Forever Comfy Gel Cushion Review

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After a long, hard day at work or home sitting in hard, uncomfortable seats, anyone would develop discomfort and pain in the back. Comfortable seating is what you need, and owning a cushion that drives away all your tiredness and discomfort certainly will help so check out Forever Comfy, a fantastic cushion that you offers utmost comfort to you while sitting. It’s a handy, soft cushion that once placed on your seat provides protection from pain and harm to your body when you have to sit long hours on uncomfortable seats.


Forever Comfy Gel Cushion
If you travel regularly to work or anywhere and have to endure long spells of being seated and there’s no choice, you can develop a painful lower back as well as hurting bottom. It generally happens when there’s no proper cushioning. What hurts is not your manner of sitting but comfortable seating facility, which is normally missing in many places. And don’t neglect the fact that continuous use of hard surfaces can result in permanent pain and even ailment in due course of time. But with Forever Comfy, you can get rid of this problem.

Forever Comfy has gel-filled core as an extra layer of support for you between you and your seat. It reduces the pain and discomfort instantly and acts as a cushy seat of support. Unlike other foam cushions, Forever Comfy has soft, supple gel centre so it offers flexibility as it moves with you and reduces discomfort caused by hard surfaces.

Forever Comfy is really lightweight, so you can easily take it around wherever you go. Whether it’s your car, office chair or anywhere else, make it a point to keep it at hand. Just sitting on Forever Comfy is not the only way to use it. You can also keep it under your bottom, behind your back or even under your feet for relief.

Forever Comfy is especially supportive for those who aren’t able to move around much or have to spend most time sitting. It also gives extra height when you need while driving or doing some work. What’s more, it’s machine washable, keeps you cool in summer and warm in the winter, durable and hassle free. So why not get yourself one right away!



What do I get?
2 Forever Comfy Cushions for just $19.95 + $15.90 s/h. 30 Day Money Back guarantee (less p&h). Official website


Forever Comfy Gel Cushion Video


111 thoughts on “Forever Comfy Gel Cushion Review

  1. What happened to the review I spent so much time writing? I tell it the way it is. I tell the truth. Then you people erase it. YOU CAN ALL GO TO HELL. I am involved with a group up and coming to stop these scams but, since YOU PEOPLE don’t appreciate it, we will abandon this cause and MAY YOU BRAINLESS IDIOTS GET SCREWED BY THESE SCAMMERS FOREVER MORE. TO ALL OF YOU WHO LOST YOUR MONEY, GOOD FOR You ALL FOR BEING SO STUPID.

    Goodbye from Mr. X and Scambusters

  2. I agree that the Forever Comfy Gel is nothing like it’s claimed to be. It’s a very sub-standard product that is virtually useless. When you order online, I expected to see a final summary of all charges and a chance to confirm the purchase: neither resulted. Once it was shipped, you have to go through the hassle of returning it and you lose the very high shipping charges, which are not refundable. All in all, run don’t walk away from this scam.

  3. This cushion is not worth the material it cost make it. You sit on it for 2 or 3 days, and it’s about 1 inch deep and provides no support at all.

  4. Just got ripped off by Ordered 1 cushion with 1 given for free for $19. Charged me more than double. I am pissed!

  5. OK, here is my review about this Product. I bought it at WalMart for my Husband, he is a Over the Road Truck Driver, and I must say this so called comfy is a Joke….it coast $19.99 plus Tax , so my Husband put it on his seat in the Truck and he said after sitting on it for 14 hours a day ” This Pillow is not doing anything, it is flat like a Pancake after sitting on it and it never goes back up, it does not help for the back at all and it is just like siting on the plain seat in the Truck ” so, I say it is not a good Product and the Commercial on it what I call miss leading, I would not RECOMMEND it at all, false advertisement people….

  6. Yep I agree, SCAM…. bought 4 Forever Comfy Cushions, even bought the “supposedly extra gel” — flat in a few days.. this product should be pulled and never sold again!

  7. After sitting on this cushion for a few days, it got as flat as a pancake, What a waste of money this product is.

  8. Got this Forever Comfy Gel Cushion as a gift would not buy or give one as a gift. It is a piece of crap its the biggest scam of a product ever sold. Don’t buy one, you’re just wasting your money.

  9. I purchased this Forever Comfy cushion for my wife because she has a bad back, she tried it but says it’s way to hard and makes her back hurt..

