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CBS, ABC and NBC have recently revealed that bed bugs are present in our homes, offices and hospitals and they can even live in brand new mattresses. There seems to be an outbreak of these Bed bugs and EPA has decided to formulate a solution for them. But don’t wait that long…get the FabriClear safe, non-toxic solution that kills Bed Bugs on contact.


Your bed looks clean, but hiding between the sheets are blood sucking bed bugs. FabriClear penetrates fabric and helps kill the bed bugs. FabriClear creates a pest-free home as it kills dust mites and fleas as well as their eggs and larvae too. It is best suited for beds, furniture, carpets and rugs, curtains and drapes. FabriClear keeps these dangerous pests from coming back.

Unlike other products FabriClear is not a pesticide. It kills bed bugs and other pests with no harsh chemicals. It’s a Bio-Based Biodegradable program that leaves a clean fresh scent. It is safe for you and your pet.

Soaps, bleach and steam are not much effective against the bed bugs. You pay hundreds of dollars for professional cleaners who use pesticide.



What do I get?

  • Two Full Size Bottle of FabriClear
  • Two Bottles of Travel Size FabriClear (in pump spray bottle)

All this for just $19.95 plus $12.90 shipping and handling. Official website www.FabriClear.com


FabriClear Video


68 thoughts on “FabriClear Review

    • I did it too, took me 9 months to get rid of it.. Every night I used a roller that I use for lint remover, I just roll it over them.

  1. Actually, I tried this on my couch and it worked, but it wasn’t as simple as just spraying.

    After finding the bugs, I removed the covers and throw pillows and washed them all in hot water and dried in the dryer at maximum heat for about an hour. I vacuumed every part of the couch (even all the little crevices that are hard to get through to) and sprayed the entire thing with 90% rubbing alcohol (which is supposed to dry them out and kill the eggs). After that, I sprinkled baking soda all over the couch and put the covers back on. for about two days after I did all of this, I did see about 3-4 bugs on the couch, but couldn’t find where they were coming from, so I wasn’t sure if they were just coming from some part that I missed, or if they survived everything I did. My brother then ordered FabriClear, and just for the hell of it, I sprayed it everywhere. I haven’t seen not one bug since then. I’m not sure if it was the FabriClear or if I got the problem under control with the other stuff I did, but I haven’t seen any since, and this was over a month ago. I still go over the couch and all the crevices regularly with a flashlight, and wash the covers in hot water every week and spray this. Sounds tedious, but definitely more cost effective than paying $1000+ to get it done.

    Just remember you have to vacuum everything and remove any bugs that are visible. I’m not sure if FabriClear kills on contact (I think that’s what the commercial says) but I can say I haven’t seen any since I sprayed, so it must be a really good repellent.

  2. This FabriClear does NOT work. The reason why no one can find bad reviews on it is because there is no place to leave them. If anything – I feel this product multiplies them.

  3. Look…a tenant in my rental property complained of bed bugs. I called my trusty exterminator and it was a very expensive three step process…however it worked. Happy me, happy tenant! Bottom line, you get what you pay for. Done!!

  4. This FabriClear is a fake and will not be effective. If it sounds to good to be true then it’s a lie. I have over 20 years of experience in pest control and tried this product. IT DOES NOT WORK!!!

  5. This is Regina Wise again, I’ve read some of your FabriClear reviews and they are not promising. I paid on a prepaid credit card, I want my money back right now, or ill go to the BBB. Believe me you have a week to give me my money back, you didnt give me the product anyway, I want my money back.

  6. How can I sent you an FabriClear review if I never received my product. This is Regina Wise. When am I going to get my product. I’ve waited too long, don’t you think?

  7. This is to the people who have paid, but not received the FabriClear spray, or want to return it. Call your credit card company, and explain that you want a credit applied to your card. Most credit card companies will credit your account until they deal with the company.

