Hot Booties Microwaveable Slippers Review

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Do you often have tired feet after putting in hours of work at the office or doing work at home? Winters can be painful for your feet! You need the comfort given by the amazing Hot Booties! The revolutionary Hot Booties provide you with pure comfort and are a wonderful foot therapy!


How does Hot Booties Microwaveable Slippers work?
Hot Booties are much more than being simply slippers; they not only provide comfort and relaxation but are also the ideal solution for cold, achy, or stressed feet. All you have to do is place the Hot Booties in their Hot Booties bag and put them into the microwave oven for 60 seconds.

60 seconds are sufficient for providing you with an hour of therapeutic, radiating soothing heat that’s moist too. You get more out of it if you move your feet in them, for it naturally massages your feet and improves blood circulation in your feet.

The secret is in the sole as the Hot Booties sole is filled natural linseed that has the ability to absorb heat better and hold it for a longer time. Hot Booties are the world’s first microwaveable slippers! They are so comfortable that you can even sleep in them! It even provides you with lavender aroma therapy! Hot Booties are great for both men and women and are available in all sizes.

You can choose between an attractive Pink and Midnight Blue. You can even ask for the high topped Hot Booties!



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Get 2 Pairs of Hot Booties Slippers for just $14.99 + $13.98 s and h. Official Offer. 30 day money back guarantee.



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Hot Booties Microwaveable Slippers Video
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18 thoughts on “Hot Booties Microwaveable Slippers Review

  1. I was given a pair for Christmas and I really liked them. I haven’t used them for several months now since was summer. A week or two ago I noticed small bugs by my night stand and discovered they were coming from the hot booties. Apparently if you don’t keep using them the ‘natural linseed’ goes bad and gets bugs. I had to throw them out.

  2. I got my hot booties at a thrift store for $1.20. It had no bag so I put them in a large zip lock and heated them for 30 seconds, then 30 more. The warmth felt good but didn’t last for hours. I’m so glad I didn’t get ripped off like you guys did.

  3. I have to stay on my feet for long hours at work, which is why they are often very achy. I was looking for a product that will offer me some relief and hence I started reading about Hot Booties Microwaveable Slippers. I went through many review sites including,,,,,, but I was so disappointed with them. All they wanted to do was, sell me the product or present some kind of offer to me, which I wasn’t interested in. I just wanted to find out more about these slippers and how they could benefit me. I want honest opinions and reviews about a product, not sales jargon. I was about to give up when I came across this site and I am ever so grateful. For once someone’s talking sense and telling me about the product without hassling me to buy it. I will certainly be recommending your site to all my friends and family.

    • We appreciate your vote of confidence and that’s what pushes us to keep providing our users genuine reviews even when many other fake review sites are all over the place. They are taking the easy route of search engine optimization to trick search engines into believing that they are genuine review sites. But as you and many other users have realized that’s not the case at all. It’s the unfortunate but real picture of how things have moved today.

  4. I ordered 6 pairs of Hot Booties Microwaveable Slippers on 12-5-11. Still haven’t received them. Doesn’t do any good to call. They just tell you they are backordered. Won’t need the crap things by the time I get them……will be spring time!!

  5. I think it would have been better if they installed a PLUG IN device to warm these kinda slippers. Because what if you had some stinky roommates that bought these. And they had very BAD toe jammy feet and they stuck these into your microwave. Sounds like such a great idea now? Toe Jam lingering in your microwave. Disgusting!

  6. Just curious to know, has anyone had the same ordering problems when doing a phone order, or is it just with the website ordering?

    I haven’t seen any reviews as to whether the slippers even work or not, I’d like to know before I make the purchase. Any information on them, please?

    Thank you!

  7. How did the slippers ship? USPS, FedEx, UPS? If USPS be sure to file a fraud complaint with the Postal Inspection Service.

  8. What a RIPOFF! I wasn’t given a confirmation page, automatically charged $61 when it should have been $30! Not only am I being charged $7 per slipper, but an additional 15? and now I’m getting 4 slippers instead of buy one get one free!? And now I can’t get a hold of ANYONE. It just directs me to their 24 hour tracking page?? Frustrating!!

  9. Same here – it says you will get one pair at $14.95 with $7.95 shipping plus a free pair with $7.95 shipping, but suddenly my order is placed without any confirmation for a total of $61.78. Two charges of $14.99 plus $15.90 shipping for each one. What the heck?!! Then there is no way to cancel the order- it says it takes 24-48 hours for the order to show in their system but I’m sure by then it will be too late. What a ripoff!!

  10. I agree. It automatically charges you for 2 slippers when the website specifically shows a buy one get one free sale. It automatically places the order before you can agree to the charges.

  11. Very disappointed! No chance to review order before it is “placed” and worst of all I was charged $15.90 ship&handling for 2 pair of slippers when I distinctly opted for only 1 pair. I plan to attempt to cancel this order asap and return the stupid slippers but unfortunately I may be out the $15.90 for shipping. What a scam.

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