Easy Feet Review

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How do you clean your feet? You bend, stretch and you can’t reach! Keeping your tired feet young looking is such a chore! But not anymore! Stop doing that one-legged dance in that bath tub and stop ignoring your feet. Clean and massage your feet from heel to toe. Easy Feet is great for feet of all ages. Adults and children alike can benefit from cleaner, healthier feet. Its like pedicure for your feet.


How does Easy Feet work?
Easy Feet is a revolution in convenience and has over thousand bristles to massage and clean the top and bottom, with a built-in pumice stone for rough, cracked heels. Just secure it to any shower, tub or wall surface. Easy Feet’s unique design not only cleans your feet, massages and gently exfoliates and eliminates dirt, but also most importantly, cleans in between your toes. So make dry ugly skin a thing of the past; Easy Feet will literally change the way you bathe. Turn your shower into a foot spa with Easy Feet. Now, you can feel confident while wearing your strappy shoes.

You can even take Easy Feet when you travel. Seniors and those with special needs will love these because there’s no risk of falling and no bending. Easy Feet is perfect for athletes of all ages; to eliminate that foot odor. Don’t get into bed and dirty your sheets when it only takes a minute to use Easy Feet.

You will get Easy Feet for just $14.99. But if you call right now, you will get the second Easy Feet, absolutely free! Just pay separate processing. That’s two Easy Feet for only $14.99! This double offer won’t last long, so Call Now!



What do I get?
2 Pairs Of Easy Feet.

www.EasyFeet.com Official Website


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  1. I saw the Easy Feet ad on TV here in Australia and they wanted $39.95 for a buy 1 get 1 free deal. After reading the reviews I think I will pass.

  2. I tried it & had to return it because it wouldn’t stay suctioned to the type of flooring I have in my bathroom. I have polysafe flooring in my bathroom. So don’t waste your money if you have it.

  3. This Easy Feet is a piece of junk. Moves all over while you are trying to move your feet back and forth and just try to do your heel on the stone. Don’t waste your money.

  4. I purchased easy feet and it is missing 5 suction cups on the bottom. Can I get those 5 sent to me. It just isn’t worth returning to the store for that.

  5. I purchased my Easy Feet from Walgreen after seeing it on tv. they made it look like the best thing in the world, however I am not pleased with this product. After using it I found that it is not all that good. The bristles are not as stiff enough and the stone is not hard enough also the suction cups don”t stay in place. I would not recommend this too anyone poor design.

  6. I purchased Easy feet. Had it for awhile.. It does OK I would like the bristles to be a little more stiffer. And the heel stone curved so it can reach the back heal. Sometime the suction cups will slide on the bottom of the tub. It is a good concept but I prefer scrubbing not tickling.. get those bristles stiffer and I will buy another one.

  7. Easy Feet is just AWESOME! I purchased mine at ‘Ocean State Job Lot’ for $5.00!. Note: For this product to work properly, you do need a tub/shower that is NOT non slip resistant.

  8. I purchased this product for $2 on clearance at my local supermarket. I was not expecting very much, but for such a low price I figured I would try it. As many others have said, the product did not stick to the surface of my tub/shower. I was able to get it to stick to my shower wall, but it fell off shortly afterwards. I attempted to use it anyway, and found that, while the product did do a good job of cleaning my feet, the bristles became deformed and difficult to use after 1-2 uses. Additionally, I often found myself hitting the top of the arch, which I found painful. However, I do appreciate the size of the product, as I have very large feet.

    Overall, I would say that this is a good concept that was executed poorly. If more time was spent designing this product and working out its issues then I would have enjoyed it. However, due to my low expectations and the price I purchased it at, this product did not upset me as it has so many others.

    If you would like to try this product to see if it works for you, I would recommend purchasing it at a store rather than online or over the phone, as this will save you a fair amount of money. This is especially true if you decide, as I have, that this product does not work for you.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope I was of some help.

  9. Why can’t you make a wider pad, that we can attach to the shower wall for our old backs that we can’t reach with out help. I believe it would be a big sell, for the elderly.

    Let me know what you think?

    Thank You Veronica

    • In Mekong this product it should always, with a soft plastic. So the suction on the bottom will stick. Goodness knows it would cost less also.

      Read some of your customer review, who was the project manager, he should have noticed. Especially in his product reviews before release.

  10. Called Easy Feet customer service and told them the product will not stick to tubs, my daughter almost fell down, their response if your tub has a anti slip surface they will not work. There is nothing in the literature about this condition, the product is junk. I am stuck with six units I bought as Xmas presents.

  11. I was looking over the internet for “Reviews of Easy Feet” and thankfully found this great website which finally gave me the correct and genuine review which I needed to know before making a decision to purchase the product. Let me tell this, before this website I checked couple of other sites mainly easyfeet.org, easyfeetreviews.org, easyfeetsite.com, easy-feet.net, easyfeetreview.net, easyfeet-reviews.com, and easyfeetx.com. All these websites were a complete waste of time because they not only gave me a 5 star rating for the product without a doubt but also provided me a direct link of the manufacturer to purchase it right away. I was interested in purchasing Easy Feet but not by reading some site which is completely made up for the sake of false marketing and fooling people. Also many website annoyed me by popping up windows before exiting the site to provide some bonus offers. Thanks once again to provide a honest review and sharing your opinion with everyone.

    • Like most consumer products, feedback can be taken with a pinch of salt. There are too many employees and relatives of employees who will give a glowing report to their companies product. The best example is the anti aging serums-all of which seem to get a glowing report. Michael (UK)

  12. So I bought the easy feet thing from Big Lots for 5 bucks.. Everywhere else I saw it, it ranged from $14 and up,, being the sucker for a deal that I am, I bought it just to see how it would work. Well, just like the rest of the people here, it pretty much sucks. It doesn’t stay put on the floor of the shower. At first I thought it might be my shower, but after reading a few of these reviews, I see that I was not the only one with that problem. I almost fell while using this product also, that was a scare. LOL. And after the first use, I noticed that the bristles where already bending and staying deformed. Oh well though at least I can say that if you are still thinking of buying one regardless of these reviews, buy it from the store and not online. You will find a better deal and not have to worry about paying hidden fees or bring double charged.

  13. Well, I got my mother the easy feet for Christmas. She told me that it did not stay put in the shower while using it. I wanted to test it out and guess what?!? Happy New Year to me and the bruised hip I got. It slipped while I was using it and I fell. I AM VERY UPSET AND IT IS NOW IN THE TRASH WHERE IT BELONGS!

  14. Ok, well, I bought this at my local store and I really like it. I am not having any issues with it not sticking to my shower. I do not have to dance around to use it. The bristles on mine are not hard, they are soft. I do not have holes in the soles of my feet from this. The pumice stone is still attached. And, my feet do feel much better after using it.

    Guess I was a lucky one.

  15. I ordered EasyFeet for my mom online and they charged for 2 pairs when I ordered one. The commercial on TV said if you order one you get a second pair free, I didn’t even need a second pair, they added that without permission and they charged me. I didn’t have a chance to change my order as they charged me and then showed the total prize.

    I got a phone call and I was registered automatic for a credit card which I didn’t want. I cannot cancel that now until I receive the packet.

    I printed the order online and there was a number there for Customer Service. I called the number and to tell them about the extra charge, and off course the Customer Service is a recording voice telling you to go online.

    I will never order from Easy Feet again. I had a terrible order.

  16. I have tried the easy feet and I really like it but it will not stick in my shower or tub. I have nonskid surface as to most tubs and showers these days. Any idea on how to make it stick down???

  17. What a JOKE, and I fell for it. Waste of money. Buyer beware,”Easy Feet does not work” It slips and slides all over. I promise you……….someone is going to really hurt them selves using it. DON”T let the kids use it.

  18. You are all morons! How did they dupe you into buying this? Anybody can look at this hunk of junk and tell it is complete shit. I can’t believe my mother wasted thirty dollars buying one for me and my sister. I’m not even taking it out of the package. How are these bristles supposed to conform to your foot shape? They don’t. They scrub a small portion of the bottom of your foot and a smaller portion of the top of your foot. Forgot in between toes. And the placement of the pumice stone (which LOOKS shoddily attached BTW) offers no dexterity of movement to actually reach all the places that I use a pumice stone for. You are all morons.

    • Your language overrides your message. I dated a 6’5″ 250# biker who never swore. I asked him why. He said it was because “it shows MORE intelligence when you can find another word”. I would have preferred to thank you for your opinion.

    • Nice language, Nione…. There are ways to express yourself without using the “F” bomb. That sort of language only proves what a moron YOU are!!!

  19. This product sucks! For one it doesn’t stick to the tub at all it falls apart easily. It doesn’t even clean like its supposed to, cause the bristles don’t want to stay on and or do their job cause with one use it flattens out and breaks…I would not recommend that you get this product at all it’s a scam product!

  20. My daughter got this for me. slides in shower, pumice broke off second use and the bristles are way too much like a toilet scrubber. If they made the bristles softer and actually used about 4 x the bristles that are on there now it might actually work. too bad

  21. Do NOT purchase this product. It is poorly manufactured and will actually cause you to have “foot problems”, i.e., will puncture “holes” in the soles of your feet causing the skin to peel. The brushes on this “thing” are made of some kind of harsh fiberglass type material, and they actually, over a short period of time will “poke holes into the soles of your feet”. At first, I was really pleased that I had such “clean, beautiful feet”, but after only a week or two, I could barely walk from the “damage” this product did to my feet. Would NOT recommend. The only good thing about this product is the inclusion of the pumice stone, but again, be careful with that as well. The size of the item is geared towards a person with really large feet as well. Not worth it, will actually damage your feet. Keep your children away from this item.

  22. This really did the trick when I was approaching by two swarthy males in a club parking lot. I just threw the Easy Feet at their heads and knocked them out cold. Oh, it’s to clean your feet? Wow. Didn’t see that coming. On that case, Easy Feet did a piss poor job. I almost cracked a vertebrae because I had to dance around a wet, slippery surface. My co-payments are higher than the price of this piece of junk so I threw it in the garbage.

  23. After reading all this, I will bring mine back to Michael`s arts and crafts store $8.99 ( 20 %) off coupon, no shipping, still wont take a chance on.


  24. I’m someone who obsesses about clean feet since I tend to walk around barefoot part of the day. So I figured for $10 (price at Walgreens) this might make it easier for cleaning my feet.

    If I was evaluating solely on the ability to easily scrub my feet this product does what it is suppose to do. However there are some design problems that keep the overall product far from perfect.

    Like everyone else my Easy Feet rarely stays in place with the suction cups. And also after a week the pumice stone broke off. The good news though – I could use one foot to hold the Easy Feet in place while cleaning the other foot. – without the pumice stone I could use my big toe to hold the thing in place.

    Perhaps if more care was put into the design this product would be a 5-star product but I’d give it about 3.5 stars. I do use mine every day but I just wish it was made a bit better.

  25. I bought a pair of Easy-Feet and it works wonder. I am wearing it instead of sandals or flip-flops and you would think you walk on a cloud. It’s not to be used in a shower but in the streets!

  26. Terrible the pumice stone cracked the first time I used it and fell out. Then the next time I used it the suction cups -3 of them broke off and it won’t stay in one place anymore – waste of my money.

  27. Bought this Easy Feet at Walmart. Don’t believe what you see on TV. This product doesn’t adhere to the shower floor and you are dancing around to try and clean your feet. Pumice stone isn’t the greatest either. Thank goodness I didn’t order it through the mail, because it wasn’t worth the price of shipping, much less the price of the product. My advice save your money and get a real pedicare!

    • I absolutely, totally agree!!! After seeing the commercialism every 15 minutes of every day, I felt like I just HAD to have it. I told my husband how nice it would be if he surprised me with one and I haven’t stopped hearing his jeering and laughing at me yet! I’ve had the Easy Feet less than a week and it’s already missing 2 suction cups AND the pumice stone. I must have been attached with regular old Elmer’s glue. I am so disappointed. I hate I threw the box away because I would definitely take it back to Walgreens where I found it!

  28. Easy Feet worked really well. Can’t believe you guys didn’t like it. Its real easy to use and stuff.

  29. This was an impulse buy at Walmart and I should have known better. The pumice stone broke on first use, shoe doesn’t adhere to the tub, and the suction cups come off. I’ll be returning the item. It’s a great idea in principle but doesn’t work in reality.

