IonPod Alkalizing Water Bottle Reviews and Complaints

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Did you know that your body contains more than 70% water? So, when you change your water, you change your life! A healthy child is born hydrated and alkaline; as you age, your poor drinking and eating habits and even your environment can make you acidic and toxic. The solution is to drink from IonPod! Most people don’t drink enough water and consume more amounts of soda and alcohol that contribute to aging and poor cellular health.


How does IonPod work?
Anti-oxidant alkali water is a powerful way to protect you from premature aging and environment toxins. The IonPod bottle is made up of high quality stainless steel that is attractive and durable, with replaceable mineral cartridges. Add water, wait for a few minutes and your super-charged healthy water is ready to drink! IonPod improves the acid- alkaline balance, provides abundant negative ions that increase hydration and increases the pH or Alkalinity level of the water you drink.

It reduces the molecular cluster size to support absorption, provides negative ORP to create antioxidant water and provides natural far-infrared ionization of the water. You save money because you don’t have to spend thousands on anti acidic bottles or bulky systems. IonPod is easy and efficient to use, easy to clean and affordable too.

It’s easy to share these healthy habits with your whole family, when you drink the smooth sweet tasting anti-oxidant water from the amazing IonPod. Look and feel great, get serious about your health with IonPod! You get one free carrying case too!



What do I get?
1 IonPod from Price $49.95 + Shipping



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


IonPod Water Bottle Video


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