  8. I just submitted a comment for the first time. It tells me looks like I already submitted the comment. NEVER!!! I Just ordered and I just made a comment. I have real bad mixed emotions and I want OUT!!!

  9. I have no intention to buy this product because there were several red flags in their TV commercial.

    1. The ad mocks the expert opinion of scientists how to control bed bugs. The EPA is responsible for registering all pesticides and they require tests. The EPA website has plenty of info on pesticides and non-chemical methods that are effective at controlling bed bugs.

    2. The concept of a non-toxic insecticide is an oxy-moron. If its ingredients are non-toxic, then it can’t kill insects or mites, and if it kills insects or mites, then its ingredients are toxic.

    3. The active ingredients are listed as Geraniol, Peppermint Oil, Soybean Oil, Citric Acid. These are non-toxic, but if the ad was true, then perfumes would kill bed bugs and mites. None of these ingredients are reported by the EPA as being effective in controlling bed bugs or being able to kill insects on contact. If fabriclear actually kills bed bugs, then they are required by law to be registered by the EPA, and their ingredients would be listed on the EPA website. So either the ad is false or it is an illegal product.

    4. When ever the ad shows pictures or video of bed bugs, it is showing mites; and whenever the ad shows pictures or video of dust mites it is showing the mites that are too large and active to be dust mites. So how would they know if this stuff works against bed bugs and dust mites, when they do no know what they look like.

    5. Daily spot treatment of pesticides should be avoided. This promotes the evolution of resistant bugs.

    6. Bedding, fabrics, and clothing should not be treated with pesticides. They should be treated with heat or cold to kill bed bugs.

    Altogether there are a lot of problems with the Fabriclear ads that should make us skeptical about this product.

  10. Early this last spring, I took some bugs to Lowes. I asked them what kind of bugs are these so I can get the proper pesticide. They didn’t know but did agree with me that they looked like they were in the Tick family. They recommended one of the Home Defence sprays. Since then I have went through 2 gallons of spray. Some where along I was told they were bed bugs. I switched to the spray that was supposedly designed to kill bed bugs. Weeks later I kept wondering why I wasn’t getting rid of them. I preformed an experiment using the bed bug spray on one bug and the Bayer Home Defence spray on the other bug. The Bayer spray won by a few seconds.

    What I’m getting at is that all these spray say “kills on contact”, so true but how often do you actually see them to spray them. After fighting with them for several months, I’ve come to the conclusion that I may have to throw all my stuffed couches and chairs away and bag my mattresses and box springs. OH yes they are in those too. I will saterate every room til the walls and floor are dripping with bug killer spray. And don’t forget, at the same time all your bedding and cloths will have to be washed in hot water after spraying them with bug killer and letting that dry.

    I think I’m going buggers!! Don’t fall for any of the TV hype. Use your common sense. Did you know that until they are adult bed bugs, they are practically invisible.

    • I agree with you totally! I had the same issue though I will tell you, dont throw anything out you are simply missing an ingredient. Regarding the Bayer home Defense it works just fine, use in conjunction with the Garden Safe Crawling Insect Killer w/Diotomaceous Earth. That is the key. These little buggers can become resistant to just one thing. Now the Diomite impossible to become resistant. I was looking for DIY pest control to get rid of them and found that all DIY and professional will use it. Its effective, safe around pets and family and best of all KILLS the buggers. This is also sold at Lowes and is about $6. I used a dust sprayer and went into cracks, baseboards, mattresses, furniture, car, etc. Even the walls in each room as it sticks very lightly like a dust. Believe me 24 hours later no bites what so ever, went looking in places where they hide and I had found some like outlets, under bedskirts and baseboards, not a one could be found. Well I hope this save you time, money and whole lot of effort.