  10. I saw this ad for the “Forever Comfy Cushion” while watching TV on February 3, 2010 around 10:00PM. “Order 1 Forever Comfy Cushion for $19.95 and get a second on Free plus $9.95 S&P (Shipping and Processing)” for each cushion and that includes the “Free” cushion.

    I decided that I wanted the buy one get one free for $19.95 plus shipping of $9.95 for each cushion that would have meant my total should be $39.85 TOTAL.

    They gave you two options to order, a phone number on the screen or their website at

    Here is the BAD….

    Up front they ask for all of your personal information including your credit card info: Name, mailing address, phone number, email address, and credit card number and your 3 digit pin off the back of your card.

    After entering all of that information I was taken to the order page where I clicked I wanted (1) Cushion with the buy one get one free option for $19.95 which including what I saw as a very high shipping charge of $9.95 per cushion. Then they follow offering to give you many confusing options and keep asking if you want to buy extras. I read all of that carefully and then I clicked that I only wanted to purchase the Buy 1 get 1 Free. After that the webstie continued to ask if I wanted to buy extras such as 50% more Gel to which I kept clicking NO. They also tried to get you to buy their other products, and I said no to everything. Then they said that I was eligible for a free gift if I clicked yes, so I did (not knowing what the free gift was).

    After that I clicked enter thinking that I would be taken to a page to review my order and make sure I was only ordering the correct number of items with no extras added on and then finalize my order; but SURPRISE… when I clicked enter I was taken to a final page that said “Thank you for your order” Your total is $119.95 and it gave a breakdown of my order. It showed that I was being charged for a Quantity of 3 Comfy Cushions @ $19.95 for a subtotal of $59.85, and then it showed that my shipping would be $59.90 for a grand total of $119.95. They show shipping as P&H which probably means packaging and handling or postage and handing.

    When I saw those totals I blew my top! I immediately went back to the website and I saw a link at the bottom of the page that said Customer Service. I clicked on the Customer Service link and that took me to this page that read…

    Customer Service

    We are committed to providing the best products and friendliest customer service. If you should have any questions about ordering or about any of our great products, please feel free to contact us via the information provided below:

    You can also check your order status 24 hours a day at

    Send checks or money orders to:
    Forever Comfy
    P.O. Box 3179
    Wallingford, CT 06494

    Phone: 1-866-304-4271

    Customer service is available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 10:00pm Eastern Time.

    Please allow 24-48 hours for customer service to have information on your order.

    Your Credit Card will not be charged until your order ships.

    Please allow 2–6 weeks for your order to be delivered.

    All orders plus applicable tax. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (minus P&H).

    For all customers looking to return, please visit For your convenience, please have your order information handy.


    I then clicked on the link and on that page there were several options available to me to check on my order. i.e. your last name followed by your order#…. another was Your Last name, the last four digits of your credit card# and your zip code, there were at least 3 more similar options that you could use, and I tried them all and got this answer back each time… Sorry, your order is not in the system yet, please check back in 24 to 48 hours.

    I then went to bed and decided that I would try the link again when I woke up and if that didn’t work I would call the phone number listed for customer support 1-866-304-4271.

    I woke up at 9:30 AM made coffee and logged onto and entered one of the 5 options to view my order. I chose LAST NAME and Order Number, and presto up came my order and it listed a total of $119.95 and it appeared that I had ordered 3 sets of comfy cushions. I looked at the menu to the left and their was an option to Cancel Order and I clicked it and filled out the required information. I got a message that my order had been cancelled! I checked my email account but there was no email to confirm that I my order had been cancelled.

    So to try & verify that my order was indeed cancelled I called the Customer Service phone number 1-866-304-4271. I was on hold waiting for a least 30 minutes. Finally a young man answered the phone and I told him my problem. He asked for my last name, my phone number and my zip code and I gave him that information. After a few moments of silence he came back on the phone and said “I see that you have cancelled that order this morning over the internet at our customer service page and I said yes, but it did not give me a confirmation number. He said I can verify that the order was cancelled and I asked for his name and he gave it to me.

    I then explained to him exactly what had happened that I ordered 1 comfy cushion with the Buy 1 get 1 free option for $19.95 and I did understand that I would be charged a Shipping and handling charge of $9.95 per cushion and that my total should have been $39.85, but when I finalized my order it didn’t give me the option to review my order it just spit out my total order and a thank you, and that it showed I had ordered 3 buy one get 1 free comfy cushions (which I didn’t do) and I was being billed for $119.95 and that was why I cancelled.

