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Your health is important to you especially if you are a woman concerned about menopause and its many effects on you. Unfortunately there just aren’t any effective and convenient off the shelf products that work for you brilliantly. Shawna Page was one such woman who cared for her own health and that of other women like you. With the help of medical and healthcare professionals, and renowned herbalists, Shawna came up with a range of products that are formulated keeping women’s needs in mind. FemMed is that range of products and their natural solution for relief during menopause might just be what you are looking for.


Menopause is something many women worry about particularly because of its symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats etc. Many of us even go through mood swings because of the changes happening in our body while feeling irritable is quite common as well. You might also suffer from disturbed sleep for long periods, which leaves you feeling fatigued and it affects your overall health too.

FemMed offers you natural relief from these symptoms and works towards your overall wellbeing. With FemMed, you won’t have to think about menopause symptoms and their effect on your body. And you won’t have to buy expensive products for menopause relief either. FemMed is a product created for women’s health and you will be the one reaping its benefits.



What do I get?
You get FemMed in different supply packages from one bottle to six at varying price ranges that help you make significant savings. You can buy one bottle of FemMed for $29.95 while 6 bottles of FemMed cost $133. You can buy FemMed at www.getfemmed.com.



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  1. Review FemMed

    Does FemMed live up to its claims?

    Does FemMed offer you relief from Menopause symptoms?

    Did you experience any side effects after using FemMed?

    Does FemMed work better than off the shelf products you can find in store aisles?

    How long does it take for FemMed to start showing results?

    Do you think FemMed is worth its price?

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