Copper Fit Energy Socks

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What is Copper Fit Energy Socks

– As per the infomercial it is an energy sock that can be worn like regular socks to compress the legs, increase circulation and reduces swelling.


Keep your feet fit

Copper Fit Energy Socks claims to be designed as a solution for swollen, legs, aching feet and bad circulation that people face in day to day life. There are no Copper Fit Energy Socks reviews available right now that will attest to its claims. Copper Fit Energy Socks assures to have a graduated compression design that helps in reducing swelling and provide an energizing support for hours of activity. Copper Fit Energy Socks basically proclaims to improve the foot and leg’s comfort, performance and endurance with its unique design. Send us your Copper Fit Energy Socks reviews if you have benefited from these socks.


Intelligently Designed
Copper Fit Energy Socks asserts to have a stylish, fashionable design that matches most of individual needs. These socks are neat and simply fit perfectly with any types of shoes. Although there are no Copper Fit Energy Socks reviews available at this point of time to verify its claims. Copper Fit Energy Socks alleges that its secret is copper infused socks that maintain the shape of the feet and provide a graduated compression without looking bulky. Copper Fit Energy Socks promises to work for any type of activity including traveling, sitting or wearing it while performing active sports. Available in black and white, Copper Fit Energy Socks does sound highly promising. User reviews will substantiate its claims furthermore.


What do I get?
you’ll receive 2 pairs of CopperFit™ Energy Socks for just $19.99 plus $3.99 S&H!


7 thoughts on “Copper Fit Energy Socks

  1. I found the Copper Fit Engery Socks to be as advertized. If the instructions, that come with socks, are followed they much easier to put on than other brands. Of course the socks are tight, they are supposed to be, there are afterall, compressions socks. I wear a size 13 shoe and found the XL to fit prefectly.

  2. Socks are extremely difficult to put on. Didn’t notice any improvement. Actually how can you when they feel sickeningly tight! But here’s my biggest complaint. They are in cahoots with SUBCO magazine clearing house. I received a Sports Illustrated magazine in the mail yesterday. Approximately 10 weeks after I ordered their socks on line. According to rep at SUBCO, I received a few free issues as a complimentary gift from getenergysocks. Really? They had me signed up for 50 issues! Had I not cancelled the SI subscription, they would have pulled money from my bank debit card, which I used to order their socks.

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