Flip up Glasses

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What are Flip up Glasses?

They are reading glasses with the special flip up feature. The design ensures that the reading glasses stay with you always as they are attached to your frame so you don’t misplace them.

Perfect solution to misplacing woes

Flip up Glasses promise to put an end to the inconvenience of not having reading glasses handy and suffering its consequences. An overwhelming number of people tend to misplace their reading glasses and every now and then. More often than not, there simply is no way to recall where the glasses are kept in haste absent-mindedly. Instead of fretting over what may take ages to be found, you ought to opt for Flip up Glasses, an innovative solution that claims to put things right simply by making sure that your glasses are always with you as they come screwed on your frame. Flip up Glasses are designed in such a way that both, your normal gasses and reading glasses come attached to the same frame. When you need reading glasses you can flip them on your normal glasses and when you’re done, push them up and use your normal glasses. That way your reading glasses are always with you.


Cater to all strengths of vision

The makers of Flip up Glasses state that the reading glasses are available in all strengths so anyone can use them. This feature probably serves as the highlight of the glasses which aims to ease problems for anyone at any age. The glasses make it easy for you to read even fine print of newspapers, recipe books while cooking, on your computer or just about anywhere. You need to mention the power prescribed for your eyes at the time of placing your order.

Saves unnecessary expenses for extra pairs

The designers of With Flip up Glasses point out that you may now not feel the need to store extra pairs of reading glasses. You can save quite a lot of money you spend on buying extra pairs as a preventive measure. You also need not waste your precious time in just hunting for your lost glasses anymore.

What do I get?

You get two pairs of Flip up Glasses for $10 plus $13.98 P&H. Official website buyflipups.com


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