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What are FlexSticks?

They are shock absorbing walking sticks with advanced features. They provide firm support on any surface to people who depend upon walking sticks.

No worries while walking

FlexSticks claim they are the perfect support system for people who need walking sticks to move about comfortably. FlexSticks boasts of a professional design and make that deem it the most perfect walking stick that people who can’t walk without support can turn to. They proclaim that they make life easy for people who need support while walking as they are equipped with advantages that other walking sticks cannot claim to.

Three dimensional support

The makers of FlexSticks state that these walking sticks are powered with sophisticated three vital points of contact at their legs, which offer shock-absorbing stability while walking anywhere. When they are in use, the legs expand, and also contract subsequently as the cane tilts. At that point, as the ground surface changes, the legs remain in complete contact with the ground while walking so there’s no danger of the user losing balance.


Designed by a professional

What seems to give FlexSticks an edge is the fact that it has been designed by none other than a physical therapist. The promoters of FlexSticks highlight this feature and assert that it is the perfect and complete solution that meets the needs of people who find it difficult to walk comfortably without support. FlexSticks proclaims that unlike other walking sticks, it helps you navigate most surfaces smoothly without having to shun venturing in new places or losing the grip.

Protects your hands and arms from pain too

FlexSticks guarantee unconditional support to people who need it by preventing any kind of stress or pain that result from steady use. The impact that the ground strike creates is absorbed by the legs. As a result there is no pain on hands, wrists and arms, which is generally associated with using a cane. FlexSticks ease the stress that is generated on hands while using regular walking sticks. Its makers further draw your attention toward the fact that its height can also be adjusted as per your need. The person using the walking stick experiences convenience of free standing and also the comfort of adjustable height feature and two spring options which broaden the scope of its usability.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get FlexSticks for $89.99
  • Official website: flexsticks.com
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