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What is Floss-2O?

It is a water flosser, an innovative alternative to conventional string floss to clean your teeth easily with far better results.

No strings attached

Floss-2O is a revolutionary tool that claims to replace traditional floss that you’ve had no option but to use and endure occasional injuries or cuts. Floss-2O isn’t a string but a handy tool that cleans your teeth thoroughly by ejecting water with great speed to remove food particles, debris and more easily and instantly. It is promoted as a clinically safe water flosser that operates at a speed of 1600 pulses per minute to target the waste accumulated between your teeth without causing discomfort or harm. Ordinary string flossers, its makers allege, tend to hurt, cause bleeding and cannot access all the teeth like molars at the back. On the other hand, Floss-2O is able to reach every part easily as all you have to do is release the water spray to clean your teeth comprehensively. It is provided with two pressure settings you can switch between to release water so that there’s no unwanted force that may hurt or cause scratch. In addition to that, Floss-2O also offers the flexibility of 360° rotation to reach every corner spontaneously and clean with up to 50% better results as compared to string floss or brushing.


Removes plaque and maintains oral health

Floss-2O guarantees complete oral health by removing up to 99.9% of plaque in treated areas besides removing food particles and other things that are left behind. That’s not something a string floss is capable of doing. Floss-2O deep cleans your teeth and gums and guarantees results that are three times better than that of brushing. It also acts as a warm water massager that soothes your mouth and ensures that chances of abrasions if any, are minimal. Its body comes with an extra-large reservoir which is removable and easy to fill with water to clean the insides of your teeth, which seems to make the procedure easy and convenient.

Cleans through braces too

The promoters of Floss-2O assure you that you can use it even if you are wearing braces. According to them it is designed to clear away debris around the braces as effectively as in normal cases. Its waterjet brush head and ergonomic handle with non-slip grip ensure that your teeth are cleaned even of bacteria from deep under your gum lines.

What do I get?

You get two sets of Floss-2O and each set includes a Floss-2O™ and 3 piks all this for $19.95 plus $15.9 P&H.Official website floss2o.com.


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