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The inability to be active in our day-to-day life can hamper a lot of people. These disabilities can come due to age issues or even due to accidental injuries. Such inactivity is said to be eased by the use of a new cane called HurryCane. Canes used as a support for walking is a preferred by lots of individuals but the ones currently in the market has so many issues. To begin with most of them cannot even stand on their own. Other few which can stand are quite bulky but both these issues are supposedly adjusted in the new HurryCane.

How does HurryCane Cane Work

What makes the HurryCane so unique is its amazing design that is said to replicate the mechanics of the human body itself. This type of characteristic is supposedly designed in HurryCane to make it feel like an extension of the body rather than just another cane. The key points of the design that help HurryCane claim to be the best support are – its stabilization mechanism, its pivot, its bending ability and flexibility to adjust the height. The stabilization feature of HurryCane apparently works with 3 points of contact that is like the human foot and has StabilStep base that gives more traction at any angle.

The ankle pivoting feature of the leg is also replicated so as to support the full weight of body on the cane and balance on inclines or uneven grounds very easily. HurryCane claims to have the ability to bend just like the human knee making it easy to adjust in small areas like getting in and out from a car or say even fold it in to keep it stored in the purse or a bag. HurryCane also has 5 different height adjustments available to suit the need of anyone regardless of their height.




What do I get?

  • 1 HurryCane
  • 1Wrist Strap
  • 1 Travel Bag

All this for just $39.95. Official website



HurryCane Cane Video

2 thoughts on “HurryCane Cane

  1. It works better than the Trusty cane, but won’t stand on carpet, and some flat floors. Too bad they didn’t put the light in it, it would have been better. They need to redesign the weight of the handle. My husband is 6′ 4″ tall and has it on the top adjustment for the height. I believe the handle becomes top heavy at that height.

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