  30. I purchased Easy Feet at Walgreens. It was a great disappointment. The easy feet would not stay attached to tub. Pumice stone broke off after
    second use. suction cups broke off. I’m returning this product to the store.

    My husband and me, both were slipping in tub. Very dangerous.

    Carolyn Morano

  31. Nate, you must be the company’s lawyer. Thank you for your much too late advice. Obviously there are unhappy consumers here, and hopefully there is one that is going or is currently going through battle with Easy Feet. Why are you on this review site????????? If you were satisfied, you wouldn’t be on here. Go be happy with your “own” Easy Feet purchase (tongue and cheek) and the chunk of shipping and handling charge for actually, a lousy product. But more importantly I hope you enjoyed spending the money that they are paying you to be on this “bad review” site. The non hilarious thing is that you get 2 shoes for $14.99 and pay the same or more (I paid more in s/h) for 2 shoes!!!!! They meant, 1 shoe is $14.99!!!! The other is free, but not. Total Scam. Why buy one shoe????? Nate get off this review site. You are a “rights to be a scammer” activist, or their lawyer, or their nervous spokes person. Also, check your spelling before spewing your righteous claims on the behalf of Easy Feet. On their, behalf, they should get discounted of your fees because of your bad spelling. You didn’t have “much though” when you wrote this. Again check your spelling Mr. Know it All for the “slow”. Oh and if I have any errors…I am slow.

  32. This product has the right concept for a very good product, but I’m having some of the same issues with mine as they are theirs, it does a good job cleaning my feet but I have trouble getting the suction cups to stay in place and my pumice stone not only cracked but completely crumbled and fell out of the product…we did not put our body weight on it. If this product wasn’t cheaply made it would be a great product…it helped my feet a lot just wish it would do better and was better made.

  33. I am so glad I reviewed all the complaints about this item. I am glad I did not buy it, also HSN is selling it, I am surprised they would get involved with this item. Thanks for letting people like us see reviews first

  34. Is there anyone willing to file a class action against these people? If so, great! If not, please at least join me in contacting better business bureau. I’m having the same problem with the website that I see many others having.

    I saw the ad on TV and wanted a pair of these “14.99” + “7.99” shipping and handling + the additional 7.99 (I didn’t read the fine print) for the extra shoe. This would bring my total to 29.97. At the end of all the “would you like these extras”, to which I said “no,” and then the “do you want the extra shoe, to which I said “Yes”, I got a “Thank you” for my 69.00.

    I did not get a chance to review my order, nor did I get a confirmation.

    The customer service is habitually closed, yet no hours are listed, and when I try to get back to my receipt page, which I bookmarked, I get a broken link. In fact, I cannot get back to the page anymore.

    I was lucky enough to cancel my credit card before the order went through; however, I believe this “company” is really a scam which targets elderly people and should be responsible for their unethical business practices.

    Again, please join me in contacting better business bureau and/or filing a class action suit.


    • Same EXACT problem, to a “T”. No confirmation, no customer service, no review of your order. I wanted to cancel halfway through and wasn’t able to. How do you cancel the purchase on your credit card just call your bank? I’m in business management so I would be willing to consider a call-action because my specialty in school is Business Ethics and they are taking advantage of old people by not giving them options to backtrack once they get your card info. Also, false advertisement, they said for just the one shoe + s/h it would be roughly $25 while I was quickly able to find much better deals for the EXACT same product with the same name:

      1) CVS – has them (one) for $14.95 + no s/h – b/c you can buy them in the store!. (So false advertising on their commercial when they say you can’t get “Easy Feet” patented brand name anywhere else.)

      2) Drugstore.com:
      Subtotal: $9.99 (1 Shoe)
      Standard Shipping: $5.99
      Estimated Tax: $0.00
      Total: _________________


      No one there when I called to complain advertised $19.95.

      BULL HOCKEY!!!! Got Jacked for $69.00 never used the stupid thing and couldn’t get my money back…. BUYER B-WARE OF ALL THESE Infomercials. Not buying this till maybe I can see it for myself on the shelf at WALGREENS FOR $10.00.

    • Thank you Kelly!!! There is an obvious unhappy consumer purchase here, by many. Now you, VERY much, helped, unlike the only person on here that I know of right now, promotes Easy Feets in shyster ways. So obviously someone they hired to speak on their behalf (though badly). I am on board with a class action suit. I buy online all of the time. This was a classic scam. Never have I experienced this although “Nate” our pro Easy Feet friend seems to think their ethics are professional and the consumers are “slow ….. maybe” to cover himself/herself/it. The “maybe” was to cover whoever Nate is, he/she/it … their CYA mentality while they were basically down right defending a companies obvious scam. Why be on here if you are not complaining? Now watch Nate get “friends” to review how much their friends loved the product. hahahaha!!!

      Let’s get it going.

    • I ordered the Easy Feet and I got the “buy one get one free” and it was supposed to be $29.97 but it was $134.00. What do I do Kelley?

  35. A true rip off at the price $9.99 price at Walmart. It is extremely cheaply made and the suction cups don’t stick. If you want to use it you have to chase it around the shower. The concept is great but this execution of it is horrible. It would be overpriced at $2.98! Thank goodness I didn’t order this over the phone or from their website and was able to return it with no hassle.

  36. The phone number for Idea Village Products Corp is (973) 826-8400

    155 Route 46 West, 4th Floor,
    Wayne, NJ 07470
    They say “We are the developers of of the most successful products in the ‘As Seen on TV’ industry!”

    After reading these reviews I am warning my mother to be careful when she gets the gift of Easy Feet!


  37. OK,Ii haven’t gotten the item yet so I can’t review it, but I am already upset, for the same reasons others seem to be. The “handling fee is about a dollar more than the price of the item. Apparently it takes a great effort to throw something in a box, as the 15 and some change is just handling, not shipping. I should have gone to the mall and looked in the as seen on t.v. kiosk to see if they had them there…I feel ripped off!!

  38. Easy Feet does not work! My first use, I fell and broke my arm when it slipped off the shower floor. When I went to the doctor, my nurse had broken her arm from the same product!


    I have used a foot scrubber for the past 10 years. It wore out so I decided to by Easy Feet. ($14.99 buy one get one free-pay separate shipping and handling). Not so…You call and are told that you should buy the DELUXE version…it has 50% more bristles to clean your feet. So I did and after paying $44.00, I got them…hardly any bristles. If this is the Deluxe, I cant even imagine how the regular one would do anything. Secondly the design…there is a band that goes over your toes…it hurts because you go to wash your foot, and bang it on the top of the scrubber. I called customer service…they are a joke too!
    DON’T BUY THIS PIECE OF CRAP…I threw them away and bought something that works great!

  40. Their ordering system is horrible. You think you’re ordering one thing, and by the time your final ordering page comes up they’ve charged you for a bunch of other stuff. Don’t buy this crap!

  41. I purchased the Easy Feet about two weeks ago. It’s good for cleaning your feet but for some reason, even if I stand and put on my weight on it, it doesn’t stick completely to the tub; so the stone for my heel is useless as the product moves around. It’s great for my younger daughter to clean her feet but that’s about it.

    As for purchasing online…wait a few months and everything ends up at your local CVS or Walmart.

  42. Tried to get it to stick and cracked the stone What a joke does not stick to shower button slides back and forth.

  43. Ok here’s the thing to everyone saying read the fine print. Sure its easy to say some folks messed up, but the bigger issue is that every consumer should be able to contact the company they ordered from and change or cancel an order if they choose. This company isn’t allowing that!!! That is why people are upset! Now to those of you this has happened to, my best advice for getting your money back is to go through your bank, usually smaller branches work with you better than the bigger banks. But this isn’t the only company that does this. And when it happened to someone I know all they had to do was explain to their bank about the blocked #’s and disconnected calls. The bank immediately recognized the issue for what it was and gave them their money back. Good luck to you all!

  44. Don’t waste your money. It doesn’t work. Bristles are week, it doesn’t adhere to the bathtub and the pumice stone broke off on the first use. What a scam.

  45. I wanted EASY FEET so badly when I seen the commercial! Knowing how cheesy “As Seen On TV” can be, I just didn’t want to pay all the extra shipping and fees… Seen it in the Dollar Store for $9.99. Used it this morning… The concept is great, modifications are required. I did not have trouble with it sliding on the tub (It was nice & secure)… felt good, no pain… my concern is that it won’t last after a few good scrubs I think the bristles may be through!

    I think that Bath & Body or Bed Bath & Beyond could use it as a concept and make perfection!

  46. Its a scam doesn’t work like they say on tv its takes bout half gallon on soap to get any lather what so ever and moves all over the tub can’t get it to stick what a waste of money..

  47. The actual reviews are all good. They say easy feet does work. I will look for it in target or Walgreens.

  48. I wanted one so bad, husband bought me one for Valentine’s day. Its just not worth it the pumice stone broke first use and it doesn’t suction very well. I’m glade he only wasted $9.99 at walgreens instead of the website price.

  49. Horrible!! Do not fall for this on t.v. nor internet. Not worth the hassle you have to go thru to cancel order because of over charging.

  50. Do not buy this product. They charged my credit card twice and I called my credit card company and immediately cancelled my card. Someone needs to report these scam artist to authorities for ripping people off like this.

  51. I called to order Easy Feet for $14.99 and somehow my order came to over $100.00. When I tried to cancel it,they cut me off, so I had to call my C.C company to cancel my card so it would not go through. Only after that did I go to this web site, which I should of done first.Never again will this happen. It’s a scam.

  52. This product is a “Rip-off”! The suction cups do not hold,so it moves all over the place. Plus the bristles are weak. I used it in the shower, and the soap it leaks out the bottom, and on to your shower floor. So maybe it’s only for the bathtub. It’s going back tomorrow!

  53. I purchased the Easy Feet from Harriet Carter as I have had experiences of not being able to get just 1 on any of the products advertised and then having to pay a fortune in shipping; so I found the exact product through Harriet Carter, same boxing etc, HOWEVER, THESE DO NOT WORK. THEY DO NOT STICK TO ANY SURFACE; THE PLUGS KEEP COMING OUT. WHAT A RIPOFF.

  54. Very poor customer service, I had to talk to supervisor to get my order emailed as a cancellation. This Easy Feet is a great product in the deluxe edition but I preferred to purchase it and several other items through Amazon after having so much trouble with the company.

    After entering your order and seeing the total come up to $50+ dollars , you are not really getting one free, You pay for shipping for both, and so you absorb the cost for the 2nd one and if you ask for faster shipping it costs over $24 so your total is over $53.00 for two.

    I went to Amazon got one deluxe easy feet and cream, powder and tea tree cleanser for my feet for less than what I would have paid easy feet. They are getting a lot of complaints, average shipping is 6 weeks plus IF you get them at all. Make sure you have a supervisor sent you an email confirming your credit to your charge.

    • This is the biggest ripoff going. This is a very unethical company. Number one there website is so deceiving. In order to get out of the web site you have to go all the way through the enter process, being told that the first information listed was not complete…. After that you get an e-mail for $61.94. Not bad for $14.99 product……I immediately called the customer service and they told me to call the nest day because it takes time to process the order.

      I would not hang up until they removed the second pair from my order. I off-course printed the e-mail for reference along with the order #. I did tell them that website was next to a deceptive scam because you had to enter information twice,,, stay away from this product………I have already received calls from third parties.

    Beware using this site.
    1: You cannot review your order B4 it is completed. I wanted 1 pair and ended up showing I ordered 6 pairs.
    2: The shipping options are a rip off. Expedited shipping is charged on top of regular shipping for each item ordered.
    3: Worst of all, several days after I placed my order I began to get get text messages and phone calls for all sorts of 3rd party garbage. At one point I was getting calls with no one on other end. After several times I called the number back and it was a 3rd party offer and they had my credit card number. The person I spoke to told me they were working in conjunction with easy feet. I remember removing check mark on easy feet site so that my info would not be released. When I called EasyFeet customer service they confirmed it was 3rd party offers but said they only give out the last 4 digits of your card.

  56. I order this Easy Feet and paid with my credit card and they shipped it to my wife. How they got my wife name and mixed it up with my order I do not Know. When ordering this product I was constantly bombarded to order more and more. This was a very painful experience. From the reviews I have read on this product I think I am very lucky I didn’t get the product. The shipping charges were extremely high and the product took forever to get here. If anybody is tempted to buy this product please don’t.


