Copper Fit Tough Knees Review

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About Copper Fit Tough Knees

Copper Fit Tough Knees claims to be a sleeve for the knees that can be worn by people who suffer from knee injury or wear and tear of the knees because of the nature of work or even old age. Copper Fit Tough Knees claims to provide your legs with the support and protection, enhance comfort, and reduce wear and tear thus being instrumental in mobility. Copper Fit Tough Knees alleges to come with compression support, which has been incorporated with a comfortable knee protection pad. The knee sleeve is designed in an effective way and assures to fit comfortably under clothing.


How does Copper Fit Tough Knees work?

With the Copper Fit Tough Knees you take the right step ahead in protecting your legs from unwanted pressure and discomfort. Copper Fit Tough Knees states to have a copper infused compression that helps in recovery and relief, enabling it to provide comfort and security to the muscle and joint area. Copper Fit Tough Knees has been integrated with a profile gel pad that is soft on your knees and comes in handy especially if you are working and come in impact on hard surfaces. The Copper Fit Tough Knees promises a comprehensive solution and enhances a sense of relief and security as soon as you wear it.


Knee sleeve for support – Knee pain and discomfort are quite common because of several reasons – just old age, wear and tear of the knee if you have a physically exerting job profile or even an injury. There are knee sleeves available to deal with the pain and also provide support but traditional sleeves are ineffective and even cause discomfort while moving and get difficult to manage in accessing crammed spaces. But Copper Fit Tough Knees allows you to provide protection, support, nd comfort to let you do your daily work at home and work with ease. Copper Fit Tough Knees proclaims to allow you to move normally and also adds sense of comfort as it keeps the muscles warm. Copper Fit Tough Knees asserts to be a great companion during workouts in the gym or on a run.

Three powerful technologies – Copper Fit Tough Knees declares to be a smart combination of three technologies customized to cater to knee protection and hygiene. Hygiene can be surprise to many but Copper Fit Tough Knees has integrated odor reducing copper which convinces to be a great asset. It also maintains to have a well-crafted targeted compression sleeve that provides the right grip and comfort. The profile gel added to Copper Fit Tough Knees is for it to absorb impact from tough surfaces. It just takes a bad moment to hamper your knee, whether a heavy impact or even a light uncomfortable one can cause damage. Copper Fit Tough Knees is a fantastic protective wear if you are involved in heavy duty work like construction. Copper Fit Tough Knees is fantastic companion when you are going for a long run or even a trek.

Copper Fit Tough Knees Review

Here are excerpts from Copper Fit Tough Knees Reviews :
“Copper Fit Tough Knees falls apart after one wash.”

“It runs big and does not help at all.”

“Copper Fit Tough Knees is not designed as in picture. The compression ring around the knee does not exist, and the sleeve slips off when attempting to run, even though it was the correct size. If you are looking for a knee sleeve that can help you with stationary workouts that don’t require running or jumping (squats, deadlifts etc.) then the Copper Fit Tough Knees may be helpful. Applying the Copper Fit Tough Knees to non-stationary workouts will prove non-beneficial as they will just gradually slip off.”

“Copper Fit Tough Knees don’t stay up very well while walking but are comfortable when just sitting.”

“Copper Fit Tough Knees resembles a sheer knee high ladies or that of a sheer curtain. Used the Copper Fit Tough Knees for joint pain but they do don provide any support. Looks like it is used more for a fashion statement!”

“The black pair has a “compression ring” around the kneecap area but the other colors do not have the same ring. Copper Fit Tough Knees is good but it could be improved if it had the same ring around the kneecap area.”

“Copper Fit Tough Knees are good as a liner under a knee brace but on their own they slide down despite the band at the top.”

“They are very loose and are thin fabric.”

“Copper Fit Tough Knees slips down your leg easily. The rubber pulls on hair and you can’t wear it all day. It just doesn’t let you forget that you’re wearing it.”

“Chinese junk, pure and simple. It is uncomfortable and won’t stay up. It may even tear.”

“Copper Fit Tough Knees sleeve delivers a comfortable tightness around the knee without cutting off circulation. However, using them for a run you will need to adjust them a few times as they slid down.”

“Even though it was the size recommended the Copper Fit Tough Knees kept slipping down.”

“Copper Fit Tough Knees doesn’t stay in place on the leg and constantly rolls down. It provides little compression on the knee cap and the stitching is tight on the calf. It works/feels a little better than an ace bandage.”

“Copper Fit Tough Knees fit as expected but the knee coating started to peel during the second workout.”

“Copper Fit Tough Knees are like tights, not for weightlifting.”

“Copper Fit Tough Knees is nothing like what is advertised. It’s just a cheap piece of spandex cloth.”

“It is very thin, always falls down and rubs your legs during work. They are overpriced for what you receive.”

“Copper Fit Tough Knees is too light weight. There isn’t enough compression and they keep sliding or rolling.”

“These fit horribly. No compression whatsoever. They feel like they will fall down with any heavy exercising.”

“Not much compression at all. They may keep the joint warm, but other than that, they don’t do much. The pictures make it look like the fabric would be thicker/sturdier, but it’s just very thin swimsuit type material.”

“Copper Fit Tough Knees hold the knees, muscle and ligaments all together, but does not hold the knee together. Wearing them to work for 12hours, the elastic parts holding sleeves really got into the skin and made the blood flow uncomfortable, swelling up the legs. Copper Fit Tough Knees is for people doing sports. These are not for people working long hours.”

