Dr Bader’s Natural Solutions Book Review

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Keep your home and surroundings clean and free from dangers that pest, bugs, ants, mosquitoes, rodents, critters and tons of insects lurking around impose constantly the natural way. No doubt there are solutions like pesticides, insect killers and sprays available in the market that do kill the harmful pests, but these products can become hazardous themselves if anyone comes in contact with them. Let your fight against the menace of pests be safe, natural and humane. Switch over to Natural Solutions to Things that Bug You, an immensely useful book that has hundreds of natural solutions to eliminate all the pests.


Dr Bader’s Natural Solutions Book
Natural Solutions to Things that Bug You is the perfect guide that shows you how to get rid of the unwanted and harmful pests at home naturally. All the solutions incorporated in the extensive 400 plus pages running into thousands are simple, safe and wholly natural. Absolutely no chemicals and hazardous substances are prescribed in these solutions, so you can be absolutely sure of their safety while using them, unlike pesticides and other chemical-based solutions.

The ingredients mentioned in the book to make your own pest eliminator are found right on your kitchen shelves. Besides being safe, they also save your time and money as they’re formulated out of common substances that every household has. Browse through the complete index provided for easy reference in the book and as you prepare your own solutions! And when you put them to use, you’ll feel good about the fact that you’ve adopted humane means to keep the pests at bay.

Natural Solutions to Things that Bug You will make it possible for you to attain the greatest safety from the harmful pests as it’s empowered with scores of tested powerful, effective tips to eliminate them. Don’t miss out on such a useful book but make it an integral part of your collection as it may very well be one of the most important books.




What do I get?
Order for your copy of Natural Solutions to Things that Bug You for just $29.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling right away. And when you pay a separate fee of $9.99, you also get a copy of Natural Solutions to Bigger Pests as well as Dr. Bader’s Pest Calendar featuring daily tips to have control over pests effectively for additional options! Official website www.PestCures.com


Dr Bader’s Natural Solutions Book Video


61 thoughts on “Dr Bader’s Natural Solutions Book Review

  1. He ripped me off, I was supposed to get 2 books & free shipping from tv ad, got only bug book & charged shipping.

  2. Hot air is the best solution for killing any insects. Heat the air to 130 and 140 degrees for three to four hours. It will also kill the eggs. Then use the natural remedies.

  3. Ripped off scaled I ordered from tv ad ordered one Natural sol. Was to receive free bigger pest and no shipping charge for total 27.98 well they charged account 117.98. Made dispute with bank closed out that card called Telebrands several times offered. $20.00 could not x order. Dr Baders needs to review these comments will report him and Telebrands to BBB.

  4. I saw this on TV and forgot how to get rid of fleas my cat is hurt very bad and is also suffering from fleas can you please tell me how to get rid of them to at least make his stay a bit better?

    • Get a pillow for your cat, put some chamomile oil, penny royal, and catnip. Don’t know if it works but that what he says in his ad. Also put a few drops of lavender on the bed the cats sleeps on, that gets rid of fleas.

      • Use dawn liquid soap… Nice little bath and doesn’t hurt ANY animal. Kills fleas immediately. Then rid your home of fleas.

  5. Customer service on ordering these Dr Bader’s Natural Solutions Books was horrible. Could not get a confirmation number for 48 hours! Could not cancel order because it was to late! Asked for free shipping was told I received it but was still charged for! Would not recommend this product or service to anyone. Was on the phone for an extensive period of time to get the order straight.

  6. I was trying to buy that book so badly. I filled out the online questionnaires’ 7 times and I was unable to go another step further. Thank you web site, I just saved a lot of money and aggravations as I read other folks comments.

  7. Called to order “The Special Offer” of both books with the calendar for $19.99 when they tried to say that promotion was for yesterday and that if I wanted both books I had to pay an extra $9.99. This is obviously false advertising and a scam. If anyone is thinking of buying this, please beware!

  8. Everyone can protect themselves by using any major credit card as well as using your credit cards benefit of a temporary generated number. You can call them or go online and generate one yourself through your account log in. I do it all the time when buying online. That way you don’t have to worry about your real credit card number being out there to be over charged or used in scam-ish type of ways…

    The next thing is, you have the option to dispute a charge on your account. So if they only send you 1 book instead of 2 as promised or they charge you shipping when it was supposed to be free … and so on… you dispute it and let your credit card company handle dealing with these terrible companies.

    I was looking into ordering the book, but after researching online and coming here Ill pass for now and just go to my local library and see what I can find for natural/home type remedies as well as check amazon and other places for used books like this instead of ordering it off the infomercial and risk having to deal with BS like everyone has posted on here.

  9. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!! I do not have money to waste and surely don’t have the patience to crap with them. Plus i want to keep as much faith in mankind as I can because this is becoming a rarity anymore. I am appreciative to all those who ha e gone before to spare me. Sorry you had to be taken though. Let us all remember, “what goes around will come around”. In India or good ‘old USA. We reap what we sow comes from god not needed the BBB or the FTC!!