    I told him I didn’t like the way the website was setup where it asks for you credit card information right off the bat before entering your order and then there is no place to review your final order and change things before finalizing the order, and he agreed that the website was very confusing to use. He once again reiterated that my order had been cancelled and not to worry about it anymore. I told him that just in case that they do try to deliver to me I would refuse the order and he said that would be fine. I hung up the phone and ended the conversation. I then double checked one more time online at and it still shows my order as cancelled. I hope that is the end of it but just in case I printed out copies showing that my order was cancelled on 02/04/2013 just in case they deliver the item anyway. This company that makes these is in China and you never know what they might try to pull.

    I just wanted to share what happened with me hoping that my experience will help someone else that reads my review.

  11. After reading all of these mostly negative Forever Comfy reviews, I have decided to refuse delivery on my order. I can’t afford to pay more than what the offer said it would be. I will no doubt, have some problems in getting my money returned, but that is how it goes. No more ordering from TV–no matter how convincing the con is!

  12. Not a good buy. Like others, overcharged for two cushions and within 2 days, cushions are completely flat. Completely misrepresented.

  13. Lots of problems with the Forever Comfy. The thickness sounds good but is no benefit unless you are very heavy. Any one that weighs less than about 160 never pushes the top foam piece down far enough to even touch the gel center so what’s the purpose? If placed on a dining chair the thickness makes it nearly impossible to get your legs between the table and the cushion….if you are short your legs will dangle with the extra height, not very comfy. When placed in a vehicle you will either hit your head on the roof or slump forward trying to reach the steering wheel which is not comfy. On a computer chair you need an adjustable chair set way low or you will be hoisted so high you slump forward to reach your keyboard and you are still at an uncomfortable angle. I haven’t found any place the Forever Comfy is actually comfortable!

  14. This Forever Comfy Gel Cushion is a rip off website. I have not received my order yet so it maybe the best cushion ever, but I wanted 1 cushion for $19.95 plus shipping $9.90 and 1 for shipping only $9.90, which should have been $39.75. My e-mail I got today stated 2 cushions for $19.95 each (total $39.90) plus 2 shipping charges for $39.80 for a total charge of $79.70. They did show a preferred customer discount of $5.00 for a total charge of $74.70. The website never gave me a chance to verify order and no way of contacting them. I finally found an e-mail address and sent two messages but they never replied. I could not find a telephone number to contact them. Lesson learned. This could be the best product ever but they are not very professional. Will not do any business with them again and would advise anyone to stay clear of them.

  15. This Forever Comfy Gel Cushion is not what it claims to be. I sat on the cushion and it compress to 1 inch of non-support. It felt like the center of your back was being pushed up. The cushion in the advertisement DID NOT compress when it was sat on. This product does not meet the pressure relieving support the consumer is looking for. My current Healthy Back cushion from the TempurPedic store works much better than this product ever will.

  16. SCAM!! I called the TV publicized number and a mechanical ordering system came on. After successfully making that purchase, the mechanical voice started to tell me what else they were going to send me for multiple other charges and then it gave me a chance to decline. I declined each time. After hanging up realizing that had I hung up immediately after the first purchase those charges would probably have been put on my card, I called my bank and cancelled that debit card. I called my bank the next day and was told that Forever Comfy (a $30 purchase) had been submitted as an $79 purchase. Regardless of my having declined each added purchase, they put them on there anyway.

  17. I am so disappointed after reading all of these reviews. But, glad I did.

    As far as ordering, been there before. Can’t talk to anyone and giving your CC #, then finding additional charges, etc. There should be a law against doing business this way. Why are they aloud to scam this way?

    I am really needing something to relieve the back pain when I sit and sew for several hours. I guess a straight back chair will have to do for now. I’m a skeptic. But, this did sound so good.

    Thanks to all for your advice.

    • So disappointed, I bought the forever Comfy Cushion but have not received it. Got it for my mom for she has back problems hope it doesn’t suck as bad as they say. But did want to tell you that I purchased something called bed of nails for my mom from eBay (new still in box) and from the first night she used it her back is feeling 90% better. It was a great investment and glad to see my mom not hurting like she was. It is based on acupressure and really seems to make a difference!!

  18. I am so disappointed after reading all of these Forever Comfy Gel Cushion reviews. But, glad I did. As far as ordering, been there before. Can’t talk to anyone and giving your CC #, then finding additional charges. There should be a law against this.

