HD Smart Ear REVIEW | As Seen On TV Personal Sound Amplifier

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Official website: www.hdsmartear.com

About HD Smart Ear

Are you trying harder to hear, do you have to turn your good ear to listen what they are saying, do you often say “what?” You need a hearing device. HD Smart Ear claims to be the answer to your hearing woes, it is a “behind the ear” discreet and slim Personal Sound Amplification Product and not a HEARING AID. HD Smart Ear is priced at $68 (including shipping). It is intended only for people without impaired-hearing.

How does HD Smart Ear work?

The makers of the HD Smart Ear claim that with their hearing amplifier air you would be able to hear all the sounds vividly much better than your natural hearing. The HD Smart Ear claims to be loaded with features like HD Sound, 4-Sound Settings, 1-touch control and the HD Smart Eart fits either ear, these features are usually found in subscription hearing aids that cost over $150. Now you can enjoy the vivid, High Definition, clear, pure hearing without the prescription with HD Smart Ear for under $70. You won’t miss a sound with the HD Smart Ear hearing aid, no more muffled sound anymore.



Disadvantages of HD Smart Ear

  • Not intended for Hearing-Impaired person.
  • HD Smart is NOT FDA approved.
  • No warranty.
  • No information about the battery.
  • Not an alternative to a “TRUE” Medical Grade Hearing Aid for hearing-impaired.
  • Creates a lot of STATIC.
  • HD Smart Ear amplifies all the sounds not just the one you want to hear.
  • Does not filter sound.
  • Needs constant adjustment.
  • Too much echo.
  • HD Smart Ear is not very durable, will break down in a couple of months.
  • Expensive, other branded alternatives with the same features are available under $50 at Amazon.com


Advantages of HD Smart Ear

Works fairly well in the situation where there only a single sound source, like watching late night TV where there are no other sound sources.



There have been tons of (P)ersonal (S)ound (A)mplification (P)roducts like HD Smart Ear sold on the TV under the pretext of HEARING AID. People need to understand that Personal Sound Amplifiers like HD Smart Ear are not HEARING AIDS and if they are experiencing hearing loss they should consult a physician who would examine their condition to determine if they are hearing-impaired and if found to be the case, would prescribe them a HEARING AID (which is FDA approved).

Telemarketers often misguide people into believing that the personal sound amplifiers like HD Smart Ear are true hearing aids (they also refer to them as “hearing aid” in the advertisement which is misleading), many gullible old folks get scammed by such false claims. In-fact FDA advises not to use Personal Sound Amplifiers like HD Smart Ear if you are hearing impaired, that could worsen the hearing issue.

Q. What is so “HD” about the Smart Ear?
A. Having the word “HD” does not mean anything, its just a marketing ploy.

Q. So who should buy HD Smart Ear?
A. If you are having hearing issue and your physician has validated that your are NOT hearing-impaired then you may use sound amplifier devices like HD Smart Ear.

Q. Is HD Smart Ear a good Personal Sound Amplifier?
A. Nope. HD Smart Ear makes it sound as if it is the only Personal Sound Amplifier available in the market. That’s not true, there are tons of them available all over the internet and local retail stores. There are several FDA approved PSAPs available out there. We would suggest buying the Britzgo Digital Hearing Amplifier over the HD Smart Ear.

Q. Is the HD Smart Ear only Personal Sound Amplifier Device available?
A. Nope there are tons of these personal sound amplifiers available at Amazon.com

Q. How many frequency settings does the HD Smart Ear have?
A. 4 Frequency Settings.

Q. Where is the HD Smart Ear made?
A. Where everything else is made – CHINA.

Q. Does it have holes so that your ear can breath?
A. Nope, HD Smart Ear does not have holes.

Q. What batteries does the HD Smart Ear use?
A. No information about the batteries.

Q. Can you replace the battery?
A. Yes, like any other personal sound amplifier. The HD Smart Ear unit comes with 3 batteries.

Q. How long do batteries last?
A. Presumably upto 400 hours.

Q. Is there a better alternative to HD Smart Ear?
A. Yes, Britzgo Digital Hearing Amplifier.

Q: Do this HD Smart Ear amplifier have different frequencies?
A: The HD Smart Ear unit has 4 pre-set modes accessible by repeatedly pushing the “M” button on the unit. From the instruction sheet: Program 1 – Wide Frequency (1-6 KHz); Program 2 – Low Frequency (0.3 – 2 KHz); Program 3 – High Frequency (0.8 – 4 KHz); Program 4 – Medium Frequency (0.5 KHz – 3 KHz).

Q: What type of battery is used?
A: RAY O VAC 675 will work or even Energizer 357 replacement batteries will also do.

Q: Do we need to buy two or one HD Smart Ear units for both ears?
A: HD Smart Ear will work on either one of the ear, it does not work for both at once. For that, you need two but use only if you have hearing loss in both ears.

Q: Do the HD Smart Ear earpieces have air holes so the ear can breathe?
A: No, this amplifier does not have that.

Q: How can you tell which program it is ON? Does HD Smart Ear start up on no. 1 each time or the last setting?
A: The HD Smart Ear arrives in program 1 and retains settings after power off.

Q: Does it have a low battery warning?
A: Yes.

Q: What is the weight of the HD Smart Ear?
A: It is very light. You may not even feel you are wearing it.


HD Smart Ear Verdict

To use HD Smart Ear one does not require a doctor’s prescription and can get it one for yourself if you think you are having difficulty hearing. If you are a person who is embarrassed to be noticed as someone with hearing problems, worry not, HD Smart Ear slim built fits well behind the ear and people will not even notice it immediately.

The high quality sound promotes active social life with not having the embarrassment to ask people to repeat what they have said and keeping the TV volume low hence not disturbing the other family members. However, the thing with HD Smart Ear is that even at its lowest setting, the volume may still be too loud for someone with perfect hearing and could actually end up damaging his or her ears. Hence, it is advice to use only if you at all have hearing impairment. Another issue is that HD Smart Ear is been designed to fit all adult ears so there are chance that it might not fit children’s ear.

An alternative to HD Smart Ear is Britzgo Digital Hearing Aid Amplifier. You can get it on amazon.com for $59. Also, it is ranked as number 1 bestseller product in the category Hearing Amplifier on amazon. It has modern stylish design, 500 hours battery life, tone control and adjustable. Britzgo Digital Hearing Aid Amplifier has received 4 star ratings out of 5 on average. Before finalizing any product go check the ratings plus reviews and weighing your requirements and the product specifications buy the product worth your money.


What do I get?

  • 1 HD Smart Ear Hearing Aid
  • 5 Ear tips
  • 3 Additional batteries

Price: $60 including shipping | Official website: HDSmartEar.com

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