You might as well head on over to Google and look up all the scams with these bracelets. cheap to make cheap to ship.

    • Magnetic jewelry, magnetic dots and copper bracelets are still around and are selling. They do work. You can’t just use any magnet. They have to be a certain kind and gauge measurement. The earth, itself, along with water and terra-firma has a magnetic measurement, too. The North and South Poles use magnets. I have chronic pain in different joints. I use magnets on my knees and low back, along with a magnetic bracelet. It significantly reduces my arthritic pain. Copper didn’t work for me. But magnets, do. But you can’t use a refrigerator magnet and get the same results.

      There are other bracelets I’ve seen that are more expensive and use something different. This iRenew Bracelet is a cheap knock off. And, the shipping charges are outrageous.

      The BBB should shut this business down.

      But I wanted to answer you about magnetic and copper bracelets.

      Chinese Medicine has used magnets in their treatments for over 5,000 years with success. And, it spread westward because it worked.

      But as usual, there are rip off business people that always try to rip off un-knowledgeable people who they know won’t bother to check out what they are buying and they don’t put forth much info about what they are selling…except certain words that make people think they are selling something that has proven.

      • “But I wanted to answer you about magnetic and copper bracelets.”

        However, these are neither…

    • ‘Natural frequencies’ is not a real thing. That’s why this product is so hilariously fake. They didn’t even bother to make a passable excuse. “Natural frequencies” is as laughable as “moon energy”.

      • Also, frequencies of what? Sound? Light? Gravitational waves?

        Come to think of it, EVERY frequency is “natural”. Think about it. I defy you to name one frequency of anything that does not occur somewhere in nature.

        • An E.M.P. is not a natural frequency.(Electro Magnetic Pulse). Just in case you are not sure what EMP is.

    • Fortunately they use the same special ‘frequencies’ as the pendants to make your pet feel better…

      “Our pets deserve an expanded level of vitality and restored health too! As an active member of iRescue, not only do we give back to nature and the environment, we also want to assist in the wellness of your pet’s subtle energy field by introducing the iRenew Energy Balance System Pet Pendant!

      Simply attach to an existing collar and treat your pet with the same energy balancing frequencies infused in all our iRenew® BioField Technology products.”

      THANK GOODNESS you and your various pets that are capable of wearing a pendant are tuned to the same ‘natural frequency’ so your pets can benefit!

      Your pet will certainly thank you.

      Just $9.99 plus $2.99 S&H

  154. Waste of money, doesn’t work. Called iRenew customer service and they didn’t even know how to answer my questions about how it works. Similar products out their, thought I would give it a try. I could have taken the family out to dinner instead of wasting the $20.00 plus shipping and handling. Don’t waist your money!

  155. Anyone with an ounce of common sense will see this product for what it is. The Irenew bracelet falls squarely into the class of products that used to be sold by unscrupulous hucksters out of buckboard wagons in the old West. The only difference is the medium. Twain’s Duke and Dauphin in Huckleberry Finn would have sold Irenew!

  156. How can you folks knock a product you haven’t even tried? Your comments can’t be based on knowledge of the product. Try it and then give your comments based on first hand knowledge. There’s an old saying- Keep your mouth shut and people will only think you are ignorant. Open it and remove all doubt!

  157. It’s so irritating to watch the commercials where the guy pulls people away (making them lose their balance) before the put the magical bracelet on, then pushes straight down on their wrist when the bracelet is on. Sad.

    • Its a scam similar to “Perfect Water” sold by AMWAY. Those people test better because they KNOW what is coming… its so funny people buy these things… drink plenty of water, stretch, exercise, and eat right and I’ll tell you I sold the world RenewAir, it makes you breath better, feel better, look better… lol

    • So true. The company makes their profit on the shipping & handling. What the heck is “handling” anyway? Whenever an advert offers a second item free, “just pay separate shipping & handling,” I know it’s a ripoff.

    • yes it really works. go buy one like right now!!! they are so amazing…

      do yourself a favor and re-read your comment aloud so everyone around you can laugh as hard as I am right now. 🙂

  158. Really what do you think, this is where people need to use some common sense, its cheap, and they give you 30 day money back guarantee, because they know the majority of people will say “screw it”.

  159. Ive witnessed the balance band work, but iRenew looks better so I might get it. They’re on the same concept

  160. It certainly works at putting money in the pockets of the sellers!

    Just another in a long line of make believe scam do nothing
    products, but cheap so you will fall for it and the scammers will laugh all the way to the bank.

    • off course it DOESN’T work, it’s a complete fraud…same as the Q-ray

      Just watch the commercial, when the individual doesn’t have the bracelet on, the guy pulls the persons arms down and AWAY from the persons body causing the subject to lose their balance, when the individual HAS the bracelet on, the person just pulls the arms straight down and NOT away from the body and the subject doesn’t lose their balance, it’s that simple! Don’t fall for these advertising scams! It’s just a piece of cheap jewelry, nothing more

      • Correct. They are using the human incomplete tripod theory of balance. We are stable if direct force is applied straight down. If force is applied of the axis of balance or bodies natural reaction is to step and counter act. The human walk is considered a series of controlled falls.

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