  19. The biggest problem I have is there is no subtotal before you click the “BUY” button. I ordered 1 set, that is 2 cushions, but was charged for 2 sets, that is 4 cushions. I know for a fact I put in for 1 set. Please be wary of the OFFICIAL FOREVER COMFY website

  20. Re: Forever Comfy Gel Cushion:
    The Forever Comfy website sucks. Make a call and it takes forever to give them the info they need without seducing you to order a bunch of other stuff. And then I read the reviews. I can only hope I get the gel cushion. And that it’s not as bad as most of the reviews say.

  21. I am beginning to hate this company. I order two Forever Comfy Gel Cushions for my brother for x-mas. I ordered in Sept. and have been consistently billed on my credit card every month since! I live in Mexico and can’t call an 866 number from here so it’s frustrating because I can’t find a way to contact the company and demand that they stop billing me. My only other option is to cancel my credit card and get a new one – which will be a real pain. I’ve looked up the Attorney General’s office in NY which is where the company is ( I guess ). But the AG’s office has a difficult procedure to reporting fraud/scams. I’ll keep trying because the amount I’m being charged is twice what the original order was. I swear I will NEVER order anything from the TV again, except for the old reliable like HSN AND QVC who are honorable in their dealings with customers.

  22. I bought two Forever Comfy Gel Cushions and they are truly great. yes they cost me $19.95 each, but they were worth every penny. I sit wrong and too low in my truck and this is a great way to lift me up. Also it allows me to drive great distance without back aces. I am missing a disc in my back and so driving was very uncomfortable. NOT ANY MORE. I really like it a lot.

    • You must be a paid shill. Shilling is the oldest scam in the world and you should be ashamed to try luring in the stupid and gullible. Gel will definitely displace when sat on, it’s a law of physics. Does your daddy own this company or something?

  23. Thank you for all informative post and comments about this cushion. I was ready to call and order this when I first saw it.

    I have Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, I weight only 100 lbs. So it’s very difficult for me to sit anywhere. I thought this was my answer! Thanks to all the honest Forever Comfy Gel Cushion reviews, this won’t be another lost cause that we’ve invested money into. You also saved us, what sounds like, a lot more money than they lead you to believe until your already caught in their “TRAP” of ordering!!

    Thank you to everyone who took the time to save the rest of us who’ve learned to ” If sounds to good… ! ”
    There was also a comment made that advised to order these kind of items with a pre-paid card, then they’re unable to charge you more than what you’ve agreed to. GREAT IDEA

  24. I phoned in my order (not a live person) and I thought something was fishy when they kept offering this and that along with it and I kept saying No, No, No each time. I called AT&T Universal credit card company this morning and they said they couldn’t do anything at this point as the order had been placed. I plan to put it in dispute as soon as it shows up on my bill. They also told me the amount was $119.70 when I only ordered the 2 cushions. The 866-304-4271 number they gave me to cancel did not work. What a Scam! I just learned another lesson the hard way. I plan to contact Better Business Bureau. This is maddening.

  25. I had intended on buying this cushion until I saw that the order form was the same mess & company that I dealt with while ordering “Magic Mesh Door Curtain”. I made the “mistake” of ordering 4 due to their manipulative ordering form. I called to cancel. I was told it “was not in their system yet” & to call back in 12 hrs. As with others when I called back as instructed their reply was “sorry, already shipped”. The ONLY thing you can do at this point is write “Refused: Return to Sender” on the pkg & return with registered mail. Yes it costs a few more $ but you recoup the rest. Also notify your credit card company. Their scam is making millions off of unfair practice.

  26. Stay away from this product and company…I got raked over the coals, and I guarantee that you most likely will be to.

  27. I ordered a 2 Forever comfy cushions on the phone. 2 for $19.95 plus sipping for both. I received mine today. I received 4 cushions and was charged over $80.00. Can you help me. order# 2545420124. How do I correct this? There was no shipping slip at all. Please help me with your mistake in my order and credit my credit card. Thank you, Kevin Crow

  28. I am so grateful for the overwhelming amount of concensus information. I logged on to order the Comfy Gel Cushion; which undoubtedly, I will not be doing! Thanks for the postings.

  29. Agree w/ below posts. Product total for two cushions- $39.95 w/ s&h of $19.90. Both cushions got hard n flat after few uses. foam does not recover its shape. Remains flat n hard. Gel pad inside is pathetic. Not worth buying. Not worth sending back…don’t get monies spent on original s&h, plus have to spend more money to ship it back before reimbursement.

  30. This Forever Comfy Gel is a fraud. $19.95 and $9.95 shipping for each comes to almost $40. The product is poorly made. If you ordered this item the best way to cancel it is to write an email to them and tell them you are reporting them to your credit card company and your going to notify your state attorney general .

