Icy Bandana

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Does the thought of hot summer days make you feel edgy? Worry not, as Icy Bandana is here to make the unbearable heat vanish and keep you cool even in the hottest days. Icy Bandana is a frozen neck wrap that you simply throw around your neck on hot days to get instant cooling. It’s a cool innovation designed as a convenient neck cooler that helps you stay chilled, fresh and keep sweat away.

Icy Bandana is a practical neck wrap with a special pocket that holds a removable, freezable insert. All you have to do is take out the ice insert and freeze it before use, place it in the pocket and tie it like a scarf around your neck. It will remain cool and keep your body feeling breezy for hours, no matter how hot it is!

Icy Bandana is made of soft terry cloth and neoprene which remain dry to the touch and offer maximum insulation. The chilled freezable insert placed inside doesn’t get wet and soak your clothes as the material doesn’t allow any dripping and messiness. It also has easy-tie closure, which ensures that it remains tightly fixed without getting displaced so that you remain comfortable for hours and hours!

Icy Bandana stays cool as long as ice does as the inserts freeze for real and become icy chilled. Apart from helping you stay cool in heat, this amazing neck wrap also provides soothing relief from problems like headaches and nausea, which are normally caused by extreme heat. It also keeps sunburn and other worries at bay. With Icy Bandana you can carry out your favorite activities like cycling, gardening, cooking, exercising and more even when it’s hot without feeling uneasy. Make sure you buy this must-have neck wrap for sure before summer sets in.

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