Ideal Living Glass Bottles

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As there is a growing emphasis on healthy living today, you understand the importance of hydrating yourself through the day. You could be out working or working out, for a run or just getting on with your daily activities, hydrating yourself is crucial. And now Ideal Living Glass Bottles claim to offer you the perfect solution to hydrate yourself on a regular basis. Regular plastic bottles are known to leach chemicals into the water you drink, which can be avoided by Ideal Living Glass Bottles according to its claims.

Benefits of using glass bottles

Ideal Living Glass Bottles claim to work well for your daily needs because glass is known to be an earth friendly material and it’s something many of us look for today. Moreover glass is also 100% recyclable, which makes it the ideal solution for our planet. Ideal Living Glass Bottles also have their benefits according to the claims because they keep your beverages pure. You could be having water, a protein drink or a healthy juice for that matter; it will be pure as it should be. Moreover Ideal Living Glass Bottles also promise to keep your drinks cooler, fresher and hotter for long as well.

Have their merits over regular beverage containers

Ideal Living Glass Bottles ensure that the problem with regular containers of leaving an unpleasant, plastic and metallic taste in your mouth is completely avoided. Ideal Living Glass Bottles are also said to be free from toxins like Phthalates, PVC, polycarbonate and BPA that are seen in plastic bottles and they lead to the nuisance of these chemicals seeping into your drink. Metallic containers on the other hand leach chromium, nickel, aluminium etc into your drink, which is another major problem but that seems to be avoided with the use of Ideal Living Glass Bottles.

What do I get?

1 Ideal Living Glass Bottles.

Price – $24.95 plus $4.95 S&H. Official website

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