“Copper Fit Tough Knees are well made and would be perfect for very slender legs, the color is awesome and the material feels nice.”

“Copper Fit Tough Knees started coming apart after a week.”

“Copper Fit Tough Knees are good knee compression braces for the money. They do quickly fold down from the top and slid down. If they were a little thicker at the top and had a silicone strip they might stay up better.”

“Even after ordering the correct size they did not fit. They are very small.”

“Copper Fit Tough Knees tends to pinch in the back of the knee.”

“Copper Fit Tough Knees is not a good compression sleeve. Measured legs as per its instructions and it still slips and slides everywhere. It’s tight, but still slips.”

“Copper Fit Tough Knees doesn’t offer much support or compression. Overall, it is not recommended.”

“Have been using Copper Fit Tough Knees every time when running or on the job, have noticed the knees are getting better without them. Copper Fit Tough Knees is a great product for the price, shouldn’t wear of over extended period of time ex. 10hrs+ without readjusting or inner knee gets bunch up from constant bending.
Copper Fit Tough Knees seems to help the knee but does make it sweat.”

“Copper Fit Tough Knees is a good support, lightweight and comfortable.”

“Copper Fit Tough Knees helps with pain and discomfort while playing soccer.”

“Copper Fit Tough Knees is great for the price. Provides a bit of support, and stays in place well over an 8-10 hr work day. The small bit of padding on the knee helps too.”

“Copper Fit Tough Knees fits snug and stays in place.”

“Copper Fit Tough Knees does a good job and is not too restrictive.”

Copper Fit Tough Knees Questions and Answers

Q. Do the Copper Fit Tough Knees roll up with extended use or will they stay in place at the top and bottom, even during workout?
A. It depends on your activity but all compression sleeves roll up to some extent.

Q. How long (top to bottom) is the Copper Fit Tough Knee sleeve?
A. Probably 8″

Q. Does anyone have ankle swelling from the compression?
A. There has been no swelling from the compression.

Q. What is the actual length of the Copper Fit Tough Knee sleeve in the XL size?
A. They are about 18″.

Q. Will the Copper Fit Tough Knees stay cool?
A. Wearing the Copper Fit Tough Knees in high 89 degrees all day and they were fine while working out at the gym.

Q. Where does the Copper Fit Tough Knee sleeve end?
A. Copper Fit Tough Knees end around mid calf. You’d probably be better going with a more compact knee sleeve and calf sleeve combination.

Q. Can diabetic wear the ankle or knee sleeves or both?
A. No, Copper Fit Tough Knees are compression knee sleeves for knee or joint related problems.

Q. Is there a guideline for size ordering?
A. Unless you have really large legs go smaller in size.

Q. How supportive is the Copper Fit Tough Knees?
A. Copper Fit Tough Knees is just okay, nothing special about it.

Q. Is the Copper Fit Tough Knees to be used while running or just for recovery?
A. Copper Fit Tough Knees can be used for both but if you are really serious then get a branded one.

Q. Is the Copper Fit Tough Knees only for recovery or does it work during workouts?
A. You can use the Copper Fit Tough Knees for working out and playing golf to keep your knees from getting sore.

Q. Does the Copper Fit Tough Knees contain neoprene or latex rubber?
A. The very top strip has some kind of rubber band-like that helps to keep the sock from slipping down. Not sure what the material is but don’t think it is neoprene or latex rubber since people are known to have allergic reactions to these. To be safe contact Copper Compression.

Q. Is the Copper Fit Tough Knee sleeve moisture wicking like other similar products?
A. Yes

Q. Does copper have any effect on the ability of a compression sleeve to reduce pain and speed recovery?
A. Not sure what kind of copper is in the Copper Fit Tough Knee sleeve or exactly how it is supposed to help relieve pain and swelling. Copper is just a marketing ploy, nothing special.

Q. Is the Copper Fit Tough Knee sleeve machine washable? If not, how should it be washed?
A. Copper Fit Tough Knees is machine washable. Machine wash cold on a delicate cycle with like colors and tumble dry low.

Q. How thick is padding directly over the kneecap?
A. No extra padding-just the same elastic sleeve.

Q. Is the Copper Fit Tough Knees good for long distance running?
A. If you do not have major knee problems, but do have some knee pain and feel unstable while running, the Copper Fit Tough Knees is a good brace to keep the knee from feeling weak, and controls the swelling from inflammation.


What do I get?
You’ll receive 2 Copper Fit Tough Knee Sleeve for only $19.99 plus $6.99 S&H.Official website

3 thoughts on “Copper Fit Tough Knees Review

  1. I also got bad hives from wearing mine. It left swollen wavy lines from the non-slip strips at the top of the sleeve. I’m very sorry I bought it.

  2. This knee sleeve is a piece of crap as I’ve had mine for a month now and at first tried an xl but after walking 10 to 12 miles everyday after a week it kept slipping down past my knee then took it back for a large at there suggestion and guess what its
    Still falling down and there’s nothing more irritating than having to stop 25 times to keep pulling this piece of crap back up where it belongs don’t waste your money

  3. I like the fit of copperfit knee brace & that it is breathable material. I did feel moderate support but unfortunately the wavy gel on top of sleeve gave me horrible hives to the point of leaving the wavy imprint on behind me knee that took months to fade. It itch terribly & I felt a horrible stinging. Ice cortisone 10 did help.

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