Icential Cool Wraps

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Storing food at home is very easy thanks to the inventions of fridge but keeping food fresh and cool outside the home is a different ballgame altogether. Icential Cool Wraps claims to make that difference go away with its new state of art technology. There are lots of storage containers and flasks that promise to keep solid or liquid food cool and fresh but in reality none actually work. Which would leave you with a big storage cooler that is filled with ice to keep things cool but with Icential Cool Wraps all this can go away, claim the manufacturers.

How does Icential Cool Wraps Work

This claim from Icential Cool Wraps comes because of its all new eco friendly innovative design that has the ability to keep food fresh and cool over 10 hours of duration. The Icential Cool Wraps is actually a simply wrap that can be stowed away in the fridge for cooling and has a freezable feature that includes cooling gel for keeping it cold. The freezing gel used in Icential Cool Wraps is unlike any other and has the ability to stay cool for more than 4 times any other and at the same time is non-toxic and safe to use.

Using Icential Cool Wraps is also said to be easy, all it needs is just wrapping it around the bottle, cold platters, food packet, etc to activate it. The great part, as goes the claim, about Icential Cool Wraps is in case of bigger packages multiple wraps can be connected to cover large amount of area. This very ability also supposedly makes it a great substitute for ice inside a cooler making more storage space and increase effectiveness. Icential Cool Wraps is great for everyday use to take food and drinks to school, gym, office or even for great picnics.




What do I get?

  • 2 Icential cooling wraps Blue
  • 2 Icential cooling wraps Cool Magenta

All this for just of $32.85 Official website



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