Copper Fit Step FX Review

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About Copper Fit Step FX

Copper Fit Step FX claims to be an activity tracker that lets you keep an eye on your fitness goal by keeping track of calories burnt, distance, and steps. Copper Fit Step FX asserts to give you the freedom of being active outdoors and is easier to use compared to other devices. Copper Fit Step FX convinces to have a sleek design and is a simple, durable and affordable device that can be used by just about anyone. Copper Fit Step FX emphasizes that it can be worn even when you are going to work so that it will count the steps and calories you are burning while walking.


How does Copper Fit Step FX work?

The built in technology of Copper Fit Step FX convinces to automatically track and record your movements to inform you of your progress. Copper Fit Step FX assures that it doesn’t need any difficult set up and keeps a track of pace, distance, and calories burned to let you set the goal so that you can push yourself to beat them. Unlike other trackers, Copper Fit Step FX guarantees that it doesn’t need any app, smart phone, or software to work. You just need to wear it around your wrist and carry on with your activity and the tracker will do the rest of keeping a record.

Activity tracker for your fitness goals

Just having the motivation to stay fit and even working toward it diligently is not enough. You also need to keep track of your fitness goal to make sure that you reach them. Copper Fit Step FX promises to let you do just that. Copper Fit Step FX convinces to track your steps, calories burnt, and distance covered so that you can work around your exercise regimen to reach your goals. Copper Fit Step FX alleges to let you set your pace and time the results perfect to the seconds to give you the feel of having a personal trainer to give you the extra push and work out more. Copper Fit Step FX assures that you do not need difficult set up, app, smart phone or software to work. It proclaims to reset easily monitors your activity through the day.

Sleek design and easy to use

Most activity tracking devices are built into the console of the treadmill, cycle, or cross trainer but Copper Fit Step FX declares to give you the freedom of being outdoors and is like having a treadmill on the wrist. Regular devices are complicated and cost hundreds of dollars but Copper Fit Step FX guarantees to be easy to use and cost just a fraction. Copper Fit Step FX claims to have a sleek design that will look great around your wrist and can also be worn to work to keep a count of every step you take and calorie you burn. Copper Fit Step FX alleges to push you to your real potential and also lets you know about your accomplishment every single day.

What do I get?

You’ll receive the Copper Fit™ Step FX for just $24.99 plus FREE S&H.Official website

5 thoughts on “Copper Fit Step FX Review

  1. In performing your “QUICK” set up, nearly every time I hit the mode button it restarted the time set up. After nearly 2 hours, I finished the set up through my personal data, including height, weight, stride, etc. Then I went to the “How to use”, pressed the mode button to scroll through Today’s data, and it started me back to the time set up.

    How the hell am I supposed to use the Copper Fit Step FX?

  2. Any ideas on how to keep the band fastened? It fell off 3 times during one workout today. Ugghh. I like the fitness tracker otherwise, but it’s worthless when it keeps falling off.

  3. I just bought a Copper Fit Step FX and I don’t even understand how to put the battery in. There is a Mode button, but it doesn’t have a set and reset button.

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