Copper Fit Gripper Socks REVIEW

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What is Copper Fit Gripper Socks – It claims to be copper-infused socks that provide maximum footing on hardwood floors with the help of silicone grips. Copper Fit Gripper Socks claims to be a superior pair of socks that work fantastic grip over hardwood floors while providing protection to the feet. It provides solid grip unlike slippers that slip and socks that slide.


Copper Fit Gripper Socks CLAIMS

High-performance socks – Instead Copper Fit Gripper Socks assures to provide maximum secure footing with its high-performance silicone grips on the bottom. At this point of time there are no Copper Fit Gripper Socks reviews available to substantiate with its claims.

Innovative Design – Copper Fit Gripper Socks guarantees to have a design that reduces odor using copper infused footbed. The fabric of these socks provide moisture wicking cotton blend that doesn’t let the feet sweat. Such farfetched claims will be verified once users review it. Copper Fit Gripper Socks assures to provide a complete arch compression and support for all day use. It adds the benefit of copper in relieving feet pain and soothes hours of activity. They look trendy, are durable and provide comfort to men and women of all ages. Such impressive feature of Copper Fit Gripper Socks will be validated once it is reviewed.

Copper Fit Gripper Socks Review

Jodie Barlow who used Copper Fit Gripper Socks writes in her review , “These socks are an absolute waste of money. After using it day and night for 8 days it hasn’t relieved the swelling or numbness of my feet. The pain is still there. And now I wonder whether the 4 and 5 star reviews are even legitimate or paid ones. All in all it’s more like a scam than anything else.”

Another user Rick Pearson who reviewed Copper Fit Gripper Socks complains , “The socks are very tight around the angles. It doesn’t work for ankles with larger swelling at all and is too binding. It is uncomfortable at the top even after cutting it through till the lettering. The arch compression offers decent support while wearing them with a shoe. If it was more comfortable at the top it would have been a better rated sock.”

Norman Fanning who purchased Copper Fit Gripper Socks also has similar feelings. He writes in his review , “I returned these socks within two days of purchase. The ones used are more like an out of option pair of socks. They are hyped a lot but they offer nothing special compared to less expensive socks. There are no copper related benefits that are felt as per the manufacturer’s claim. Instead it’s just a costly investment for something that doesn’t work.”

MANUEL Stewart is another reviewer who mentions similar things in his review , “Copper Fit Gripper Socks is just regular socks packaged to be better. Using the word copper doesn’t make it any special. I have not gained any type of additional benefits wearing them. They are in fact uncomfortable to wear.”

Stacy Sawyer mentions in her review by a Copper Fit Gripper Socks states, “It doesn’t provide me with the support I expected. It’s not great for athletic shoes due to its thickness.”

Anna Rodriguez mentions in her review , “I doubt if there is any actual copper lining in these socks. Instead I haven’t noticed any difference between them and regular socks. Also I feel these are thin and don’t have a lot of support in the bottom which is very important for optimal comfort. Somehow it just fails to deliver.”

Adam Lowe who reviewed Copper Fit Gripper Socks reveals in his review , “These socks have a snug fitting but are just as good as regular socks. The only benefit it comes with is the tight, secure fitting it offers due to its smart design.”

One Copper Fit Gripper Socks user mentions in his review Andrea Jennings, “These socks are fine for people with smaller ankles that don’t swell much. Otherwise they are too tight for me and I purchased a large size already. Instead socks by other brands that offer similar features are much better.”


What do I get?
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