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Do you suffer from chronic neck and back pain? Often no matter what you try it doesn’t seem to go away. Do you know the reason for it may be bad posture? People who need to bend over their desks at work or who anyway have bad posture suffer from this problem. But now you can say goodbye to neck, back and head pain with Gaiam ShouldersBack, the shoulder posture brace that is designed by orthopaedists to put your shoulder in proper posture thereby preventing pain.

How does Gaiam ShouldersBack Work

The nylon vest Gaiam ShouldersBack is lightweight and easy to wear unlike other straps and braces that are heavy and uncomfortable and give you more pain when you wear it.

Gaiam ShouldersBack is so amazing that it easily adjusts with its adjustable straps so that you get custom fit according to your size and comfort. What’s more, you can even wear it under your clothing so that it is unnoticed to anyone else and yet you get the support that you want. This is also what other braces don’t give you and are visible over and under your clothes making you feel conscious about your appearance.

The fitting of Gaiam ShouldersBack is so comfortable and secure that your shoulder and back will get complete support and alignment. Since it’s constructed by orthopaedists, it is designed in a way that it retrains your mind and muscles and helps you sit and stand taller than you normally do.

Gaiam ShouldersBack is made of 50% PowerMesh nylon, 30% elastane, and 20% polyester so it is cool and comfortable enough to wear everyday – even to work and also during warm climates. That’s not all. You can even work out wearing the special brace. Maintaining the Gaiam ShouldersBack is also easy since it is hand washable and you can line dry it. The shoulder brace measures up to 38” on chest (size Medium) that fits most women and it measures over 38” chest for most men (a size L). The shoulder brace is available in Beige and Black colors and you can choose the color as per your preference.



What do I get?
Gaiam ShouldersBack $ 55.00. Official website



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