  57. I am going to buy an Easy Feet but I do not want to pay the shipping and handling. If you know of a store that carries these then please reply to this.

    • I purchased the easy feet today at Walgreens for $9.95. Brought it home and could not get it to stick to the shower. Our shower has slip guard built in and it just would not stick. It would stick however to the smooth sides but for my husband he would not be able to use it there. I wasted my money on this. Great idea though.

      • If doesn’t work, it moves, doesn’t stay still, thank god I did not buy it through the website, got it at walmart for $9.99

  58. I am going to get an easy feet but I am going to wait until it comes in stores because of the shipping and handling. If you know a store that carries these please reply to this thanks.

    • I found it at Target online. You get one Easy Feet foot scrubber shoe. It does not offer the buy one, get one free deal but that was $14.97 plus $7.99 S&H PLUS another $7.99 S&H for the “free” one which came to 30.93 and we haven’t even started with the phone problems and security problems. I trust Target a lot more than this company.

      I just ordered Easy Feet from Target at $9.98 each for 2 scrubbers. Shipping was $6.33 and sales tax $2.56 for a total of $28.87.

    • I purchased Easy Feet at Sally’s Beauty Supply for $9.99. I asked the sales clerk if I could return them if I didn’t like them, and she said “yes.” I haven’t used it yet, but judging from the comments here, I will be surprised if it works. I would never purchase something like this on the internet. Shipping charges, plus the hassle if you return it.

      • Well, like you all said “it didn’t work”, wouldn’t even adhere to the bottom of the tub. I returned it to Sally’s.

    • I got mine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $9.99 BUT had the $5 off coupon….worth a try. My son thought it was the funniest thing, so I ended up with it for $4.99 to see him laugh again once I wore it around the house for him to see.

  59. I got on Easy Feet website to order the buy 1 get 1 free. This is a total scam they ask for your credit card first, buyer beware. They end up tricking you into things you do not know about, and then rip you off!! I hear the 800 # is no better. My order came to $75.92 after they decided what my order would be. This was on Saturday and of course their customer service is closed till Monday. Wen my husband came home to this mess, he told me to call and report my card as missing and maybe that would keep any charges from going through on that card. Well, it’s Monday morning and I have spoken to bank and they did not get put on my card. Maybe this will help someone else who has got sucked in to their trap! Let me know!

  60. I have gotten scammed so many times by these ads! NOW, I ALWAYS check the reviews by other people to see if the product is legit. My complaint is:How come WE can’t come up with some gimmick to make millions of dollars like these jerks! NAH! I wouldn’t do that to people but what minds these people have with no conscience as to what the consequences might be! Be careful and check EVERYTHING out before ordering anything!

  61. Try Amerimark.com, which carries the product for $9.99 each, shipping only $1.99 regardless of how many items you order, no surprises.

  62. Run…….Run….Run….Do not order, any company that asks for a credit card # before they ask for a name, is a scam…Shipping doubles if you do not “upgrade”or join a discount shipping club, no place to cancel order at the end of application..They should be reported to the bbb. They did offer to give me a $5.00 discount, but the order still cost me $25.97…Free, no such thing. The freebie cost me $12.99 . After the $5.00 discount..(if I got it)…Have not used product, just received it, but its probably not any good either.

  63. Approx. 1 hour ago I placed an order for “Easy Feet”. I ordered nothing more and nothing less than the TV order stated. $14.95 with double shoe if I would pay the extra shipping cost. At the end of all the confusing gibberish They informed me that my order cost would be $84.00. Plus a charge of $16.00 per month there after for some program I never agreed to join. I immediately called the phone # the gave only to get a person who was not connected with “easy feet”I will call my bank and refuse to pay one cent to this corrupt consumer come on. beware!

  64. Wow, some of you are the dumbest people I’ve ever come across. This whole buy one get one for a separate S&H fee has been around for decades now and you’re still being taken in by it? Also, Bed Bath and Beyond has almost everything you see on TV for pretty much the same price and you can always return it if you don’t like it because it’s from a legit store. Also, for all of you who don’t live in Podunk, USA, there is a mall store called As Seen on TV. It’s 2011, get with the damn program people. And @ Amy Crowe Hawes, you clearly have way too much time on your hands!! Who even thinks like that?? Maybe it’s the inventor’s children or something. There is obviously something wrong with you for even jumping to such conclusions!!!

    • I would never in a million years order anything from an infomercial on the internet. I bought mine at a local store, returned it, and got my money back. The thing is totally useless, but in my case I didn’t mind because I was easily able to get my money back. So not everybody is stupid. LOL

    • Mr. Grant,

      Thank you so very much for publishing ‘the only’ response that I was wondering about since I first saw this ad, “how it works”. Now that I know, I won’t purchase it, although truth be told I’ve only purchased one or two of these infomercial products.

      Also, has anyone but me asked about sending “money orders”, rather than using ‘credit cards’, so that you can’t be double billed or anything else to do with a credit card? I ask mainly because I’ve become extremely leery of ‘situations’ like this happening. I’ve decided that if they won’t accept a money order, I’d rather not be bothered, case closed.

      Lastly, while the government seems to be willing to close more post offices, but credit card numbers are climbing, I’d still prefer the ‘money order’ route and not be robbed.

  65. I just saw the commercial for the first time, and the first thing I thought was, “Yeah, but I still have to bend over to clean the remaining part of the feet (i.e. ankle) and lower 1/2 of my leg.” I’m there anyway.

    Then, I saw the part part of the commercial which showed two children of the opposite sex in the same tub, and it doesn’t appear they’re wearing swimsuits. I went to their customer service line to ask for corporate marketing, and got disconnected the first time by mistake. I called again, and the guy on the phone was rude, telling me what I was implicating was “Wrong!” and how it’s “very evident” they’re wearing shorts, not to mention they’re being filmed by an adult. GREAT! I don’t share his opinion. It looks inappropriate for two children, obviously too old to share a bathtub with one another, of the opposite sex being filmed by an adult. First thing that came to my mind was “Kiddie porn waiting to happen.” I was appalled, and if I were the parent of the children involved in the decision, I would’ve suggested the alternative. I had to slow down the footage to verify they were, in fact, wearing suits, as it was not that evident to begin with.

    I finally got the corporate headquarters (973-82-8400) number from their customer service line (after arguing for 10 min. to get it), and shared my complaints with the operator. I’m waiting to hear back. I’m all for kid advertising, but make it more appropriate! How about showing them by a swimming pool with an outdoor shower in suits using the product? I shower after I swim. MUCH better! At least with the elder lady sitting on the assisted stool, it was evident she was wearing a swimsuit!

    I can’t speak for the product myself, as it seems like a waste of money when you still have to bend over to get the rest of the foot/ankle and bottom 1/2 of the leg clean. I think I’ll keep my money and put it in the bank.

    • P.S. I’m wondering why everyone is assuming that there are two Easy Feet and it’s a pair that they’re ordering, when the advertisement shows the users as having only 1. Just because we wear 2 shoes does not mean there are two easy feet slippers in this shipment, when the advertisement only shows people using just one. Now if they showed them using two, then I can understand that way of thinking of why there are two in the packaging. You’re only cleaning one foot at a time, not both.

    • Those children are clearly wearing swimsuits in the commercial. How can you comment on a product you have never used?

      • Most of the people here have used the product, including myself. Can you show me one person that has used it that had anything good to say about it? No? I didn’t think so. But I think I will have some fun and call corporate headquarters with the phone number that Amy provided. 🙂

    • You’re an idiot. It’s people like you with such terribly dirty minds that corrupt the innocence of children. Who the hell thinks things like that besides pedophiles? Get a life! People like you ruin it all for everyone by finding something “wrong” with everything. Go get laid or something so that you can stop being a wretched old witch always needing to complain about stupid irrelevant things! you didn’t even try the product! People are looking on here for reviews, not your ridiculous opinion of the commercial.

      To everyone else: thank you for your informative posts. I always check reviews & have yet to see an infomercial that doesn’t rip people off. Glad to see that there are places to get this product w/out ordering from them & being overcharged.

      • Unbelievable this is why we have so many issues in this world. I’m surprised she didn’t use the race card too. UNBELIEVABLE! GET A LIFE.

        • seriously, Thank you for your in-depth opinion.

          kathy, just like the “99 cent only” stores don’t always have only 99 cent products (ridiculous, I know), we should not assume that a product called “Easy Feet” includes two of them, as opposed to just one.

          M, I can comment on a product I haven’t used, because it looks like a dumb product to begin with. If my hand is already near my foot to put soap on the product, why wouldn’t I just go ahead and wash it while I’m down there? And if it were so “clear” they were wearing swimsuits, why is it I had to slow down the footage to verify they were wearing them in the first place? The little girl, for instance, was wearing a white suit covered by white bubbles. Not very clear to me!

          Gail, did you have fun? Glad I could help!

          Zoe, “It’s people like you with such terribly dirty minds that corrupt the innocence of children.” I was formerly married to a pedophile, and having a child myself, I strive to do everything I can to protect the innocence of children, in general, not just to my own. It’s people “like me” who have to think “outside of the box,” in order to keep perverts from using commercials, such as this, for their own, sick self-pleasure.

          tnyldo, I don’t play the “race” card, because I’m not a racist. And besides, what does that have to do with anything I said? Based on that logic, should I start calling people “communists” as well, out of the blue? Or worse yet, Republicans?

          The product isn’t just about the product itself, it’s the advertising that entices idiots out there to try their product in the first place. Before you judge someone and call them an idiot, crazy, pedophile, and other ignorant names, how about you think about the circumstances as to WHY I’m bringing a complaint on the advertising itself? This is completely relevant to my opinion on the product as a whole…it tackles the advertising perspective of the issue.

  66. I learned the hard way that ads on family networks like Hallmark give a false sense of security for advertisers seen on their channel. Without repeating all the SAME info that others have already mentioned, I too, have been ripped off by Easy Feet at the final confirmation of an order, only to discover double order and double fees! I called the 888 number immediately only to discover they are a Mon-Fri business. There is no way to contact them via email to correct the error. Then I Googled for any scam reviews and found this link with plenty. I appreciate the person who had the BBB link, which I immediately filed. I may have been taken this time, but I will check ALL TV ads in the future before buying from them. I also contacted the network that showed the ad to inform them of the practice of the advertiser and request them to remove them from their ad program. Hopefully they will if they want me to continue watching their network. I don’t particularly like learning lessons the hard way from my errors. A false sense of security and trust is not the American way anymore – scam artists make SURE of THAT!!! Do you homework before your buy people!

  67. I wanted the offer of buy one get one free paying postage. My order came to $75.00. I called easy feet customer service) and was told I had to wait 24 hrs for the order to be corrected. I am so sorry I shopped this online when after reading the reviews I could of bought them locally!

    I have done something stupid and totally ignored the warning BUYER BEWARE! I am afraid I won’t be able to get this straightened and get my money back on the over charge or my whole amount back on my debit card.

    • We tried to call back and when we did they said the order already shipped. Let it ship and when you receive it on the box it says Easy Feet….Put return to sender on it without opening it and you dont have to pay for anything. They then have to credit your credit card. They tell you to wait 24 hrs so they can have time to pack and ship. The post office will accept it as long as you don’t open it. Tell the post office you didn’t want it. Thats what we did. Thanks for everyone’s input!!

  68. Easy Feet is a poorly made product, but worse yet is the company that sells the product. BEWARE! Don’t order over the phone!! I did call & asked for 1 Easy Feet product. I did not want the “Free” foot for only S&H. At the end of the call, it said my total was just over $100! There was no approving, is that correct, type feature. I went to their website & found customer service which when called I was told that there was high call volume so to avoid waiting, the call would end & it asked me to call next week. I was just disconnected. In that time, my product arrived. They sent 6 Easy Feet! The product total was just over $44. & the S&H was over $55!

    When I called, the Rep offered that they take off $10 & I keep all 6. WHAT? I wanted 1, not 6! They said to return however many I didn’t want. I checked out the product & it was poorly made so I decided to return all. It cost me $20 to return them! I shouldn’t have had to pay to return the extra 5 feet, but it was the only way. This company can’t be trusted! My credit card company is trying to fight this for me. So far, they only returned the $44. for the cost of product, but nothing ($55+) for the S&H of the 5 extra they sent me. I’m out the $55 + and the $20. return cost & have nothing to show for it. Don’t deal with this company. You will most likely be burned! BEWARE!!

