Copper Wear Ankle

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What is Copper Wear Ankle:

It is compression, copper infused ankle sleeve that claims to offer you relief from ankle pain.

Copper Wear Ankle can offer much needed respite to many of us who have made ankle pain a part of our lives because we can’t find the right remedy for it. We end up spending long hours on our feet on a regular basis and that can lead to swelling, especially in our ankles. It can become the bane of our existence and can seriously hamper the quality of our lives. But Copper Wear Ankle claims to help you get over the pain so that you can get on with your regular activities without any hindrance.


Copper Wear Ankle has been specially designed for pain relief

Copper Wear Ankle can be a way to get over your ankle swelling and foot pain related problems, according to its claims. It is meant to work effectively because it’s made using copper infused compression fabric. Moreover in the case of Copper Wear Ankle you will find 30% more copper for more effective results. It works by offering support to your ankle joints and muscles. But that’s not all; it reduces lactic acid build up and enhances circulation too.

Copper Wear Ankle is meant for your comfort

Copper Wear Ankle is made using GCOOL fabric that has moisture wicking properties. Hence your feet are kept dry and fresh, which definitely has its benefits. It’s also said to have anti-odour properties. Copper Wear Ankle can be worn very easily on a regular basis without any inconvenience. It can fit under your regular shoes or socks, according to its claims. That means it will stay discreet just the way you would want it to be and will not hamper your regular movements in any way.


Copper Wear Ankle can be worn while you do your daily activities

In fact, Copper Wear Ankle is said to be quite convenient and effective to wear throughout the day or nights when you are sleeping. It conforms to every contour of your ankle and gives a custom fit every time. You can wear Copper Wear Ankle while you are working out, engaging in a sporting activity, travelling or just being at home.


    What do I get ?

  • You get Two CopperWear Ankle for $12.99+$13.98 P&H!
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