  10. I haven’t bought any of these Dr Bader books thanks to y’alls reviews!! I would suggest all of you who have to contact the better business. They not only will help you take the steps needed to get your money back. I’m sure you all are thinking its only $20 or whatever but its the principle. The principle behind a company committing crimes against the trusting public. They will also help stomp this company out. Be the person who speaks up and shows no good lying companies we will not stand to be manipulated by money hungry companies any longer!! Take the time to stand up for your country and your people!!

  11. Do not buy these books…in my opinion these people are scamming the public. I have had these books on my bill for over a month… I have made several calls to which always get the same answer (your book is in the mail) Even got a verification number last time and still no book. My next move is to call the better business bureau. I don’t feel I should have to fight for what I have already paid for…let the better business bureau do it. I hope they put them out of business so nobody else loses their hard earned money. If I ran my business like that they would have shut me down a long time ago.

    • Better business bureau doesn’t exist anymore sadly… No funding. Need to sue them. After reading all these comments sounds like a good law suit though.

  12. My dad wanted to order the NATURAL SOLUTIONS FOR THINGS THAT BUG YOU book that he saw advertised on television. The book was advertised for $10.99. When I called the company to order the book, I knew something was wrong because I was not given an order confirmation number. I called right back and was told that I would have to wait at least 48 hours for the order to process for me to receive the order confirmation number and a repeat of my order. When I finally get a hold of them weeks later, I am told that my dad is being charged $35. The books come in a set of two plus shipping and handling. That is not what was advertised in the commercial and the way they secretly went about things is not appreciated. Also, I now have the confirmation number but it was after they’ve asked “what do you need the confirmation for?”

    Also, their partner companies start contacting you. This morning I awoke to one of them calling me for an offer for free earrings. I just had to pay $60 for shipping and handling. With the earrings came a necklace I had 14 days to looks at. I could pay over $200 to keep that or pay to ship it back. Either way they wanted to charge me for jewelry that has nothing to do with a bug book. The girl said “Um, so you don’t want jewelry just cause you have to pay for it” and hung up in my face. How rude!

  13. Telebrands is a ripoff company that should be shut down and all management thrown in jail for a long time. I can’t believe no one nuked the place yet.

  14. I understand and am very sorry for everyone shipping billing issues. However, has anyone actually tried any of the remedies and did they work or not work…. For instance ants in home. Now I have ants suddenly but waiting 6+ weeks for delivery is not helpful. Do they offer online while you wait? The comments that are coming in regarding customer service, they are in India? If this is fact, I won’t order on that alone my issues with hp, they are in India and its obvious they are reading from a script and not HEARING what your saying. To get an answer to a simple question is impossible, they repeat what you say, and still don’t listen. It’s maddening…. So if fact – they are in India I won’t order, not to mention work is much needed in the states….

  15. I tried to order this Dr. Bader’s book last week on the website. There was no review of “your shopping cart” (before the order is placed) as more reputable websites have.

    Long story short, because of their tricky website and similar book titles, my order is nearly double of what I intended to purchase. I called the phone number and got the recording where I found the Customer Service phone number. I contacted them and was told to call back in 15 minutes. Next call I was told to call back in 24-48 hours and at that time my order could be changed. When I made that call I was told the order was already processed and was being picked up by UPS that day, Monday. After my complaint, the only solution I was offered was to refuse the order when it arrived, then it would have to go back to them. Then I would get a refund and then I could re-order.

    How many hops does a shopper have to go through? I told them I did not want to do it that way, so all they would offer was a $10 credit on a $46 order. Now I am a full week since first contact and still have no product. Today’s contact told me the order was shipped on the 10th by United Postal Service, (not UPS) and my “refund” was still “in process.” You get a different story every time you call. The phone support service for this product is TERRIBLE. Apparently I am not talking to Dr. Bader’s Pest Cures Company when I call. I will never get caught like this again.

  16. I am so thankful I’ve read these reviews. I always check out the stuff I’m trying to buy BEFORE I buy it. Thanks to all of you, my credit card remains safe from these thieves. I will NOT be buying this set!

  17. I bought the Natural Solutions to the Things That Bug You book. On their commercials they talk about getting rid of fleas, well I went cover to cover several time just in case I looked over it and DID not find a thing about fleas in the damn book. The book does have a lot of info in it but not what they said. I called them and the guy that I talked to tried to say I cant read and go to the website and look on it to find flea solutions. Well I looked and it, they don’t give you info on solutions, just how to order the book. I thought that since the books called NATURAL SOLUTIONS TO THE THINGS THAT BUG YOU that it’d help well fleas BUG ME. Thanks for nothing.

    • Kosher salt sprinkled on all fabrics, on all flooring (not just carpet) will dehydrate and kill the little pricks. You can also use apple cider vinegar on your pets to get rid of fleas on them.

  18. I bought the Dr Bader’s Natural Solutions Book at a drug store that carries most of the ‘as seen on tv’ products so the ordering wasn’t the problem. The problem is that I bought the book for the flea solutions that he talks so much about on his commercial & went page by page & was unable to find anything what so ever on fleas at all! Yet another area of false advertising! I am very disappointed in this book!

