EverCool Self Cooling Towel Review

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What is EverCool Self Cooling Towel:

It is a cooling towel that makes the most of a special technology to ensure that you can cool off wherever you are instantly, according to its claims.
EverCool Self Cooling Towel assures you a smart and easy way to cool off without too much hassle. You could be out for a run or hiking, it could be that you are working out in the gym or engaged in a sporting activity. You know that it’s important to keep yourself cool from time to time. Sadly that’s easier said than done unless you carry a lot of paraphernalia around you. But what if you were told that all it required was a smart towel with modern technology that could cool you off instantly? That’s just what this self cooling towel claims to do for you. However we won’t buy into these claims till we analyze EverCool Self Cooling Towel reviews.

Cutting edge technology does the trick

The secret behind the functioning of this self cooling towel is its new age technology, which ensures that you can cool down anytime and wherever you want. The towel is made out of a specially designed fabric that traps water and thus creates the cooling effect almost instantly. Did you notice any such results? We would like to know more about them in your EverCool Self Cooling Towel reviews. Using this self cooling towel is also very simple and you can start with soaking it with water of any temperature. Any excess water in the towel can be wrung out. As you snap it you will activate the cooling effect and you are ready to get its benefit wherever you might be. Doesn’t it seem all too simple? We need to look at EverCool Self Cooling Towel reviews closely before we make up our minds about it.
Another strong claim made by this towel is that the temperature drops at least 20 degrees cooler than outside temperature in less than one minute. EverCool Self Cooling Towel reviews will be able to enlighten us about it.

Play it cool with ease

Here is a self cooling towel that promises to have applications for all types of users including those working in the house or outside, in the gym or playing any sports. It stresses that the cooling effect can offer you relief from headaches, muscle aches and hot flashes as well. Is this true in your experience? We look forward to hearing about it in your EverCool Self Cooling Towel reviews. Another advantage of using this cooling towel is that the cooling effect lasts for hours. What’s more, it maintains that it will cool you down no matter what the outside temperature is. EverCool Self Cooling Towel reviews can give us more insight into these claims.
It also stresses that it’s non toxic, chemical free and doesn’t leave any residue to irritate your skin. It is durable, machine washable and reusable for your convenience too. EverCool Self Cooling Towel reviews can confirm these claims.

What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Two EverCool Self Cooling Towel in your choice of Blue, Grey or Green for $9.99 plus $11.98 P&H
  • Official website: evercooltowel.com
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