  69. I am trying to cancel an order for easy feet. I got cut off and went in again to place an order. They had most of my info on the first call but I do not want 2 orders. It is all automated so I could not talk to anyone.

  70. Anyone considering any kind of purchase from Easy Feet should first take a look at this “F” rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Numerous complaints have been filed and the company is well known for its lack of integrity, ignoring complaints and serious fraudulent business practices. How a company like this still operates is beyond me. Here is the link to the BBB – if it does not work, simply go to the BBB web site and search for Easy Feet in Pacoima, CA.


  71. Suction cups DO NOT WORK ON FIBERGLASS SHOWER FLOOR THAT HAD BEEN CLEANED TO REMOVE SOAP SCUM AND WITH ALCOHOL. DID NOT work on my daughter’s shower stall with small tiles. I love the idea and I love the feel of it. But, can not be properly used unless it suctions to the floor. Please inform me if there can be a suction cup replacement.

  72. I just want to take a minute to thank all the peeps out there who took the time to fill us future easy feet buyers, and warn/remind us about the scamming still going on out there!

    I am taking all the advise and going to bed bath & beyond, where I can also use a coupon 🙂 and return if not happy, again thank you all so much. And to the scammers shame on you as u keep trying to scam us we will continue to warn each other about you!! Eventually the government will change the laws and you’ll all have to find and honest job.


  73. The best way to place internet orders is to use a Visa or Mastercard debit card available at businesses such as Ace Cash Express. The credit limit is determined by the amount of money you deposited on the card. Anyone can obtain a card for around $10 and deposits are charged $3 per transaction. This company’s card is a Netspend card whose website and service rivals the best secured bankcard setup in the business. When ordering just keep the balance within a few dollars of the amount you want to pay and then you are protected. I would never give out my regular credit card numbers, debit cards or check routing numbers. Very unsafe as many of you have discovered. Hope this helps!

    • So glad I read the reviews. My mother wanted a pair and just seen the commercial, and was going to order. Not now. I’ll head out to Walgreen’s… Thanks to all who posted. We need to get these people reported.

    • Easy Feet are made in China..(Big surprise!) I also want to add, I had no problems ordering, I got exactly what I paid for, and the shipping was fast. These things are big, and come 1 to a shoe box size box.

  74. Don’t order get from stores or talk with rep on phone and find out how much your paying first they got me for extra then another order that I started and didn’t complete the order over for 2 “buy 1 get 1 free” I’ll never order from as seen on tv again they are crooks and make getting tour money back impossible the product I wont even know if it works will refuse shipment let it go back unopened but who knows when I will get my money returned.

      • Wow, I am so glad I read all these Easy Feet reviews. I was just about to order from the website when I thought about looking up the reviews. I wish I knew of a product like this that would work. I am healing from knee surgery and have a hard time in the shower. I thought it would be a great help to be able to really wash the bottoms of my feet. What a disappointment!!

  75. I also went through the same thing, wanted 1 and got 6 for a total of over ninety dollars. Got a refund for $6o some dollars. But refused to take the other set back because they said I opened it. Dah, I don’t even think I opened it. Saw the bill and immediately sent them back. If you are not satisfied, opening the plastic surrounding is not a reason for not sending my money back. Cost me 19 dollars to send them back certified mail, I am so stupid for falling for this scam. Do like it. Bought one at walgreens for under $10. I am disputing the claim on my credit card. DO NOT ORDER ON THE PHONE.. GO TO Walgreen

  76. I read the reviews and someone suggested that they bought the Easy Feet at Walgreens. So I decided to go that route. The checker at Walgreens said that if I wasn’t happy with it I can return it within 30 days. I wasn’t happy with it and sure enough…Walgreens refunded my money. The commercial makes it look like the bristles are firm but they aren’t (it’s kinda like a mushroom brush) and the pumice stone is on the heel. Well my thought is that most roughness is on the sides of the feet. So the pumice stone is useless.

    • You don’t need to rub it in pal! One day you might be the next Sucker, if you haven’t been one already. :o)

      • He must be an “Easy Feet” rep. Give him some slack. 😀 They must not pay him well. That’s why he’s so hateful.

        • Probably not a rep, and absolutely right! For one, this very website says you can check Amazon.com to avoid scamming fees. When I saw the commercial and I decided I wanted easy feet, I went straight to the website. It says CLEARLY that the S&H is $7 something and you HAVE to get the “free” shoe and pay the S&H for it. I don’t know how it goes over the phone, but really, who uses the phone anymore. The website does not lie. There was no false advertisement there. It made it clear that I’d be paying alot more then I want to. So, I checked out other places. Target and Amazon both sell it online, and it’s only 9.99 plus 5.66 for shipping. Not too bad considering its price on the Easy Feet website. All I have to say is, USE YOUR BRAINS PEOPLE!!! These TV advertisements have been scamming for shipping for YEARS!!! It’s nothing new!!! That is why places like Walmart and Walgreens sell “As Seen On TV” products and thats why a lot of malls have an “As Seen On TV” store!! Advice for future TV AD consumers, check out Amazon or google the product for an in store search. NEVER go through a rep on a phone. So this guy was right, ya’ll are suckers!

  77. I got my Easy-Feet from bed bath & beyond for $9.99 plus I used a 20% off coupon. I love my Easy Feet. After reading all the reviews I decided not to order by phone & just happen to see it in the store.

  78. I have seen the TV Ads and have recommended it to a friend of mine. It looks like a good invention. I am sure that the inventor would be/is apalled at what the Marketing Company is doing with this product. It’s sad that a treacherous profiteering bunch of hacks would take a good idea and burn it down through Fraudulent Marketing Techniques.

    Well, that’s what happens when one let’s Snake Oil Salesmen sell your invention. Good Luck…

  79. …..I canceled the Easy Feet order and I just looked today and they charged me for them. That was over 3 weeks ago that I canceled this order……. I am dumb and they are thieves. I am not going to send them back. I am going to use them to take the mud off my boots before I come into the house!

  80. I too ordered Easy Feet after seeing the ad on television. The site was not working properly so after giving my information I didn’t press the order button. Sure enough someone called and I let the order go through. Buy 1, get 1 and just pay for additional shipping and handling. Ha, My bill is for two $14.99 each and shipping and handling of $ 31.96. Then the call from a rude guy who wanted me to have the “free gas card”. I told him I didn’t believe it was free. He was adamant. I told him I didn’t believe it and he rudely said I won’t send it then, I said, good. Anyone want to buy a set of easy feet??

  81. I went through similar problems with Easy Feet. I made the phone call and ordered one (1) foot, I did not want the “free” foot for “only” shipping and handling. At the end of the phone call the computer voice said it totaled $100.90! There was no asking for a verification, as in, “Is that amount correct?”

    I was upset and went to the website to the customer service page. Another computerized voice said that due to unexpected, higher call volume, they didn’t want me to wait too long and suggested I call next week. Then they said the call would end and it did. They hung up. I called back many times and got the same message.

    I called again after the weekend and told them that I ordered one foot and was now in receipt of six 6) feet and that the cost of the product was $44. and changes and the shipping and handling was $55 and change. I said you charged me over $100 and sent 6 feet and I wanted only one. They said they would take off $10 and I could keep them all. Wow, how generous! Ha! I opened one foot and it was cheesy and my husband didn’t want it, the bristles were cheap and flimsy and not even worth $14.99.

    I returned them all at a cost of $20 to ship them back, even though it was their “mistake” or “on purpose” and then found your site tonight and saw for the first time that the S/H is non-refundable. I didn’t see that at first and then got quite upset.

    I called my credit card company tonight and they saw that I have not been credited any amount yet and they are going to fight it for me. There are no promises on what I can get back, but they are going to ask for a full refund. My $20 to ship back their mistake is probably not retrievable because I didn’t charge that part.

    For all of you who have had similar problems, I suggest you call your credit card company and hope they will fight for you as mine is doing for me. I will report this to the BBB and thank you Tom for their info. Good luck everyone. This is a disgrace!

    BTW, the same company sells that FUSHIGI ball! Same computer voice, same company. I received what I ordered at the correct price, but their is NO MAGIC IN THE BALL. You have to be a magician to make it work and they say it’s not a toy, don’t use it outside, don’t leave it in the car, etc. It’s not easy!! My daughter-in-law got one also and she can’t do it either. Don’t bother getting that either. Best of luck, all!

  82. EASY FEET – IT IS A SCAM! Don’t order it, if you do and you find out like I did that they will double your order and charge you the same price for shipping as it cost for the easy feet and then make it impossible to cancel. There should be some way to get this off of TV and to quit scamming people. BEWARE.

    • Unfortunately that problem is practice is used by 90% of the products advertised these days. They have managed to make most of there money via the “Shipping and Handling”or “Processing and Shipping” or some variation. When the say They will double it or get a second one free; they mention “just pay for the Shipping…” They don’t usually mention how much that extra amount is. I personally have a problem when they say “absolutely free” because it’s not. It is also difficult to find how much the S&H is until one has all but purchased it. I have found a few places where the S&H is more than the product. Even though it’s not false advertising, it is deceptive and I wish the truth in advertising people would do something about it.

  83. I bought Easy Feet in the AS SEEN ON TV isle at Walgreens for $9.99, and I LOVE it! I am in the retail rat race, and I have informed all my coworkers about it. The product is easy to use and really has done an excellent job on my feet in less than a week. Just moving your foot gently across Easy Feet, already has replaced all of the pedicure products that I own.

    • Wish I would have researched this Easy Feet before buying on-line. I was SO careful that I was only choosing one shoe – not a pair so that I would not end up being charged the extra shipping & handling. After credit card info given & charged, it was evident that purchasing one shoe is really not an option….that it is one pair no matter what you choose! The shipping was $15.98 and the shoe “pair” was $14.99. I made sure and did all of the requirements not to be contacted in any form (mail, phone, email – all taking a separate request either by email or web) and yet I started getting phone calls last night. DO NOT NOT NOT order these on-line! Should have looked in stores like you said.

  84. I have no problem getting this from Walgreens, but HAS ANYONE REALLY ACTUALLY TRIED THE PRODUCT?? I would like to know if–after all the heartburn–the product actually does what it says. Does it make your feet happy??? Thanks!!

    • YES! My feet are super happy!

      After reading all the HORROR stories all over the place regarding the Easy Feet website, I didn’t trust it at all so I purchased mine at the local Walgreens for just $9.99 for one “shoe”.

      I LOVE East Feet!! Works exactly as advertised. When you add soap, it suds up just like the commercial. The bristles are firm but soft and it definitely cleans your feet top to bottom and everywhere in between (your toes)! I don’t think it feels very much like a massage, but it does tickle like crazy. The arch part is high enough for even larger or pudgy feet to use it without bumping. The pumice stone doesn’t really do that much in my opinion, but my roommate thinks it works. This product is fantastic! No bending, no fuss, no muss. Just super clean feet!

      This product would be wonderful for an older person, anyone with an injury or bad back, or someone (like me) who is just too lazy to contort in order to wash their feet on a daily basis.

      • I got the Easy Feet….I thought they looked great (in theory) but I couldn’t stand to use them because my feet are too ticklish!

        • If you have extremely ticklish feet, what part of making your feet slippery with soap and having bristles scratching your bare soles and toes was supposed to feel good? Seems like it would be the same as applying lotion and having someone go at your feet with a hair brush wouldn’t it? WARNING: IF YOU HAVE TICKLISH FEET, EASY FEET IS A TICKLE TORTURE DEVICE!

          • My feet are extremely ticklish too! I bought the Easy Feet also and I was almost crying trying to use it because it tickled so bad! It truly did feel like someone was tickle torturing my feet with a soft bristle brush. However, if you like your feet being tickle tortured, easy feet is for you!

  85. Everything stated above is correct.
    I also ordered this product on the telephone with only a computer attendant and prompts.
    Order was for ONE ‘Easy Feet’ at $14.99 + shipping (was not told how much) and a second one for ‘free’ only pay shipping.

    I received 3 Easy Feet and invoice for 69.35 .. They charged me 14.99 + 24.98 for ‘de Luxe” two extra = $63.90 plus $5.45 tax and 23.96 shipping (that is outrageous) TTL 69.35.

