Footfridge Innersoles

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If you have to remain standing or walk for long hours during the day you must be familiar with problems like burning, aching and swollen feet. But you may have relief at hand with the Footfridge Innersoles, the innersoles that claim to massage your feet with every step you take. If the makers of the Footfridge Innersoles are to be believed whether you are a diabetic or someone who has long hours of standing job like a server at a restaurant or even a dentist, your feet will be cooler and swelling and aches will be relieved if you use these special innersoles because it beats the stress your feet go through every single day.

How does Footfridge Innersoles Work

The problems caused by burning and tired feet cannot be taken lightly. If not dealt with in time tired and swollen feet can cause bacterial infection, dehydration and foot trauma, which can lead to lack of mental concentration, muscle malfunction and posture instability. But the Footfridge Innersoles promise to provide “air conditioning” and “shock absorbing” effect to get with its patented design and features not a gel but an active paste that moves backwards and forwards to increase blood circulation and stimulate the soles of the feet. The Footfridge Innersoles are believed to work like ice packs on the feet and curb sweating with their thermal shield. This in turn reduces swelling and chafing that harm the skin, toes, toenails, etc.

The Footfridge Innersoles also promise to be soft and cushiony thus protecting heels and preventing jarring that can damage the ankles, knees and lower back. These innersoles can be used in your shoes even if they have inadequate cushioning so that fatigue and injuries can be minimized. The Footfridge Innersoles are believed to be made of safe paste that is harmless to the skin.




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