    • Lots of luck. Our political scum in this country let these scammers get away with it. They should take these scammers, the liars in the commercials and the scum personnel at the TV stations who air these ads and execute them by firing squad as traitors to the stupid and gullible and all the others in the country. Yes, being a traitor warrants execution by firing squad. IT”S TIME TO BRING THIS GARBAGE TO AN END!

  31. I ordered this on line, I only ordered the buy one, get one and it said it was shipping me (2). They do not give you a phone number to call to change your order, and it takes over 24 hours for you to get an email confirmation and you still can’t access to cancel, which I am still trying to do. I do not want to pay s&h for these. Be careful when you order, it doesn’t give you a chance to confirm before you purchase. If you really want only 1 go to Amazon, more expensive, but you get just 1! Listen to all these complaints..I wish I would have seen this before I ordered!!

  32. I purchased a Comfort Gel Cushion on 10.19.12. Total scam, the foam is poor quality just like all the others. I weigh 190 lbs, and after 3days of on and off use, the cushion flattened out and didn’t rise back to the original thickness. One month later it is still flat as a credit card. None of the relief was experienced that was advertised.

  33. I am so glad I saw this before ordering. A tip when placing these types of orders is: purchase a re-loadable debit card and place only enough to cover your expected bill. This will keep a company from charging you more than you are willing to pay, as it will decline if over your available balance. I try not to use my actual banking cards online. There is just too much potential for fraud.

    • That’s a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing that, I’ll now use that with any online purchase I make, no matter what it’s for.

    • What good will that do? The product is junk so you still lose but, not as much. You make about as much sense as a screendoor on a submarine.

  34. I see that my husband was just another victim of fraud. He had the same problem when ordering those so called “Forever Comfy” pillows. He is a handicapped veteran with use of only one arm. He ordered just 1 pillow and wound up with 4 and was charged $109.80. I have already sent one complaint but I have not heard one word from them. His bill should have been only $19.95 + $9.95 shipping since he only wanted one and was supposed to get the second one free. What a joke!!!

    He has only used the one pillow for a couple of days and it is already flat. All I want to know is how do we get the money they owe us back. I will gladly send the other 2 pillows back. I just want to be able to get the other $79.90 back. I am worried that if I just send them back we will never see any of the money and have 2 other pillows we did not order. Like so many other people we are on a fixed income and this extra charge has caused us to be over-drafted at our bank. I sure hope with all these complaints we can get rid of these scammers on TV. Ailing people like my husband are looking for relief and all they get is ripped off.

    I hope that there is something that can be done. Thank you.


    • The biggest fraud I have ever encountered, forever comfy should be ashamed of itself, I will never never never purchase anything from this company ever ever ever again. I will tell the whole world about this fraud.

      • I am a disabled senior citizen & have quite a few invisible incurable illnesses, one of which being Fibromyalgia, pain 24/7. I was trying to get the cushion for my son with back problems, an 18 wheeler truck driver, you know long hauls of sitting. I got one for my brother in law with diabetes, but because my mother & I don’t have a car, he takes us anywhere or will go get things for us. Also, wanted to get one for my mother, 88 years old & then one for myself as I have degenerative disk disease & sitting very long is painful. I have such respect for our soldiers & for your hubby be treated that way is inexcusable. I had 9 family members, soldiers in Desert Storm, so I have a very special place in my heart for our soldiers & especially our walking wounded warriors soldiers, I send in money to our Wounded Warriors, if I remember it right! It broke my heart to read your story & I hate that our soldiers have to live on a limited income, that is so not fair for those who put their lives on the line that we may have freedom! Has anything been done for you yet? I will be praying for you & please tell your hubby, Ray, that I say Thank you, sir for serving your Country! By the way, I ordered my pillows on 11-27-12 & have yet to receive them! Why is there no phone number to this place, that is a joke to me!

    • Dear Roseann, I don’t see just real well, but if you will look at the comment from me, Ellen Williams, it was intended for you & your soldier hubby! I said plenty & I will be praying for yall, as I have deep respect for soldiers of all kinds & especially our Walking Wounded Warrior Soldiers! God bless you & your family!

  35. I am livid at the rip off and will NOT let the scam go. I ordered the buy one/get one for $39. After I entered my debit card number and clicked, it said I had been billed 79.70! There is, of course, no one to answer their so-called customer service number and no record of my purchase on their place to “check order status”.

