Fun Feet Super Soft Slippers

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What is Fun Feet?

They are extra soft and comfortable slippers that can be used to keep the feet warm and cozy anywhere. They are easier to put on and are water proof too.


Protect your feet:

Fun Feet claims to be a pair of slippers that are unlike ordinary slippers and flip-flops when it comes to providing great comfort. The problem with regular slippers it that they slide and come off anytime, which can be frustrating. Plus open slippers pose a problem of letting cold catch you if the floor is cold in winters. Fun Feet is said to be designed keeping all this in mind and to provide you with a solution that is soft to wear and great at protecting the feet.


Comfortable Design:

Fun Feet claims that its design is crafted with consideration that everyone has a different shape of feet even if the size is the same. This is why it is said that the body of Fun Feet is tailored out of an anti-microbial FitFlex material which is very easy on the feet. The use of this particular material also ensures that the super softness of its fabric just molds to the feet just like custom made slippers. Fun Feet also supposedly ensures that there is enough room for air to pass since the fabric is also ultra-breathable and designed to ventilate properly. Apparently Fun Feet are so light weight that one will hardly even feel they are on and this is why they work perfectly for any place.

Use it anywhere:

Fun Feet claim that they are such soft and high performance slippers that they can be used to wear indoors at around the house and at the office or outdoors by the pool, gym, plane, etc. for a comforting experience. The additional advantage stated claim that they are completely machine washable and have rubber bottoms to avoid any type of skidding to benefit use on any surface.


    What do I get ?

  • You’ll receive Two set of Fun Feet for just $22.98 plus $6.99 S&H!
  • Official Website :

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