Heelaway Foot Pain System Review

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Suffering from foot pain and aching heels is a very common problem. Whether waking up in the morning and hobbling with burning and shooting pain, aching foot while walking or even just standing or even while playing an outdoor game, living with foot pain is very troublesome because you cannot avoid being on your feet. A visit to a doctor can cost you a lot of money and painkiller medicines or injections are just a temporary solution and can even have harmful side effects


Heelaway Foot Pain System
Heelaway has a patented three-layer therapy that can get rid of the most painful foot problems whether heel pain, ankle sprain, heel spur, Achilles tendon or Plantar Fasciitis. The first layer consists of an ankle brace that has an inbuilt gel pack that provides the ankle joint with enhanced stability and alleviates pain and inflammation in the Achilles tendon. The gel also gives long lasting cold compress therapy.

The second layer of Heelaway maintains elastic tension through the heel and foot arch thereby giving long-term support and thus preventing ankle pain and instability. In the third layer of Heelaway lies the cool gel cell that you need to slip into the foot tension strap where it securely and easily fits thus reducing painful inflammation of your foot sans giving the discomfort and tightness that regular orthotics tend to.

Traditional orthotics are not designed to bring relief from foot pain for everyone and the customized orthotics cost an astronomical amount. Another option most people go for is insole cushion but the standard ones cost a lot more than the therapeutic Heelaway. Many experts agree that foot mapping devices are not really accurate so the foot pain system becomes a better option because of its combination of cold therapy and elastic tension. Created by Podiatric Foot and Ankle Surgeon Dr. Michael G Lyons Heelaway has eliminated foot pain for thousands of his patients.

The foot pain system slips on to your foot in just 15 seconds and can fit into any kind of footwear whether running shoes, formal shoes or even dress shoes, party footwear or stilettos. You can use it for any kind of lifestyle – business or casual. Available in black or nude colors, Heelaway comes with foot brace, application instructions, exercise treatment program, gel cell and carrying case.



What do I get?
The Heelaway foot pain system includes one

  • 1 Heelaway foot brace
  • Application instructions
  • Custom exercise treatment program
  • Gel cell
  • carry bag

All this for just for only $19.99 and $9.99 S&H in your choice of black or nude – add $5 for nude color. Official website HeelAway.com

Customer Service
Phone: 877-369-2394
Email: heelaway@webcsr.info



Heelaway Foot Pain System Video


24 thoughts on “Heelaway Foot Pain System Review

  1. Been using this product for chronic plantar fasciitis for a week now and it is working. Definitely have been feeling less pain since trying it. I’m on my feet a lot and have tried other products but this so far has had the best results for me. So far so good and really good deal too.

  2. Love this brace! Saw an ad for it on facebook and asked the company if really works on plantar fasciitis cuz I had serious doubts it would but they explained how and and guaranteed my order so I tried it. It took a few weeks but my pain is gone. 100% recommend for foot pain.

  3. Wonderful product for plantar fasciitis. I have had a chronic problem for several years and came across Heelaway at the Dance Teacher Summit in NYC several days ago. I have been teaching dance for decades and from the moment I tried it on I could feel instant relief in my arch and heel. I have been wearing Heelaway daily for 3 days and so far I continue to feel better. I was also introduced to another product by the same company at the event called BioBlast. This is an all natural topical gel for pain and both my kids and I have been using this too. Excellent products overall, very knowledgeable people and personable. Top marks from me, highly recommend to anyone with foot pain, arthritis and inflammation like myself and my children.

  4. Great brace for arch pain. Easy to use and worked much better than anything I’ve tried. I had foot problems for years, mostly in my arch and this worked wonders. Immediate relief too, loved the little gel cell cooling pack, definitely recommend.

  5. Awesome product for Achilles tendonitis! I am an avid runner and have suffered from Achilles problems since my teens. I’m in my early 30s and tried Heelaway 5 weeks ago. I am pain free today. I still use the product during my runs which are about 10 miles just to make sure there’s no reoccurrence. I find it really keeps my foot and ankle secure. I highly recommend the Heelaway brace for similar problems like mine.

  6. I am medical professional that purchased the Heelaway for several of my patients after being referred to Smart Medical by a colleague.

    I practice medicine in the northeast where the incidence of plantar fasciitis and heel pain is extremely high. My patients experienced a decrease in pain within 48 hours and 80% resolution within 7 days. Although each case varied, full resolution took between 3 and 6 weeks, with only 1 patient continuing treatment for 10 weeks.

