Fresh Shields Review

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What are Fresh Shields:

They are underarm pads that claim to block odours and stains so that you stay dry and fresh all day.
Fresh Shields assert that they can offer you much needed respite from the nuisance of perspiration, which can have an impact on how you feel all day long. No matter where you are, be it at work or at an event, if it’s hot outside, you start sweating. It means all the effort in putting your perfect look together is about to go to waste. You want to make a crisp impression at work as well but sweat spots not only take away from your appearance but make you feel inhibited as well. Perspiration odour is another annoyance that you want to try and avoid. Now you can easily do that with Fresh Shields underarm pads, according to its claims.


Fresh Shields work effectively for you

When you sweat, it’s the underarm area that becomes a problem zone with stains and odour. Fresh Shields maintains that it can work instantly to eliminate the problem and it does that by absorbing moisture. At the same time it encapsulates odour molecules and that is how it assures you that all the stains and smells will be a thing of the past. Fresh Shields also stresses that it can absorb perspiration, which is why you can go on feeling dry and fresh all through the day. Now there’s nothing to stop you from making a lasting impression every day.


Fresh Shields is very easy to use

If you are worried about ruined garments because of sweat spots then Fresh Shields promise to be the right solution for you. Importantly, it’s a simple addition to your daily lifestyle that can do the job. All you have to do to use Fresh Shields is simply remove the backing and stick it to your shirt’s underarm area. Once that’s done, you will start getting freedom from stains and odours through the day. Yes, these pads are meant to be durable so that they can go with you all day long.

Fresh Shields and its many features for your benefit

To begin with, Fresh Shields is thin and discreet so that it can be easily worn under your clothes. No one will know you are wearing it while you keep on getting its benefits. It is safe for sensitive skin, all natural and completely hypoallergenic, which is what you want. Fresh Shields can be used to keep your whites bright as they should be and the good thing is that they don’t leave any sticky residue on delicate fabrics as well. You can wear them every day or for special occasions.


What Do I Get?

  • You’ll receive Two set of 10 Pairs of Fresh Shields for $15 + $7.99 P&H.
  • Official website:
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