    • I used Harris for bed bugs and diotomaceeous earth and the liquid to the powder, and once a week I spray. I picked up one from my family member and I freaked out, never seen one and everyone said its hard together rip off. I was soooo worried till I saw your post. Thanks

  11. I ordered FabriClear, it’s been 4 weeks and I have not received product, all I get are constant phone calls day and night to buy other
    Stuff. FabriClear is a FARCE! They charged me $16 for s/h.

  12. The best product for bedbugs is (Windex), the ammonia kills on contact. Then steam the furnishings, (Shark) steamers work wonderfully. Problem sovled.

  13. Garbage, For those dumb enough to buy garbage from a tv commercial deserves what you get. Too many of peoples rip off stories posted online should serve as a warning to those that have yet to experiment with great deals on the television. Those that choose to take an uneducated guess will get what is coming to you. knowledge is power, choose to be armed against those whom prey on the uninformed. You can experiment on “As seen on Television” stores. You can be sure you will not see the super cost of processing and handling.

  14. There’s nothing on the market that can kill eggs, or repel bed bugs no matter what these companies say, beware if your reading these lies, this will kill on contact because its basically an oil, which will suffocate a bed bug if you spray directly.

  15. It’s sold on tv that should be enough to tell you it doesn’t work. I can not think of very many products sold in infomercials that do what they say or work the same they do on TV when you get them home. Most of them just collect dust lol.

  16. If you want to kill bed bugs on contact put rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and spray directly on them, this will dehydrate them

  17. I ordered this product about 8 weeks ago. I have not received it yet . So please return my money or send my product or my lawyer will be contacted , ASAP…

    • If you have trouble like this, don’t pay a lawyer to get your money back. File a complaint through your attorney general. They have a consumer complaint to file actions against negligent companies. It does work. I have many times and always got my money back. 🙂

  18. Finding a genuine review of a product on the internet is such a tiring and frustrating task. I was searching for “Fabriclear reviews” and I did get quite a few websites after the entered the keywords. But almost all these sites had unbelievably gooey reviews of the product. That apart there was a “Buy Now” button on the same websites. I clicked on the button and another website opened where I could actually purchase the product. This happened about seven times but I really wanted to read the reviews before buying the product. Then I decided against it because I saw a pattern in all these fake review websites and figured all these were nothing but manufacturer promoted sites. I didn’t fall for them and finally landed on this site. And, wow, it was all here – all the different experiences about the product. Some of the sites featuring fake reviews are fabriclearreview.net, fabriclearreviews.com| fabriclear.org, fabriclearreviews.net, fabriclearreviews.org

    • All this trouble is caused by SEO. People are really quite vulnerable to being cheated with gleaming reviews of a product that is completely worthless. This happens because search engines are quite easy to cheat too. These engines cannot determine between a genuine review and a fake one. Unfortunately, taking advantage of this shortcoming scammers flood the net with fake reviews and such bad practices. Almost all the review sites that you visited are hosted by affiliates of manufacturers who work on commission basis for selling their products. These scammers take advantage of these loopholes in the search engines and promote their crappy products on the web.

    • If this product works the way that the manufacture claims, then it would have been required to be registered with the EPA. The EPA does not list Fabriclear or any of its active ingredients as being approved for use to kill bed bugs or mites. So their claims cannot be true.

  19. I also came here looking for product reviews..I have been fighting bed bugs for almost 3 months now..I had them pretty bad before I even knew what I had..After tons of cleaning,shampooing,spraying etc. I feel like they are well under control..I see one once in a while..I would be interested in this product..just to have on hand..but can not find out anything about it!

    • They’re not cheap, but consider using a mattress “encasement.” It’s works like a pillowcase is slid over a pillow, but it’s for an entire mattress. If the mattress is larger (full, queen, king) you’ll probably need two people to put the encasement on. Once it’s on the mattress and is zipped closed, new bed bugs have nowhere to hide, and can’t get inside the encasement. If there are bed bugs on the mattress when the encasement is put on, the bugs can’t get out. It’s not a pleasant thought that there are live bugs inside the encasement, but that’s better than them getting out and biting you and multiplying. Without a supply of human tissue and blood, they will eventually die. Also consider using a regular store brand bed-bug killer (i.e. Bonide or Hot Shot). As the bed-bug epidemic soars, more and more products are available over-the-counter. Remember that bed-bugs live in more places than mattresses. You’ll have to treat nearby carpets, drapes, and bedding, too.

