Comfizip Copper REVIEW | Copper Compression Zippered Socks Exposed

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What is Comfizip Copper?

It is a Copper infused zippered compression socks that promises to relieve you of aching feet, and soreness. They claim to be the most comfortable compression socks in the market.


ComfiZip Copper


What does ComfiZip Copper do?

If the claims made in the infomercial re to be believed, the ComfiZip Copper can help reduce swellings, energize and soothe painful muscles and joints. The soft ergonomically designed copper infused fabric claims to provide cushioning support. The makers of the ComfiZip claim that traditional compression socks are uncomfortable and difficult to get on. Unlike traditional compression socks, ComfiZip Copper has a zipper so it is easy to put on and comfortable to wear. Just slide them up and zip them on – its that easy. People will not notice you are wearing the ComfiZip Copper socks, thanks to the Toeless (Open Toe) design. One size fits most. You can wear the ComfiZip Copper socks all day and night – its that comfortable they claim. The ComfiZip Copper compression socks are great with flats, sandals, heels, sneakers, boots, shoes.



Advantages of ComfiZip Copper

  • You get 2 ComfiZip Copper Compression Socks for $34


Disadvantages of ComfiZip Copper

  • Typical “As Seen On TV” rip-off scam.
  • Poor Quality material.
  • “Copper Infused material” does nothing and is just a marketing ploy.
  • No technical information about the pressure (in mmHg) ComfiZip Copper applies on the calves.
  • Very difficult to get the zip closed.
  • Zipper does not stay closed, comes loose easily and the ComfiZip Copper socks roll down, no compression.
  • Painful for bigger legs.
  • Zipper breaks very easily.
  • The Zipper of the ComfiZip Copper compression socks pinches the legs.
  • They are not very durable and rip easily.
  • Zipper scratches and makes them very uncomfortable to wear.
  • “One size fits most” is the biggest joke. No other compression socks brand do this. Sizes are indispensable.
  • No information about the dimensions of the ComfiZip Copper socks, calf and ankle circumference.
  • No information about how to wash them, most probably they are not machine washable.
  • You still have to pay $7 to return them.


ComfiZip Copper REVIEW

The ComfiZip Copper Compression Socks are the latest “copper infused” scam introduced in the “As Seen On TV” segment. The Copper infused sleeves and socks was first introduced by Copperfit. These Copperfit copper infused compression sleeves did not do well with the customers. This is evident from the number of negative reviews that they have received on (40% genuine negative reviews vs 60% “planted” positive reviews). The purpose of mentions these things in the ComfiZip review is to make people aware of these “scams”. People get sucked into buying these gimmicky products.

Copper ComfiZip is so alluring and sounds so convincing but you need to do some research before buying these untested products. Ask yourself these basic questions:

Q. Does “copper” play any role in relieving pain?
A. NONE!! NOTHING!! NADA!! This is the biggest lie the makers of the ComfiZip Copper Socks make. There is nothing that copper in the ComfiZip compression socks do to relieve your pain. Yes there are genuine copper infused compression products out there that use GENUINE COPPER IONS (Cu+ and Cu++) embedded in the fabric of the compression sleeves. “As Seen On TV” Products like ComfiZip Copper use copper oxide instead of copper ions, which has no advantage. Copper is a fad now-a-days, copper has made its way in frying pans, cosmetics, undergarments and now this ComfiZip Compression Socks. As said earlier the “copper” is just a fad – a trick to lure people into thinking that the copper in the ComfiZip compression socks has got medicinal properties and that makes it far better than other nylon compression socks.

Q. So should I not buy Copper Compression Socks?
A. We are not ruling out the advantages of the genuine copper infused products. Please consult a physician/medical practitioner they would guide you and recommend the correct product. There are several TRIED and TESTED, BRANDED TRUE Copper Infused Zippered Compression Sleeves and Socks available out there at, You could buy one of those. A simple search for “zippered copper compression socks” show you a list of dozens of suck products with good ratings and reviews and of good brands.


Our Verdict on ComfiZip Copper

Other than been made from soft and comfortable fabric, ComfiZip Copper also has copper infused in it giving the socks anti-bacterial characteristic thus giving ComfiZip Copper an edge over their other competitors.

However, the issue with these compression socks is that the size will not fit everyone. There are no particular sizes available as it says one size fits all. Therefore, there are high changes that the socks may seem tighter and leave zip marks and hurt your skin. So here, we have a recommendation for you all – Aniwon Compression Socks. Along with beige colour, there are colour choices in plain black and black & white strips too. You can go find these amazing socks on for $8.49 with free return on some sizes and colours. Also, Aniwon have a separate size chart including the measurement unlike ComfiZip Copper’s one size fits all. Aniwon Compression Socks has received 3.5 star ratings out of 5 on amazon along with 409 customer reviews. So, go check out Aniwon Compression Socks or look out for some more alternatives and read the reviews mentioned, as they are the only eyes and ears for online shopping.


What do I get?
2 COMFIZIP COPPER Compression Socks for $34 at

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