Copper Therapy Review

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About Copper Therapy

Copper Therapy claims to be one of a kind knee wrap that is designed not just to provide support to the knee structure but provide it with heat at the same time. The knee goes through a lot of tension and with age or occupation the knees start to pain. It can even sometimes hamper the ability to walk properly. Copper Therapy states to help with such issues so that the pain in the knees does not stop you from anything in life.


How does it work

Copper Therapy proclaims to have a rechargeable battery that comes with it. This battery is responsible in generating therapeutic heat maintaining a steady 110 degrees temperature which is studied to be highly effective at relieving joint and muscle pain in the knee. The heat is directed towards the joins in a manner where the blood circulation is boosted. Copper Therapy asserts that this very blood circulation promotes a healthy knee and flushes out inflammatory toxins which are the basic reason for pain. Copper Therapy asserts to be infused with a combination of copper and breathable fabric. Copper Therapy states that the copper is perfect for conducting and channeling the heat whereas the breathable nylon fabric acts as a regular compression agent. Copper Therapy guarantees that this particular fusion of 88% copper wiring in nylon helps in relaxing the muscles and tendons with the help of compression and offer stability with the heat.

Features and Benefits

Copper Therapy promises to be very helpful in relieving any type of knee pain whether it is joint related or muscle related. Copper Therapy alleges to do all this because the infused material helps in distributing the heat evenly around the knee area for optimal performance.Copper Therapy convinces to be extremely useful as it is designed to be adjustable in both, right and left knee. Also, design wise it is very small in size which is why it does not add to the bulk and stays discreet underneath. Copper Therapy emphasizes on the fact that it is made from a feather-like material which makes it not just discreet for others to see but also comfortable for the person wearing it. Copper Therapy declares to come in a universal design where on size fits all. So men and women looking for knee pain relief can benefit from it. It also maintains its appeal by coming in black color which is approved and accepted by both the genders. Copper Therapy proclaims to be very efficient and the rechargeable battery stays juiced for a whole hour to provide heat along with the compression ability. Copper Therapy declares that anyone who just needs a good knee massage to a person suffering from a chronic knee pain can try it. Plus there is no rule regarding how much time one should wear it as it does not cut any blood circulation but instead promotes it. In fact, Copper Therapy alleges to be perfect for wearing while performing activities or even while exercising.

What do I get?

You get 2 Copper Therapy wrap for $19.99 plus $15.98 P&H.Official website

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