Comfort Gel Slippers

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What are Comfort Gel Slippers? –

They are anti-fatigue gel slippers that relieve your feet, knees, legs and back from pressure and stress. They are designed to absorb shock while you walk or stand.


Pamper your feet with tender loving care!

Comfort Gel Slippers promise the ultimate comfort and support to your feet that also extend to your legs and back. These anti-fatigue gel slippers guarantee to soothe, comfort and rejuvenate you completely. Standing for long makes your feet feel achy and stressed due to lack of support and cushioning. Comfort Gel Slippers come with shock absorbing gel inside that provide relief which ordinary slippers cannot. The slippers are provided with non-slip rubber soles that take pressure off your feet and joints.

All- day relief to feet

Wearing Comfort Gel Slippers apparently help you get rid of the pressures that walking and standing for prolonged hours tend to cause. They claim to have incredible comfort gel soles that act as shock absorber and relieve you of aches and pressures. The makers assure you that you can now be on your toes the whole day and yet not feel the pain and discomfort in your feet, knees and lower back.

Slippers that contour to your feet

Ordinary slippers flatten out and are unable to provide any support to your feet. But the makers of Comfort Gel Slippers guarantee they stay intact and cushion your feet. They take to the shape of your feet and provide the support and cushioning your feet desire as they are adjustable and able to adapt to your feet.


Ultra-soft and flexible

Comfort Gel Slippers are made of ultra-soft micro terry and feature adjustable closure that fit narrow as well as wide feet comfortably. The micro terry fabric keeps feet cool in summer and warm in winters.

Comfort inside as well as outside always

Comfort Gel Slippers can be worn at home as well as outside to enjoy comfort and freshness while performing your chores.

Soothing for swollen and achy ankles too

Those who suffer from problems in ankles may also find these slippers comforting. The slippers with their adjustable design fit both, narrow and wide feet snugly.


Machine washable

Comfort Gel Slippers seem easy to clean as you can just put them in the machine to wash them.

    What do I get ?

  • You get 2 pairs of Comfort Gel Slippers + Miracle of Aloe foot repair cream just for 2 easy payments of 19.99
  • Official Website :>

One thought on “Comfort Gel Slippers

  1. the worst slippers or footwear I have ever purchased.
    Very uncomfortable and your heels slide out of them.

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