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About Grip Clip

Grip Clip claims to be a better way to cut your nails without losing control and tearing your nails! Grip Clip convinces that its extra-wide rubberized non-slip grip lets you take complete control so you never tear your nails. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once Grip Clip is reviewed.


Grip Clip CLAIMS

Grip Clip promises that its professional quality stainless steel blades don’t rust or tear and always give you clean precise cut every time. At this point of time there are no Grip Clip reviews to verify this claim.

Grip Clip also states that it is designed with an extra wide opening making it a breeze to cut thick, wide nails. This claim of Grip Clip will be attested only once users review Grip Clip.

Grip Clip declares that its 3x magnifying glass with a super bright light gives you incredible clarity making it easier for you to see where you are cutting. This claim can be proved only after we analyse Grip Clip reviews.

Grip Clip emphasizes that it features a nail clip catcher that catches all the clippings preventing it from flying all over the place. Simply open the door to empty it out. Does it sound too good to be true? Grip Clip reviews will soon reveal the facts.


Perfect for those with arthritis or stiff hands
Grip Clip proclaims to be perfect for people with arthritis or stiff hands and it ever claims to be ideal for children with small nails! Does Grip Clip really work as promised? Send us your Grip Clip review.


What do I get?
1 Grip Clip and 1 set of Tweezers for $19.99 plus FREE shipping. Official website | Order it today!

Grip Clip Review

Silvia Valdez is unhappy with the Grip Clip and writes in her review- “Cheap clipper part that cannot be replaced. The first time I used it, 1-2 cm metal flakes came off the ‘sharp’ part and kept on dropping”.

In her review of the Grip Clip, Jodi Adkins says that the top and bottom of the cutter did not align with each other so it didn’t cut the nails and skin well.

Another user, Alicia Dean complains in her Grip Clip review- “I do find the cutting quality to be superior to other child clippers, however the overall quality is disappointing. The pin that holds the clipper together slides out of place constantly. I have to use needle nose pliers to push it back into place every 3-4 uses. I also find the magnifying glass placement a little awkward to use”.

Marcia Quinn who tried the Grip Clip is disappointed with it and writes in her review- “I thought the magnifying glass on this was a great idea but it really didn’t work well for me. I feel like it didn’t magnify it enough to help and the lens and the plastic around it got more in the way than anything. I end up just putting my face very close to see what I’m doing”.

Nicole Powell bought the Grip Clip and mentions in her review that it is made cheap and feels cheap too. Although she never used the magnifier it feels like it is going to fall apart. The handle is sort of wobbly when you push down, she says.

In her review of the Grip Clip, Pauline Gregory claims that the magnifying glass isn’t really clear no matter how much you try to clean it and it’s in the way.

Nora Nguyen has mixed reviews about the Grip Clip and states in her review- “It’s great idea with the design having a magnifying glass attached, but the glass is bit tinted and hard to see because it’s plastic”.

Jill Price writes in her review of the Grip Clip that the clipper often cannot cut all the way through.

Lindsey Frank bought the Grip Clip and claims in her review- “The magnifying glass is sort of useless, can be disorienting while clipping, I only use it to check and make sure I have clipped the nails”.

Rita Mann says in her Grip Clip review that one edge of the clippers she got were blunt.

Another user, Annie Powell says in her Grip Clip review- “They don’t seem to be as sharp as other finger nail clippers that I have used which is kind of a pain since it takes a little longer to clip them”.

Jacquelyn Weber is not very happy with the Grip Clip and mentions in her review that the Grip Clip is dull and inoperable.

Jessica Martinez states in her review of the Grip Clip – “It would not cut at all. Would only partially grab the nail and tear it off, no clicking sound either”.

Rosemary Sanders tried the Grip Clip and is unhappy with it and mentions in her review that the magnifying glass is worthless and makes it harder to see.
Brenda Peters claims in her Grip Clip review that it is not very sharp. It barely clips without feeling like I need to rip the nail off with them.

Joanna Carson is unhappy with the Grip Clip and states in her review that it is too bulky and trying to look through the magnifying glass is impossible.

Diana Alvarez says in her review of the Grip Clip- “The handle ‘wobbles’, and it has to be exactly in the middle to push down and clip”.

Grip Clip Questions and Answers

Q. Is the Grip Clip made in China?
A. Yes, it is made in China.

Q. Can you remove the magnifier?
A. Yes, the magnifier is removable.

Q. Can you remove all the plastic parts and put it on any other nail clipper?
A. No.

Q. Does the Grip Clip have a filer in it?
A. No, there is no filer as a part of the clipper.


What do I get?

  • 1 Grip Clip
  • 1 Set of Tweezers

Price: $19.99 plus FREE shipping at the Official website:

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