Instant 20/20 Glasses Review

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Don’t feel helpless anymore if you miss place your eye glasses or contact lens and can’t see things. Get Instant 20/20, the world’s first adjustable eye glasses that you can set and dial in perfectly for each eye. Instant 20/20 are the only adjustable eye glasses that you can adjust to see clearly.

How does Instant 20/20 Glasses Work

All you have to do to use Instant 20/20, the world’s first adaptive of pair eyewear, is dial it in perfectly as per the power in your eyes. If you ever lose your glasses, break the accidently of can’t find them, you can count of Instant 20/20 to overcome the problem. You can use them in place of contact lens too. There are two lenses in this eyewear in which one is placed atop the other and work independently of each other by focusing as per your eyes. They are completely adjustable and so you can adjust the lens as per the focus required for each of your eye.

Instant 20/20 are flawlessly adjustable lenses for near as well as far sightedness in eyes and sort you out the moment something goes wrong. You need not worry anymore but need to just reach out for a pair of the eyewear instantly, which you must keep handy. Just slip into them and dial them in right to begin seeing things clearly without any fear as they are safe to be used without a prescription. You can count on Instant 20/20 in any circumstances and any situation without having to do any running around.

A pair of Instant 20/20 is your back up that sees you through. It also isn’t expensive and very easy to use. They may not make a fashion statement for you but are tremendously useful. You can use them in most situations such as in theatres, at sporting events, during picnics, outings and of course at home or office. Just take professional advice before and during use of Instant 20/20 for complete safety and best results and go for proper medical treatment if you suffer from astigmatism or to use heavy machinery or while driving.

Instant 20/20 FAQs

How does Instant 20/20 work?
Thanks to the two adjustable lenses that are on top of each other but work independently. Thus they can be set to perfect focus for each of your eye, making it world’s first adaptive eyewear.


Can it be worn all day?
Yes but you might take time adjusting initially like regular eyewear.


Can it be used with bi-focals?
Yes since you have the option of adjusting vision for near or far sight when needed.


How can you get the perfect setting?
It’s recommended that you cover one eye and focus on near or far. The dial on the temple can be adjusted to the sharpest vision. Most people have different power in each eye; hence they have better acuity than readers.


Does it give you 20/20 vision?
Instant 20/20 are not prescription glasses but 90% of spherical errors can be corrected by them. When you adjust them as recommended they let you see but can’t correct astigmatism.


Why does one need to go to an Ophthalmologist or Optometrist?
Professional advice should not be overlooked or delayed irrespective of the purchase and use of these glasses. Eyes should be regularly examined by professionals; firstly because they can detect health problems that show no symptoms.

Moreover you need to remember that Instant 20/20 do not correct astigmatism. And the lenses used here are not prescription lenses; they shouldn’t be used when driving or in case you need to operate heavy machinery.


What do I get?
Get the Instant 20/20 Glasses for just $29.99 + $9.99 s/h. Official website


Instant 20/20 Glasses Video
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2 thoughts on “Instant 20/20 Glasses Review

  1. Hi, I used Instant 20/20 and it work superb, it is not a scam, it is a wonderful glasses I used it all the time now. I recommended it for everyone.

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