    Misrepresentation, fraud.
    Returned them requesting full refund and shipping charges only to be 14.99 as advertised.
    Paid $9.53 + $2.00 for shipping with return receipt and tracking number.
    I will also write them a letter to Easy Feet, P.O. Box 4525 Pacoima, CA 91331.

    I will contact the fraud division of my credit card company and decline the charges. At least my CC protects me. Someone herein mentioned that the Chinese companies are having this merchandise produced for maybe 50 cents and are selling it for over $20.00 .. definitely profiteers and frauds.

    We should all write to the Attorney General of the State of California and forward any documentation (invoice, letter etc) I will, as we must stop these criminals.

  86. I’m going to add my 2 cents to this Easy Feet discussion. I didn’t even get the product and have already figured out it’s a scam. I ordered them online a week ago. Tonight, I get a phone call telling me that I’m also signed up for some kind of “Budget Saver” thing that’s going to cost me $29.95 after a one month free trial. I told them that I wasn’t interested, but then after they offered $100 in free gas cards, I agreed figuring I’d just cancel when I got the information in the mail. Then they asked for my credit card number again. NO WAY am I going to give my credit card information out over the phone to someone that calls me! I kept telling the person that I refused to give her my credit card info, she got rude and she finally said she wasn’t sending me anything. I said “Good, Don’t,” and ended the call. I’ll never, ever deal with this company again!

  87. Well I got bit also and after reading the Easy Feet reviews they are all consistent to what happened to me , Over Billing , Unfortunately every time I order something from California I get ripped their laws must be different from most other states or their moral values are less. In any event this is a BAD Company.

    If you had a bad experience report them to the BBB here is their website,


    You will need to know the name : Easy Feet
    Phone number : 888-441-1114
    mailing address : P.O. Box 4525


    • Thank you for the information Tom. Get this – I went online to order the product, put my information in (unfortunately) then changed my mind before I pressed the purchase button and exited the site. Within an hour I had an email verification of my purchase. Now, customer service is closed for the holidays!! I will notify the BBB.

  88. I am a Diabetic and, after seeing this Easy Feet on TV I ordered this, IT IS A SCAM and the Company needs to be sued, they advertise for $14.99 but after going through the auto attendant it billed us $98.00 with no way to cancel .

    If someone knows how we can get our money back email me I don’t even want them if they are going to be dishonest about it.

    • TO ALL DIABETICS: The manufacturer’s website has a small disclaimer stating it is NOT for diabetics since diabetics make up a large percentile of the people with feet issues, I feel it is reckless negligence on the part of anyone who sells this product who does not make that fact easily known. Stand up for your rights and form a class-action suit against this company! on top of this, I have read their poor company reviews showing deceptive financial practices, not to mention the product’s poor construction.

      If they call the product Easy FEET, not Easy FOOT, there is a reasonable expectation that, like shoes and socks, one would receive a PAIR especially since the TV commercial shows people using pairs. Knowing this, they fail to clarify exactly what the customer is being charged for their online purchase. But they are not the only guilty ones — Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond: shame on you for not pointing out these facts or posting reviews, which are readily available online yet mysteriously absent from your websites!

    • Liz, why would you want to purchase this after all the complaints when ordering it? It will show up on store shelves in no time.

      • I too would like to know if it works. You can buy these directly in stores and at Amazon online as opposed to ordering through these scam artists. Walgreens stores carry many of the As Seen on TV products as well. So, if anyone has actually used them please let us know how they worked. Thanks!

        • I got them…I ordered online and didn’t have the trouble that everyone else seems to have had. But, I can’t use them because my feet are too ticklish! So, word of warning. If your feet are ticklish you might not be able to use them.

        • I would imagine not, as you still have to wash your ankle and lower half of the leg. You’re down there anyway. Why not go ahead and wash your feet yourself while you’re down there? Seems like a waste of money to me.

          • Easy Feet is not a waste of money for people with disabilities or severe arthritis. My mother, who is crippled by severe back pain, has mused about getting one of these (from Walgreens!) to go with her long-handled scrub brush. If it works for her, it would save her a great deal of contortion-induced pain.

          • I have a shower chair (cost $20) very sturdy-either sit & do legs & feet or place one foot on it & wash-excellent in my shower.

  89. I had a HORRIBLE experience with Easy Feet and I have not even tried them yet!!!! My order somehow got doubled then when I called customer service to change it, I had to wait 20 min on hold just to talk to someone. Then they told me I had to wait for my order to process before I could change it. So I waited for it to process then called back same day, another 20 mins of hold time. I was told they would cancel the first order and place a new one for the right quantity. I hung up thought everything was right then get an email 2 days later saying shipping and handling are NON-REFUNDABLE… almost 50 bucks down the drain!! For nothing!! I would cancel the whole thing but don’t want to pay 70 for nothing at all!! I also got the call about gas coupons and a dollar on my CC with reoccurring fees, completely shady company!! I thought about compliant with BBB.

  90. BEWARE! The company that SELLS the “Easy Feet” product IMMEDIATELY SELLS your email address information when purchased via their website!

    Within just minutes of my making my purchase via the “Buy Easy Feet” website, I began receiving emails – which had been sent through an unsuspecting victim (“spoofed”) – asking for my personal information as well as for money to “claim” unclaimed money that had been found in my name (SCAM!). Then, beginning the day AFTER my purchase, I was receiving phone calls, the person first acted as though they were “verifying” my Easy Feet purchase, but then tried selling me “coupons” for an additional payment of $1. When I refused, the person insisted on sending me $100 in Gas Vouchers…knowing that we just don’t get something for nothing, I told this man that he did NOT have my permission to place ANY charges on my credit card what-so-ever.

    So, what the “EasyFeet” people are doing is, as soon as they have your email, demographic and credit card information, they are putting it up for sale for ANYONE to buy…. Obviously, this information is being sold to solicitors and scammers alike…and this SUCKS!

    Beware….and if I had it to do over again, I would have just WAITED for the Easy Feet product to show up on Walgreens shelves instead of compromising my privacy by purchasing it from the EasyFeet website!

    Cristina in Tampa

  91. Well I sure am glad I found this site. I was going to order Easy Feet but for some reason I kept putting it off and now I know why…It is a really good idea if they work like they say but sounds to darn crazy to even try ordering…Don’t have money for them to put in their pocket..Thank you all for sharing and really sorry you all got “duped”

    • So glad I decided to read the Easy Feet reviews first. Just from all the complaints on the ordering process, I will not be ordering this. I’m sure it will show up on store shelves in no time.

    • Seems like a waste to me. You still have to wash the back half of your foot and ankle, as well as the lower half of your leg, so why bother? You’re down there washing anyway, so why not take the extra few seconds to wash your feet?

  92. I read all the horrible Easy Feet reviews…but has anyone used this Easy Feet. And does it work – that is my question. The bristles look like a soft bristle brush. Has anyone reported them to Better Business Bureau and the attorney general…..they should pay everyone double for the inconvenience. No company who will take your money like that should be inaccessible to the purchaser. The fact that they would charge you $7.99 per shoe is ridiculous. Pass it on to all and don’t buy this plastic made in china junk product.

    • Seems like a waste. You have to wash your ankle and lower half of the leg anyway. Why waste the money for this product when you’re already down there? Heard the bristles are rough. I wouldn’t waste the money myself.

  93. Oh my gosh, I am so annoyed that I fell for this. I thought this Easy Feet would be awesome and now I ended up overdrawing my bank account because of the scam 🙁 sad day

  94. I’m sorry, but this is one of the biggest ripoffs I have ever seen. Don’t even try calling the 1-800 number if you have a complaint, because you cannot get through. I should have listened to my mother…”if it sounds too good to be true…..” Well, they will not sucker me again.

  95. Ok, I guess I should have checked the Easy Feet reviews. The same things happened to me. order that should have come to $22.99 came to $60.94. I called and put a hold on my credit card so their charge would be blocked. How is it that this company is still on the air on TV. This really targets the elderly and should be stopped.


    • Re Easy Feet:

      The catch or scam is in the wording on the official website.
      It appears to be purposely misleading.

      From the web site:
      Each Buy One, Get One FREE set includes two Easy Feet shoes for only $14.99 plus $7.99 for each shoe. This offer is covered by a 30 day money back guarantee less S&H.

      Sales tax will be applied to orders from CA and NJ. Canadian GST applies.

      For customer service, please call 888-441-1114.

      Note the term “set” not pair.
      In order to convey the actual offer, there should be a period or comma after Free, and set should have a capital S.

      Each Buy One, Get One FREE. Set includes two Easy Feet shoes …

      Since they appear to be packaged as a set, I do not think you can buy just one shoe, they offer the first shoe in the set for $14.99 plus $7.99 S&H and the second shoe for shipping and handling cost.
      Shipping and handling is stated as $7.99 per shoe “not per set or pair”.
      So the offer for the set is $14.99 plus (2 x $7.99 for each shoe = $15.98) Total is $30.97
      If you want a second set it is double or $61.94

      Do not give your card information up front.

      If a merchant will not give you the total cost before they get your card information they are most likely crooked.

      “Buyer beware”

      • I’m wondering why people think there are two shoes in the first place in their order, unless they’re ordering the “free” one. Their ad shows people only using one Easy Feet shoe.

  96. I called to order Easy Feet and was worn down with constant automated questions that were confusing and endless. I ordered 2 pair and kept replying no to each additional attempt to get me to update or order more. As others have said, they took my credit card information first. Suddenly the call was at an end and they told me my total was around $120.00! The call ended abruptly and I was unable to reply to this ridiculous amount. I was screaming “No!!!! into the phone, but it was too late. When I tried to call back I got a recording telling me they were too busy and had too many calls to take mine.

    How very convenient once they have pulled a slick con game. I finally was able to talk to a representative a few days later who told me I had ordered three sets. I stated that this was wrong and after the way the company had pulled such an unacceptable stunt, that I would not buy one single item from them and stated that I would not pay such a ridiculous amount. He told me to simply refuse the package when it is delivered and my money will be refunded. However, I have seen others here who have stated that they are charged a small fortune for refusing the package and paying for the shipping.

    I used a debit card and they obviously avoid letting you cancel right away by not taking your calls so they can take the money from your account. If I am charged in any way, I hope a class action suit can be filed against this company as I have never seen such blatant flim-flam, conmen, and outright thieves. When I return the package he assured me that my money would be credited back to my account but if it is not, I will spend every day calling them and will give them no peace. I hope others do the same.


    Their ONLY premise is PROFIT- especially off of the NONREFUNDABLE shipping and handling costs. Without going into details, this company intentionally confuses the consumer in terms of shipping and handling charges, as well as being HOSTILE towards ignoring anything you say to us operators over the phone. SHIPPING AND HANDLING fees are NOT refundable as you may or may not know, and this company takes advantage of this like no other!

    • You intentionally misread their advertisement. They said for one, not for a pair. If you order two pair, you’re ordering 4 of their product. It’s clear, you just have to know how to read their ad.

  98. I think I just got took! shipping was way off! Called to cancel, said call back in 24 hours because their computers have not received the order yet. OK< then I get an e-mail with confirmation? $39.00 for shipping a $35.00 dollar order? watch out people!

  99. Be very very careful when ordering this Easy Feet, the shipping is over 50 bucks. They try to upgrade you without telling you the price. I ended up spending over 130 bucks. I think this is a kind of scam, and then when you call to cancel orders, you have to call back in 24 hours. I’m not happy with the way this was handled, they need to be more upfront about costs.

  100. I can do math. I ordered 1 @ $14.99 plus $7.99 shipping. I totally understood that the free one would cost another $7.99 shipping. They made that very clear on the infomercial and on the website. That adds up to $30.97. My confirmation when I was done was for 2 sets @ $14.99 each and $31.96 shipping which is 4 @ $7.99. So, in essence they charged me double what I ordered. And yes, they do not tell you the total cost of the items in your cart to confirm. After they ask for the credit card info, you get a confirmation number with the total charged. Too late to edit or cancel. I called and got put on hold for what seemed like forever. When I finally got a person and gave her my info she said my order was “not yet in the system” and to call back tomorrow. Interesting since I had already received a confirmation e-mail. Nevertheless, I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt until I read these comments. Many mirrored my experience so far, so I am not too optimistic about what tomorrow’s outcome will be.

