Hollywood Slimming Belt

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What is Hollywood Slimming Belt?

It is a slimming belt that can be worn around the waist while doing daily activities or exercising. It creates a sauna effect with increased thermal core temperature that burns fats around the mid-section.


A slimming belt that burns calories twice as fast

Hollywood Slimming Belt can supposedly help you lose weight faster and easier by burning calories twice as fast. It is meant to let you get more out of your workout and turning your body into a fat burning machine. Hollywood Slimming Belt is a slimming belt that you can just strap around your waist under your shirt or jacket and do your regular daily chores or even workout. Fats on the mid-section like stomach, abs and waist are most difficult to get rid of. If you are bothered by your love handles and muffin top and your diet or workout regimen hasn’t helped you then Hollywood Slimming Belt promises to help you become leaner and sexier.

Sauna effect on your mid-section

The secret of Hollywood Slimming Belt is believed to be its property to increase the thermal core temperature that melts the fats away with its sauna-like effect. Whether you want to walk, jog, cycle, do aerobics or even lift weights, you can believably do it all while wearing Hollywood Slimming Belt that will supposedly shed the fats twice as fast and give you a toned waist and chiseled abs. Hollywood Slimming Belt claims to have a custom shape that will give you utmost comfort and function no matter what physical activity you indulge in and one size fits everyone up to 50 inches of waist.


    What do I get ?

  • You will get Hollywood Slimming Belt for $44.95+P&H.
  • Official Website : fitnessproducts4less.com

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