    Do not purchase from this company. Can you imagine how many elderly people they have stolen from? As for me, I printed out everything and will be taking copies to my State Atty Generals office ASAP. I will also call and write the Better Business Bureau repeatedly until they are out of business. If everyone who has been stolen from by this company would do the same, they would be forced out of business.

    PLEASE don’t just stop by posting here. Call and speak to your local Atty Gen’s office and Better Business Bureau. The next time you see the ad on tv, call your local station and let them know it’s a scam. I”m reporting it also to my bank as a scam. If we all would print out all these reviews and mail them in after calling we could prevent this from happening to more. This has never happened to me before and I will not stop until they are off tv and refunding everyone who was stolen from, too. Shame on whoever is behind this! It will cost you, ultimately, more than you made from trusting consumers. Everyone one, report them ASAP!

      • Dear Rebecca, The state attorney’s office is worthless. They know these scams exist and our poor excuse of a government does nothing to stop it. The FCC should forbid the ads on TV and arrest all personnel who star in the ads and promote them on TV. The TV stations should have their licenses pulled and be removed from the airwaves. Then, the people who were arrested should be found guilty of being traitors to the stupid and gullible and executed by firing squad. Being a traitor is punishable by firing squad. This will bring a stop to this shame and nonsense. ALSO, the BBB is dishonest and worthless since, for the right price, anyone can get an A+ rating.

  36. I used the website address from the TV ad. I was to buy one comfy cushion and get another free. I understood the shipping and handling information. After entering my shipping information and my credit card number, my statement came up which said my credit card would be charged $39.??.

    Now I’m annoyed and I want to cancel the whole order, but I can’t get in touch with a human on the telephone or on their website.

    What can I do? I feel as if I was cheated.

  37. Today I saw the add in one of the channel of news and thought of ordering one for me as I am old and doing a lot of writing work and need a better seat for comfort. I have already been cheated by “super beta Prostate” in which after giving one order on line they get your credit card number and go on withdrawing money from your credit card and sending you the unwanted and ineffective so called medicine tablets every month. Since they do not disclose their contact list you are helplessly watching money going from your bank account without stop for it.

    Having suffered I read the reviews and now I have a feeling that because of greed to earn easy money nowadays so many companies have come up who cheat people and now I have dropped my idea of ordering one comfort cushion for me to save my hard earned pension of $5.50 per month being drained out in such cheating hands.

    If this company wants to favor me they may send me one single piece at their own expense and risk so that after use I can write a better review for their product.

  38. I would also like to add that I made an e-mail inquiry using the customer service address regarding the dimensions of the Forever Comfy Gel Cushion. The e-mail was rejected as undeliverable which just might indicate something is fishy. This is just a little warning sign consumers should look for.

  39. I almost bit on the item but after reading reviews there is no way. Never had problems with Telebrands (such as Insta Bulbs) which are based in Fairfield, New Jersey. This Forever Comfy sounds like a wildcat outfit specializing in rip offs. I might buy this product but since I work at Walmart I will just wait. Believe me every as seen on TV product winds up there sooner or later and you can return it if not satisfied.

  40. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER THIS Forever Comfy Gel Cushion — you will be charged MORE than you thought. Thought I was ordering 1 and getting 1 free. Paid postage for all four (over $119.70!). Plus they said I ordered “deluxe”–never even heard of that. This is a SCAM! Please save your money!

  41. Ordered Forever Comfy Gel Cushion online – Had the same issue with thinking I was ordering one & getting one free – then the total came out to be nearly $80 & no way to change – I called the company @ 866-304-4271 & was able to fix my order to the buy one get one free but with shipping & handling, it still came out to $40. I pray this works for my husband – disabled veteran.

  42. I was gonna order but after all the feed back on them no thank you, we get ripped of enough from others as it is. Sounds like someone needs to be turned into the Better Business Bureau or tv channel for all to hear..

  43. I ordered the Forever Comfy Gel Cushions I ONLY ordered 2 and the billed me for 3 how and where do I go to cancel my order.

    • At the bottom of your confirmation email there is a web address

      Using the order search will take you to your Forever Comfy Gel Cushion order. On the left hand side there is a list of options one of which is cancellation. If it has not already shipped you can cancel the Forever Comfy Gel Cushion order.

  44. I received my comfy pillow and I am satisfied, except, I have been sent two orders and charged $119.70 WHAT KIND OF A SCAM IS THIS?? I understood I would be charged $35.85. I expect a refund of $83.85 plus a mailing label in order to return the unwanted pillows upon return email or I will report this scam post haste. I require a check as this original checking account has been closed.

