EFX Wristband Reviews and Complaints

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Do you want to improve your balance, strength and flexibility, and that too instantly? You can now experience the effects of EFX Performance that has been designed to give you energy and at the same time improve your performance, along with improved balance, strength and flexibility! EFX even improves the blood circulation.


EFX Wristband
Professional athletes and celebrities from around the world are wearing and using EFX to improve their performance. People, everywhere, have really benefited from use of the amazing EFX. You, too, can experience its manifold benefits, for it not only relieves any joint and muscle pains, it also reduces swelling and alleviates stress and boosts your endurance. You also get the amazingly effective EFX Foot Pack which along with promoting relaxation, promotes your energetic fitness, clears any energy blockages and restores your energetic balance. The EFX is the most powerful and effective Holographic Technology available on the market today!


What does EFX mean?
EFX means “effects”.

Is there any difference between EFX products?
No. They are different in wearable styles.

Which country is EFX made in?
All materials are manufactured in China and the hologram is programmed in USA.

Will it ever expire?

Can the products get wet?

Does it need to be on the skin and on a specific area?

Is there a refund scheme?
30 days money back warranty for purchase from efxusa.com.

Why does the hologram fade or turn black?
Holograms lose color or darken due to exposure to elements.



What do I get?

  • EFX Performance® wristband of your choice
  • FREE Bonus EFX Foot Pack

When you order today, you’ll receive the EFX wristband of your choice for only $24.95 + $5.95 S&H. You’ll also receive a FREE Bonus EFX Foot Pack with each order, designed to be placed in the arches of your shoes.
Official website EFXUSA.com



EFX Wristband Video


4 thoughts on “EFX Wristband Reviews and Complaints

  1. Many products that you buy from the late night TV infomercials like the “EFX Performance Wristband” are scam as these “as seen on tv” products don’t do what they claim to do. You get cheated with the shipping/handling charges, up-selling cruise coupons, gift cards etc through the auto-shipment programs. Most often the order gets placed and you don’t get to see your order summary and total price. Your personal information being sold to telemarketers is another risk and the unreliable customer service should come as no surprise. Even if you want to return the substandard product you have a loss of one way shipping.

    We suggest you avoid buying these products online/over the phone. It’s also important to see the reviews beforehand but you have to be careful about the FAKE reviews posted by these manufacturers/promoters on the internet and very few sites have GENUINE reviews. Be patient, wait for these products to come to stores like Target, Wal-Mart, Bed, Bath and Beyond etc – for half the TV price. Our suggestion, buy these products physically.

  2. I bought mine about 3 weeks ago and it works…I have increased flexibility..I could never stand on one foot and put my sock on or shoe, I could never reach behind my back without shoulder pain, I hadn’t been to the gym in 4 weeks and the weights were so easy, I dropped down yesterday morning and did 25 good push ups with out strain and I could never do that before either…plus I sleep until my alarm rings now…

    I think it is amazing….and I did all the test on others who now have bought it and I don’t know how not to cheat at the tests.

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