FootLog Foot Massager Review

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Are you stressed and left with pain most of the time due to a very busy life but can do nothing about it? 3 out of every 4 Americans go through immense pain on their back, neck, etc. The solution is applying lotions and massages in the affected areas which work effectively but only for a temporal time span. Hardly people realize that the true problem lies in the feet which bear so much stress everyday and need to be rested and well taken care of . The best way to give your feet the best relaxation is undoubtedly using the new FootLog.


FootLog Foot Massager

FootLog is a scientifically designed massager that has proven to ease off pain and relieve stress in matter of just few minutes. Its simplistic design adopts the age old concept of Reflexology which is world renowned to increase blood circulation throughout the body and relax the pain in specific concentrated area. It does all this without even the need of complex product design which generally comes with certain settings, batteries, applying messy creams or need of immersing the feet in water. It is a simple roller which has about 250 flexible fingers that start acting upon the feet which start rolling over them. All you need is 10 minutes of rolling your feet over FootLog in office, at home while doing other work simultaneously making it extremely flexible.

The foot has about 15,000 nerve endings that connect to various parts of the body. FootLog‘s unique design isolates different areas and applies the perfect pressure in order to relieve stress and pain in areas like back, neck, legs, sciatica and more. It even has the ability to relax any sinus issues by simply rolling the top end of the feet over it. The low budget high performing FootLog is available with a bonus product of Dr. Rehm’s Foot Manual, which serves as the most accurate and complete guideline book for taking care of feet and preventing any foot ailments. The manufacturers are so confident that they provide a lifetime replacement warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee.




What do I get?

  • 1 FootLog
  • 1 Dr. Rehm’s Foot Manual

All this for just $19.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling. Official website



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