EZ Pedi

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What is EZ Pedi

It is an ultimate pedicure set that comprises all the tools that are necessarily required to get soft, silky salon quality feet in the comfort of home.

Soft, Silky feet:

EZ Pedi proclaims that it is for women who love to show their feet by wearing chic sandals and not worry about the dead skin cells being exposed. Pedicure at salons generally takes care of such issues by providing amazing looking feet but the cost incurred for such a process is quite a lot and that is why a frequent visit to the salon is not affordable monetarily and time wise. EZ Pedi declares that it made for grooming the feet right at home with its set of tools that are far more effective than foot creams and scrubbing stonesthat cost a lot and are hardly effective. EZ Pedi guarantees convenience and comfort to get a great looking pedicure right at home. It includes quality stainless steel shaving discs, buffing discs, shaving collector trays, buffing pads; carry pouch and a cleaning brush. This ensemble of unique and thoughtfully designed tools make EZ Pedi claim that it’s the best home grooming solution for soft, silky feet.


Pedicure for everyday:

EZ Pedi emphasizes that it is a game changer in the market of pedicure tools for home use as it has a patented unique ultra-fine micro-crystal assembly. These micro-crystals are embedded on EZ Pedi in a unique pattern and placement that they provide gentle removal of hard calloused and dead skin on the feet. There also 2 speed settings available that help in controlling the amount of clearing based on different feet delicateness and skin removal requirements. EZ Pedi asserts that it is compact in size and fits right inside a palm. Cleaning after the pedicure is also a breeze with its collector tray that collects the dead skin and can be emptied with ease without creating a mess during the process. EZ Pedi maintains the promise of exfoliating and rejuvenating the feet in a salon like quality on a regular use day in day out basis.


What Do I Get?

  • Buy Two EZ Pedi today for just $19.95 + $15.9 P&H
  • You will get all this
  • 2 EZ Pedis
  • 2 stainless steel shaving discs
  • 2 buffing discs
  • 2 shaving collector trays
  • 12 buffing pads
  • 2 carry pouches
  • 2 cleaning brushes
  • Official website: buyezpedi.com
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