    • It’s $14.99 per shoe, not pair. ($14.99 x 2) + (free x 2) + ($7.99 (shipping per shoe) x 4) = $61.94, not including tax. They didn’t charge you double, if this is what you paid. You failed to realize they were sending you two pairs of shoes which means 4 shoes. They only advertise 1 shoe in their commercials. What’s to complain about? Did they overcharge you?

  101. I tried to place an online order with these crooks. They lead you through a number of confusing choices and do not give you an opportunity to amend or correct or approve your order before it is placed. I tried calling them with the predictable result, call blocked. I called my Visa company and will dispute the fraudulent charge. What should have been under $25 came up as $89.90. No way, I will fight them to the death.

  102. This is the worst on line experience I have had. From the moment that the order was placed and the confirmation page came up on the screen I have tried to contact this place to report an error. The offer one phone number that never answers. You either get a recording that tells you to try back later in the week then hangs up or, puts you on hold indefinitely . I waited on hold for 45 minutes. There is no email and other phone number. At this point I’m just out the money. And may I mention the shipping cost more than the item itself. This Easy Feet is a SCAM. I’ve read the other messages and agree with absolutely everything others have reported. What an experience.

  103. I do not order stuff on TV but my dad wanted a pair of Easy Feet scrubbers and I thought it would be a good Christmas Gift my order was suppose to be $14.99 plus $7.99 shipping, but it was $61.25!! I called and tried to cancel it and I called all day finally got through at 7:00 pm, stay on about 20 minutes and they will answer. The lady said everything was canceled, I told her if it was not I would sue the crap out of them. Stay away from this scam!!! THIS IS A SCAM!!! THIS IS A SCAM!!! Read the words do not order. I am contacting a attorney and the better business bureau and all news channels in my area.

  104. Janice…I agree ..Let me say ditto to what you said. I am even printing this page out to show my bank. My bank called me this morning and will not credit me until I am sure the shipment is returned..And then I have to start over. Plus they said I would have to pay return shipping. They already charged me $44 for a package that weighs 4.85 lbs. I just shipped a 40 lb package with FEDEX ground for $ 35, so what’s up with that? I should have seen the red flag when we were asked for our credit card info first. Anywhere else on line you shop and use a cart, get a total, and then credit info, and then we are to hit “Submit” button. Even the airlines give you a total before getting your info. And I only ordered one thing, but I decided to upgrade which means to me, instead of, not add to, the original item. What a mess!!!

  105. My elderly mother just called me in a panic. She CALLED in to the advertised 800 number to order EASY FEET. For those of you brilliant people who keep reminding those here that they “should have read the fine print” and are getting what they deserve, there is no “fine print” on an automated phone system. My mother answered “No” to all of the add on questions. She was then told her total was $85.00 and change then the system disconnected her. She tried calling back all morning but was also given the “call back next week” message and was disconnected every time. I called the number and was not disconnected, but put on hold. I do believe that once they register your number as having ordered, they are not going to speak with you again until they have time to process your order and take your money – since s/h charges are non-refundable.

    I advised my mother to immediately call her bank. They however, have told her that because it is a debt card they will be unable to block the charges. She is a disabled senior on a very limited income. She was ordering the product because she had knee surgery last week. She has be unable to work the entire month of November. She is practically hysterical because she has no idea how much money will actually be removed from her account and is very afraid it will cause her tight budget to bounce checks and incur even further charges with no means to cover them. This whole thing is absolutely appalling!! I can not imagine how this is being gotten away with on such a large scale right here in the USA! We are still trying to contact the EASY FEET company, although I’m sure they will tell her something far different than what they will actually do – and I am taking her to her bank this afternoon to see if they will cancel her card and issue a new one.

    • I was going to order me a set of those Easy Feet too, but the number on tv has been disconnected. I guess I will wait til wally world has them or Walgreens. Look out every one the scam artists are on the move during the holidays.

    • Wow! I am so sorry this happened to your mom. I hope that every single person that wrote a review here take the same time to visit the BBB website and file an official complaint because the only way for them to be held accountable for this is by everyone getting together and reporting them. I just watched the commercial and was a little interested. My fiance was hyped. Since I was online already, I said let me check this out because I didn’t understand how you offer one shoe when we have two feet! I came across this site when I googled “easy feet reviews”. This is disgusting that it hasn’t been stopped.

    • Tell your mom, she’s not the only one, obviously from viewing this site. I am not elderly but am physically disabled after two hip surgeries and a hip replacement, so you can see where the attraction to Easy Feet came from. I too am on a limited income. Yes, I was a total idiot for falling for this and should have read these reviews FIRST! (And knowing the product would probably end up on the shelves somewhere eventually!) Anyway, I ordered from the “official site” and, through past experience with online ordering, recognized the scam, almost, too late.

      I ordered the buy one, get the 2nd for only S&H, and thinking I’d be able to authorize processing of the order in the end, got a flash of a order totaling over $60. When I tried to “back” the web-page, it lost connection. After reconnecting with the website I saw that it was after hours (as I JUST went through this tonight) and knew that I would be billed before I had a chance to call and cancel. I also noted that they offered some type of “savings” program which was already checked “yes” when the order was being processed, not allowing me to opt out.

      Well, again, stupid me, I’ve been caught up in that type of scam as well where I end up being charged for a membership I do not want and before having the opportunity to cancel it because I didn’t even know I had it! SO, having used a bank check card, I immediately logged onto my bank acct and watched my email while calling the bank’s 24 hr number and canceled my card before Easy Feet could process the payment. I will have a new card within a few days. So my advice to your mother is to cancel the card whether she can recoup the money or not because other online “memberships” will most likely be charged to her acct without her having the chance to cancel them, and she will then have to go through the process of disputing them and waiting for that money.

      Lesson here, ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD!!! (And one more thing, if your mom receives Medicare, there are several medical supply companies that offer some great products that make a disabled person’s life easy, like http://www.totalemedical.com 1-800-500-4321. That are very courteous, carry the latest products that Medicare pays for and work with you, just tell them your limitations–you may need a prescription for the product but they even handle that by contacting the physician for you!) Good luck, hope you got that card canceled!

  106. See my post of December 10. This is a follow up. I called the bank and they are going to credit my account. I am to return the merchandise unopened to the sender when received and the bank will handle everything else.

    Additional information: You can purchase the same identical item for $9.99 and shipping is $4.99 making the total $14.98 (2 can be ordered for $29.96, from Carol Wright gifts. The price from Easy Feet for 2 was $61.94. They are definitely scam artists.

  107. I called and ordered the Easy Feet, 1 pair for $14.95 + another pair for 1/2 price plus shipping. After a month and a half I see a transaction to my bank account for $217.74, and had not received anything. I called the 1-800-765-2994 and spoke to a rep. and all they could said they were already sent the package. I said I didn’t order $217.74 worth of this product and didn’t want them and wanted them to credit my bank. They kept saying the merchandise was sent and there was nothing I could do. So I called my bank and disputed the charges, and the bank put it back in our account. Buyer beware of these type of companies. I also notice that the TV commercial is not airing in our area, New Mexico. The package finally came, it looked like some monkeys packed it. Immediately refused it, and send it back. There got to be some recourse for companies like this, if anyone has any ideas about how to get back at a company like this, please reply.

  108. I too fell victim to Easy Feet’s confusing and misleading ordering process. I was shocked when I saw the outrageous shipping charge on my confirmation email. I mistakenly ordered 2 Easy Feet and only wanted 1. I immediately called to complain/cancel and or redo the order. I called 1-888-441-1114 only to receive the following recorded message: “Due to heavy call volume, please call back later in the week. This call will automatically disconnect.” I called several times during the next 5 days and was given the same message.

    It was not until the actual charges were posted to my account that another number was given to me on my bank transaction of 1-800-765-2994. When I called this number, I got this message: “Due to heavy call volume, call back later in the week.” It does give you the option to wait for a representative. (I waited 20 minutes). During that time, I got the following message: “To shorten your potential wait time, please call later in the week or you can go to http://www.ideavillage.com/order status, call 1-800-899-9910, or call 1-818-485-3014 which is the actual shipping telephone number.”

    When I spoke with Noah finally, the order had already been shipped so no changes could be made. He said I had two options:

    1. Wait until I got the order and return the ones I didn’t want. I would not be reimbursed for the shipping charges on the original order, plus I would have to pay shipping charges to ship them back.

    2. Refuse the order when received, do not open, and send back, and they would give me a refund minus the shipping charges and then I could send another order through for the correct amount.

    I am currently trying to dispute with my bank the charges. I don’t know whether I will be successful.

    I then found this site and reviewed comments from other dissatisfied customers.

    I disliked their web site because you enter all your ordering information up front, including your credit card number, then you still have to make choices about ordering and you are never given a total product amount or total shipping amount to review, nor are you given the opportunity to cancel or back out of the deal. No chance to make corrections.

    I order tons of items over the internet and Easy Feet’s process is not like any site I have used to order. Their system seems to intentionally set you up to make mistakes and then don’t give you access to a telephone number to correct it.

    The price of the Easy Feet was $29.98 and the shipping and handling was $31.96 for a total of $61.94. I have never paid $31.96 in shipping charges for anything I have ever ordered.

    This is a SCAM. Wait until they are in the stores.

    • It’s not a scam when you fail to recognize what you’re ordering, because you fail to read. It’s not ordering “2” as it automatically gives you a “free” pair when you order one, but you just pay shipping and processing.

      ($14.99 for 1 (plus free shoe)+7.99X2 shipping per shoe)x2 orders (i.e. pair number two) = $61.64, not including taxes (if applicable).

      You didn’t get scammed, you just failed to read and see there is 1 shoe per order you’re paying for, and you’re paying for the other shoe’s shipping. YOU ordered 4 total. If you look at the commercials, they advertise the people using only 1 of their product at a time.

      Use your brains people! You cannot dispute a legitimate claim with your bank because you failed to properly order an item by not paying attention to what you were ordering! The advertisement is for ONE shoe…NOT TWO! The second one is thrown in, just pay the shipping!

      • I hope someone gets to rub YOUR mistakes in your face someday, too. Yes, people need to investigate and look more carefully, especially dealing with TV marketers. But coming on to a site created to warn people about Easy Feet pitfalls and telling them “It’s all your fault” is like telling a women who has been raped that it’s her fault for not being more careful. Shame on you.

      • No. You are absolutely incorrect. I ordered once and was charged twice. I was extremely careful to only click the buy button one time. To no avail. Of course. This company should be put out of business immediately. I order online all the time. I have never experienced anything like this!! What a shame. How dare you! Miss, I want you to go to the page an place an order. …Maybe you want four and would love to be charged for more than your original order placed! I want you to know that no foul deed goes unpunished.

        Please do not try to order this product. Unless you are willing to order many and be charged an undisclosed amount of money. Please read this!

  109. My question is how do you get in touch with these people? in the middle of my order the phone went dead, but they got my credit card #. Now I have to wait till my statement comes in.

  110. As a follow-up to my Dec 3 posting, I just received an email stating my order has been shipped. This after Karen from their customer service department assured me on Dec 3rd my order had been canceled! I have called numerous times and not been able to get through, as if my number has been placed on a “do not answer list?” Hopefully, I have learned my lesson and will not get involved with such a “shady” company again. For what its worth, complaints to appropriate regulatory agencies to follow.

  111. So my conclusion is that this Easy Feet scrubber works…but don’t buy it from the “as seen on tv” website for the “shipping/handling” and “buy 1 get 1 free” scam. Buy it at the local store or from Amazon/Walgreens/BedBathBeyond etc.

      • Again, I must reply!. I order online ALL the time. Carefully, I clicked to order Easy Feet ONE time, being very careful to ONLY CLICK ONE TIME! I….WAS…CHARGED…..TWICE…. I suppose I was very fortunate. I have heard worse horror stories. HOW CAN YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT?

  112. I also was taken in by this scam. All of sudden, I was enrolled in this club to get my $30 shipping charge. I originally ordered one set w/free shipping and another set for $7.95 shipping. My e-mail showed my balance due was $60.94 with almost $31 for shipping. I immediate;y called my credit card #. It hasn’t been posted yet, but I can refuse the charge. Also I canceled that STUPID site to charge $6.99 a month to get your shipping taken off. Certainly hope other customers check this site before they get SUCKED in. I can file my feet much cheaper.

  113. This transaction went very smooth. I had written a comment about ordering the Easy Feet on Nov. 17, 2010.

    Well, the easy feet is another good purchase. It really does make your feet feel refreshed. Makes me think of a mini manual car wash for your feet. It gets at all angles. No more bending either. I recommend it. Just say no to all the extras unless you want them.

