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Who doesn’t want to look their best at all times and it includes taking care of yourself, from head to toe. While you pay a lot of attention to your face, are your feet getting neglected along the way? Cracked feet can leave you feeling inhibited and stop you from wearing footwear that you’d like to. Professional pedicures can be quite expensive and you just can’t spare the time to get them done regularly. But now you can ensure the health and look of your feet from the comforts of your home with Hot Pedies.

How does Hot Pedies Work

Hot Pedies are brilliant gel therapy booties that will help you get salon quality feet from no matter where you are. Now staking a claim to those gorgeous, soft feet is right within your reach. The secret of Hot Pedies is the therapeutic gel lining that’s used in them. It’s this lining that is responsible for moisturising your feet, which is why they get softened just like you’d want them to be. Your entire feet, from heels to toes will get amazing treatment and you can bid goodbye to cracked feet for good.

The gel used in Hot Pedies is infused with dead sea salt, aloe vera and glycerine and each of them is known to have a sensational impact on your skin. These booties can be used on their own to give you the results you want or they can be used in tandem with other moisturising creams to keep your feet free of calluses and corn. You will also be pleased to find that Hot Pedies are green tea and willow scented, which will leave your feet feeling fresh.

Hot Pedies are convenient for regular use and you can simply slip your feet into them and put on the hot gel socks for moisturising. Let them work their magic as you get smooth, crack free heels and feet without much effort. The specially treaded bottom of Hot Pedies avoids any slipping and you get gorgeous feet without too much hassle, lengthy procedures and spending money on professional treatments too.



What do I get?

  • 2 Hot Pedies Pair

All this for only $10.00 + $5.99 S&H. official website



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