Hydro Heel Sock

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What is Hydro Heel Sock System?–

It is an innovative foot care system that smoothes, moisturizes and hydrates feet in minutes. It consists of a set of products like foot ointment, microfiber foot warmers and foot treatment booties that are to be used in sequence for desirable results.


No more unsightly feet

Hydro Heel Sock System could be the perfect solution to the problems that afflict your feet and also cause you distress. It is not about using just a single item like a foot cream. It is a set that comprises an ointment made with natural ingredients, foot warmers, booties that you use to have baby soft and smooth feet in minutes. It claims it will help you get rid of the dangerous and troublesome files and skin scrubs that you may be using to remove dead skin from your feet.


Does wonders to your feet

You are guaranteed incredible results by the promoters of Hydro Heel Sock System who assert that this foot care system rejuvenates your feet like nothing else and that too quickly with guaranteed results. The components of this system are Hydroheel Miracle Ointment which you are instructed to first apply on your feet and heels, and then slip Hydroheel Treatment Booties on feet followed by foot warmers provided in the kit. When you take them off after 20 minutes and wipe your feet with a dry towel, you will notice virtually no dryness and cracks on your feet


Quick and effective

No treatment or foot cream can beautify your feet in minutes. But Hydro Heel Sock System promises to do that in an instant and for sure. The natural Hydroheel formula is supposedly absorbed by the skin, for which you are encouraged to move around. The treatment socks trap the natural heat of your body natural heat, inserting the formula deep into the skin that seemingly seals the cracks together.

Amazing results and protection to feet

Hydro Heel Sock System assures perfect protection of your feet from damage with its natural skin-softening moisture. Its drying elements promise spa like beautiful and healthy feet right at home instantly and inexpensively.


    What do I get?

  • you get 1 (one) 2oz container of Hydroheel Miracle Ointment, 1 (one) pair of Microfiber Foot Warmers, 10 (ten) pairs of Hydroheel Treatment Booties, and enrollment in the Hydroheel auto-resupply program just for the price of $9.99 + $5.99 s/h.
  • Official website:hydroheel.com

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