    As a veteran practitioner I would encourage those that read this review and regularly self-medicate to explore this product if you are suffering from fasciitis, arch and heel pain.

    I continue to prescribe and dispense the Heelaway brace for my patients and strongly recommend this foot and ankle appliance as an alternative to insoles and custom orthotics as well as invasive treatments like corticosteroids which are painful and degrade tissue.

    Jane Q.

  7. Excellent product.

    Purchased 2 Heelaway last week for arch pain. Have had the pain for about 4 months; it’s become difficult to do basic things like get out of bed, walk and be on my feet, which I am for work periodically. Within 6 days my pain has diminished 85%. I just bought another product from this same company, BioBlast, for an old shoulder injury. It’s super powerful, and just like the Heelaway brace, extremely effective. I recommend this company and their products to anyone suffering from similar pain.

  8. I have flat feet and have had foot problems my whole life, I’m 32 btw. I work as a nurse in a local hospital and am on my feet most of the day. I watched a youtube video on this product and thought it might work for my pain. I’ve been wearing heelaway on both feet for 3 weeks now and my pain has definitely diminished, but it’s not gone completely. I am continuing to wear them until the pain is completely gone, which according to other reviews may take a few more weeks. Overall, it has worked for me and I would consider this a really good product.

  9. Great product. I had awful foot pain for months but no more. A friend referred me and said it worked great for them. Wore the heelaway brace 4 weeks straight, religiously and my pain is 100% gone. Totally recommend for anyone suffering from foot pain.

  10. Great product for foot pain. I had horrible heel pain, just excruciating, in my right foot. I tried heelaway and immediately found major relief. I wore the brace for about 10 days and my pain went from a 9 to a 3. Admittedly, I stopped wearing it for a couple of days and the pain returned slightly to about a 5 so I started wearing it again. I also bought another product from the same company called BioBlast 6-Hour Pain Gel. It’s a pain gel and the company said I could pare this with brace, applying a little on my heel before I put the Heelaway on my foot. I’ve been using this combo for 14 days and my heel pain is 100% gone! I still plan on wearing the brace during times of activity and have been using the BioBlast gel on my shoulders and back for muscle and joint relief and it works wonders. I recommend both products highly, but use the BioBlast sparingly as it’s extremely powerful.

  11. I bought a Heelaway for my arch pain and used it for about 2 weeks. I felt relief right away and although there’s a lot of compression was pain free after 14 days. I have had recurrences, but just wear the brace for a day or 2 when that happens. I really like this product and for the money is affordable too.

  12. Awesome product, really worked to treat my plantar fasciitis and arch pain. I wore one brace on each foot and from the moment I put it on I felt relief. Took 4 weeks to totally heal though.

  13. Great product, immediate relief for my foot pain.. Works on my plantar fasciitis and I’ve been pain free since wearing it.

  14. Absolutely love this product. Delivery was fast and as promised. Plus it comes with a free carry bag and rehab exercise program. Definitely worth the money.

  15. Ordered Heelaway along with BioBlast pain gel and both products work great. This company is legit and so are their products. If you have plantar fasciiti like I do, or joint problems I highly recommend their stuff.

  16. Great company! Order Heelaway and the BioBlast pain gel and both products work great, highly recommend to anyone suffering from arch pain. I use the gel on my back too and it’s some of the strongest stuff I’ve ever tried.

  17. Purchased 2 Heel Away and they really do work. The elastic tension made my feet feel better right away and the gel cels cooled the burn in my arches. It took 2 weeks for the pain to go away, but if you follow the directions and wear it consistently your pain will get better like mine.

  18. Just ordered Heelaway 7 days ago, product was delivered as promised. Have been using it for 2 days and my pain has gone from an 8 to a 2. So far this product is great and definitely worth the money considering how much I’ve wasted on inserts.

  19. Heelaway is a miracle it has solved my foot pain issues after many doctors injections and medicine. Heelaway solved my problem, I highly recommend this product.

  20. Terrible company, ordered mine DEC 1 paid for fast shipping still didn’t have it by the 27th called cancelled order money still hasn’t been refunded when I call Heel Away customer support they just tell me they’ll bump it to upper management so they can call me back still haven’t had a call yet went to back to get money, back beware!!

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