Copper Fit BALANCE

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What is Copper Fit BALANCE?

Copper Fit BALANCE are a set of performance orthotic insoles designed to improve stability, posture and alignment providing relief from aches and pains by correctly aligning the body to give more support. Copper Fit BALANCE is podiatrist designed to support and comfort your feet while ensuring it stays correctly aligned. Use Copper Fit BALANCE to ease foot and body aches and pains and correct mild to moderate over-pronation.


What does Copper Fit BALANCE do?

Copper Fit BALANCE helps:
• Improve stability, posture, and alignment
• Alleviate foot and body aches and pains including foot, arch and heel pain
• Support your arch and heel
• Correct mild to moderate over-pronation
• Odor-Resistant – It reduce odors with Copper Fit fabric
Perfect for
• Sore Aching Feet
• Mild to Moderate Over-Pronation
• Other foot conditions


How it works?
Copper Fit BALANCE features an adaptive arch, deep heel support cup and semi-rigid orthotic base holds the arch in the correct position and keeps your feet aligned delivering more power and more performance.


Available sizes
The best part about Copper Fit BALANCE is that it is guaranteed to fit all shoe types.

Copper Fit BALANCE is available in a variety of sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

Order the Copper Fit BALANCE orthotic insoles today!


What do I get?
you’ll receive 1 pair of Copper Fit™ Balance for just $19.99 plus $5.99 shipping and handling!

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