EZ Walk – Flip Flop Sole Inserts

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What is EZ Walk?

They are insoles designed especially for providing comfort and secure fitting while wearing flip flops and sandals.

Optimum foot comfort:

EZ Walk claims that it provides the highest amount of comfort when it comes to wearing flip flops and sandals due to its advanced design. Flip flops and sandals are the most convenient way of stepping out and keep the feet fresh. But wearing them may result in soreness and even give a back and leg pain on long term usage. EZ Walk apparently understands that such comfort can only be provided with insoles which are generally available for shoes.

Insoles with snug fit:

EZ Walk also claims that it has the solution to the problem of secure fitting while wearing sandals and flip flops. When they are new, flip flops tend to be quite fitting to the feet but as time passes they start getting loose and falling off while walking. There is also the problem of so called sandal movement that takes place while walking. EZ Walk promises that once they are placed inside the flip flop there will be no such issues and the flip flops will stay secure and snuggly fitted to the feet.

Seamless universal design:

EZ Walk apparently fits any thong style flip flop or sandal by simply peeling off the adhesive backing on EZ Walk, slipping it on the sandal and pressing it to secure position. It is said to come with 3 layers that provide all the advantages it claims. The 1st layer of EZ Walk is of microfiber which is quite soft and smooth to the touch and is firm so that it doesn’t slip while walking. The 2nd layer is filled with high density memory foam that has the cushiony effect to reduce stress on feet, knee and back. The 3rd layer of EZ Walk is supposedly rubberized foam sole which is tough and durable to stay secure for all seasons.


    What do I get ?

  • You will receive one pair of EZ Walk easy slip insoles in their choice of black, pink or espresso brown for just $10 + $12.9 S&H.
  • Official Website : myezwalk.com

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