  19. I posted an earlier Dr Bader’s Natural Solutions Book review and am now updating it. I had them blocked from ever charging anything else to my card. They did charge me what was said on television , so I cannot complain about that. I have a family of moles or voles and have lost many flowers and veggies. I ordered this in hopes that something would be a natural solution for those two critters. Although there are cats in the area, I have seen only two cats kill those. Yes, I have bought milky spore (not cheap) and have lathered the lawn with various chemicals for years. Now I will try some of the ideas that he proposes. We shall see.

  20. I am not impressed thus far. Two things that stopped me in my tracks are his incorrect usage or knowledge of English: his use of the semi-colon after one word and his incorrect definition of “diurnal.” He should know the use of the semicolon and he should know basic definitions. His definition of “diurnal” is not “above or below ground.”

    Thus far, I may be sending the book back. I haven’t found anything outstanding about it. However, I have so many spiders and too many moles and thought it would help. Using chemicals is not good for the environment.

  21. TV offer was for two Dr Bader books and free shipping. I received one book and was charged shipping. I NEVER did get the second book free or free shipping. Phone call resulted in them wanting more money to fulfill their offer. What a scam!!

  22. This Dr Bader’s Natural Solutions Book is a credit card ripoff and you will be talking to India. I am cancelling my credit card because instead of $10.99, they charged me $35.99. I am reporting to the attorney general of the USA and my state as a bait and switch and I want to put them out of business.

    This is a scam!

  23. For the Pine Sol flea solution – seems Pine Sol would be very harsh. But Avon’s Skin So Soft bath oil works like a charm – add to bath water – just a cap full for a large dog. Makes them smell good too. However, they will get dirty quicker – it is an oil.

  24. Thank you to everyone for your Dr Bader’s Natural Solutions Book reviews. I always read reviews and once again I am saved from a huge mistake. I am just sorry for your problems I hope yall get it straightened out good luck.

  25. I want my $75 some odd dollars and change back!! I sent the ENTIRE Dr Bader’s Natural Solutions Book order BACK THE EXACT WAY I RECEIVED IT. I WANT MY MONEY BACK NOW!!!!!




  26. I was about to order the book until I found this site. I ALWAYS check for reviews before buying anything off the tv.

    Instead of buying the book, a cheaper alternative for natural solutions is to do a google/YouTube search. There are TONS of natural remedies online! Stay away from all those “as seen in tv” miracle basement inventions. 98% of them are cheap and worthless.

  27. My experience with telebrands has made me steer clear of anything they sell. I had to cancel my credit card to stop from getting ripped off. What tipped me off was when the total for product was much more than supposed to be and like most online purchases you view the total and then submit but not with these deals. Before you know it you have bought it and no canceling option. Google Telebrands complaints for yourself to decide if you want to deal with them or should I say NOT deal with them.

  28. I’m hearing all the complaints about ordering but has anyone received the book and actually read and used any of his solutions? I’ve heard some of them before, ie the peppermint oil for rodents don’t know if it works though. I’d really like to hear from those of you that have read and tried the solutions.

    Please let me know, I can’t use or be around chemicals and ants are on the march. I also don’t want my dogs to suffer from fleas because of me. This is really why I’m so interested in this book, I’ve lost my job due to health reasons so the budget is super tight, I am on disability but that barely pays my medical bills. I won’t get started on that.
    Thanks in advance for any and all reviews of the book itself. I’m only getting the one book sounds like the postage l
    On the others makes up for them being “free”.

    • Yes a lot of the things in the book work but you can also just Google it and get the same information. Not worth the shipping charges.

  29. I wish I saw these posts prior to spending the past hour or so after receiving ONE book, NOT two! Same issues others are writing is so true, what a pain to order. Perhaps “Dr. Bader” should look into all the issues with the company promoting his products. I am calling the CS # 1-800-777-4034 ONE more time. If I do not get satisfaction, then I am returning the partial overpriced order I received. I initially tried calling and could not get thru on the terrible phone tree and also online, that was incredibly aggravating.

  30. I agree with the above. The ordering process is a scam. Where can I buy this book? Has anyone had success with the remedies in the book?

  31. Getting your two books “Natural Solutions to Things that Bug You” and “Natural Solutions to Bigger Pests” online through TELEbrands is a problem. One cannot get access to their website. How do I get these two books to buy online.

  32. I am finding it difficult to buy online your books entitled ‘Natural Solutions to things that bug you’ and ‘Natural solutions to bigger pests’ all by Dr Myles Bader. It seems to me that one has to buy from TELEBrands. One cannot get access to the TELEBRANDS WEBSITE. What can one do in this circumstance.

    I have been trying both in the USA and again outside of the USA.

    I am standing by for a favorable response.

    I count on your assistance.


    • If you must have one of his books which some of his products does work. I especially love the dryer softener sheets but I would suggest going to Amazon.com who is completely trustworthy and order them there and not this man’s sight. The shipping is outrageous.

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