      • There is one product that works, its not your conventional type but it works 100%. Diomite or Diotomaceous Earth, this is all natural made from crushed shells so its a very lite powder like a dust almost. What is does is that it dehydrates the bugs. Matter of fact its so safe it is used to treat parasites in animals. I did research to find the most safe and effective way and found this on the CDC website under bedbugs. Went and picked up some Garden Safe Crawling Insect Killer w/Diotomaceous Earth and I no longer have a problem. The reason its not conventional is because it does not come in any bottle or with the proper tool to administer it. You will have to invest in a dust sprayer. I spayed every nook and cranny in my home, everything even our car (yes they were in there as well) afterwards I washed and dried at high temperatures all linens, pillows, clothing, etc. Lastly I came through after 24 hours and dusted just the top of furniture, bagged all mattresses. and sprayed the Diomite to the legs of the beds. I have not had a problem since. I used the Bayer Home defense weekly for outlets, and baseboards just in case. The diomite I reapplied every two weeks when its was no longer visible. All this was done routinely for about a month, as I wanted to prove to myself I could eliminate them and eliminate them I did. Have not seen one, have not found any eggs or molts.

        • I have had the problem for over a year, tried lots of different poisons and the Diatomaceous Earth.

          Did not buy a product that combines the both….
          I be interested in the specific product name that you purchased…

          Would really appreciate your help.


  20. Upon reading the ad which states $19.95 cost ….order now and get an extra bottle FREE. Shipping cost $7.95, I placed my order for 1. When they got all my financial purchasing info, the invoice showed $15.90 shipping. AND, at that point, they give you no opportunity to cancel the order……BE CAREFUL…this company uses misleading advertising….I don’t trust them and I expect the product will not work.

    • The free bottle is at the cost of shipping it, which is another $7.95..so the shipping would come to nearly $16. It is that way with all these “free” additions to a tv add. Who ever heard of that high cost for shipping and handling? because you are paying the wage of the person who prints up your address…that is called “handling”

    • I ordered FabriClear also and got the second bottle (supposedly) free if I paid shipping which I did. Well I also got a dog bed flea spray which I did not order and I was charged for it too. I called FabriClear and they said I could return it and would be credited but I would have to pay the return shipping and also insure it!! That would have cost more than the item which happened to cost $14.95!! I don’t know if this stuff works or not but now I have all these spray bottles and it cost me over $51.00!! You bet it is a rip-off! They should be shut down right now! BBB should have them listed also! When you order something on line check the BBB to see if they are reputable!

      • Don’t believe the ratings on the BBB. This is how the BBB works. A company that has a good rating with the BBB pays their yearly fee of around $300.00 to the Better Business Bureau. When there is a complaint about a company that pays there dues the BBB contacts that business by letter and by phone and email if it is available and tells the company to contact the complainant and try to work things out. The Better Business Bureau then does a follow up with the company and asks them what attempts they made to make it right with the complainant and the business tells the BBB that they contacted the complainant and offered to give them a discount on their next purchase or that they called up and apologized to the complainant. If the business is in good standing order with the BBB (meaning their dues is paid up to date), then they post under the complaint that the business made every effort to satisfy the complainant and that the case is closed. Then it does not affect the businesses score on BBB. Hope this lets people know that the majority of all systems are corrupt. Especially if there is money involved. It is all about the $$$$$.

  21. Try Sleep Tight Bed bug Killer. PROVEN to kill and repeal bed bugs. All these products are knockoffs of that one.

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