    Bettie Vogt
    1350 NE 27th apt 322.
    Bend, OR 97701

  45. Disappointed…. We anticipated the arrival of this item but we are TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED. The foam flattened out after one use (my wife weighs less than 100 pounds). We are unable to locate the “gel” and feel we should have saved our money. We cannot recommend this product.

  46. The name and address of the company is:

    Merchandise Direct
    Phone: (800) 672-6803

    300 Returns Road P.O. Box 3179, Wallingford, CT 06494

    They handle other products as well. Check out the complaints from the Ripoff Report website:

    • Thank you….thank you. YES this is a rip-off company. I have the same problem. I’m so worry after I provide my CC #.
      It is a shame that TV ALLOWED this kind of advertisement. SHAME….this a SHAME.

    • There is no such address as “300 Returns Road” (my, my, how imaginative of these scam artists!) in Wallingford, CT. Just another example of their dishonesty.

      What is more maddening is the fact that TV stations & networks are enriched by these scam operation advertisements, and carry them knowing that they are aiding and abetting internet crime and mail fraud.

  47. I wanted to order one Forever Comfy cushion and ended up with a bill of $119.00! One is not given the opportunity to review their order before it is submitted. I have NEVER seen this before and it seems to me a trick. When asked how many I wanted to order, I click on 2 and it turned out I was ordering four (2 comprises a single order) again not clean. I called to cancel right away but they said I had to wait 1-2 days then when I called My order had already been shipped and I have to pay the postage to return it.

  48. Friend ordered 2 of these Forever Comfy Gel Cushions and got 4, billed over $200.00. Tried to return – was going to have to pay to return. Did not want to pay more. Kept them, gave me one. I put it on my PC chair. I weigh 120 lbs. Forever Comfy flat in ONE day. Sheesh. Continued to use, gel leaked..didn’t ruin chair but stained carpet. Forever Comfy is crap even for free. Don’t buy. Get yourself a gel mat & some memory foam..great project.

  49. A friend, 5-8, 165, who has had a bad lower back for years, bought one Forever Comfy Gel cushion knowing he’d be charged almost as much for the shipping as the product itself. and was OK with that. He was told he’d have to use it several times before he noticed a big difference in how his back felt. The third time he sat on the cushion it split along a seam and gel poured out, ruining the chair and staining a run under it. It’s been a couple of weeks and a lot of phone calls and he says the people have told him (this is a condensed version) either “too bad” or “tough.”

  50. Just ordered comfy cushion tonight. I believe there was a mistake in the total price. No reason for the 79+$$$. Please correct ASAP.

    Also, I had a note that I was entitled to free shipping. Please see to it that it is given, I would really appreciate.

  51. I am FURIOUS with these people I saw a Forever Comfy Gel Cushion ad on TV this morning and it just so happened my lower back was hurting due to sitting. So it sounded like a good idea. I didn’t feel like calling right then tho. So I got on the computer later and found the offer. $19.99 for two of them right? Ok…so then it asked if I wanted more gel…an upgrade of $10. Neglected to say $10 for each! I bit. Well after I’d placed the order, I got a popup that told me that I paid $139! They were tacking on a shipping charge of $19.99 per unit. I’ve called Visa already. There was no place on the page that was a contact number. I’m seriously ticked off. DON’T BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE. ITS A SCAM.

    • Someone posted 866-304-4271 to contact them to complain and return her order. Maybe this will help. Don’t know if it is toll free. I am glad I searched these reviews for Forever Comfy Gel seat as I will NOT buy this even though I desperateness need something like it to work for me. Good luck.

  52. Be careful ordering from this company. On 10/13 I saw an infomercial on TV about the Forever Comfy pillow. I went to their website and purchased the product for $19.95 plus $10 for extra thick gel and $9.95 shipping. It didn’t allow me to see the total until I had completed my transaction. The total came to over $64! I looked for contact information on their site for customer service but was unable to find it. A friend found their phone number but they are closed on weekends. First thing Monday I called them and cancelled the order, cancellation confirmation # 254542012. As far as I knew there was no problem.

    Today, 10/17 I received an email notification that my order had been shipped. I immediately called them and was told that there was nothing they could do because it had already been shipped. He did some double talk about how they don’t get the information for at least 48 hours and because they try to get orders out quickly blah, blah, blah. None of what he was saying made good sense. He said he could credit my account $20 for the difference in the advertised price and what I was charged but I don’t want to deal with this company at this point. He said I could return it and pay for the shipping but I don’t think I should have to do this. I’m a disabled senior and returning it would be difficult and expensive. When I told him I would contact my credit card company he hung up on me.