  114. I haven’t read all these Easy Feet reviews but enough to know that many of you were appalled by the ordering process for Easy Feet. You easily get sucked into buying too many. Maybe I’m dim but it wasn’t clear to me that ‘1’ meant 1 set and that I would have to pay the ridiculous $7.99 shipping charge on each one in the pair. I wanted to order 3, instead I got 5 and will pay $35+ in shipping (one extra single one was $3.99 shipping). While I was in the process of ordering I was concerned that I might be confused but expected that I would be given a chance to review my order before it was submitted and adjust it. BUT WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT! Then they can’t scam you out of a ridiculous amount of money. Only honest salesmen would do that!! I haven’t even gotten the product yet and already I hate it!

    • This is the exact thing that happened to me. I tried calling them to cancel my Easy Feet order, but the message says, “due to high call volume, you must call back in several days.” I am furious!!!

    • I know what you mean. They tried to rip me off on a soap dispenser with the ridiculous shipping charge. What I do now is wait until it hits the stores and buy it there.

      • SAME thing happened to me I am wondering if I will even get my order. I am honestly thinking about canceling my credit card because you can’t get in touch with people at this company! It seems CRAZY. I ordered this as a gift and I wish I had read the reviews before buying.

  115. I read all of your Easy Feet reviews and then looked to see which stores carried easy feet. No stores in Illinois carry it at this time. So I clicked on the Buy 1 get 1 free Easy feet website. I had no problem. Just keep in mind that you are automatically ordering a pair on the B1G1free site. I even upgraded to a deluxe pair for 9.99 extra and only ended up paying $46.96 for two deluxe easy feet, which equals one pair. I clicked no to all their other ads thanks to someone elses suggestion above.

    So my order looked like this:
    1pair Deluxe easy feet $24.98 ($14.99 + $9.99)
    Shipping $19.97 ($7.99×2 + $3.99 for the deluxe version)
    Tax 0.00
    Order Total $44.95
    So it all came out to exactly what the ad said it would be. I do not feel scammed. I got charged for exactly what I ordered, and my elderly disabled parents will enjoy washing their feet in their new easy feet sandals, even if they do not come until after Christmas.

    • It is a scam…I ordered 1 set for $14.99, I was prompted to order another 1, since is a set is only 1 that was $14.99 and Shipping was $19.97. My order came to $49.95. Seconds after the confirmation of the amount, I called and canceled. I was told to call back tomorrow, since the order didn’t go through. I called the next day and was told that they would cancel it. They couldn’t give me a confirmation number, but I got my operator’s number “James #12515″. The next week, I found out from my bank that they never canceled it. IT IS A SCAM! If you ever call back, it says…”call back another day or later in the week”. Scam!

    • It usually takes about 6 to 12 months after a “as seen on tv product” is first aired to start showing up in stores. It is worth the wait if you really want the product, and can wait.

  116. What’s the Easy Feet deal? They DO NOT clean the top of your feet. They only clean the bottom! Why not put a large piece of sandpaper on the shower floor, spray it with liquid soap, and gyrate your feet up and down across the soapy sandpaper? You would get rid of calluses, and also, soap would squirt up between your toes. And if your ambitious enough and scrape with enough gusto against the soapy sandpaper, you might even get some soap to squirt up as high as your groin and clean that out too!

  117. WOW thank goodness I found this out! I got a great deal on eBay…. 3 foot scrubbers (looks like easy feet without the sandal looking strap) for $14.99 and FREE shipping. I got the idea to look there when I saw another post about Amazon having Avio type ones, but they cost more there and on eBay. That’s not right that company taking your money like that. I hope all of you get your funds back ASAP! I love how quickly they take your money and how long it takes to get it back! NOT RIGHT! Best of Luck!
    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays!

  118. I too fell victim to Easy Feet’s confusing and misleading ordering process on their web site and was shocked when I saw the outrageous shipping charge on my confirmation email (just a couple dollars less than the product price!). I immediately called to complain/cancel and was told I needed to call in the am because my order was not yet in their system. I then found this site and reviewed comments from other dissatisfied customers. As has already been reported, I called this am and received the recording about due to the high number of calls I would need to call back in a few days. However, I kept calling back every few minutes and got through to a customer representative named Karen who shocked me with her profession and polite demeanor even though I was ready to scream and yell. She still could not find my order information and explained it sometimes takes 48 hours to get in their system. She promised to keep looking and asked me to call back tomorrow afternoon. In all honesty, I believe it you read all the small print when ordering and keep track of all the extra charges you are incurring as you make it through their cumbersome ordering process you will know exactly the final cost.

    However, what I disliked is their web site requires that you enter all your ordering information up front, including your credit card number, then you still have to make choices about ordering and you are never given a total product amount or total shipping amount to review, nor are you given the opportunity to cancel or back out of the deal. I order tons of items over the internet and Easy Feet’s process is not like anything I have ever seen. Is their system intentionally set up to mislead the consumer and not leave a way out or is it simply poor planning? I am not sure but I would encourage anyone considering ordering from their site to not even start the process unless they are committed to ordering.

  119. This Easy Feet is a complete scam!, my grandpa wanted this and I decided to get it for him. Unfortunately, I did not do my research. They charged me even before I knew what I was getting, then the shipping was ridiculously too much. If I pay 15 dollars for something I definitely don’t want to pay 15 dollars to ship it. Then I got a call from a “customer service” place wanting me to get a membership to a savings place. Thank goodness I canceled all this cause I’m sure I was getting played for the fool. So please, do your research before you purchase. I would not recommend this product at all.

  120. This is why America is going down the toilet. Instead of making real products like the Japanese and Germans, we have these criminals buying Chinese stuff that costs them 50 cents each and selling two pairs for $128. If these ‘smart’ people put themselves to work doing productive things the US wouldn’t have a national debt of $50,000 a person.

  121. The advertise says Easy Feet “buy one get one free”. When I did the math for one Easy Feet it will cost $30.97 to get the other foot that will cost another $30.97 for a total of $61.94. I read the fine print.

  122. You guys are lucky! I tried to purchase the buy one get one free and they charged my card $119! I called the rep and he said they will reverse my charges to $31. I still feel like this is a scam.

  123. FYI to all of the people that feel that they were scammed and for the people that would like to have placed an order online and not be freaked out by the negative reviews placed on this site. You’ll need to read the fine print as you should always do before ordering by phone or online.

    To begin with, I also wanted to get this for the convenience of not having to stretch and bend to wash my feet and my mom’s, so I was happy to have seen this ad on TV so….

    I placed my order for Quantity:(1) Item: EZF3MB14 Description: Easy Feet “Buy One Get One” set from their website, I do not like to order by phone, since they like to keep you on the phone trying to sell me more than I want.

    I ordered only the (1) as was indicated on the order page. I said NO to all of their other deals. Too much money for the S&H!!

    Their website did say that the order would take about 4-6 weeks for delivery.

    I was charged as stated on TV and as shown on the web thus: $14.99 plus $7.98 for the first easy foot, than for the second easy foot I was charged again $7.98 for that one. Understandably the total for the Shipping is $15.98, which totals to $30.97. Please NOTE: I received order confirmation showing my order number, name, address, and email address with my final total. I printed out the page, so I didn’t forget what my charges would be to my credit card and just in case of a misstep.

    I also received a confirmation email showing the charges as figured from the website. The time shown on email date and time was only about 1 minute after I printed out my confirmation of charges.

    FYI: Before I read this site I had already placed my order and than got very nervous before I checked my email in box. I just wanted to put it out here that you shouldn’t feel everyone gets cheated. I will definitely be looking forward to receiving my set of Easy Feet and hope they arrive before the time mentioned on the website.

  124. Another Saturday afternoon I see something on tv I like the Easy Feet product wow I said cleaning my feet without busting my ass in the shower well I ordered 1 they charge me for 2 its the weekend so I can’t call them now I will have to wait to Monday morning I hope they will take care of this problem if not I will dispute it with my bank and not order from this site again maybe this will teach me a lesson try to have more patience for some thing I like wait for them to come into stores less trouble

  125. This is a scam!, I was supposed to be charged $14.99 + $7.99 for S&H, which should have come out to $30.97. I was charged $61.94 for a Bogo Set, which I did NOT order. These people are awful. I called this morning and canceled my order and I made it clear that I didn’t like how this whole thing went down, scamming the customer. The customer service rep was like a robot, trained not to respond to my comments and asked me if I’d like to adjust my order to what I should have gotten in the first place. I said, hell no just cancel the whole thing. I will never deal with this company again and I hope that the malls start carrying this product. What a waste of a good idea.

    • SAME THING happened to me!! what a scam – my Easy Feet order was processed before I knew it. I called and off course no one is there until Monday, I called my Credit Card Company to refuse the charge.
      What website doesn’t have an email contact!!

      I thought this would be a cute give for the kids – what a pain in the butt this is going to become!!

  126. Easy feet ( Definitely a Scam)
    I placed an order for the one easy feet get one free expecting the total to be 30.97 which would have included the $15.98 for shipping and handling. When my order was processed the total came to $59.90. I thought then maybe I had made a mistake and would receive 4 easy feet. Ok I thought, I will give the other 2 as gifts. 2 days later I had charges of $59.90 and the next day $77.91. Very confused I called # that was on my debit statement , they claimed that they did not process orders for easy feet and told me that it had to have been for something else from as seen on tv. I knew this was impossible because the confirmation e-mail said 59.90 and explained that it highly unlikely that another as seen on tv would be the same amount. After calling back about 4 more times I finally reached someone that did find the $59.90 order but had no record of 77.91 order. I was told if I did get 2 orders to just return one of them. My orders cam today, I received 5 easy feet for a total of $137.81. I will be returning them because the mis-advertising scheme.

  127. $34 Avivo Shower Sandal Footscrubber (no pumice on the heel) is the alternative from Amazon.com and other places, but it seems easy feet scams you to $61 for 2 it might be worth paying $35 for 1. One thing I have noticed is that products sold on TV are often scams.

  128. Well…folks, this Easy Feet is a scam. I read the so-called fine print. When I ordered it I KNEW they were going to charged extra S&H ($7.99) for the other scrubber.

    However the price was $14.99. S&H was $7.99. They said you could get another one FREE if you paid separate S&H ($7.99). So I opted to get the free one too. My price should have been $29.98 (for 2 scrubbers) + $14.99 (S&H for the 2 scrubbers) for a total of $30.97.

    When I submitted my order, they charged my card $61.94!! I immediately called the customer service # and was told I’d have to wait until tomorrow to lodge my complaint. I was very careful about what I was doing because I’ve run into this type of problem before. I told them I’d planned to call my bank and stop payment, and they told me don’t because the order wouldn’t go through for 2 weeks. (Yeah…right).

    This company is scamming customers and is freely advertising on tv. I’ve since seen many complaints on websites but no one seems to be able to do anything about it. Their website address is: http://www.buyeasyfeet.com thank you.

    I have contacted m state Attorney General’s office and have submitted a complaint. Don’t know what will be done about it though.

  129. Similar experience as the other recent purchases. This company has to be violating some disclosure laws! There needs to be an inquiry by a consumer advocacy group or state’s attorney’s office. That my next stop for the complaint!

  130. I just read all these Easy Feet reviews ‘after’ I ordered my easy feet online. I figured that if I waited for them to be in stores, I would end up paying 14.98 + tax twice anyway because I wanted two of them. So I figure around $32.00 to buy in a store plus cost of fuel to drive to the store, which they are not in yet…atleast where I live. My online total is $30.97 and it says will be delivered in 2-3 weeks. I am looking forward to getting them.

    When I ordered, there were other offers to add….I just declined as I just wanted what I ordered. When I get them and use them I will submit another comment. So far so good though. I don’t feel scammed…hopefully it won’t come to that. I usually am pleased with the ‘as seen on tv’ things I have ordered online or call in orders.

  131. Thanks to everyone for the scam warnings. Hope it all works out for you. I will wait until Walmart has them.(they always get the “as seen on tv” stuff.

    It’s a shame because it looks like a good idea/product.

