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What is it – CobraZol is a roll on topical gel application that promises relief from pain. As it states, it can be used effectively without a prescription.

Chronic pain in different part of the body can be treated with CobraZol. This topical gel claims to be pain relief medicine for lower back pain, neck pain, joint and muscular pain, neuralgia from diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, repetitive stress pain and much more. It treats pain in the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, lower back, hip joints, knees and ankles as well.

CobraZol claims to use natural ingredients and be of homeopathic nature. Each ingredient used has a purpose.

Features and benefits

• Patented Formula
• Roll On Applicator Gel – no dirty hands
• No Smell, Quick Dry, No Stains, Non-Addictive, Non-Narcotic & Non-Drowsy
• Analgesic
• Anti-inflammatory
• For Neuralgia, Arthritis Pain, Muscle Pain, Joint Pain
• Homeopathic

CobraZol promises some relief within one hour of application; this will increase in the subsequent 6 – 12 hours. The roll on gel application can be repeated as required.

As an FDA registered homeopathic pain reliever, CobraZol claims that a prescription is not required to use it and that there are no reported side effects of using the gel.

CobraZol states that the snake venom is used in the gel in very diluted amounts and that it is safe and effective in aiding pain relief. The claim is that diluted snake venoms used in CobraZol are sufficient to provide pain and inflammation reducing properties, without harm. It claims to sufficient dilution in venoms such that they are non toxic but can target specific pain receptors to treat pain.

In a drug study conducted by CobraZol, they claim that participants noted lasting relief for days and weeks after using the roll on gel with cumulative use.

Active ingredients and their purpose

• Arnica montana (Mountain arnica) 1X HPUS: Nerve Injury, Spasms and Muscular Pain
• Capsicum annum(Cayenne pepper) 2X HPUS: Aching Muscle Symptom Relief
• Crotalus horridus (Rattlesnake venom) 6X HPUS: Analgesic
• Lachesis muta (Bushmaster venom) 8X HPUS: Analgesic
• Naja tripudians (Indian Cobra venom) 5X HPUS: Analgesic

What do I get?

  • 1 3 oz. Topical Roll-on unit of CobraZol
  • 1 Power Band

All this for just $29.95 + $5.95 S&H. Official website

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