    I think them sending it out after I cancelled the order was a scam. Overcharging and not allowing customers to see the final price before buying is also a scam.


  54. Yep! Don’t deal with them or order from them. You never know what your total bill will be until they hit you with it and then there’s no way to cancel or reach them. Then your bill and amount will be double or triple what you thought you had agreed to. I’ll have my credit card people reverse the charges if I can’t get it straightened out soon.

  55. Thank you thank you for posting your negative Forever Comfy Gel Cushion experiences here. I have a disabled hubby with a lift chair that isn’t comfy. He has a gel pad from Medline and when he saw the commercial, he was wanting to purchase. But – if it’s gonna be flat as a pancake, I’m gonna head to Joann fabric with my 50% off coupon and buy thick foam and make my own.

  56. I ordered the forever comfy seat cushion because I work from home and sit all day long. I couldn’t wait to get something to make that mass of pillows I’d accrued look better, and feel better. When I received my pillows (It was 2 for the price of one, with shipping covering the price of 2, so I guess I paid full price). The cushion looked great. I sat on it. It felt great! I couldn’t wait for a full day of work with it.

    The day came and I worked my 8 hr shift. By 3 hrs into sitting on the cushion it was flat. And I mean FLAT. I thought “Well after lunch it will pop back up”. Nope. Absolutely useless. I paid $40 for an hour of comfort. A bit steep if you ask me!

  57. Ordered 1 Forever Comfy Gel Cushion and was charge for two. Called customer service number and they said they were unable see charges for 24hrs. Did not read Forever Comfy Gel Cushion reviews before order. BIG MISTAKE!!

  58. Beware when ordering Forever Comfy Gel online. They will bill you for two when you clearly enter 1 on the order form, They do not provide an email address.

    • You are so right, these Forever Comfy Gel Cushion pillows are not all that great. I also thought I was getting 4 and finally have come to realize I’ve been duped. I would NOT recommend the pillow. I have tried them and they provide NO relief for my back.

  59. I’m very grateful for these reviews. I saw the ad and it appeared to be a product I could really use and was about to place my order. But I decided first to read what people who had actually bought this product had to say about it.

    Needless to say, after reading some of these reviews, that’s not going to happen now that I see what these crooks are up to and I thank every one of you who posted a review.

  60. Wow, saw their commercial on TV and decided to get my cc and order on line. Decided to read the reviews first! Thank you all for writing in and letting me know this company is a rip off!

    • Forever Comfy
      P.O. Box 3179
      Wallingford, CT 06494

      Phone: 1-866-304-4271 and if you have trouble getting your money back call your credit card company asap and then alert your state attorney general by phone if possible and don’t give up.

  61. I thought I ordered 2, but when they finished my order, they had charged me over $ 100.00; They will not let you see the total until they have already charged your card. I am reporting them to the Attorney General in Connecticut. This is a Complete Rip-Off. If any one else has a problem, write to them. They need to be held accountable.

  62. Shipping of $39.80 is too high by any means. Stay away from this outfit. You don’t know the shipping until it is too late. Boy, do I feel stupid.

      • Site did not list the shipping and handling But if I go by another website it will be $39.80…….That is too much for shipping for two cushions that could go in one box…


      • Nancy,

        You are right on. I have followed many of these “AS seen on TV” ad’s and you see exactly the same complaints on every one of them.
        The BS about being unable to cancel order or doubling orders is the same with almost all products and “Junk” is consistent throughout complaints.

        Like you, I just keep my eyes open at Wally world for the products I’m interested in to show up.

    • I am glad I read reviews. I tried to find the quality or a the amt of gel in the cushion…no data…this looked to good to be true…AND 2 for 1…I was considering ordering but wanted to know shipping costs…taxes. I detest any site that you must go thru entire process & can’t determine until after credit card is entered…I stop b4 then & don’t order item.

      Appreciate the fact people reported that inability to return or contact company…If it’s too good to be true it’s a rip off. Will now research am’t of gel in good cushion…as an RN I know these cushions are expensive…In the past 5 yrs or so they cost $100/$125…probably much more now.

      I am thankful that people took the time to review.

      Thx Much.

  63. Website requires your credit card info before giving you a total. How much is the shipping and handling charge? Usually a web site does this when they are going to charge a ridiculously high shipping charge & they are hiding that.

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