Cramp 911

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What is Cramp 911

It is a muscle relaxing formula that brings relief from muscle pain caused by cramps, sprains, strains, or stiffness. The roll-on solution works in under 2 minutes and lasts up to 8 hours.

Relief from shooting muscle pain within a minute

Cramp 911 guarantees to get rid of shooting pain caused by muscle cramps or stiffness before you know it. The muscle relaxer claims to be made of magnesium and penetrates the skin really fast to bring you relief from pain instantaneously. Unlike menthol rubs that are ineffective, Cramp 911 maintains to be a pharmaceutical lotion that is specially created to reach inside the muscles to tackle the painful spasms at the exact spot they occur and claims to be so potent that it can bring relief in just one minute of topical application directly to the affected area.


Works on all kinds of pains

Suffering from muscle spasms is quite commonplace. They occur without warning and often when you are in the middle of some physical activity whether cleaning, playing with your grandchildren, raking leaves, working out in the gym, jogging or even playing a sport. The pain can be debilitating and you need to abandon the task. Other pain relieving solutions do not bring relief quickly and need frequent applications to get relief. But, Cramp 911 proclaims that you can get instant relief from the cramps and spasms no matter what the cause and kind of muscle pain – spasms, cramps, knots, muscle strain, stiffness, Charley Horse, leg cramps, pain in the back, neck, shoulders or legs, and most importantly menstrual cramps or side effects of medication so that you can lead an active lifestyle.

Convenient, no-odor and no-stain solution

Cramp 911 claims that many renowned fitness trainers and athletes rely on the formula to bring relief. Unlike most pain relieving sprays and ointments, it does not have any odor, is safe for the skin and is a clear lotion that does not leave stickiness or stains behind. Cramp 911 promises to be so effective that it works in just one application of two swipes of the roll-on and lasts for up to 8 hours. The convenient bottle can be kept in your purse, pocket, car, gym bag or nightstand and help in rehabilitation. It also claims to prevent leg cramps so that you can sleep through the night or not falter midrace without having to worry about post-cramps muscle pain.

What do I get?

You receive one regular size roll-on bottle of Cramp 911 and travel size stick of Cramp 911 for just $19.95 +$12.9 S&H. Official website


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