    I actually had this idea about a year ago but didn’t follow up on it. Oh well…
    I have very bad ballence and this will make cleaning my feet safer. (I hope)

  132. DO NOT ORDER! Just ordered the buy 1 get 1 free + $7.98 for EACH Easy Feet. OK–ridiculous extra charge but I knew that and still wanted to try the product. When all my info was in (over the phone) and I had to listen to offers I had no interest in, they gave me a total of $61.94! WHAT? No way to dispute this, no number to push to cancel, customer service not open on Sunday. Called my bank and cannot dispute this SCAM until it shows up at the bank. WILL NEVER DO THIS AGAIN. The world is full of these snakes and I could kick myself for ordering, something that I never do w/ a TV ad. Not worth the stress. So pissed off won’t even try it when it comes to the stores.

    • Hey Cathy, where did you find the Easy Feet phone number you called to order from? I cant find a telephone number anywhere!

  133. DON’T ORDER!!!!! Just ordered 1 for 14.99 + 1 free. $7.99 shipping on each one. Total should have been around $31. Said that my card was charged $61.94 and no way to dispute it immediately. It’s Sunday so no one at Customer Service. Called my bank and can’t dispute it til charges come through. Pissed is a mild word for how I feel right now. Will not order. Know where they can shove their Easy Feet?

  134. I have the Easy Feet and they work great…my feet never have that yuck crusty dry skin flakes or smell bad anymore, when I put on socks my feet slide right in, before I had Easy Feet, the socks would snag on my bottom of my feet and heels. My dog used to use my feet to scratch his back side, my feet felt like sand paper. My dog misses my scaly feet but I don’t. I love the Easy Feet.

  135. Okay so I just ordered this Easy Feet for my mother because it is so hard for her to was her feet… (She is 76) And after the whole order went through, I got charged a total of $61.94…….. $29.98 +31.96 S&h I did not get a confirm order button nor a preview of what the balance would be, then I immediately called customer service and he said the order was still processing and to call back tomorrow before 3pm…

    I don’t really know what to do, I’m not a wealthy person who can afford $61.94 on this product…. I was just trying to get my mother something that would help her ya know, I wish I would have seen these Easy Feet reviews BEFORE I went to buy this crap…. OMG I am so Stressed.

      • You can’t cancel your order. If you get through to the phone number, the message says due to the large volume of orders you must call back later in the week, and then it hangs up on you. My bank says they can’t do a thing because it was a point-of-sale order.

  136. Easy Feet Follow up. This morning I called the fraud department of the bank where I have my credit card to complain and to tell them about my experience. They gave me another number for Easy Feet, which I called, where I got another recording telling me to call another number (800) 765-2994 which turned out to be IdeaVillage.com in California. I called them and related my experience to someone named Laura. First off, they’re still describing a single unit as a set. A set means a group, which means more than 1. In addition, I complained about my contact information being shared with a third party, Before The Stores, LLC, in 21 Law Drive 2nd Floor, Fairfield NJ 07004 . In Before The Stores, email they state: “We are an outside market research company”. No where in my order or my discussion with them, did I ever give them permission to solicit me via a 3rd party market research firm. What makes that solicitation so disturbing is that they ask the exact same kind of information that companies regularly sell to 3rd parties who will then try to solicit you to buy their products. Once you’re on this kind of a list that gets sold to someone, it inevitably gets sold again and again and again, and you’re getting solicited by all sorts of people. More importantly, with the information that they’re collecting, your risk of identify theft increases significantly!!! Laura insisted that they did not do that, but had no answer for me when I informed her of the Before The Stores email, only that she would report it to upper management.

    I’m now planning on contacting Walmart to advise them of the company they’re about to do business with, so that they’re aware of their less than honorable business practices. I will post something after I’ve made contact.


    My whole experience with Easy Feet has been bad and I haven’t even gotten a chance to try the product yet! At best the way they have their online order process set up is incompetent, at worst its criminal. I called one of my colleagues at the State Attorney General’s office about them and he told me that mine was not the first call he had received.

    Because of that I’m really surprised to hear that Walmart is dealing with them. The worst of all of this is their customer service. First they were unreachable on the phone, then they told me that I would have to call back the next day to change my order. I had to call back 3 times over a series of days and never did I receive the email confirming the change in my order. Then today I got the product, but I didn’t get what I asked for.

    Today, came the kicker which convinced me that these guys are scam artists. I got an email from some marketing team employed by Easy Feet where they requested that I do a survey about my experience to help them out.

    But if you look at the contents, they ask all this demographic information about you, the kind that marketing companies tend to sell. Better yet that information is MANDATORY, in that in order to leave comments about your Easy Feet experience, you have complete ALL OF IT. I’ll be talking to my friend at the AG’s office tomorrow to fill him in on the latest chapter.

    I would strongly encourage anyone not to fill out these and I would stay away from having anything to do with this website. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT LEGIT!

  138. WOW thanks for all the Easy Feet reviews…I will wait. I am sure Walgreens will have them soon. They carry all “AS SEEN ON TV” items

  139. I really think the shipping and handling is crazy!!! I will wait to see how Easy Feet works to give judgment.

    • I go to Bed, Bath & Beyond, or any drug store and buy a $1.00 pumice stone, take a bath and while I am washing my feet are soaking, and I use my pumice stone and no dry, flaky, dry skin, ripping my hosiery. I also use a good lotion with peppermint in it.

  140. I see lot’s of negative comments about Easy Feet customer service. So, I was expecting an issue when I inadvertently ordered a second and third set. I got the confirmation of shipment email this morning. I called customer service. The 888 number was not disconnected. But they were closed until Monday. I found a second customer service number on their site. I left a message and did not expect a response until Monday. To my surprise, I received a response within the hour. They apologized for the misunderstanding and told me to reject the package and it would be returned at no cost to me. Lot’s of people call it a scam. I see it more as “buyer beware.” If you read, or listen, carefully, they explain about the S&H costs. This “scam” is nothing new. If you get a deal on something, count on the S&H being a little outrageous. If the product works, it is worth the $30 or so for the product and the convenience of having it delivered to my home. I am looking forward to reviewing the actual product.

    • Just give it a minute and I’m sure it will be in Bed Bath & Beyond, if its not already there. AND you can use the 20% OFF COUPON they send in the mail. No more scams!

      • Walgreen has them now for $9.99 each. Sam’s, Wal-mart, and Walgreens get in a good deal of as seen on TV items and some outlet malls have a store called “As Seen On Tv”. You get much better deals and easy returns if the product does not really work. I thought it would be great for my parents, especially my dad who has back problems that make bending difficult right now. I just bought it yesterday so I don’t have feedback yet.

  141. It says on the TV (2 Two) Easy payments of $14.95 + 7.99 s&h and you get 1 free for an extra cost of $7.99 s&h do the math most of you did not get scammed you did not listen to the info on the screen.

  142. I just saw the easy feet commercial on TV. I called the number and they said it was 14.95 PLUS 7.99 shipping… Duh people it says right on the TV screen that shipping and handling is 6.99. I called and tried to get a real person to talk to so that I could question them about the difference in S&H but no such luck… So I came here to look up reviews, I am so glad I did not buy them when I saw all the extra charges… Like many people this sounds like a scam and I will wait until they are available in stores

  143. I too thought the product looked really good. I’m not a person who ever buys based on seeing a commercial or infomercial, but this time I did, going to the online website, thinking that would be faster… my first mistake.

    Whomever set up this website obviously designed it to optimize confusion. I’ve been on the web since Netscape first came out in the beginning, I have white papers at Microsoft, have 4 degrees and have been a legal professional for over 20 years, but I couldn’t follow it.

    I just wanted to get a pair of them, and expected to pay $14.99, since they give you one free and shipping, but when I was done I was charged $61.34. Along the way I assumed that I would get an order screen where I could amend my Order before finalizing it… but NO There was a telephone number at the bottom and I called for 45 minutes, but no one would answer. Then I got on the phone with my bank, figuring that I would just cancel the transaction, but discovered I couldn’t do that until the transaction showed up. That took another 15 minutes. Then I called EasyFeet back and they actually answered on the 3rd time (5 minutes). But their customer service people said that they wouldn’t have the order for 24 hours so that I would have to call back again.

    During my legal career I’ve made contact with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office and used those to make my last telephone call. They’re going to be investigating.

    These guys may have a great product, but they need to fix all the problems they have in how they sell it if they want to stay in business. Until they do, and I doubt they will since they appear to be an overseas operation, I would advise everyone to stay away. They just don’t smell right.

    • Well I was taken in a matter of a minute and a half. $75.92 later I have placed a stop payment on my order. Tried to call the 18884411114 and it is disconnected. Wow what a sham. Hope this goes well cause I only had 60 dollars in my account. LOL

  144. There should be some sort of law against these TV ads selling these products where they companies charge more than what is advertised. I’m surprised I haven’t heard of any lawsuits being filed against these con artists.

  145. What a scam! I don’t usually go for those great? deals on TV but this one looked perfect for me and sounded reasonable – WRONG! Now try contacting customer service, not happening – I contacted my bank and they will deny paying for me. I think I will wait until I can get it local!

      • Wish I’d thought to google “easy feet in stores”, or just gone to local shops. I just ordered a pair through a mail order catalog. I’ve used over the years. Sadly, the price of mailing is just about half of the items price. Well, if the darn things clean my feet without my having to do a shower dance!

  146. This was definitely a scam. I was charged 59 plus dollars for shipping and handling. I ordered two pair (I hope) and shipping and handling is advertised is 7.99. If they tell me to call back tomorrow my response will be “How about I call the attorney general’s office today and they will call you back tomorrow”. Conveniently, they are not open on Sundays.

  147. I will NOT be purchasing an easy feet as I had just previously planned thanks to these wonderful reviews, lol. No but seriously I was going to get one but I’m not now. THANKS!!!

  148. I saw Easy Feet on TV. It looks really good. I never like when they charge you so much for shipping and handling. It’s just a sneaky way of getting extra money. What I always do is wait until it comes to the stores. I’ve done without this, and I think I can wait a couple of more months. Walgreens usually carries those products, and no shipping and handling to pay.

    • I almost ordered Easy Feet yesterday… decided to read the blogs before submitting after receiving numerous request to upgrade the product for an additional $10.00 plus shipping. I declined the upgrades and never finalized my order with my credit card.
      I received an email a few hours later thanking me for my order detailed below:
      Item Description Quantity Price Total
      EZF3DB34 Deluxe Easy Feet Sets 2 $34.97 $69.94

      SubTotal $69.94
      Shipping & Handling $47.92
      Tax $10.90
      Order Total 128.76

      Long story short… I will also wait to purchase in a local store and it will probably be available tomorrow:) BUYER BEWARE!

      • Wow I was just fixing to order, but now I’ll wait till Walgreens gets it in, they need to call it easy foot it seems,…..this isn’t funny go to the BBB page and tell them about it, thanks peeps, I can wait sorry you guys got screwed.

  149. I really needed the Easy Feet because I am a diabetic. I ordered over the phone. They charged me $61.00 when the cost should have only been $30.97. I called to Cancel and they told me I had to call back tomorrow. Tomorrow if they don’t cancel and continue to give me the runaround I will report them to the Attorney General”s Consumer Fraud Division and start proceedings against them with my charge card. I expect full money back cancellation. Will inform you tomorrow of results.

  150. Saw Easy Feet ad on tv…thought wow–that’s an idea!! Immediately did a google search for reviews…and voila..found myself here!! Just an idea folks…READ THE AD!! Everybody knows that they have to pay separate S&H for that “free” item! So this post is not about how the product works–haven’t tried or ordered it….yet. But for those complaining about that $8.00 charge..it’s the same song alike all those other “tv” products!! Scam?? Personally I think that all those products that do the extra S&H are..but hey–millions go for it. Just know it’s there!!! Enjoy you’re Easy Foot–oh…Feet. You did get two..didn’t you!!? LMFAO!!!!

    • Yeah, but they order you two!!! I knew I’d pay shipping and handling for the “extra” but why did they place my order twice? I am glad you didn’t order, though! Congrats to you! And buy the way, I shop online many times. Never have I seen anything like this!

  151. Does this Easy Feet really work? Why did they charge you an additional $8? Was it for tax on the one you are supposed to get for free? I think I’ll wait to see if this product will be in the “Seen of TV stores” at the mall.

  152. Be careful….I expected my Easy Feet order to be $23.00 and it was $49.00! stuck a product on there that I did not ask for. Have to wait 24 hours before my order shows up so they can fix it…and they better! not happy!

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