Get Up and Go Cane Review

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What is Get up and Go Cane?

If you often struggle to stand up from a sitting position then what you need is the all new Get Up and Go Cane. The Get Up and Go Cane is an incredible cane designed to help you stand up and sit down more easily and safely. Here’s introducing, the Get Up and Go Cane, a cane designed by an orthopedic surgeon that provides balance, leverage and safety. The Get Up and Go Cane provides a helping hand when sitting and standing, making standing from a seated position more comfortable and easy.


Get Up and Go Cane CLAIMS

Simply spread the pivoting handle, lean forward and push yourself up without any strain on your back or legs.

The two handle design helps in the distribution of body weight more evenly. The equal weight distribution system leverages 10 inches of support for proper balance and easy mobility.


Get Up and Go Cane Features
The Get Up and Go Cane features a fully adjustable handle allowing you to adjust the height of the cane from 29 ″ to 40 ″. It also has a soft comfortable foam handle to ease the impact on your hands and joints.

The Get Up and Go Cane has a lightweight durable design, storage compartment in the handle and supports up to 250lbs.

Unlike regular canes that can be wobbly and unsafe making you ask others for help the Get Up and Go Cane is safe and helps you regain your independence. Order the Get Up and Go Cane today!

Get Up and Go Cane REVIEW

Donna Reed states in her review“Light is the key problem with Get Up and Go Cane. The light of this cane wasn’t working when it arrived as the battery was dead. I haven’t used it yet. Still clueless about the reality of Get Up and Go Cane. Ridiculous but true.”

Bob Hicks mentions in his review“The battery compartment of Get Up and Go Cane isn’t properly designed. A metal ring needs to be pulled out first, and then the batteries have to be worked out over a bulge of metal to get them out. Once they come out, you need close the top. It’s difficult to use Get Up and Go Cane this way. The threads on the light cap are soft and too fine. It’s tough to position them correctly (to screw on properly) without spoiling them.”

JASON Wells says in his review“The height of Get Up and Go Cane is difficult to adjust. Piece of junk.”

KAREN Sims complains in her review“The bottom of Get Up and Go Cane is too slippery. Not worth buying.”

RYAN Sharon reveals in his review“A pull tab should’ve been provided on the body of Get Up and Go Cane. Its stoppers on the storage spaces don’t work properly.”

AMANDA Young says in her review“The light switch is at the top of the Get Up and Go Cane. It gets activated unknowingly, even when not needed. It happened several times, even while I was opening its box. What a start!”

Shirley STEWART reveals in her review“The length of Get Up and Go Cane is pretty difficult to adjust. I wish its lower handle was as easy to adjust as the top handle. Using its wrench isn’t any easier either. Even its configuration seems problematic. Get Up and Go Cane seems too risky to me. It’s like a collective pile of problems.”

Sean Adams says in his review“Get Up and Go Cane uses two CR2032 batteries for the flashlight. But it’s difficult to pull them out. Don’t know why they’ve chosen low-powered batteries for it that aren’t even available easily. An AA battery would’ve been better for Get Up and Go Cane.”

JANET Chris – “I’m 6 ft 2” and weigh 220 lbs. Get Up and Go Cane isn’t helping me even though I followed all instructions. I’ll return Get Up and Go Cane.”

MIKE Phillips – “Get Up and Go Cane is fine but for a couple of issues. Firstly, adjusting the second handle is difficult and secondly, the instructions are rather ambiguous. Can’t figure out Get Up and Go Cane.”

ANDREA Terry – “The handle of Get Up and Go Cane isn’t cushioned. It’s too hard. The makers need to do something urgently.”

Carl Harvey complains in his review“Bought Get Up and Go Cane last week. Its threaded ring around the lower part of the cane shaft was cross-threaded. It crammed when I moved it gently and now, I’m not able to adjust the cane’s length. Adjusting the cane shaft of Get Up and Go Cane was also a task… The threads on the tubing should’ve been stronger.”

BRENDA KEITH reveals in her review“There are various issues in the light of Get Up and Go Cane. The lens housing that needs to be taken off to change batteries uses very fine threads. Secondly, cross threading is also faulty, and since the body is made from plastic (cheap quality), changing the batteries is also difficult. I got DOA batteries with it. Had to discard them to make the light function.”

Roger Harper claims in his review“The switch of the Get Up and Go Cane light is pathetic. Quality is just too bad. And it’s situated at the top of the handle in such a way that the light can turn on by itself. It moves all over when you walk, so it won’t be useful unless you stand still. The light of Get Up and Go Cane is not too bad; it’s pretty bright. Wish Get Up and Go Cane in entirety was good.”


What do I get?
You will receive Get Up and Go Cane for $39.99 | Official website:

3 thoughts on “Get Up and Go Cane Review

  1. We have two (2) ‘My Get Up & Go Canes’.
    The batteries in mine have ‘burned out’.

  2. my get up and go cane is useless to me. It doesn’t adjust low enough for me, I’m 5’3″. Other than that it seems like it would be great. It gave a weight restriction but said nothing about height. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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